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Posted by: Shangela Feb 10 2012, 07:14 AM

Name: Fiyero Wolfsbane
Age: 27
Homecountry: "Northern" Azgarth
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5
Build: Toned

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Name: Marotte du le Dolce
Home Country: Valhassa

Class: Knight
Level: 8

Weapons: Javelin, Steel Greatlance, (unusable as of now) Reginleif
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~Javelin: Mt:6 Hit:65% Crit:0 Wt:11 Rng:1-2 Rank: D Uses: 20/20
~Steel Greatlance: Mt: 10 Hit: 80% Crit:0 Wt: 10 Rng:1 Rank: D Uses: 35/35
~Reginleif: Mt:24 Hit: 80% Crit: 5 Wt: 14 Rank: A Uses: 30/30

Weapon Levels:
Lances: Rank D {0/15}

Summary: Fiyero is a very simple man in his demeanor. Battle-hardened, yet cheerful and sociable. The men in his army are pleased to not only call him a commander, but a friend as well. When outside of battle, people are immediately drawn to his kind eyes and jovial nature. To his men, he is very quick to make jokes or otherwise socialize in a boundary-breaking fashion. To the ladies, he acts nothing short of chivalrous. His soft nature towards women, unbefitting of a brawler's, comes across as strange. His men, though they would never admit this to his face, have raised questions as to why Fiyero does not pursue the barmaids like they would.

However, his open book personality shuts immediately once the topic of his past surfaces. A boy who not more than a few years ago joined the army, he has already found himself commanding a small squadron of soldiers. People wonder where he came from, and receive only dismissive answers. "A farm in the north.", "Somewhere up by the waters." These vague answers are all he's ever revealed about his past. No mention of family or lovers have ever sprung from his lips.

In terms of appearance, Fiyero is deceptively strong. It is a true testiment to his strength that he is able to wear the aqua armor that he is trademarked to. His facial build is soft and fair, devoid of any facial hair. His eyes are large and doe-eyed. When he announces his age, 24, people struggle to believe him. Certainly he must be but a boy. But, what he doesn't show in person, he shows on the field.

When he enters the battlefield, a switch flips. He stops being the kind, boisterous man he once was, and becomes a soldier. Impaling the enemy without any remorse, it's almost as if he's taking some anger out on the unfortunate enemy who crosses his path.

Appearance: Standing in at a mere 5'5 feet (165.10) meters, and weighing only 145 pounds (65.7 kilograms), Fiyero is not an imposing figure at all. His soft, close-shaven face, as well as large doe eyes, do nothing to combat his meek appearance. His body build is toned for a fighter, but lithe for a knight. His armor does well to cover up the build of his body. The dark sapphire armor gives him bulk in his shoulders and chest, where it would usually be svelte and womanly. His head is covered by a matching blue helmet. Usually it is left open when outside of battle. But when he enters battle, the covered helm does nothing to differentiate himself from his squad. To the enemy, he is just as much of a man as the rest of them. Armor adorns his legs as well, protecting from battle's low blows (which are often literal low blows.)

His face, as immediately noticed, is very childish. His large blue eyes capture the hearts of many maidens (and in one peculiar case, that of a fellow male soldier). His nose is small and petite, owing much to a familial influence. His jawline is soft, leaving a very female quality to his face. His hair, a lusterous blond, is kept hidden underneath his helm. Occasionally he takes it off, revealing a short shaggy mat of blonde hair. His skin matches the light hair he is bestowed with, a lightly sun-kissed skin which betrays his duties as a soldier. In part, this is due to his helmed covering his face and shielding him from the sun. In another part, this is also due to the pale genetics his mother bestowed on him at birth.

Bio: At least a paragraph.  Where was your character born?  How did they grow up?  What helped to shape him/her into the person they are today?

Fiyero, despite his best attempts to convince otherwise, was not born on a farm. Nor was he born anywhere within Azgarth. In fact, every single aspect about his current identity is one giant fabrication. For, Fiyero was not always what he seemed.
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Part 1: The Demon Wars of Valhassa
Fiyero was born Marotte Francesca Leonna du le Dolche. If the name doesn't read as male, it isn't. Fiyero was born the daughter in a noble household. He wasn't born the son of a farmer, who eventually turned into soldier. He was born the sheltered daughter of a nobleman and advisor an Emperor.

The du le Dolche family has had their hands intertwined in Valhassa's history. As remnants of a former nobility, the du le Dolches managed to stand beside their Holy Emperor, Sebastion Marmaduke, and offer exceptional aid in liberating the state from demons. When their funds dipped dangerously low, the family gritted their teeth and stuck out their financial woes. Surely, they thought, life will be better once the demons are exercised from the land.

And so they spent and spent. The financial burdens, as well as the burdens of loss, paid off. With Sebastion Marmaduke claiming credit for the expulsion of demons, all was well in Valhassa. The people rejoiced and welcomed their new leader. When selecting his advisors, among the decision to implant Callisto Granburn, he would select those who helped immensely in the war efforts. And thus, the du le Dolche family was finally rewarded for their valiant efforts. The surviving wing of the family, Pierce Jacob Friedric du le Dolche, was appointed as an advisor. As a young man at the time, he was immediately a sought out bachelor.

Women flocked to earn the heart of the "Blue Wolf"; a man so influential in the battle against demons. In part because of his sapphire armor, and in part because of a monumental battle in which he single-handily fought off a pack of Mauthedoogs, the name stuck. He became something of a hero in the repairing state. Eventually he picked a unique bride to be by his side, Kathputli. A strange woman of unknown origin, her beauty and devotion to the state simply won over the young lord.

Part 2: Marotte's Death; Fiyero's Birth
In the following years, they were wed and started to repopulate the family. The du le Dolches had lost all other members of the family. From the patriarch, Fiyero, his wife, and Pierce's two brothers (and their families), all were slain in the attacks. Because of Pierce's prowess with armor and lance, he fought off death. When the first child was born, a son, he was immediately named after the lost patriarch, Fiyero. However, this son would die in infancy due to what some believe to be residual demonic energies in the air.

Naturally they tried again and were blessed with two daughters. The oldest of the two, a strong-willed and passionate girl, was named Marotte. The youngest, an intellectual and ladylike girl was named Marionetta. The two girls were polar opposites towards one another. Where Marionetta idolized her reserved and charming mother, Marotte tried to emulate her father. Where the youngest took to studies, Marotte took to trying to strengthen her lance hand. Eventually, the distance between the two sisters would grow to a point where there was little speaking between them.

Pierce was overjoyed at the progress Marotte made with her lancework. Even at the age of five, the girl displayed tremendous skill with her weapon. Soon she would be taught to carry the weight of armor, hold her lance, and watch for enemy attack all at once. Pierce spared her no mercy, but truly cared for his daughter's development. It appeared that the "Blue Wolf" finally had a cub.
As Marotte progressed towards her teenage years, she started to understand feelings she'd grappled with her whole life. When she looked at her father, she didn't see a man she one day hoped to find in her future husband. Instead, she wanted to be him. She admired his masculinity, and even envied it. She tried to shed any femininity that she was born with and adopt male traits. She cut her hair (against her sister's horrified pleas), she wore male clothing. Other than her natural structures, she looked little like a developing lady.

Her desire to be a man also manifested in her sexual development as well. Where a woman would be practicing courtly love, and would be playing coy with a dapper young man, Marotte was different. She developed feelings for other women, in a way she struggled to understand. Why would fate cast her in a female body if she felt like a man on the inside? Her struggles to understand what her strange warped view of her gender was, went unnoticed by the majority of the family. Her mother thought the brutish phase would end soon enough, and she would be a lady as her sister was becoming. Her father, however, understood what his child was going through.

Though he personally couldn't relate to the emotional struggles, he understood his daughter's desires to be a man. She confided this in him personally. Rather than be revolted, as his wife and other daughter (not to mention general society) would certainly be, he accepted his son for who he was. Between them, when no one else was in the room, Pierce called his son by a male name: "Fiyero." The name of the former patriarch would be adopted by Marotte only when they were in private.

Part 3: The Father's Fight
As an advisor to the Emperor, Pierce was kept in high regard when the country held discussions. Pierce learned everything from Marmaduke's side. He learned what issues the country befaced. He heard the people's requests for new systems, or new ideas. Genuinely interested in helping his countrymen, Pierce brought these issues right to Marmaduke himself. Much to du la Dolche's pleasure, the Emperor seemed just as passionately interested in aiding the people as well.

However, not everything was as simple and perfect as that. Among the selection of advisors, Pierce was uncommonly disliked. Seen as a brute who'd rather dirty his hands in demon-slaying, rather than in knowledge, the other advisors often spoke ill of the man. Despite the common practice of flinging political mud at each other, du le Dolche was untouchable. He was the heroic "Blue Wolf," and was much loved by the citizenry.

So much so, that Marmaduke kept him as his second most coveted advisor, directly behind Callisto Granburn. Whether this was based on actual trust, or obligation, du le Dolche was kept purposefully ignorant.

This blissful ignorance would change one night. While in a private meeting between the Emperor and Granburn, their discussion turned to dark topics. These topics would shake the entire society of Valhassa to their very cores. Pierce, while rushing in unannounced to present an urgent piece of news to the Emperor, stood outside in absolute shock. His mouth hung open with horror, revulsion, even disbelief. Certainly he could not have been serious about what was just said.

Suddenly, Pierce heard movement in the meeting room. His warrior senses kicked back in, and Pierce bolted from the area. He wasn't sure if they had been aware of his presence, but he sure hoped not. He would be in danger. His family would be in danger.

The following days were strife with panic. He never knew if the Emperor's army would burst into their estate and imprison the family. He didn't know if his hiring of a merchant ship would be noticed by the other advisors. The act alone conflicted with Valhassa's isolationist policies. All he could do was bide his time and play the act. All, of course, while keeping his family safely ignorant of the horrors he'd heard.
- - -
Knock Knock Knock. The ominous rattling at the door awoke the lord and his family. While they scratched their eyes and headed for the door, Pierce knew exactly what that noise meant. He was found out. They knew he knew what they were keeping so dreadfully secret. With the utmost horror, he shuffled his family out of the door and into the harbor. There, awaiting them was the merchant boat. Having arrived a mere half day beforehand, the happenstance was incredible.

"Go my family! They're ruthless monsters! You've no idea what they're capable of!" Pierce cried out as he readied his armor. Before leaving, Fiyero made one desperate plea for with his father.

"Please father. Let me fight along side you. Whatever wrong has transpired can surely be reasoned with. I can help, I know I can." The boy begged to no avail. His father made it clear that he was to climb aboard the merchant ship as a runaway. Before parting, the men shared parting words and an exchange of gifts. Fiyero received his father's priced lance, the Reginleif, and Pierce received a small keepsake, a small gold bracelet. And with that, the boy bid his father goodbye.

Exiting a south side entrance, the boy and his family raced outside towards the boat, only to face direct opposition from soldiers who has planned a backward assault. Using his father's teachings, Fiyero dispatched the soldiers with his lancework. Unbenonst as of that moment, Fiyero received a weakening blow to the abdomen. As the group raced onto the dock, Kathputli and Marionetta were clutched from the enemy's grip. Not looking back, Fiyero raced onto the boat and shouted for the men to steer away. It was only as the boat had disembarked did he realize his family wasn't there.

"Men, what are you doing? Turn this boat back instantly at once! My sister and mother have fallen to their clutches." The boy protested only to be met by the merchant's duties. Being told to embark immediately after they boarded, they were not to turn around for anything. The merchant simply understood this to mean that they weren't to turn back for any stragglers. Fiyero meant to protest, but the wound in his stomach made his eyes cloud over. He fainted on the dock, unconciously leaving behind his kin on Valhassa.

Part 4: The Soldier

Upon awakening, the boy found himself in strange territory. Having seldom left Valhassa, he would suddenly awaken in a strange new surrounding: Azgarth.

The merchants, though originally from Marcellus, had taken base in Azgarth. Upon landing, the merchants coldly tossed the boy aside in an inn and paid minimal coin for his upkeep. Upon leaving him in alien territory, the men took off.

When he awoke, the maid running the inn looked at him with grave curiosity. After undressing the man and tending to his wounds, she found that he was no man at all. He was a woman, one that the maiden developed unexplainable feeling for. Perhaps it was luck, perhaps it was fate, but the maid fostered Fiyero,(who had explained in full his desire to be considered a man) and found him work with her brother in the town. He started his work for a solid few months. During that time, he lived with the maiden at the inn. Earning his own keep from his job, plus the occasional aid around the Inn, he was finally settled. He had a lovely life there. Friends from the regular transients at the inn, family he'd been graciously accepted into; everything was perfect... and yet lacking. As a lumberer, he held an axe daily, swinging at trees. This made him miss the touch and feel of his lance, the armor he'd worn proudly, and the excitement battle brought.

As he worked in town, he noticed adds placed on the Azgarthian military. Due to their increasing interest in the unexplored lands, they found increasing need for numbers. Mages, the famous soldiers from the Azgarthian country, were needed to be supplemented with physical fighters. This was the call he'd been searching for. He didn't know how to tell his maiden this advancement. She'd previously snubbed his desires to fight for the local sheriff, stating that if they were to be wed, he had to be completely safe. She'd absolutely refuse for him to be sent by the army to the unexplored lands. That's why he did what he had to do.

Finding the call of the battlefield too appealing, he packed his belongings and left for the nearest recruitment center. All unbeknownst to his bride-to-be, and explained poorly in a written letter. Though he promised to return to her one day, that did little to ease her heartbreak.

At the recruitment center, Fiyero was immediately laughed at. Someone of his feminine stature had no right to be on a battlefield, especially against the unknown. Fiyero struggled to convince them of his potential. No matter what line he fed them, they would just scoff at him and try to shoe him away. However, someone was sympathetic to his desires. General Damian Blanchard happened to hear the pleas. On his way out, Fiyero was stopped by General Blanchard, who asked the boy to grip his lance. A strange request, but Fiyero did as asked by the towering and impressively built general. And with that, the general's eyes beamed.

"Boy. Who taught you to grip a lance like that? Your hands are strongly fastened on the shaft. I doubt I could shake your grip with an axe." The compliment wasn't an empty one. It came with an immediate offer to join General Blanchard's experimental excursion into the uncharted lands. With the inclusion of Fiyero and the general himself, the group would consist of eight men.

They departed for the unchartered lands that very week. Excitement, passion, energy. All of these emotions were readily available in abundance from the excited crew of soldiers. As they landed ashore the alien lands, they were all immediately enticed. General Blanchard himself was even jovial.

However, their good fortune would not last for long. As soon as they were settled into their new lives of excitement, they came across a feared demon. A gigantic spider crawled its way into their encampment in the dead of night. As the soldier struggled to escape their tents, the spider simply crushed the men beneath it's massive legs. Only a few men survived long enough to even get armed and attempt to fight the savage beast. It's poisonous fangs pierced the men's armor and injected it's toxins into their hearts. In battle, Fiyero arrived in time to see his master and comrades fall beside him. It would be up to him now.

Fiyero took a running charge with his shield extended outward. The spider tried to grip his shield and shake it from Fiyero's hand, but he maintained his grip. Gaining the much needed distance, Fiyero plunged his lance directly into the belly of beast, slaying it. With that action, Fiyero emulated the man he'd always aspired to be: His father.

General Blanchard, though horribly wounded, would survive the battle and praise the valiant efforts of Fiyero. The army instantly realized his potential and placed him on more expositions to the alien lands. Because of the sheer size of the spider, one that had rarely been encountered (and much more rarely survived), Fiyero was exalted by his soldiers as a hero.

After excursion and excursion, his talents became increasingly more refined and wanted. It seemed only fitting that he be given a promotion to a commander. Flattered doesn't even come close to describing how the young man felt. His life's goal was slowly coming to a realization. He was becoming a man, just like his father always wanted for him.

After three years of traveling back and forth from the terrifying marshes of the unexplored lands and the frontlines in Azgarth, he was given a solid platoon to watch over. Much like the general before him, Fiyero had utmost control over where his platoon was stationed, what they fought and where they went. In a sense, he was an agent, able to travel wherever the Azgarthian army needed a strong upper-hand.

Part 5: Current Day
Today Fiyero and his selectively chosen platoon are stationed in Azgarth. Readily awaiting orders, they hone their skills daily, awaiting a situation to call for the specialties of Fiyero, captain of "The Blue Wolves."

Additional Notes/Comments:
~ Fiyero was not born with his chosen name. Nor was he born with his chosen gender. He was born Marotte, a female from Valhassa. She is not a cross dresser, nor is the male identity a ruse. She is transgendered and identifies fully with being a male.
~In terms of sexuality, he identifies as a straight male. Which means he is attracted to straight women. Another man has no sexual appeal to the knight. A lesbian may or may not be attracted to him physically, though it is doubtful since he embodies a straight male with feminine features.
~He is a runaway noble and advisor's son from Valhassa. He joined the Azgarthan army after fleeing there and craving the call of battle.
~He earned an incredible reputation in the Azgarth army for his excursions into the unexplored lands. In particular, he was one of the first people to slay a giant spider, a feat which earned him commemoration.
~Currently he travels with a small fleet of two other soliders: a Valiant named Elphaba Flynt, and a Brawler named Dmytri Calecgos. They are his closest friends and battle-hardened allies.

Mod notes: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

-I left the deep dark secret revealed about the Emperor very vague. I don't want to go against character and attribute something to a character that isn't mine. If I may, I'd like to reveal this secret in a game changing RP, but that won't be for miles down the road. At that point I hope you guys can trust my abilities in storytelling.
-Elphaba and Dmytri, the soldiers that accompany Fiyero, will be NPCs that I will include in my Rps from time to time. They wont have major roles, and I will try to keep their involvement a believable minimum. (ie: Have they split up and fight a different group of enemies.)
-I hope his gender identity and sexuality don't pose a problem in this RP. I really think he can add to the story without having a focus be on these aspects. I never want my characters to be defined by their sexuality. They should be defined by their actions, not things that they cannot change.

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