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i'm the HBIC
26 years old
Union City, California
Born May-23-1993
Geoffrey, Ike
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Current Mood: livejournal makes me happy :D
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30 Aug 2008
Yeah, finally back. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/irritated.gif)

I officially hate being back. I missed the first two days of school and I have a lot of drill(marching band) to catch up on...sigh.
26 Jul 2008
Leaving for China on monday. Gonna be back in about a month? /o/
28 Apr 2008

There is now a separate section to discuss the topics in. Please make topics in there from now on.
15 Mar 2008
If people haven't seen me around lately, it's because I'm not around. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/O_o.gif)

I only come around 5-10 minutes on weekdays since I don't have anything to do here anymore. maybe if sas gave me work again, i'd actually be moar active...

So yeah, I'll be around on AIM almost everyday so if you need something, just contact me. I know most people are playing brawl so they're not online. ;-;

But...I'll be back hopefully. In a few days or so.
2 Feb 2008
Thanks for all the votes and here are the results! Many were very close. The wonderful banners thanks to Wymsy! If it's not here yet, they still need to be made(mainly due to tie breakers). Congrats!

Favorite RPer
2. idoaltima
3. too many, lol

Most Underrated RPer
1. Velyoukai
2. Spammalanche
3. Psio

Favorite RoE Country Leader
2. Tibarn/Jamie (Kirgain)
3. Dheginsea/TEH (Tirzelus), Psio (Midei)

Favorite Skylessia Mod
1. Skrimir, Fury
2. Nolan/Rock

Favorite RP Character
1. Shihu Orak - Yzarc Drowsnam
2. Fae (Jarod)
3. Midnight (idoaltima)

Favorite RP
1. Curioser and Curiouser (Eve)
2. Murder of Innocence - Carpe Omnis
3. Hallways of Awesomeness - Lute

Favorite Battler (FEO)
2. Cormag, Magus
3. Cless Alvein

Favorite Team (FEO)
2. Dark Eternal (Cormag/Magus)
3. Alvein (Cless Alvein)

Most Knowledgeable
the others were trailing by more than half the votes he received...
2. Tauroneo
3. Sentenal

Favorite Jugdral Character
I love you lots, everybody who voted for Eltoshen!
2. Sigurd
3. Alvis

Favorite Elibe Character
Hector da man
2. Zephiel, Canas

Favorite Magvel Character
2. Cormag, Lute, Joshua, Ephraim

Favorite Tellius Character
1. Mia
2. Makalov
3. Stefan

Favorite Debater
2. Makarov/SaS
3. Rei

Favorite Comic Artist
1. Jack
2. Myke/Jarod

Favorite Writer
1. Yzarc
2. Asvel

Favorite Artist
2. Protowing
3. Myke

Most Underrated Spriter
1. The Blind Archer
2. ErrantShepherd
3. SuicuneSol, Tibarn/Jamie/Ket

Favorite Spriter
2. ErrantShepherd, The Blind Archer

Favorite GFX Artist
2. Feez, Kurthnaga/Jamie/Ket/Tibarn

Best Club Maker
2. Mailboxarson99

Best Name
2. Weighted Companion Cube
3. Makarov

Best Topic Starter
2. Wymsy
3. Too many

Best Spammer
2. Jamie/Tibarn
3. Protowing

Most Improved
2. Gareth/Slash, Cless Alvein

Favorite Skin

Favorite Emoticon
(IMG:http://www.feplanet.net/awards/winter07/favemote.png) (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/facepalm.gif)
2. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/walloftext.gif)
3. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/crazy.gif)

Favorite Debater
2. Tauroneo, Rei, Crystal Shards

Best Ranter
2. Crystal Shards
3. Fury, Freya, Eve

Craziest Member
2. Wymsy
3. Cocoa is r4wk, Tauroneo

Favorite Newbie
As Celice likes to say..."Cocoa-rockin'-whatever"
2. ErrantShepherd, RoyTheFlamboyant

Most Knowledgeable
2. Rei, VincentASM, Crystal Shards, VagueZ

Hardest Worker
2. Wymsy
3. Eltoshen

Most Underrated
1. Eltoshen
2. Velyoukai
3. Nealuchi

Favorite Staffer
2. Crystal Shards(sad to see you go!)
3. Wymsy, TEH, Zerxer

and to top it off...
Favorite FEPer
2. Wymsy, Cless Alvein
3. Nolan/Rock
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Happy birthday, sir.
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