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28 years old
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Born Dec-7-1990
Writing Stories, both Fanfiction and original works. Reading adventure, epic, and some romance stories (Except Twilight!!!). I'm a huge RPG addict, and Obviously Fire Emblem is high up on my list, though Some others are Shining Force (Both 1&2), Breathe of Fire (Only played the first two so far), and the Tales of Series of games.
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5 Feb 2010
Name: Josh Slayer
Nation: Crimea
Age: 18
Race: Beorc
Class and Level: Myrmidon level 4
Weapon Levels: Sword: E

Appearance: Josh's hair is short, and messy as well as being silver in color. His light blue eyes are soft and distant most of the time though they are usually filled with a bright determination and energy. On his right cheek, a scar in the shape of an 'X' can be seen; he received this scar from his father during a particularly tough training session.

Josh is a little on the thin side, though slightly muscled as well, giving him a rather lightly built look. He is quite quick on his feet when he needs to be, though he is not very durable otherwise. This forces him to rely mostly on his speed when he is in battle.

He wears a blue colored tunic shirt along with a leather chest piece that covers up most of the right side of his chest, and very little of the left half. His pants are very lightly colored brown slacks. Covering his feet are a pair of heavy shin length boots, he also has a pair of leather gloves on his hands. Finally around his waist he has a belt witch he normally keeps his weapons attached to along with a couple of small pouches for carrying small items or money.

Personality: Josh is normally a friendly, albeit a little quiet, young man, who is usually happy to meet new people. He tends to follow his feelings on most occasions, moreover when he has to make a difficult decision. He absolutely despises people who attack someone who is harmless or innocent and does his best to try and help those in trouble when ever he can. When he is in a battle, Josh is rather calm and cool, allowing him to make rather well thought out decisions if need be, though if the fight drags on or starts to go badly he can show signs of panic witch will greatly reduce his abilities.

Biography: Josh Slayer is the son of Dillian Slayer, and a member of his father's mercenary band, or was up until his father was killed during a job by a powerful lance bearing knight. Having been held up by a few bandits that were trying to raid the village the group was protecting, Josh could only watch in horror as his father was run through by the man's lance and then thrown aside. Soon following this the Knight knocked out both of his father's closest friends before turning in young Josh himself. He did not attack Josh however, rather he merely turned away and left saying, "My work here is finished...none of these others are near strong enough to challenge me", This left Josh and the remaining members of the group to gather his father along with Dillian's friends.

A week or two later, the group, consisting of Josh, his close friend, Hawk, His father's friends, Max and Gibari, and Max's daughter, Ashley, buried Dillian, and named Josh as the group's new leader. This seemed to work out fine for a few weeks, but as the time went by, Josh grew more and more distant from the others, including Ashley, whom he was the closest to. His sorrow over his father's death, and his inability to do anything to stop it had been eating away at him, and soon it caused him to flee the group's headquarters sometime during the night.

Josh traveled for the next few months, wandering almost with no goal or destination in mind. Thoughts of his father, the knight, and himself constantly flowing through his mind, this soon lead him to start looking for someone to teach him something of the sword, so that he might improve himself and one day, if he was able to, defeat the knight who had killed his father.

It was during this search, that Josh was attacked by a small group of bandits. Hopelessly out numbered, Josh could only hold up his sword, as he gazed at his attackers with a deep fear. He felt something clasp onto one of his shoulders, the feeling of a hand gripping him. Looking over his shoulder, Josh saw that someone wearing a metal facemask was standing behind him. "Don't worry. I'll deal with them...", the man said, as he drew out his own blade and quickly dispatched the bandits. This masked fighter then turned towards Josh, and looked him over.

Josh could only stand still as he gazed fixedly on the man's mask. Ht e sword he held in his hand was now almost point down in the ground. Soon the man nodded his head, as if he understood something and said, "Come along with me if you wish, I think I can help you.", following this, the man started to walk away, leaving a bewildered Josh gazing after him for a few moments before the young man finally chased off after him.

Josh has since been training with this man, and has improved much over the few months that he has been with him.



Sorrow: Rank: Prf (+2)

Iron (+0) Killer (+1) Double Fuller (+1)

Josh's first sword. He's used it since he first became a mercenary a couple years ago. His father had this forged to be light and easy to use, as well as be quite deadly on occasion. Being the last thing he has of his father, Josh chooses not to wield this blade often to keep it from breaking.

Iron Sword: Rank: E (+0)

Just a regular Iron sword that he received from his new teacher.

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