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THE Hottest Thing Since Sliced Bread
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4 Sep 2007
Hey, I hope some of you guys still remember me.
I wasn't much of a prominent member, but I participated in the old DoN.
I was absent for around 3 months, but I'm back.
And hopefully, I'll be active here once again.

Kaye <3
31 Mar 2007
Hey guys!

I'm going on a vacation for a while. I've been really stressed lately and my mom and I decided to go on a short cruise! YAY!

I'll be back in a week or two, I'm not sure, really. But I hopw I can still catch up by then!

Toodles! <3
19 Feb 2007
Name: Reysa Autentico
Age: 19
Homecountry: Irnada
Affinity: Fire
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 116 lbs.

Personality: Reysa is usually calm, cool, and collected. It is hard for her to open up to strangers, but she gets the hang of it after quite some time. Somewhat of a control freak, her confident facade cracks when put under pressure. She has numerous doubts about herself, characterized by being overly cautious and uncertain that she questions her own feelings and decisions.

Appearance: Reysa dons an all-brown clothing ensemble. She has a brown sleeveless top that exposes her abdomen and brown pants that match. Her long blond hair is tied up in a neat braid and is accentuated by golden ribbons tied up at different sections of it. She wears a pair of silver armlets on both wrists, for protection and decoration. Her sword is located in a small sheath at the back of her waist. She also brings with her a golden silk cloth, which she uses for her dancing.

Bio: Reysa does not remember much of her childhood in the plains of Irnada. At the tender age of 5, her village was attacked by a Marken raiding party and she was one of the people brought to Marken to be a slave there. It was her first time to be away from her family.

She was then sold to quite a noble family, where she was taken care of by an older slave named Maria. Reysa grew quite attached to the old woman, who had been her mother in this foreign country. Maria taught her basic Marken cooking and other necessary skills for a slave girl.

One day, at age 10, she was bringing out some food for her lord's daughter, Kamille, during the latter's dance lessons. She was fascinated by the movements made by the young girl and her teachers. From that day on, whenever there were dance lessons for the Kamille, she would be there in a little corner, peeping at the dance lessons, and trying to practice the moves as well. Maria would often laugh at her.

As the years went by, Reysa grew into a dazzling beauty, but there was no questioning her status. She was still a slave. Her skills with dance, however, had vastly improved. One day, as she was practicing some of her dances, her lord's son, Kiefer, saw her and told his father about her prowess. She was then called and was asked to dance with Kamille for a party for nobles. She was more than glad to be given the honor.

The party was truly one for the hgher class of society. And when Reysa and Kamille stepped on stage to dance, everyone was awed. Both girls displayed their prowess, but more of the nobles were attracted to Reysa, thus sparking some sort of jealousy in Kamille's heart.

After the party, Kamille went over to Reysa and slapped her, then berated her for stealing the spotlight that should have been for herself only. Reysa tried to slap back, but she stopped herself from doing so, listening instead to all the poisonous words told to her. This confrontation would lead to one of the worst nights in her life.

In her room, she wept because she had not done anything wrong. The door opened to reveal Kiefer. Kiefer told her that he saw what Kamille did and that it was wrong. He then encouraged her to dance more, since it has been her passion. She was glad that Kiefer understood, but things took a turn for the worst when Kiefer tried to force himself to her. Reysa tried to push him back, but he was too strong. In desperation, she managed to take hold of a short katana tied to Kiefer's waist and stabbed him again and again until he died.

Maria came in and saw the tragedy. Reysa was naked beside the dead body, weeping profusely. Reysa tried to explain but Maria shushed her. Maria told Reysa to escape and try to go back to her country. She was a fugitive in Marken now. In the dark of the night, with Kiefer's katana in her hand, Reysa snuck out of her master's mansion, with a golden cloth covering her hair and her face. At the gate of their town, she looked back to see all the lights in the mansion turn on. She had to get out. Before news of the murder reached the guards at the town gate, Reysa had managed to get away.

Class: Dancer
Level: 1

Weapons: Short Katana
Weapon Levels: Sword - E

Additional Notes/Comments:
- Reysa knows very little about her home country of Irnada.
- Reysa prefers to keep Kiefer's sword as a sign of her disgrace. Once she gets back to her true home, she plans to bury the sword along with her troubled past.
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