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24 Aug 2007
Name: Aglaya Raz

Age: 27

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 60 Kg

Affinity/Element: Fire

Personality: If someone would ask you to describe Aglaya as shortly as you could it wouldn't hard for you to present her as full of contrasts.

One of Aglaya's most striking characteristics is her ego. This emotion driving her not once to take on her shoulders more then one person is able to carry on. She's determined to prove herself so much so it causes her to pass the border from time to time.

The young woman can be very bold and mean when she wants to yet very soft and friendly when she has the right mood. She's not cares much about manners and puts the mask of nobility only when it's necessary. She'll lie, steal and kill to protect her interests, whatever or whoever is dear to her. The funny thing is that despite of her seemingly bold and even weird attitude all she really wants is to feel and to be wanted by someone who will fill the loneliness she forced upon herself.

Appearance: Aglaya is an ordinary looking woman, cute but can't be called very beautiful. She's quite tall, taller then any average woman. She has a muscular, yet feminine form, round and full enough to be womanly and slim enough to ride her horse.

The young woman is a slender, blue haired beauty with rather slanted eyes. Her skin is tanned slightly yet quite pale for Marcellus's citizen. Her long blue hair is half collected and half waving freely matched by her interstingly shaped eyes that surrounded by long eyelashes.

Aglaya's usual attire is redish-brown shirt that reaches her knees as it cleavages from her sides. A simple black belt sits on her slim waist and a purple scarf is wrapped around her shoulder.

Bio: She was born into a big yet important family, in one of Marcellus biggest cities, to very respectful, retired general, Ostin Raz. Aglaya was the youngest child and her parents spoiled her. Her mother died a few years later from an unknown disease. The heart broken father had to marry again, unable to take care of his five kids by his own. The step mother was a nice, calm woman that loved the children with all her heart despite of not being their mother.

Since her childhood Aglaya was different from her brothers and sisters. She was a playful, restless girl and caused a lot of troubles to everyone around. As she grew up, she became even more restless and even annoying. Aglaya was bored with their peaceful, relaxed life. She wanted to be a hero in fantastic adventures and to punish the villains as was described in adventure books she read.

When she was seventeen years old she got her chance for an adventure in figure of wandering fighter, a good looking young man. Aglaya joined him secretly (against will of her parents). The surprised man slowly adopted the idea of traveling with such a weird girl. They became good friends, traveling from village to village as he sharing his experience as a fighter (and as a lover) with the thirsty for knowledge girl. After a few years of wandering around with the guy Aglaya decided to visit her family just to see how they are. Both of the sides were happy to meet and after a few months. A week later Aglaya left her house again, this time blessed by her parents.

Weapon: Hand Axe
Weapon Level: E
Class: Vulcan
Level: 1
Notes: Aglaya's black and white horse, Sierra, is much bigger and heavier then female horse should be. It seems like Aglaya's habit to consume huge amounts of food at once(which often attracts shocked audience) found it reflection in her loyal companion's size. In close combat Sierra's unstoppable, she'll win just by smashing the foe with her massive body, a fact she knows to use.
3 Jun 2007
Name: Bastien Chevalier
Age: 17
Homecountry: Olivan
Affinity: Lightning
Gender: Male
Height: 1.70 cm
Weight: 65 kg

Personality: Although of Bastien's younger appearance, his eyes giving out his true age. He is a loner by his nature. He's very careful and prefers to think before letting a word out his mouth. Needless to say that Bastien has not much friends. Even between monks he has no close people he can trust.

Despite of his seemingly severe attitude, Bastien is very loyal and devoted person. Of course, you have to gain his trust first, which is a hard task by itself. Deep inside of him, his heart still contains love and warmth, but the tragic events of his life made him to build walls around, preventing anyone to see his true inner self. The Lord of the lands made sure to humiliate the bot whenever he could and it formed Bastien's character.

Even though that Bastien is part of monks, he barely sees himself as part of this or any another group. His proud, adventurer spirit pushes him to explore his environment. Many years passed since the boy was born but his birth history was repeated in his ears many times, forcing him to feel unwanted. He knows that he's a bastard and it eats him from inside, even if he'll never admit it. Swearing to himself never to cause such a pain to his future children (if he'll have any) Bastien gritted teeth and suffered silently. He can explode sometimes, however, he won't rush to fight, leaving it as a last option to resolve the conflict.

Appearance: Bastien is a good looking, young man with deep, sky blue eyes. He has a nice, soft smile which can turn into a mischievous smirk any moment, too bad he almost never uses it. His strawberry blonde hair is silky and short, surrounding his fair skin. Hundreds of barely seen freckles cover his cheeks, neck, arms and other parts of his slightly muscled body. His limbs are thin and rather fragile. Usually he wears bright colors and goes for plain clothes. His look is modest the way a good, religious monk should look, the other reason for is his thin pursel.

Bio: Bastien is an illegal son of a simple soldier and one of Olivan's lords, Gregorio's daughter. Despite of her being engaged to another Olivan lord (developing stronger contacts between the two countries) the princess of this land's piece made another chose. Rosally the princess, was a pretty young woman who fell in love with one of his soldiers. The girl was beautiful but not very smart and ended pregnant. When her father found out he ordered to execute the unfortunate soldier and rushed to marry his only daughter before the fresh husband will realize the truth.

Sadly Rosally's husband wasn't fool at all and knew exactly what's going on through his well informed spies. He married the silly girl just to get his neighbour's lands and killed her father shortly after the wedding, making it to look like an incident. After Rosally gave birth to the blue eyed child she finished her life by suicide. None ever dared to even think that her husband had part in her death.

The poor child was sent to a local monastery to be forgotten there in time the cruel lord searched for a new bride and new lands to take over. Meanwhile Bastien who was given the last name Chevalier in honor of his dead father grew up peacefully in the monastery where he was loved and accepted. He achieved knowledge about the family that he lost in his childhood and it formed his personality. Bastien turned into a fine, brilliant young man and decided to try his luck in another place. He left the monastery and the now old lord who never had children to continue his heritage and started his journey for happiness.

Class: Monk
Level: 1
Weapons: Lighting book
Weapon Levels: E

Additional Notes/Comments: Bastien's best friend, a big black dog by name Vagu travels with him.
15 Apr 2007
Name: Natu Yuuhimura

Age: 17

Height: 5 Foot, 3 Inches

Weight: 47 Kgs (Slim)

Affinity/Element: Wind

Personality: Although of Natu's younger appearance, her eyes are giving out her true mental age. Natu is a loner by her nature. She doesn't speak much and her being shy does not helps the girl to socialize with people. She's very careful and prefers to think before letting a word out her mouth. Needless to say that Natu has not much friends. Even between the holy order of her religion Natu has no close people she can trust.

Despite of her seemingly severe attitude, Natu is very loyal and devoted person. Of course, you have to gain her trust first, which is a hard task by itself. Deep inside of her tortured soul, her heart still contains love and warmth, yet the tragic events of her life made the girl to build walls around, preventing anyone to see her true inner self. After being hurt so many times, the maiden not rushes to socialize, scared from getting too attached to someone.

Appearance: Short, silky golden locks surround her face. She has a nice heart shaped face and a sweet smile(when she dares to smile) which reveals her perfectly white teeth. Natu's lips are thin and pink and rarely curl in a charming mischievous grin. Her attire is made of whatever she find comfortable enough to move in. Cause of her bad financical situation she can't afford herself fine clothes which will flatter to her figure.

Bio: Natu was born into a rich family in Val Mae. She was an only child and was spoiled by all. From her childhood she was gifted with amazing musical abilities: to play on musical instruments, to sing and to dance and even showed healing talents. When she turned 15 years old her father decided to celebrate it by a trip with the family around his estate.

But the happy family event quickly turned into a tragedy. Her family was attacked and killed by their own trusted guardians who attacked them without any reason. Natu was the only survivor, the soldiers had other plans for the pretty girl. They searched all over the still warm bodies of her parents before escaping with their hostage and forced Natu with them despite of her begging for mercy. Later they just sold her to circus that passed on their way. The owner of the circus made her to work very hard and treated her bad, which made her life miserable. There was none to protect her or to make her suffering easier. Eventually Natu stopped to smile, falling into depression. She felt miserable and even singing not made her happy anymore.

One night the rough man got drunk and started to torture the first person he met on his way (unfortunately it was Natu) like he used to do, just for fun. During the fight that developed between the two, Natu killed the cruel man accidentally. Terrified, she escaped the place in knowledge that if she'll be found, death punishment will be her best option. Natu ran away, hid in the woods for some time and now she is trying to survive, totally giving up on her past life.

She cut her beautiful long hair, so she could appear as a different person in attempt not to be recognized. Volunteering to work in hospitals, Natu was able to feed herself and to learn about life. As the girl grew up she studied the dark side of human nature. Giddiness, wild urges and stupidness of the common people made her grow up to be sick of those people. She learned to hide her disgust under a mask of politeness in attempt to stay out of troubles.

Weapon: Heal Staff
Weapon Level: C+2/5
Class: Troubadour
Level: 13
12 Mar 2007
((OOC: I'm willing to abandon my perviuos character, Kurenai and to start with a new one. If it's possible, I would like to recieve all Kurenai's levels for this, new charcter. If not, I'll start everything from begining.))

b]Name:[/b] Lilith
Age: 22
Homecountry: Marken
Affinity: Water
Gender: Female
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 51 kg

Personality: Lilith's main goal is to survive. Her life was never easy and practically the slim girl had low chances to survive. Yet she made it against all the odds. That what formed her character. The urge to live.

Lilith is not stupid. Of course she never had a chance to study and to learn what many others know. All she knew was controlled by her master. But it not makes her stupid, only not educated. What she learned is to fight, to kill undead and to live on, blindly obeying to her insane master. You could say that she's a heartless person but it won't be true. Just as most of Sergio's followers she was brainwashed and forced to fulfill his wishes, believing that her purpose is to serve her master.

Only after a few tragic events, Lilith woke up into reality and realized that she was turned into a monster, just like those creatures she was trained to kill. She was mentally reborn, getting back her basic human feelings as sorrow, curiousity and empathy. She's still learning about her new feelings, discovering her true inner self slowly. She loves to explore and to learn new things as if tries to compensate all Sinister took from her. In a few words: she's calm but unpredictable.

Appearance: Lilith's eyes are bright blue and may even seem transparent at the sun light. Her skin is pale and her smooth, honey colored hair is falling down her shoulders, streaming till her mid back. She not considers herself as an attractive woman, seeing her beauty only in her long, silky hair which gracefully frames her features.

Her body is fragile and sickly. Thin bones, dull and little food, lack of sun and other activity are all components in her current, unwell state of health. Her memory and reflexes are good but her body betrayed her too many times in the past. All she can is to rely on her powers or just to flee. But again, the woman never was good in sports so she's not a very good runner as well. She's weak against physical attacks and brute violence.

Her attire is made of whatever she find comfortable enough to move in. Also she can afford herself fine clothes which flatter to her figure. In short, she wears a baggy, black dress which come in contrast to her bright colors.

Bio: Lilith doesn't remember much about her childhood. She was born in an average family of slaves, uneducated and destined to be used all their lives, and maybe even after their death. Unlike many others who were forced to live as primitive slaves, she was chosen by Sergio, the owner of the lands and high ranks, and token away from her family in a very young age. Brainwashed and trained to develop her powers, the girl learned to serve her lord without asking, blindly obeying. Despite of her physical weakness, Sergio found a high interest in her unique abilities, deciding to keep the girl as a useful tool. He gave her the name Lilith, taking instead all her feelings and memories. That's the way she was grown up, to exist as a high ranked slave of her master. The cruel man turned her into one of his soldiers whose purpose was to shut up the rebels groups which stood up against Sergio from time to time.

Lilith remained without past and her future was to stay a tool in Sergio's hands. Yet the unexpected happened. At one of the many missions she was sent to, something changed her point of view, opened her eyes to what she was doing. After the massacre in one of the rebelling villages, when the young woman saw so many innocents dying and tasted the warm blood, she realized that it was wrong. She tried to hide some of the surviving children but they were found and killed against her eyes.

Claiming her as a traitor, the rest of the attackers turned up against the fragile woman. Right after it she was attacked and abandoned by her team mates who saw her as lesser then themselves. They saw no much use for her; she was a weak zombified tool for them. She was shot from behind and was left to die in the darkness. Still alive, the woman somehow found the strength to crawl away. She wanted to live, scared and bleeding, losing her countioness during it.

When she opened her eyes she found herself in a bed, treated by rebel survivors who mistook her for one of them. She stayed with them, slowly achieving back her humanity. They were nice and kind to her, something she never knew before. Grateful, the woman tried to help them her best in rebuilding their ruined homes. But they were weak and small in numbers. All of them were slaughtered in the next battles by Sergio's army. All Lilith could do is to escape. She wanted to survive.

Class: Shaman
Level: 7

Weapons: Flux tome
Weapon Levels: E

Additional Notes/Comments: Lilith is accompanied by a huge, black and white dog named Lexa.

*Levels are allowed by Sephy!<3
24 Nov 2006
Name: Jessika Cross
Age: 17
Home country: Falestine
Affinity: Wind
Gender: Female
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 60 kg

Personality: If you could describe Jess in one word you would call her impulsive. The girl tends to act and then to think, a habit that often leads her to troubles. Going with the moment, Jessika sometimes misunderstood for a crazy, unbalanced and even a quarrelsome person. She can be quite tactless and rude but usually it happens cause of her talking out what she should keep inside.

Prideful and strong willed the girl is determined in achieving her goals. She knows what's she wants and tries to get it. Living through all the pain, through her family and ideals loss, Lorelei learned in a hard way that none will be there for you in the hard minute and everything is acceptable for survival.

Appearance: Jesse is tall girl. She's an ordinary looking youth, cute but can't be called very beautiful, unlike her mother. She looks more like her father, Adrian, then her slender mother. Despite of it, she has feminine forms, round and full enough to be womanly and slender enough to attract men.

Jess has a nice shaped round face and a sweet smile, which reveals her perfectly white teeth. Her lips are thin and pink, often are spread in a charming mischievous grin. Her long, flaming, glossy hair is collected into two ponytails on the sides of her head, what giving her a cute, childish look. Her innocent eyes are dark gray like her father's eyes and surrounded by long eyelashes. Jessika's skin is slightly tanned and smooth as it receiving a good treatment from its owner.

The youth wears a silky, sleevles, red dress with golden stripes and matching, heeled shoes. Jesse believes that red suits her the most and many of her clothes are red. She loves to wear skirts and dresses, streams with the fashion and prefers to appear as feminine as possible. Rich colors and unusual patterns fit her no less lively, sometimes hyper attitude.

Bio: Born the dauther of the Falstinian noble Adrian Cross, Jessika's childhood was perfect. She had a strong and noble father, a soft, loving mother and an older brother, Isaac. She had everything a girl could dream of, toys, fancy clothes and servants. She was taught literature and arts by her mother, a fine dancer. She was really happy.

With years, the girl found interest in music, singing and later, good looking guys. Since her childhood, Jess knew she will be some kind of doctor, healing her dolls at first and then little animals by using her voice. Her mother was happy with her child's choice, hoping that path of violence will avoid Jessika's life. Her voice was found quite lovely and she was trained by one of the most famous troubadours in Falestine.

When the terrible death of her father occurred, Jessika found herself in a hard, almost unbearable reality. All the property they had was lost, leaving them only their noble title, but even that wasn't worth much. Right after her father's funeral, Kurenai, her mother fell ill, an illness that no healer could heal. Her brother, Isaac left, unable to stand the grief, leaving her with their mother. It wasn't long before Kurenai died, finally rejoining with her love, Adrian.

Shocked and broken, Jess left Falestine as well. She lost everything, everything turned a lie. All she left in the world was her older vrother, Isaac. It was decided, she has to find him. After all, Isaac remained her only relative and she missed him a lot.

Class: Troubadour
Level: 1

Weapons: Staff
Weapon Levels: E

Blood-Related to a G1 Character?: of Adrian Cross and Kurenai
Extent of Relationship: Daughter

Additional Notes/Comments: *Optional, and you can type in whatever jibberish about your character you like*
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