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Betton X Lechelle, C Support
post Apr 12 2012, 05:10 PM
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Swirling images of Ashera and absolute order faded from Betton's vision as his eyelids fluttered open. His awakening was a welcome departure from the nightmares in which the Goddess ruled over the continent with an iron fist, surpressing all originality and freedom with her tyrannical ways. The ear-splitting headache he promptly suffered, however, was not. The heron pirate clapped a hand to his forehead and wondered what sort of alcohol he'd imbibed to produce this near-migraine.

Sitting up, Betton was greeted by the lush greens of the surrounding forestry. Grimacing, he spat in disgust. Oceans and seas were much more to his taste. Not willing to risk standing up yet, he noted the pain in his arm had died down... It'd been hurting like the flames of Hades before he'd fallen asleep. Speaking of which... Where was Lechelle? She must have done a good job fixing him up.

"Ahoooooy, Sister! You there, lass?" Betton called out firmly. Thanking people was an unusual thing for the heron pirate, but if he handled it right with Lechelle, he'd have her swooning in a heartbeat!


Lechelle had found herself a comfortable spot in one of the few trees to have thrived in a place like this, from where she could keep an eye on the town. Her eyesight wasn't as good as her hearing was, though, so she started to consider relocating after all... as soon as Betton would be able to stand, she'd have to-

Ah! Was that him shouting her name? The female Heron allowed herself to drop from the branch she'd sat on and landed safely, before she hurried to see Betton. "I'm here. I wouldn't abandon one of my brothers." Especially not since he might be the only one she had left. She took his arm to inspect the wound. "Are you okay? No pain, or a fever, or anything?" She put her free hand to his forehead as she asked, hoping to feel if he were warmer than normal.


Heh... Lechelle was her usual romantically forward self, touching and grabbing him all over. Funny how she copped so many feels while he had yet to get one! Whatever, he'd have his chance soon by hook or by crook. Her palm felt cold, soft, and soothing as she pressed it against his flesh, and Betton enjoyed its presence there. Perhaps he should prolong this diagnosis to further take pleasure in her caresses. Nah, sympathy-garnering though the dying swan routine was, it was too unmanly for his likings. Saving it for a more dramatic moment where he might steal a kiss seemed prudent.

"I just woke up... Can't say I'm right as rain, but I'll live. Arm aches a teensy bit and my head's on fire, but that's the extent of my injuries. Otherwise, I'm ship-shape enough to travel." Betton confessed, as if he were delivering a status report on the condition of his vessel. Then, in an incredibly bold maneuver, he reached with his healthy arm and placed his hand on her cheek. Fair was fair. She touched him, he'd do it back.

"Thanks, Lechelle. I really mean it. Death would have been my fate today had you not intervened so quickly." The heron pirate lied solemnly. Obviously, he wouldn't have, but it'd make her happy. Let's see her blush and get all flustered over the physical contact, he thought to himself. She'd be unable to resist him.


No fever, praised be Ashera... his arm seemed better, too. Lechelle was about to let go of him and heave a sigh of relief, when he touched her face and thanked her for saving him. Lechelle flustered -she wasn't used to being touched anymore- and muttered something incomprehendible before she managed: "I... I just did what anyone else would have done. You took a blow for me, and... and I'm happy to see it won't inflict any permanent damage..."

She stepped back a bit, unsure of how to continue. "I... I can't just leave you like this. I insist-" she blushed again at her choice of words, "-on taking care of you for a little while longer... until you're sure it won't bother you anymore..."


For a minute, Betton thought he'd scared Lechelle off as she hopped backwards, but her words betrayed her. Oh, she insisted, did she? There was no denying the girl's infatuation with him. His mouth curled into a familiar grin, a toothy smile that practically oozed smugness.

Stretching his unscathed limbs, Betton steadily got to his feet, waiting a few moments to collect his bearings and ensure he wouldn't tumble right back into the dirt. Was this similar to what the landlubbers called seasickness? Urgh... He took solace in the knowledge that he was not suffering for naught. Lechelle's rapidly reddening face was a sure sign he was on the right track.

"Anyone? You're selling yourself short, Sister. Few are selfless like you, Lechelle. I'd wager plenty o' people would've left me high and dry. Lots of scurvy curs inhabit the mainland..." Betton glanced at the pretty female heron. "Actually, I was about to ask if we could travel together awhile longer myself. I, uh... I've never really been gifted with the chance to talk to another Seid heron. The chap who taught me how to use entropic magic was a man of few words, shall we say." Talking in a pirate dialect all the time was boring. Betton felt the need to spice up his vocabulary with some fancy words. Entropic... Ha! That was brilliant. Lechelle clearly was in awe of his sophisticated intelligence beneath his dashingly rough exterior.


That was just not right... people had to help each other when and where they could! Lechelle got up with Betton, staring at him in shock. "I'm hardly... it's my fault this all happened..." 'Scurvy curs,' eh? The world outside the forest was a dangerous, cold place... As much as she hated to admit it, Betton was right. There were plenty of people who were willing to help a soul in need, but there were also plenty of people who couldn't be bothered to lift a finger. And then there were people who just wanted all Laguz dead.

When Betton offered to travel together for a while, Lechelle nodded. "Yes, that would be best... I'll try not to get in your way." Oh? He had been taught how to use Seid magic? "But that's... interesting. You had a mentor?" All of Lechelle's Seid was self-taught due to necessity. "Can you walk?" she somewhat idly asked, "I think it's better to leave this place sooner than later."


Giving his leg a shake and then taking a couple of steps to ascertain he could maintain balance, Betton gestured for Lechelle to walk with him while they spoke. She'd agreed to be by his side in the days to come... Soon tavern storytellers the world over would regale audiences with the sanguine saga of how Betton Duskette, Pirate King of Tellius, had met his enchanting heron mistress in Daein. With Chaos' blessing, the legend would be embellished to the point where they'd supposedly fought off thousands of soldiers AND Daein's wretched king to escape. The malleability of truth never ceased to amaze.

"Mentor...? Ha! Nah, the man showed up and asked me if I wanted to learn Seid." Betton began good-naturedly, "When I said yes, he handed me a book on it and told me to figure it out myself, informing me that was the way of Chaos. I've been operating under that principle ever since, and things've been dandy. Weird guy, though. Called himself Stranger. His wings were so black he seemed more like a raven than one of us! I saw a little of him over the next century, but I never did find out what he wanted." Betton was about to entertain her with the heroic tale of his jailbreak that one time, yet something else urgent occurred to him.

"On the topic of teaching, I've been meaning to ask you about your Seid, Lechelle. Namely, can you show me how to pull off an invisibility spell like you did back in town? It was a pretty nifty trick!" Unfortunately, Betton's motivation to learn was hardly pure. He desired Lechelle's unique power not to protect either of them, but to spy on Lechelle when she was changing, bathing, or basically any opportunity where he'd get to see more of her body. He prayed to Chaos that she wouldn't be able to detect his aura of anarchy during his lecherous espionage.


Good, he could walk. Maybe not quickly, but it would do. She listened to him as he told her how he had learned his magic. She cringed inside as she was reminded of how voluntarily Betton had made the change that she so hated. But apparently, it had been so easy for him. A stranger had handed him a book on it, and he'd taught himself how to convert his songs? It sounded like, although he liked his new magic, he had taken his time to convert. Unlike her who had plunged into it in the dead of the night.

"Black wings..." That wasn't necessarily a bad sign, Lechelle knew. She could never judge a Bird on the color of its wings anyway. "And a very fitting name..." When Betton told her he never did figure out what the Stranger wanted, Lechelle couldn't help but get suspicious. Why knowingly convert a Heron? But she soon forgot it as he asked her to teach him the Seid of Invisibility she had used before.

"Eh... it's just a simple Seid, really... I'm pretty sure anyone could learn it." Invisibility was as simple as bending light before it hit the invisible subject, and muffling sound as she did was simply pulling up a speric sound-cover around them. But maybe Lechelle just thought it was simple because she was so used to using it? "...okay, I'll teach you sometime."


Heh (He'd used "Ha" twice already, it was getting stale), score one for the Betton-meister! With the addition of Lechelle's invisibility magic, the world's finest pirate would evolve into the seafaring scourge of the universe. Hell, the existence of an invisibility Seid itself was an apt demonstration of Chaos' tremendous power, the kind Betton wielded at his fingertips. By its very nature, singing was probably the least stealthy thing one could do, yet through the workings of Seid, a heron could render themselves undetectable to the naked eye.

Grinning increasingly wider as he envisioned the unsavoury purposes to which he'd employ Lechelle's lessons, Betton came up with the ideal way to repay her and be breathtakingly romantic at the same time. Reaching for his throat, he snatched his golden amulet, the one with the heron engraving, and yanked it from his neck. Then, without warning, he presented it to her as a gift.

"Here, Sister. Take this. It's an amulet I custom-ordered in Crimea... There's none other like it in the world. I oughta repay you for your troubles, so it's yours. I can always get another one. I know it sounds a bit premature, but since we're going to be together..." He left the meaning of that statement deliberately vague, believing it would suffice for his purposes, "I want you to keep that, so if we get separated and never see each other again, you have something to remember me by."


She jumped when Betton snapped something around his neck. Somewhere, she thought they were being attacked again, but it had just been his way of taking off the necklace he'd been wearing. Heaving a relieved sigh -if he took another blow, things might not end well-, she looked surprised when he offered it to her. It was beautiful, but she didn't dare take it from him. If it was custom-made, then it must have had some sort of emotional value to the other Heron.

She ran a finger over the engraving. A Heron... a symbol of the forest? Maybe Betton had lost family in the Massacre, too, and just didn't want to talk about that... "I- I can't take it from you, Betton. It must be important to you..." She shouldn't be wearing too much gold, anyway. It would just be another reason for people to attack her.

Not to mention she didn't have anything to give him in return. Taking his amulet from him without offering something of equal value was nothing but theft, after all. That said... they were going to be together for a while, as he had said. So, changing her mind, Lechelle put her hand around the amulet. "...wait. I'll take it. I'll take it as a promise that I won't leave your side until you're better."


Lechelle was being a bit daft over the whole thing, failing to read his cues and just take the damn amulet. It held no significance whatsoever to him; he'd bought it because he'd had gold to burn and wanted to show off. Fortunately, she redeemed herself by abruptly reconsidering, and Betton found her spontaneity cute. Her oath to return it later rang hollow, though. If Betton had his way, she wouldn't leave his side ever.

"Don't worry about it, Lechelle. It has no meaning to me. No fond memories attached to it. Didn't grow up in Serenes, remember? I've got doubloons aplenty. I could easily get another one lickity-split if I wanted. But I think it suits you far better."

Going for the masterstroke, Betton leaned in closer, smirking wryly as his face hovered mere inches below Lechelle's, the height discrepancy thankfully not diminishing his charisma much, and whispered, "A pretty necklace for a pretty girl, aye?"


Lechelle was convinced her head assumed the same color as her eyes when Betton spoke those last words. Trying to ignore it, but failing and -if possible- blushing even harder, she bound it around her neck. With the engraved amulet resting on her markings, she touched the other Heron's arm hesitantly. "Thank you, Betton. I just wish I had something else to give you in return."

She thouht she heard voices further down the road and decided they had to speed up. "Come to think of it... I'm almost afraid to ask, but you will have to do the talking from now on. I honestly don't speak enough Modern to converse with those children properly."


Lechelle must've had an arm fetish or something, considering the number of times she'd clung to his since their chance meeting in the village... Not that he was complaining. She could rub and stroke his limbs forever if she desired, though it might cause complications whenever he required privacy. She seemed legimately grateful for his present, though, putting the amulet around her neck, the rising heat in her cheeks a rallying sight to behold. He was so close to cracking her... Then she'd be all over him, desperately wanting to "repopulate the heron race" and other such things.

Children? Oh, she meant the beorc. Living amongst beorc had virtually eliminated all knowledge of Heron appellations from his head. What funny terms herons used! Brother and Sister for each other, Children for beorc, which sounded vaguely insulting yet was a valid comparison. Whatever, what mattered was that she hadn't literally been referring to kids. Or had she? Maybe two incestuous herons had actually spawned the entire human race? That, or perhaps he was just being his lunatic self. Either option suited him.

"Now there's an idea!" Betton remarked when Lechelle told him her fluency in the Modern tongue was practically nil. No wonder she spoke Ancient exclusively. "Why don't I help teach you to speak Common while you show me how to turn myself invisible? It's not so hard a language once you've nailed down the basics, Sister." Excercising his pinions in preparation for flight, Betton took Lechelle's hand in his, and gave another rascally smirk.

"Well, can't stand around if the beorc are right behind us... Shall we go, Lechelle?"


"Yes, let us..." she was happy to hear his suggestion, and she would be even happier to be able to communicate with Beorc in their own language. If Betton could teach her that, she would be more than happy to teach him Invisibility Seid...

But for now they had to get away. She squeezed his hand, stretching her wings and keeping a close eye on him as they took off to make their escape.
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