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2 Dec 2011
Name: Alison "Allie Cat" Bristow
Age: 17
Homecountry: Azgarth
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Build: Quite slim

Class: Curate Level 5

Weapons: Street-Urchin Staff (Unlock, Cleanse, Regen) Gaudy Gold Staff (Mend, Protect, Barrier)
Weapon Levels: Staff: D

Summary: Allie is both very independent an also rather selfish, making it unlikely for her to freely give or take help from others. She has always been very suspicious and a bit paranoid, characteristics that have doubled since she came into her fortune. She is clever and resourceful.

Despite these flaws, she is very friendly and generally likeable. Her sense of humor is fairly sarcastic and acidic, but it is all in good fun, and due to her friendly delivery, her jokes usually don't offend. Though she makes superficial friends very easily, it can be difficult to get close to her. The young woman is quite cynical, and has quite a few intimacy issues.

Allie is extremely careless with her new wealth, and she knows it. She has enough saved away to bleed gold for years, though, so she intends to. One might expect someone from her background to be very philanthropic with wealth like hers, and this has been suggested to her. But when discussion the topic, she will bitterly state that no one helped her when she was down and out, so why should she? But, she is still very young, and immature. Perhaps she will come around in time.

Appearance: Allie has bright red hair that has been cut short by a knife. Now that she has the money to take proper care of it, she plans to let it grow out and done up in some sort of fancy do with golden clips and expensive gunky stuff, or whatever it is that rich people put in there. Big emerald eyes may betray her cynical and world-weary attitude. She has fairly dark skin, and several freckles on her face from years of over-exposure to the sun. Overall, she has a rather pretty face.

Allie is a very small young woman. Poor nutrition as a child prevented her from growing very tall. Even now that she has money to eat well, she has discovered that she simply is not capable of eating like a rich snob, as she hoped she could. She is still quite thin, though not from a lack of trying to fatten up.

Allie's wardrobe is now full of expensive and extravagant dresses and jewelry. Unfortunately, she has no fashion sense and tends to wear these pricey items rather poorly together. She also has many fancy shoes, most of which she can't stand to wear. Though she regrets it, she finds most of her new clothes quite uncomfortable and impractical, so she instead a blue jacket over a simple white shirt with a skirt and boots. She still wears her fancy rings and necklaces whenever possible, however, which looks a bit foolish with her outfit.

Bio: Alison Bristow was the only daughter of a poor prostitute in Southwest Nikrath, Azgarth. Alison was what some might consider an "accident." Her mother was already forced into a rather unsavory profession simply to pay for her own basic needs, so taking care of her new child was quite a burden. When Alison was only six years old, her mother died of pneumonia as a result of working outside in the cold rain.

Thus Alison was forced to live the life of a street rat. The little urchin earned the nickname "Allie Cat" while scampering about the city, making a living mostly from thievery, and supplemented by panhandling.

But as she grew older, people began to catch on to her heists, and the money from begging became less and less as she grew out of the 'adorable little child' phase, so Allie was forced into the family business. Allie hated the work and was extraordinarily ashamed of it. To this day she refuses to talk about, or admit to it.

One day while working with a student of staff magic, while the man was sleeping, she swiped a heal staff and snuck out. Originally, she planned to sell the staff for whatever she could get. But before she had the chance, she discovered that she could actually cast a weak heal spell with the staff. Simply by living in Nikrath she had overheard and retained some very basic fundamentals of the use of staves.

Though there were plenty of healers in her city, Allie was able to scrape by a living by charging a relatively small fee to people like herself who could not go to a trained professional.

When she was 17, she caught the eye of a local entrepreneur. An very wealthy and sick entrepreneur named Thomas Bisping. Bisping was dying, and required a healer on retainer to keep him comfortable through his last months. Allie suspected that she was not hired for her skill with a staff...But she didn't care much. Bisping only looked, and she got a free home and steady wage.

When Bisping died, it was revealed that he had been on bad terms with his only soon. Out of spite, the man left his impressive fortune to his caretaker, whom he'd only known for a few months. Now Allie attempts to adapt to the life of the super-rich. She has abandoned the town of her difficult childhood to see the world.

Additional Notes/Comments:
26 Sep 2011

The city of Helmsfield stands on the grounds of what is believed to be the location of one of the major battles of The Scouring. According to ancient texts, an army lead by the Hero Durbans won a precious victory for the humans. Many archeological treasures have been discovered in the area around Helmsfield, the most famous being the Berserker's Helm. Many claim the Helm to have belonged to Durbans himself.

Whether or not it was truly worn by the Hero, Helmsfield has become quite famous for the artifact. Aspiring warriors come to pay their respects, and wish to be granted power from the Hero's spirit. Not long ago, the people of Helmsfield sought a way to cash in on the popularity of their artifact. They planned to build a mighty coliseum to hold the Helm. Periodically, they would hold tournaments for great warriors to compete and test their strength. The winner, they claimed, would have proven his strength to the ancient warrior, and be worthy of his blessing.

The RP will take place on the opening day of the new coliseum. There will be an extravagant festival celebrating the spirit of competition, with large out-door feasts, dancing, fighting, gambling, and drinking. Before the tournament begins, there will be exhibition matches, which will include warriors battling ferocious beasts from around Elibe. Your characters do not need to be, and are not even recommended to be competitors in the tournament. Things will take a turn before the conclusion of the fights. Noble warriors are not the only ones who see the value of such a prestigious artifact.

I'll probably take around 3 more characters. If there are a lot of people interested, I'll just take the characters I think will fit best. It may require characters who are willing to get involved in disputes that do not necessarily involve them.

1. Zola
2. Cirr
3. Sophie
4. Klaus
5. Lucine

Let me know if you're interested.
18 Sep 2011
Name: Zola Alvey
Title: Bounty Hunter
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Open Ocean
Nation/Group of Allegiance: The Justice Guild

Class: Archer
Level: 5
Weapon Levels: D
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Bounty Hunter's Arrows:
Steel: Mercy/Hindrance
These arrows are enchanted with a mercy spell, preventing kill shots. They are also tipped with a paralyzing poison, to slow down targets, to allow for easier capturing.

Sniper Arrows:
Steel: Far Shooting/Shade
These arrows are deigned to take out a target without drawing any attention to Zola.

Height: 5'2" 157cm
Build: Small
Zola is a young woman with girlish features that project a rather child-like innocence. Her skin is light and pearly, despite the fact that she spends a great deal of time outside. Nor does she have many freckles. She has simply been blessed with a great complexion. Her skin is not the only thing light colored. Her hair is blonde, her teeth pearly, her lips light pink, and her cheeks bright and rosy.

Her hair is one feature she is quite proud of, despite her rather low self-esteem. She often wears it in a high pony-tail, tied off by a black ribbon. Her face is framed on each side by small sections of her bangs. She manages to thoroughly brush it at least twice a day, even when she is busy. Though she does not often draw attention to it, any complement directed toward her hair makes her very happy.

Though Zola does look her age, her face does bear some rather childish traits. Her deep blue eyes are large and clear. While she's been told they're pretty, she sometimes thinks they make her look like a scared bunny rabbit. Her small round nose does not help this perception. Her cheeks are light pink, with recessed cheek bones. Her jaw rounds gently into a soft, modestly pointed chin. Her thin lips are usually curved into an optimistic smile, assuming they are not pressed together in confusion.

Zola's usual outfit consists of a short white jacket worn open over a simple black shirt. She wears a black muffler around her neck; the two ends trail behind her. Over her right shoulder rests a simple leather pad of armor. She wears a black skirt, white boots, and a pair of fingerless black gloves. A quiver hangs from her left hip (as she is left-handed), and her bow rests on her back.

Socially, Zola is a timid young woman. Though she is not ashamed or embarrassed of her 'condition,' she does find it a rather major obstacle when it comes to initiating conversation. A more psychologically minded individual might suggest social anxiety disorder, though Zola would be far too embarrassed to ever seek therapy. She is quite self-conscious about even minor things.

Despite her apparent skittishness, Zola is actually an extraordinarily brave individual. When she believes she is doing something to help 'good people' she has a rather extraordinary strength of will that will almost always allow her to overcome her many fears. She will often endanger herself simply by trying too hard, or over-estimating her own power to change things.

Zola is not only naive and idealistic, but she is also a bit below average intelligence. She often has difficulty picking up new concepts. Even things that might be considered 'common knowledge,' Zola may have no grasp on. But, she is quite curious, and always enjoys learning new things. She is a romantic soul, with easily swaying emotions. Despite this, she is generally optimistic and usually on the happier side of the spectrum.

Marian Alvey was the second daughter of a merchant ship captain. When he retired, Marian's sister, Kayla took his place as captain. Marian worked on board The Silver Squid as navigator and cook. The Squid was a rather busy ship, almost always carrying one shipment or another. As a result, the crew essentially lived aboard the vessel, living only short periods of time in harbor-city inns.

Though Marian was not necessarily a 'fast' woman, due to her occupation and lifestyle, it was not uncommon for her to have a short relationship with a man, and never see him again. Though this did not bother her especially at a young age, when she discovered she was pregnant, it caused a few issues.

Though Marian was a decent cook, she believed she had few skills that would translate well to working land-side. Rather than quitting her job to raise her child, single and impoverished, she decided to give them a comfortable life aboard the Squid. The decision seemed wiser still after she gave birth to twin girls: Zola and Vera.

Marian and Kayla raised the girls, while continuing their business. This lifestyle seemed to work out well, for the most part. The problem was that one of the infants, Zola, seemed to be a naturally sickly child. While most of these bugs could be treated aboard the boat, occasionally a worried Marian would insist that they make port and see a doctor. Kayla insisted that she was just being paranoid, and for some time, it seemed she was right.

As the girls continued to develop, Marian noticed a problem. While Zola didn't seem 'challenged' in any way, she was significantly less vocal than her sister. Later, they would discover that one of Zola's early illnesses or infections damaged her vocal cords.

Marian, who was positive that the problem occurred because she had not been able to get Zola to a doctor when it was necessary, was gripped with guilt and shame. She began to shelter and coddle her daughter. Despite Marian's good intentions, the very small community, and protective treatment would prevent Zola from developing social skills as other children her age might.

Though the twins were always very close, Vera could not ignore the seemingly preferential treatment her mother gave Zola. She resented her mother for this, and instead idolized her strong and out-going Aunt.

Though most of their time was spent aboard the Squid, it was not uncommon for the crew to spend time in port cities for days to weeks at a time. Unfortunately, Marian usually forbid Zola from traveling far from her sight. While Zola technically traveled far more than most any other child would at her age, she felt that she was living her life in a box. What was the world like outside her salty prison? She found herself fantasizing about it constantly.

While pirating is not the biggest threat to a merchant ship's success, it is not one that should be ignored. Though the Squid was not large enough, or profitable enough to hold a significant mercenary guard, almost all of the crew was required to have at least some martial knowledge. The small and timid Zola found little success with melee weapons. She found the bow to be much more her style. At 13 she began practicing with targets.

Around the same time, Zola began taking responsibilities of a crew member. She was pretty good at following orders, and had been learning through osmosis for thirteen years, so she was a decent sailor. Unfortunately, she found the work mundane, yet stressful. This only increased her desire to leave this life behind, and explore the world.

Zola's frustrating and melancholy life continued in this pattern for three years, until a disastrous accident for the rest of her family finally set her free. Due to a wild storm that hit the Squid while she was sailing, the ship was blown off-course by several miles. This alteration was enough to push the Squid into a hazardous rocky area, where she eventually ended up suck and destroyed.

And so, the Alvey family was forced to start over. Kayla took a job as first-mate with on a ship owned by an acquaintance. Unfortunately, they were not interested in hiring her small sister and two small nieces. Vera decided to peruse her dream of becoming an Illian knight. The sisters bid farewell, promising to keep in touch. Marian, no longer needing to take care of two daughters, was satisfied taking a job as a simple cook in Raemy.

Naturally, when Zola expressed her desire to travel across Elibe in search of adventure, Marian refused. But, a mother's chastising will do little to deter a teenage girl when she has her mind made up. Zola's is not the most cunning mind in the world, but still she tried to come up with a plot to leave home. She could simply sneak away in the night, but she didn't want to burn all bridges with her mother. Instead, she convinced her mother to let her go live with her sister in a nearby city. Trusting Vera to take care of her sister, Marian agreed.

Zola did stop by to see her sister again before she began her adventure, letting her know of the plan, so that her scheme would not be accidentally revealed in a letter between the two. Then, off she went!

At every stop, Zola was overcome with excitement at the new sights and sounds of this interesting world. Unfortunately, she soon discovered that her new lifestyle required at least a bit of gold to maintain.

All throughout her childhood, she'd been able to travel great distances working as a merchant, couldn't she do the same here? Quickly she found work as an assistant with a traveling caravan. She found some difficulty communicating with her new co-workers, but she was quite happy with the arrangement. But, the arrangement didn't last long.

Not long into their travels, while traveling into Etruria, they were stopped by a band of notorious highwaymen lead by a Burt the Ruthless. In the ambush, almost every member of the caravan was murdered. Zola, terrified out of her wits, managed to grab her bow and attempt to fight back. But she was not quick enough to escape. Zola, two other women, and the goods carried by the caravan, were seized by the band, and taken to be sold on a later date.

But, in a turn of incredible luck, two bounty-hunters seeking the rather sizable price on the head of Burt and his men managed to discover the cap where Zola was being held. In a rather fitting act of fate, the highwaymen were ambushed, and routed, leaving only the most valuable alive.

The bounty hunters, Victor and Vivian, released the prisoners. Understandably, Zola was quite shaken up. This was the world she'd longed so badly to explore? Where people simply killed to take whatever they desired? The bounty-hunting siblings, assuming the girl was too traumatized to speak, decided to take her to safety, where she would hopefully recover.

Of course, she never did gain the ability to speak. She was finally able to communicate who she was, and her situation. She was also able to express her disgust at the fighting and death around her, including that committed by her saviors. This offended and hurt the young Vivian, who left in embarrassment.

The very sensitive Zola eventually regretted upsetting her rescuer, and decided to apologize. She thanked the hunters for saving her, and explained that she was just upset when she had lashed out. The pair accepted her apology graciously.

Over the next few days, as they conversed, the hunters explained that they also hated the barbaric actions of men like Burt. That was why they had gone into this line of work. The wanted to prevent tragedies like the one that had befallen Zola's caravan. This explanation hit home for Zola, and so the susceptible girl decided upon a new career...She would become a bounty hunter!

Victor and Vivian worked for a loosely affiliated collection of bounty-hunting agencies known as the Justice Guild (a self-admitted cheesy name). They had offices in several major cities in three countries. The guild would gather contracts and bounties from the areas surrounding their office, and provide supplies and healing to hunters, and in turn take a portion of the bounty. It made it easy to find jobs and allies, and would allow Zola to continue traveling.

For two years, Zola worked with Victor and Vivian as an apprentice. She was able to bring in a few bounties, and continued to improve as both an archer and tracker. Recently, she decided it was time to test her skills, and separate from her mentors. Time will tell if she is ready.

2 Mar 2011
Well, Zola might really be in over her head this time. She pressed both hands to the shirt that was covering the knife wound on her right side. She didn't know if that was really helping, but she'd always heard you were supposed to put pressure on the wound. Still, it was really painful, and she was definitely getting weaker as the blood continued to flow. But she could finally see the town ahead of her. Rose Hill was the name, she thought. It didn't look very big...She sure hoped they had a healer.

She was sure lucky she managed to steal Brandon's horse. Not only because it allowed her to make her getaway, but also it would keep heading toward town if she passed out...At least she hoped so. Things were starting to get kind of fuzzy. The full moon had seemed really bright a few hours ago, but things were starting to get dark pretty quick. Maybe...Maybe if she just closed her eyes for a few minutes, she'd have the strength to finish the ride into town. Yeah, that was it. Just a few minutes...


Samantha MacAlister grinned as her smoke-ring floated up into the torchlight. She was getting pretty good at that. Her papa would be proud. Well...Actually, no he wouldn't. He'd always said smoking wasn't very lady-like. But he always told her she could do anything she wanted, as long as she put her mind to it. And right now she wanted to blow smoke rings. Surely he wouldn't be too upset with her. She sighed as the next puff of smoke came out as an asymmetrical blob. She missed the old man.

"Hm...You see that?" Sam brushed her short brown hair out of her face. Her short chubby assistant, Katie, looked the way Sam gestured. "Just looks like someone on a horse."

"Yeah, but look at the rider...Hey, go inside the inn. See if anyone's a healer." Katie got up and did as she was asked as Sam headed down the road. "Damn..." She bit her lip as she took in the site of the injured young girl. She looked to be in bad shape. Sam gently pulled the girl off the horse, carrying her back toward the inn.
27 Feb 2011
So, the plot is still a work in progress, but it should be ironed out by Monday, or at least some time early next week, when I plan to start the topic. It's mostly closed, but I might be able to include someone else, if it felt right.

I've been told this post is inadequate, so...The RP kicks of Zola's story arc that will eventually have her confronting the person who took her tongue. In this thread they'll meet and fight the group she's currently working with.

1. Zola
2. Avery
3. Beatrix

Topic is here.
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