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5 Oct 2009
Basically, an idea I had for getting weapon levels and experience without having to play a ton of matches. You would be able to trade in whatever number of remaining uses you have on a weapon for experience and weapon experience, roughly equal to what you would naturally have earned in a battle. All EXP and WEXP earned this way would be treated as if it was a non-killing blow.

I would imagine the formulas being something like this:

Experience (non-staves):
floor[(remaining uses)*(Acc/100 + (100-Acc)/400)*(15.5+Exp)]

Experience (staves):
(remaining uses)*(Exp)

Weapon Experience:
(remaining uses)*(WExp)

Basically, the formula used for regular EXP takes the weapon's default accuracy into account for your probability to hit (and therefore earn full experience) while using the average of 14 and 17 for the random portion of the experience. The other two don't have a possibility to miss or have random functions, so they're just a straight cash out of EXP or WEXP. I haven't decided yet whether you should be able to earn BEXP off of the trade-in EXP, though I don't see why not. On average, you should still earn more EXP and WEXP by playing actual matches (except in the case of staves), since you would also be killing stuff that gives additional EXP and WEXP.
7 Sep 2009
First, the bug:

While playing, the clock said I still had a little less than a minute left to finish my move, but when I went to make an action, it said that it was not my turn (link to battle here). There's not much more data I can supply about it, though, besides that I think I had used the battle refresh feature just as my opponent was ending his turn, resulting in it loading the map with it already on my turn and never giving the "it's your turn" notification.

Now, the first suggestion:

Include a battle log that can be checked throughout the battle by all participants and also viewed upon completion of the battle. On your turn, when you deliver attacks, it shows various data about the attack, including damage dealt, experience earned, and so on. However, I've noticed that this data disappears once your turn ends, and your opponent never sees it at all, which can make it seem somewhat of a mystery at times on how your unit died. It would be extremely helpful for following a battle if this was included. If these logs also included unit coordinates after each finalized movement, it would be particularly helpful for reading a battle that was completed some time ago or by another player. If one already exists and I just can't find it, then I apologize.

And the second suggestion:

Include more natures. Specifically, all possible combinations of natures (except perhaps where HP is concerned). There have been numerous times thus far that I've wanted a specific combinations of +s and -s when building a unit, but found that a nature for such a build did not exist. A great example is the glass cannon, which has +POW, +SKL, +SPD, -DEF, -RES, and... -HP? What happened to LCK? If I wasn't planning on investing anything in LCK to begin with this becomes kinda worthless don't ya think? The sheer fact that you want to boost SPD probably means you're aiming for using Pursuit, not Insight, meaning you don't need LCK and if you aren't boosting it any further that extra 5% becomes sorta worthless, whereas the reduction of HP means you're now able to take less damage, unless you invest extra in HP just to prevent yourself from losing stats... at which point another nature could do the job just as well. Or if I want to build a unit that can take hits from just either physical or magical units, but then want to boost POW and SPD, I'm unable to - not without wasting stat points, at least. The option for an Insight unit that can take hits and dish them out exists... why not Pursuit?

Now, I'm not saying to remove glass cannon or change the way it's set up currently, but it just feels like the nature system is very incomplete right now. In pokemon, there's a nature for every +/- combination possible, including five useless natures that are all neutral (since they both raise and lower the same stat - either ATK, DEF, SPD SATK, or SDEF (not that I'm saying we need a ton of neutral natures or anything, as one is plenty)). By contrast, this site only provides certain possible combinations, making it almost mandatory to waste stat points for some units. Even if glass cannon and tank modified LCK instead of HP, there still wouldn't be every possible combination of 3 +s and 3 -s for POW, SKL, SPD, DEF, RES, and LCK, and you still wouldn't even have every combination available that involves boosting POW, which is typically a given on most units.

This is every possible combination of +s (excluding HP), with the natures filled in of those that already exist.

--- +POW, +SKL, +SPD (technically exists in form of Glass Cannon, but lowers HP instead of LCK)
Brute +POW, +SKL, +DEF
Scholar +POW, +SKL, +RES
Offencive +POW, +SKL, +LCK
--- +POW, +SPD, +DEF
--- +POW, +SPD, +RES
--- +POW, +SPD, +LCK
Bulky +POW, +DEF, +RES
Gladiator +POW, +DEF, +LCK
Seer +POW, +RES, +LCK

Rogue +SKL, +SPD, +DEF
Careful +SKL, +SPD, +RES
Lightweight +SKL, +SPD, +LCK
--- +SKL, +DEF, +RES
--- +SKL, +DEF, +LCK
--- +SKL, +RES, +LCK

Defencive +SPD, +DEF, +RES
Brave +SPD, +DEF, +LCK
Serene +SPD, +RES, +LCK

--- +DEF, +RES, +LCK (currently taken by Tank, which replaces LCK with HP)

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who would greatly appreciate having the ability to pick from these 8 missing natures.
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