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6 Feb 2010
Name: Ethelbert Rowdart

Nation: Crimea

Age: 18

Race: Beorc

Class and Level Bow knight level 4

Weapon Levels: Bow: E

Appearance: Ethelbert has straight, long, dark green hair, green eyes, a rather pale skin, due to the fact he wear his armor most of his time out. He also have a scar on his shoulder. His height is quite average, and wearing his armor also muscled him a bit. His armor's color is azure, with silver colored border, and is a steel plate armor of ordinary shape. His mount is a white, armored mare. Said armor matches Ethelbert 's in term of color, and material, and cover the mare's head, and sides. When Ethelbert doesn't wear his armor, one can see him wear a brown long sleeved tunic, and pants of the same color, held by a brown belt. He also wear brown shoes.

Personality: Being crimean, Ethelbert doesn't have any problem with laguz, nor does he hate Brandeds, following the train of thought that even though something forbidden by the Godess must be done for a Branded to be born, the ones who should be despised are the parents. As he often has to talk to people he never met, he's more than comfortable with strangers. On the other hand, since he move often, he have hard time trusting and forming bond with others. As of his country... He wouldn't even think of serving under another country than Crimea without trying to bring change in said country. The way he's going to serve Crimea is, however far from certain, as he is not sure of wether he'd go with an old decision and keep trying to join the royal knights, or keep going as a mercenary. On a side note, he prefer to help individuals when he get something from it.

Biography: Ethelbert was born in Crimea and grew with a thief as a mother, a farmer as a father and an older brother. At the age of eight, he began training with swords, however, after an accident during training one year later that nearly killed him, and left the scar near his neck, he stopped training for a year. At the age of ten, however, he trained again, this time with bows, at the same time he learnt to ride an horse. All that training was mostly to protect the farm in case some bandits would attack or something. He never completely forgot his training with swords. Aside from that, he hardly ever seen his mother, who was arrested duing his early childood. He helped in the farm, learning about the meaning of duty, and being taught by is father that every man has a duty, and that most of the time, it's toward his country. He took this more and more seriously, until he decided that the farm wasn't helping Crimea enough for his tastes, at the age of 13, and decided he'd do his best to join the royal knights.

He perfected his training for 3 years after this, and decided he'd travel and experience real fights. First, he joined a militia created to get rid of bandits, to make sure he didn't leave his home helpless. He then traveled around Crimea, hunting down and fighting criminals of any kind for a living. Those travels driven him to think for and by himself, rather than being guided by someone else, as he had to find his own way through any problem. Sometimes, though, he'd return home to take some rest, for a couple weeks, and resume his roaming. After two years, he wasn't sure if he wanted to become a royal knight anymore. A few notes : He got his own horse -a mare, actually- a month after he left his home, that he named Snowflow. It was only four month after that he could afford his armor. He also tried to find some ways to use most sword users fighting style to take the advantage on them.


Weapons: Composite bow : Iron-tipped arrow composite shortbow

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