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RPGs, RPs, Pokemon, Anime, Shunsui Kyouraku... The Roc's Nest, and the Aerie (FEP's affiliate.)

I am also a healthy human male, if you get my drift.
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5 Dec 2012
Nintendo of America announced via Nintendo Direct this morning that Fire Emblem: Awakening, announced for the West last year, has received a release date. It will be on store shelves on February 4th, 2013. Be ready for it.

I expected a much later release date (Summer) so this makes me very happy. I hope Fire Emblem Planet can experience some growth and an increase in activity once the game comes out.

Save up for those 3DS's. (Though, if you thought ahead, you'd have bought one for cheap over the Thanksgiving holiday.)

As for Europe, it will getting the game sometime in April. Sorry guys.
2 Jul 2012
The sky was overcast when a large shadow blotted out what little sun there was. The people in the city below, except for a few who would look up at the sky and remark that an airship was flying a little too low for comfort, would discover that their end was nigh. Among the wagoners and horse-drawn carriages transporting food from one town to another, among the bakers busy baking and weaponsmiths busy smithing, and the peasant girls nonchalantly laughing as they did their daily rounds... none of them could have known that a mass of wood and steel would smash into the streets, crushing them before they could even scream.

It was just past morning, almost midday; Murati, in a district that had almost always known prosperity, wealth, and opportunity, a district people knew as the business center of that prefecture, would cease its normal operations to deal with the sudden disaster. But the airship crash would just be the beginning.

So come those men and women who should stand up to fight! Come together and defend so that whatever may strike your friends and family will cower in fear when you brandish your blade in spite of the overwhelming circumstances! Even if you are strangers, band together to become strong, for it's the only way to survive in times of great need! Or die trying!

The Airship That Crashed In the Middle Of Marcellus is a disaster RP in which a large airship brutally crashes in the middle of the city's major business center, causing much damage and death upon its landing. The incident is meant to bring strangers together, as disasters tend to do. That's just the background, however. The rest of the RP entails finding out from where the airship came, what caused the airship to crash, and then discovering the identity of the monster on board which, if not defeated decisively, will escape the airship wreckage and lay its eggs around the town, thereby introducing a dilemma like that which Marcellus has never seen.

There will also be some character development for my own character.

There will be four slots total, no more no less. Two of those slots are already occupied by me and Knight of G, respectively. The other two participants will be chosen not by who applies first, but by the personality and background of your personal character.

I expect this RP to reach the end. Please help it reach the end and you will feel accomplishment.

1. Red Antelope Wading the Sea ~ Lvl 14 (Sui-kun)
2. Link Callad Bolge Dekku ~ Lvl 5 (Knight of G)
3. Catrin ~ Lvl 1 (ColourMageKnight)
4. Rahal Penvurius ~ Lvl 9 (RodentsRKewl)
24 Apr 2012
As you all know, Fire Emblem: Awakening released last week for the Nintendo 3DS. A recent article about retailers' thoughts regarding how well it is selling popped up on Siliconera, and I thought I'd share and discuss it with you all.

"We've heard that others have been experiencing a scarcity of units, so we've added more, but still 90% of it was sold out," one retailer reports about the game's first-day sales. He goes on to express concerns regarding whether Nintendo will be able to re-supply stock quickly enough in time for Japan's approaching Golden Week holiday, which is a period when videogames see an increase in sales across the board.

A third store reports: "Because of rain, sales weren't too great. But of the new games, Fire Emblem sold the best. Although, most of the people who bought it were old guys, lol."

"60% sold out and it's looking good," another retailer says about sales at his store, adding that it sold even better at other branches, for a total of 80% sellthrough.

A third store reports: "Because of rain, sales weren't too great. But of the new games, Fire Emblem sold the best. Although, most of the people who bought it were old guys, lol." He adds: "Personally, I was expecting great things of Code of Princess, but it got completely eaten up by Fire Emblem, so I thought that was a bit of a shame."

Finally, this last retailer impression was posted on Friday, the day after Fire Emblem: Awakening was released: "First thing in the morning, it's 3DS Fire Emblem on parade. I feel like nothing else was sold at all. It's all Fire Emblem. Rare for a Nintendo title, they released commercials and everything, so a crowd of people came in on the release date."

This particular store didn't have a bunch of old people buying the game as another retailer suggested. "The customers' ages dropped, so from dusk onward it was middle/high school students on their way back from school. I completely thought that the only people buying this would be those in their mid-thirties, so I was let down, but in a good way."

So apparently the title is getting some attention from the middle-aged crowd. My guess is that most of the thirty-year-something guys have fond memories of FE4: Seisen no Keifu released almost 16 years ago, and hearing that some mechanics and characters were returning from that game, decided to pick it up for a nostalgia trip.
4 Apr 2012

Another new trailer has been released, detailing support battles, double battles, support conversations, and marriage.

Apparently, you can match up almost any character in the game (including your personal unit) and have them get married. (Whether or not this means same-sex pairings are possible is not covered.) The game also seems to go the extra mile and allows units to have children and include them in your party, allowing for parents and their children to fight alongside one another.

There will be "confession scenes" with CGs and voicework for each character.

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