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The Eternal Noob
27 years old
In the middle, by the waterfall!
Born Oct-30-1992
Umm, well..................... .I really like weapons, and fire emblem, and family guy, and robot chicken, and south park, and my computer, and sports, and FEP, and not using capital letters or periods.
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22 Oct 2013
Hey, I'm gonna lurk for a little while then maybe see what you goons are up to in late December/January, 'cuz I'll be working instead of going to school so I won't have homework (which will be pretty awesome).

For now though, gotta go learn to love transforms, l8r d00dz (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/cool.gif)
25 May 2012
David Zwingley has traveled all across the continent in search of the secret burial location of his ancestor, the great Maximillian Zwingley. After the terrible civil war in the Strati region of Marcellus, the Marcelli Empire expelled the Order of Zwi from the country, as well as any of their supporters and affiliates. David Zwingley was no exception, and after grabbing as many important things as he could (including an incredible sum of money and his finest wines), he too left the country.

Unfortunately for most people, the regiments of Zwiist troops decided to head north into Alimond to help out with the fighting there. After all, there were a ton of them in Marcellus and it would take too long to walk all the way back to the Deadzone to fight evil. Fortunately for David, they moved through Montro (leaving handfuls of guys here and there to help with the defenses), and are fighting in Meerel. Which is where we come in.

There's a mansion outside a mining town in Meerel, that once belonged to the incredibly rich owner of a mining company. The owner fancied himself a collector of race treasures and artefacts, and when the town was overrun, so was his mansion. Now the treasure is just sitting there, waiting for people to fight their way through to claim it. David's got it on good authority that what he's looking for is in there, and so he's taking a very small group in with him to crack the safe and get out with whatever they can feasibly carry.

Oh and there are demons everywhere, but we all knew that part, right?

I'm looking to take two, maaaaaaaybe three people with me on this one, no exceptions. I'd like it to be fast, on account of I've got a real itch to get posting now that I'm back. Not necessarily a first come, first serve basis. If you have any questions or concerns, or are having trouble coming up with a reason why your character would be accompanying David, drop me a PM. When in doubt, he's always hiring, and everyone likes money, right?

Cast so far:

David Zwingley, level 20/8 Archeologist (Assassin)
Clarita, level 11 Troubadour
Gerald, level 5 Archer
Alexandra, level 1 Necromancer
23 May 2012
So, I still don't know anything about this ship nation, so why not take the time to flesh it out? Also Lysander told me to do it.

Anyways, premise is such: we're all on the ship nation. The fleet lands at the glorious Valhassan state to resupply, but Valhassa is like "OH HELLLLLLLLL NO". We, the players, are tasked with meeting Emperor Marmaduke (I assume he's still an emperor) and negotiating a trade. And things go awry and there's plot twists and betrayals and all that good stuff sprinkled in there for good measure. So yeah, that's the RP. I'm thinking about having two or three others with me on this one. Feel free to express your interest below!


Spamm's Messara
Psio's Clarice
Lysander's Leon
Bro's Clarita
22 May 2012
Ok, so, for some reason, we're in Sk'harrah. Fire Shaihk or wherever, I'm not too concerned about where we start. For whatever reasons, we all get together and join the efforts to try and rescue the Wind Shaihk. Cool shit happens, we all learn a little bit about ourselves, there's some fightan' somewhere, and in the end we come away richer for the experience. I'm open to suggestions and plot drives as long as we don't get too off track (like, no going time travelling, that always gets disapproved for some reason).

Edit: Alright, we got us a cast!


Spamm's Messara
Psio's Siphelyn
Donny's Sed
Dark Wolf's unnamed lancer (ooooh mysterious!)
Bro's Silas
Satori's Rachna
21 May 2012
Name: Messara
Age: 19
Homecountry: Marcellus
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Build: Big and broad.

Class: Monk
Level: 10

Weapons: Staff, Hammer, Light Magics from E-C (they've got too much utility to pick just a few!)
Weapon Levels: C 0/5

Summary: Messara is a likeable guy, and he likes people. He's very easy to get along with, tries his best not to judge too soon or jump to conclusions, and likes to give people the benefit of the doubt. He's got a hatred for liars and thieves, and plain dishonesty in general. He has a healthy respect for the rule of law, but understands that sometimes lawmakers are unjust and their laws need to be broken for the greater good.

Messara also likes to help people, and will go out of his way to assist those who need it. He's handy around a farm, he's a decent cook, he's well traveled, and he's got a little bit of medical know-how. He likes a good joke, likes to think he has a sense of humor, and has a strange fondness for soup.

Appearance: Everything about Messara screams "big". He's tall, strong, and has good posture. He has broad shoulders, long arms and legs, and massive hands and feet. He has short, sand coloured hair. His eyes are a grey-blue, and when the light catches them properly it looks as though he has no pupil. His nose is straight and his jaw is strong. Messara is fit and muscular.

His clothing is unremarkable. He wears a loose, dark green, sleeveless tunic and a pair of loose fitting, dark green pants. His pants are tucked into his almost knee high brown travelling boots. The boots have laces in the front. If it is cold or raining, Messara dons a heavy dark green cloak.

Messara also doesn't carry much with him. He's got a burlap sack with a drawstring for all of his supplies and a change of clothes, a walking staff seven feet long, and a hammer at his belt.

Bio: Messara was left crying in a wooden basket on the doorstep of a Zwiist church in Marcellus when he was an infant. The priests there took him in and raised him as member of the Order of Zwi. He was named "Messara", the word engraved on the handle of the basket he had been found in. For the first 12 years of his life, he lived and studied under one of the priests, Stanley. He learned to read and write, worked the fields near the church, and trained in the ways of the healer.

At twelve, Messara was given the choice to be acolyte to a battle-priest named Arnold, or to remain in the church under Stanley. Knowing that there was more out there than his little church, the young Messara headed east with Arnold to Tima Rald, headquarters of the Order of Zwi. There, he learned how to ward off the forces of evil through the strength and conviction of the human spirit. At fifteen, he accompanied Arnold and a group of knights and priests on a routine patrol of the Deadzone border. Staying close to Arnold, he was able to hold his own hunting and battling demons for two weeks. Another six months of hard fighting would change Messara into a strong warrior of righteousness.

As Arnold oversaw his training, what surprised him the most was not Messara's immense dedication, but his sheer power and endurance. Though he had just as much trouble as anyone else with learning spells and mastering techniques, he had a natural gift for what many Order members liked to call "blind casting". He would memorize his silent incantations and hand motions, and cast without tomes. Though this normally caused a monk to tire quickly, it did not seem to afflict Messara so.

Upon returning from an unsuccessful search and rescue mission (of which Messara and Arnold were the only two survivors), he was summoned to meet the Juggernaut, Ziorand Zwingley. Immediately following this meeting, Messara left the Order of Zwi, stating that he was no longer of use to them, and that he had to find his own way. He headed out into the world with the intentions of discovering where he came from.

It seemed like a much better idea than staying with the Order after what Ziorand had told him.
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