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Zysac Byhda
28 years old
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New Jersey
Born Aug-13-1991
Learning how to sprite better, playing Video Games. Any MMO I can get my hands on. Ladies XD, swords, axes, spears, armor, Dark Age/Barbarian Culture and fighting styles. Martial Arts, collecting weapons.
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Zysac Byhda


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26 Mar 2007
I want a sprite based off this picture.


It's quite an order, at least I think so. I want just one sprite, and if possible, in that stance, if not, in any stance you choose.
24 Mar 2007
Haha, i'm looking for a Gutts sprite..Preferably an animation or sheet, but the sprite is fine as well.

A few Gutts reference pictures.




Gutts only has one eyes, and one arm..His other arm is mechanical... This arm has a repeating crossbow on it. If you were to animate, id like to see him raise and fire the crossbow on his arms a few times, and swing that massive sword around, if you do a sprite..Make him hold the sword over his shoulder. Also, if you really kind..And you animate, make him kill FE soldiers..XD.

Oh, and BTW, Gutts came before Cloud..So don't talk about how he stole the sword.((I've gotten this before..Figured id say it.))
12 Mar 2007
Yea..I can Sprite myself, but i'm a noob, and I can't do mugs..XD. Anyways, I want a short haired red head male, wearing a grey Bandanna and has a short red beard as-well, and a small scar going from the middle of his upper lip to his chin. He wears grayish armor, and has green eyes. His sprite would have white pants, grey chest armor with large shoulder pads, but not sleeves, and gray wrist cuffs. And weilds a Devil or Hand Axe. Aswell as being rather buff or large, and he has a grayish Cape. Aha..I think im asking a little much, but..I would love an Animation of him aswell..But thats asking..ALOT, so if maybe a sprite sheet I could animate it.
12 Mar 2007
Name:Zysac Byhda
Homecountry: Derethe
Affinity: Fire
Weight:250 lbs((Muscle))

Personality:Zysac is hot headed, and rather cocky. His belief in himself is only out matched by his belief in his ideals and positions on the world. His entire life revolves around the perfection of his art, and body. He is a warrior at heart, at really spends little time doing anything but preparing himself for war. His home town is a simple village, and the name isn't really important. But it reflects in his way of speaking, he holds a very outdated way of speaking, and his accent is heavy of the south, though not to the extent of being considered irritating. Beyond this fact, he is also a bit behind the times, and the younger kids can see it easily. Being his muscle mass is large, as well as his height, and the fact it's believed he is to grow more. This makes for a massive warrior, and thus, he can be intimidating at times, especially to smaller, finesse based warriors. He has a great hate for all magical warriors, and is known to attack them on sight.

Appearance:Standing at a large six three, and boasting almost one hundred pounds of muscle, Zysac is huge. His rough face holds a small beard, about an three inch hairs go from his left ear, to his right, with no mustache, and he bares a scar across the center of his lips, which he often boasts was given to him by a beautiful women being a little rough. In reality, he got it in his youth from trying to throw his axe. Regardless, it is there, and it is prominently visible even through the beard. His hair is and beard are a light light shade of red. The hair on top of his head is short, and he has light side burns that go down the front side of his ears, his head is covered in a grey Bandanna, with a tied tassel that extends nearly a foot into his back, making it seem more like a towel then a Bandanna. His eyes are an off shade of green, and the Bandanna rides close to his eyes, covering the upper half of his red eye brows. His clothes are the same shade of grey as his Bandanna, he wears a thick chest plate that has silver trim and no arms, the shoulder pads are large, and extend three inches from his six inch shoulders. A cape extends out of the shoulder pads, and is the same shade of grey on the outer side, though the inner side is a very dark grey, almost black.

His pants are faded white color, and they tuck into faded grey boots, which are three inches above ankle height. His arms are bare, except the wrist which bare grey wrist armor, often used like shields, they are scuffed and worn like the rest of his clothes. The large man never changes clothes, and washes them once a week, unless they get very dirty before then.

Bio:Growing up in a small village in the forests of Derethe, Zysac learned early on physical strength and speed always over came weakness and beauty, he took this to heart at a very young age, trained like a Spartan his father wanted perfection, or nothing at all, and would beat the boy if he failed. Zysac thanks him for this to this day, on his seventh birthday he obtained his first true axe, a child, the Hand Axe given to him was massive, like the stubborn boy he was, he attempted to throw the large weapon. He failed, throwing it upward the huge axe returned the boy, who narrowly side stepped and got a huge gash from his forehead, to his chin, most healed, but from his upper lip to his chin still holds a scar. Years passed, and his father died in a fight, Zysac never knew who killed him, only that a man in a robe wielding mystical powers dispatched his father like a bug under his boot, Zysac soon grew a hatred for all things magic, at age fifteen he was charged with the murder of a mage boy, the charges where dropped for unknown reasons.

Most understand it as pity for the boy, losing his father to such a warrior was painful. It was later proven Zysac killed the boy with his bare hands, but he remains free to this day. Zysac joined his home country's army at nineteen, and stayed in the position till twenty three when he honorably discharged. Within the two years of of absence of the Military he has become bandit like...Killing all who appear of mage descent.

Class: Brawler
Level: 1

Weapons:Devil Axe, Hand Axe
Weapon Levels: Axes-E

Additional Notes/Comments:
-Zysac is a womenizer
-Zysac hates children, he finds them 'over estimating there cute'
-He often boast about the women he's been with, he remains a virgin.
-The rough man, though out spoken around others, when with a women alone is very shy, even prude.
-He has a very deep voice, and laugh.
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