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So little, so loud, is this murder or suicide? Who cuts who kills, whose killing me?
I could, I could crush you, I could never. You haunt me breathing,
You would break me dead. I would never even pray for it.
You only hurt the ones you love and I cant stop, I'm killing everything~
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Knil doesn't know how to spell :D
28 years old
New Jersey
Born Aug-6-1991
Music. Thinking. Living.
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20 Jul 2008
Okay, I have a major qualm about the way you guys approve profiles. I like that you guys give the levels based on the quality of the profile, but there is a problem. There isn't any real formula, so the levels all vary greatly, and where one mod may have given you 5 levels and a D rank in your weapon, the tougher mod might have given you level 1 and E ranked weapons. The Apostle of Begnion is 20/8. Quite a few levels higher than the militant WARRIOR KING of Daein. Hell, the Gallian King is level 18. And regular PC's levels are all across the board, with levels varying more than the quality.

If this is to be handled correctly, you shouldn't have to submit a profile and hope you get the "good mod". I demand that the mods talk about this, redistribute some levels, and in general refine this so it is not such a casual thing.
15 Jun 2008
RoL currently just consists of a bunch of random little adventures of misc. laguz and beorcs. Am I led to believe this is all its going to be?
7 Jun 2008
Who are the rulers being played by? When will each nations shit be up? I just want to know anything along those lines before I just go make a character.
25 May 2008
So I was thinking about throwing one together again because I have had the urge to RP oddly enough. But I can't really decide on a character personality or a class even. Basically I have no clue what I want. I have a religious and professional Lancer, an ambitious Adept, and in the past I have had a psycho sword fighter, and a fiery axe wielder.

I had a few thirds before, but I didn't like any of them. So yah, don't know what to do. Help me?
15 Mar 2008
Well, I get home from lacrosse later than suspected. I get home at around 5:30, just in time to eat, then take a shower, do homework, and go to sleep more or less. Any free time I had usually has to go into online course work. I found myself stopping in for a few minutes each day, but not enough clearly.

Just consider my activity severely limited for around a week or two. Then games will start, and I think it will be easier on me. I'll be on to check my PM Box daily, so feel free to get at me for anything you need, especially RP wise. For those who are in an RP with me, I apologize. Feel free to either bunny me a long if I am becoming a problem, or sadly dropping me if it really can't be worked out. This isn't favorable, but I suppose it had to be done. Ido, you are an exception I hope. By the time everyone gets a post out, I might muster one just to hold that RP, since I need it SO badly.

So yeah, sorry folks, I'll be back on high power soon.
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Emerald Wyvern
Why you no come back? D:
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I miss you. ;~;
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Happy birthday Fury, hope you're well. 8D
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Happy Birthday~ :D
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