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17 Feb 2013
RP grading. It's taking forever for people to grade RPs. I know that some RPs are ridiculously long, and such, but some of the graders log in, and don't even take a look at the RPs! It's starting to become a ridiculous wait, and I'm trying to ask is that can somone do something if somone says there going to grade an RP and then they dont?
30 Aug 2012
Anardo was eating a carrot. They were SO good. He was happily munching on one he bought from the store. He grabbed his bag and was walking out of the village. He heard rumors of a "hole" nearby, supposedly having "treasure". He was an adventurer, and, obviously, wanted explore that cave.

He walked around in the area of the supposed hole. No hole in sight. He was turning back, but he stepped on some grass, but it didn't make a sound. He knew this hole was under him. He always knew that so well, the earth's patterns, just like a Sacean. But he wasn't from Sacae. Or was he? He neither cared or knew.

Anardo started using his shovel and dug. Almost immediately, a somewhat of an opening appeared. He stuck his head inside.

It was hot for a cave. For most caves, their temperature is somewhat low, but this was hot as the outside. He saw a cliff a little to the right under the hole's entrance. It had light, for some reason, even in the corners that should be shaded.

"It's dangerous to go alone." Anardo thought to himself. He needed some folks to help him. But who? He sat down on the earthy grass, and looked around. In the distance, he could see 2 people. Probably just people in passerby.

He needed to contact them indirectly. An idea! Anardo got out his loose scroll, put some writing on it, asking for help, made it poorly in to the shape of a bird, and off it went, in their direction, too!
27 Aug 2012
I am currently developing a game using Gamemaker. I need mugs (recolored or custom).
-Crono from Chrono Trigger
-Marle from Chrono Trigger.
I also need a dart and an assassin splice. (Together Please!)

25 Aug 2012
How do you determine how many levels/weapon ranks you get after a RP? Thanks.

25 Aug 2012
Recent reports by Lycian explorers tell of a "hole", near a village in Pherae. Little is known, but one explorer, Anardo, has found a mysterious hole, near that same village. None believe him. He knows he can't do this himself, and waits for others to join him on a quest of mystery.

Players needed 2-4.
This is my first RP, so I need to break in to what needs to be done. Please understand.
My character is recruiting folks in Lycia, Sacae, or Bern. But any place is acceptable. State your reason for joining.

Players/Character Name/Class:
2.RandomWombat/Elpidius/Manakete (earth)
3.Xiao Pan/Suzume/Nomad

Sidenotes: There are 4 specific instances in the plot where multiple things can happen.
2 of the things are affected by the weapons. The other two is a vote, which will be done here when the time comes! This makes things a little more intresting!
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