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Iylili, Troupe dancer
post May 7 2012, 05:39 PM
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Name: Iylili
Title: Former troupe member
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Bern
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Bern troupe? N/A

Class: Dancer
Level: 1
Weapon Levels: E
Weapons: Mimi's purpose
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Mimi's purpose, replenishes ally's energy. Iylili begins slowly, swaying back and forth while walking from side to side, waving her arms slowly as she does, then she begins to move faster and jumps around, kicking up her legs and spinning, and then ends the dance by raising her leg above her head and slamming it down on the ground and stays in a low pose.
(If you have ever played a dead or alive game, helena's special pose.)

Height: 152.4 centimeters, 5 foot exactly
Build: Iylili is your average young lady, not strong, not weak. But slender. Also, her dancing has made her stronger than most girls her age. But her body doesn't show it.
Appearance: Her legs are rather strong from dancing since 9 years of age, but they aren't Large and muscley. They are slim like her arms, and she can move her limbs quickly and gracefully during her dances. She has slightly larger eyes, but not in an ugly way. They sparkle when she looks up. Her hair is actually brown, but she dyes it with different materials, such as ground up berries. She prefers to keep it pink, but will often change its color to the occasion. She usually wears her pastel-purple dress, but like her hair, her outfit changes along with the occasion. During battles, Iylili wears very light armor that covers her chest and arms. It is custom made for dancers, so it is strong and flexible. Although she rarely wears it. Because she isn't fighting, so she shouldn't need it.
Courtesy of Galesyte.

Overview: Iylili seems slightly troubled. And keeps to herself, some people may find her stuffy or stuck-up in this way, but actually, she is just too busy thinking. Usually about her "parents". She may also come of as shy, but that just means you don't know her very well. Once she knows you, she isn't afraid to share her thoughts with you.
Iylili is slightly stubborn in her beliefs. She wants to find her parents, Mimi doesn't. Iylili thinks they will be friendly, Mimi doesn't. Iylili sometimes argues with Mimi over this. But if the argument goes to far, Iylili will stop. She doesn't like to get into fights with people she is close to and is rather sensitive.
Iylili is very passionate about her dancing. She is also very proud. Some of the girls I smaller villages may be jealous and insult her dancing. Those girls usually end up with a black eye ten minutes later. Iylili is rather proud, and she told her troupe leader in explanation after dishing out her first black eye, "I will not have my pride hurt by measly farmers girls who can't dance better than there own pigs!"
Iylili is currently traveling with her troupe.

Biography: Iylili and Mimi were abandoned upon birth. Mimi was older by a few days, but they were both given to an orphanage after one month. The orphanage was a sad place to grow up, sure, Iylili and Mimi could play with the few other children there, but they didn't seem to have a purpose in life. One of Iylili's good friends was adopted, and wrote a letter to Iylili telling her how happy she was to have a family. She said they took great care of her and were very nice, which wasn't very true of the adults at the orphanage. Iylili had heard stories about these people, they were called "parents". She knew, she had to find hers.
Later upon that year, both girls 7, the town the orphanage was in was pillaged by bandits, and the orphanage was destroyed. All of the children were moved to another orphanage in a bigger town. There were a lot more children at that orphanage, and the adults were nicer. The adults even celebrated each child's birth date! (or arrival to the orphanage date if birth was unknown) One time, for an older set of twins arrival date, a dance troupe came to the orphanage. They had tumblers and musicians, dancers, even a gymnast. Both Iylili and Mimi were inspired by them. But Mimi by the gymnasts, and Iylili by the dancers. They talked with the troupe's leader, a rather large woman of great kindness, and were adopted the next day.
The now 8 year old girls, were beginning their adventure.
They traveled with the troupe all throughout Bern. Never once stopping in one place for too long. Iylili was kind of sad, because they didn't get much time to get accustomed to the people, but she was also glad for that, because most of those towns had a LOT of annoying farm girls...
One time, when traveling through a foresty part of Bern, a terrible thunderstorm struck. During the thunderstorm, a large, dead oak tree was struck by lightning. Nothing happened at first, so the troupe kept running through the rain, but when they got close to the tree, it burst into flames and fell on the ground. The troupe had to split up to avoid the falling tree, and soon the whole area was on fire. So the split troupe, unable to reach each other, ran for their lives through the forest. The fire only went so far because of the rain, but part of the troupe ran into a hilly, rocky area, and had to move the opposite way the other half was going. Both girls turned 10 while being lost in the forest. When both halves escaped the forest, they came out on different sides, in different towns, with different thoughts of where the other side could be. It took another year, but the troupe was joined together again. And has been staying out of forests o there way to towns.
Nothing else happened for 4 years. And that brings Iylili to today. Leaving her troupe to search for her parents.

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