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24 Feb 2010
As you know I don't have my own internet and I have to use Jamie's, but I don't get to go to Jamie's as much as I'd like to these days. So that means I do not have as much time as I'd like to get on. So I'm going to have to leave all the RPs I'm in and take leave of the forum for now. I regret having to do this as I'm in such awesome threads but I must (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/sad.gif)
23 Jan 2010
Fourth character. She is replacing Rafaer Gento

Name: Nanali (alias Astoria Lloyd)
Nation: Begnion
Age: 59 with an appearance of 28
Race: Branded--Stag
Class and Level Troubadour level 13
Weapon Levels: Staff: C

Appearance: Nanali's appearance is that of an attractive woman with a slender physique and certainly is not unappealing to the eyes despite her exotic dark skin. Standing out amidst those features of her face are a pair of silver-green eyes. Beneath these rests a small nose and small but full lips beneath this. Aquamarine locks travel down her shoulders and her back, obscuring her ears. But normally she braids this loosely, letting it hang over her left shoulder but leaving enough hair to conceal the top of her Brand.

The mark on the back of her neck is star-like but circular and surrounding it are four curved lines with branches on each end. It is silver and nearly impossible to miss were it revealed.

She has a variety of outfits for travel but her most common would be her priestly robes. Nevertheless as she is usually at an army camp or on the battlefield providing spiritual guidance or healing she is dressed in her "combat" gear. This consists of a long-sleeved white shirt underneath a short-sleeved mahogany-hued tunic which goes down to the top of her knees and is split into three sections after her hip to allow freedom of movement. A belt for supplies with loops for her staves hangs around her hip. Adorning her breast is a silver-hued chestplate and a single matching pauldron upon her left shoulder. She wears white pants and tall, dark brown boots with similar armor plating.

While she rides a black horse, she has her eyes on a tan pegasus that is for sale.

Personality: Nanali views life with a mixture of optimism and devotion. She feels it is her duty to help others, especially the sick and the wounded. She is a very friendly, very amiable person. But that does not mean she has her own personal demons. Her past life is off-limits to anyone but her and those that become her closest of friends. Number one among her secrets is her Brand which she is unwilling to speak about out of fear that she will be prosecuted. They say that the Branded are frowned upon by the Goddess but this was not what her people believed. Number two is her past. She prefers to think about the present and the future rather than dwelling on the demons behind her. It is rare for her to even think about them.

Nanali's loyalty does not lie with Begnion nor with the church, but with the Goddess. However to that end she will not betray the church unless it is something she has to do. She will do what she believes is right. Her religion is everything to her. However she does not judge based on race or gender. Her thoughts on the matter are exactly this: "We are all on this same planet together. If any of us were frowned upon by the Goddess we would not be here or we would be suffering from worse than persecution."

Nanali loves animals and nature, and especially horses but knows how to hunt. Nanali can survive in the wilderness and is an expert navigator. When attacked she will defend herself with her staff. She is not above using various tactics in combat. She dislikes fighting but finds it necessary and to help those in need makes her feel better--a great deal.

Biography: A soothing warmth radiated from the orange fire which crackled as its dancing light spread across the young girl's skin. She sat in her mother's lap as the woman braided her viridian hair, humming a tune. The dark-skinned woman tenderly moved her hand across something on the back of the child's neck—a black circle with four curved lines in a symmetrical shape.

"You've never told me where I got the mark, mother," the girl said.

"No, Nanali, I suppose I haven't," her mother replied. "Do you remember the Tale of Kimo and Mai?"

The girl got off her mother's lap and sat down beside her looking up at her with large blue eyes. She loved storytime. "The Hunter and the Stag... yes I do. Um, a little bit. My... great grandparents?"

Her mother nodded. "That is correct, Nanali. And do you know how they met?"

"Um... he was hunting, wasn't he? And he shot her?"

"Somewhat. It was a time of great famine when Master Hunter Kimo scoured the forests for prey. He found a beautiful creature—a large Doe—and Kimo was entranced by her majesty. But he also knew that if he could kill the Doe he would have plenty of meat to feed the people. And so he shot her in the leg. She fell to the ground."

The mother paused and the child thought this over before tugging at her mother's shirt. "What happened?"

"The deer transformed into a beautiful woman and Kimo was confused. But she had been wounded and he took her back to the camp where they healed her. She told them her name was Mai and she was the second daughter of Oreai the Chieftain of a Stag clan. She took the camp's leaders and Kimo to her people and they shared their resources. Both clans survived. And do you know what happened next Nanali?"

The girl thought for a moment. "Kimo and Mai fell in love. And they had a child."

"That's correct, child. For a Bond had been formed between Kimo and Mai when he'd first carried her back to the camp and as they spent more time together they found that they were meant to be together."

"And their son... he was like me, wasn't he?"

Her mother nodded. "He had a marking exactly like yours on his arm. It was a symbol of the uniting of the tribes."

"Didn't the Stag lose her powers when she bore her son?"

Her mother nodded. "But Mai did not care. She loved the man, she loved the child, she loved the people." She looked to the stars. "But the Stags have since moved on, and we are left with mere memories of them. It is believed they will return again to help us in a time of need. I believe that is enough for now child. Come, you should rest."


From birth and until she was 15, the Kozand had been all that Nanali knew. Nomadic forest-dwellers, they were misunderstood by outsiders who believed them primitive and even barbaric even though it was the opposite. They were more in tune with nature than most outsiders would even think to be, and the tribe produced skilled magicians, strong healers and stealthy hunters. But rarely did they ever fight and what they took from the forest they gave back. That is what they taught her as she grew up. Everything—the plants, the animals even the soil they stood upon—was sacred. They refused to be a part of Begnion society because they believed it was corrupt and it was disrespectful towards the blessings of Nature the Goddess had bestowed upon Tellius.

Nanali was 15 when disaster struck. The clan had begun to migrate to another region of forest but they were attacked by raiders, and Nanali was separated from her parents, her tribe. With no way to find them she used what survival techniques she knew to keep herself safely fed and watered. But it wasn't enough—as after about two weeks of wandering, out of seemingly nowhere a malicious wolf pack assaulted her.

With only a staff and a knife to defend herself Nanali was no match. When a wolf managed to pin her to the ground she closed her eyes and accepted her fate with a prayer to the Goddess and to the Spirits of the Forest. But that day would not come yet as a tall man with platinum hair split the wolf in two with an axe and quickly took care of the others. He was Sabian—leader of a small group known as the Holy Order, a nomadic mercenary group with religious overtones. At first she feared this outsider for he fought with what seemed to her a disregard for the forest but she thought it was a possibility that he had been sent by the Goddess herself to find her.

He took her back to his camp and introduced her to the group. Upon learning of what they were she grew to understand what good people they were and that they worshipped the same Goddess. They were willing to help her find her clan but they were without any luck and so she accepted her fate, formally joining the Holy Order as a junior cleric. One day Sabian took her with him to a town and it was her first contact with the "outside world". He helped her to get over her fear of them and gradually she grew less distrustful. Sabian paid for an education in further staff-using techniques and horseback riding lessons. Enriched by her new knowledge she was a contributing member to the group.

The Holy Order, much like her people, traveled wherever they needed to go. They did jobs for people and sometimes for the church. Healing and protection were their most common jobs as were dispelling thugs. She disliked fighting however, as it was a concept unknown to her people. Man fighting man was so unnatural a concept to her that her first battle left her crying in her tent until Sabian came to explain why they fought. Gradually she accepted it as something of the outside world. One of their members rode a Pegasus. This creature fascinated Nanali and she dreamed someday of having one.

She grew slower than the others. Sabian grew old and senile, eventually passing away. And when he did, she left the Order, wandering aimlessly for nearly three years but still providing her services to those who asked for them. Eventually she found the tribe, but they had changed. The reins of leadership had passed through two hands since she'd been there last, and the current leader was even more unaccepting of her than she had at first been of Sabian. He forced her out, and saddened she wandered.

After aimless wandering Nanali opted to do something with her life and she chose the church. They worshipped the same Goddess and though Begnion were rife with corruption she believed she could make a difference in the life of the common man, taking on the persona of Astoria Lloyd since "Nanali" would not be accepted. After graduation from the seminary school she was sent to serve with the armies as a spiritual guide and healer. For years she's served but as she goes on in years the lack of aging is getting to the point where it is noticeable.

To this day she misses her tribe and especially those times alone by the fire with her mother, but she has decided it is time to move on.

Recently: Initially Troubadour 7 (D). 6 levels from Rafaer.

Weapons: (Blank for now. Use the Weapon System to build your weapons according to your assigned weapon level.)

Cute Nanali as drawn by Jamie

15 Jan 2010

The new, improved plot:
Arcaran and Solan finally met up. The lion had been tracking The Beast for days now and finally he got the chance to kill him. Correct? But as expected things take a turn for the worse but Solan is surprisingly spared and is now a guest on Arcaran's ship. They continue on Arcaran's intended journey to Goldoa then run into more trouble, this time human pirates.

- Happens in early/mid-winter 747
- It's a combined effort of Jamie and I
- It will span a tiny bit of Crimea, Gallia, Goldoa and end in Begnion. We can be flexible about it
- Don't try and kill each other okay?
- Ignore the title that's not my doing
- Closed Cast is full

Solan, Lion #36 - Zevran "TEH" Arainai
Euclid Zosimos, R. Dragon #22 - Lolianakitty
Beatrix Alexandrew, Archer #14 - Shu~uda~
Reysol Luminara, Mercenary #17 - the claw of Heath
Gwendolen Iona Meredith, Magus #21 - Skittles, taste the rainbow
Maddox Hyperion, Hero #21 - the swiftest assassin you'll ever know
And a cameo appearance of Arcaran by Crimea River
10 Jan 2010
He prefers simple and non-constricting when it comes to armor. And so the only armor he has consists of a breastplate and thighplates over light chainmail of mithril. Khaki pants gather into leather boots. Leather guards decorated with floral symbols adorn gloved hands. Covering the entire ensemble is a dark green hooded cloak--with a golden clasp upon which is an emerald--over which is strapped a quiver full of varying arrows and bolts. Hanging at his belt is a sword for close combat. His humble ensemble has served him well

Do me a favor and put Nolan's head onto a body like this. You don't need to color it. I'll take it from there. Thanks to any who tries this (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/happy.gif)

For payment... I don't know what I can do in return. Just let me know if you need anything. I'm decent at graphics
7 Jan 2010
Spring 747
Begnion, somewhere in the Grann Desert

This was the only world Number 157 had known. There was only one thing he was supposed to do and that was the search for the adamantine vein said to be somewhere in here. Finding it would gain him freedom, but there were others here, others like him. Until then he was to do as the humans asked him lest he suffer pain unmeasurable.

Yes, this was the fate befallen the mighty lion king. How he was here, was unknown, he didn't even know his name was Solan

To him it was just 157. His hair had been shaven from his body and all that was left of his mane was a tousled mess of greasy emerald locks atop his skull. A collar adorned his otherwise barren neck. It was the source of the humans' control but 157 would serve them regardless. After all what else was there for him? Nothing but the desert hands to swallow him up should he attempt to escape.


Normally dragons did not interfere but with the King of Gallia missing and Arcaran being the main suspect he had to contact them somehow. With Nasir's go-ahead, he had a letter dispatched to Gallia.

There was nothing they could do for these were mere rumors but Maddox was dispatched. If any of these rumors were true he would be able to get to the bottom of this.

OOC: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
I guess I have a fetish for having a character lose his memory. But I am doing a better job of it with Solan

Solan's been captured. The note tells Gallia that they believe he's being held somewhere in the Grann Desert and that Arcaran is responsible for this. (He isn't really but that is what it looks like. Jamie's idea) They couldn't officially act on a rumor but they sent Maddox. I can be NPCs if you need me to though this RP is just the two of us so feel free to make up anything you'd like to get to the mines
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