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7 Nov 2015
20 Feb 2011
Fun Fact: I've been her for six and half years and I haven't hosted an RP on my own before. That ends now.

At this very moment I lack a visible profile, but I'm gung-ho right now and Mr. Sky Leader told me my profile checked out, so why not start this up early. So the low-down:

A nameless, generic town we're mostly uninterested in that resides in Araducia has a legend we're mostly interested in. A hut at the edge of town has the bulimic habit of regurgitating the corpses of whoever enters, and with a ghastly twist...! Anyway read the post here for the backstory but uh we're all stuck in a demon's world that we were sucked into so they could feast on us. It's a labyrinth and it'll take us approximately a whole RP to escape.

Signups are quite open. Join with whoever you want, but if you're a really high level then I'll have to raise the combat bar and you'll end up babying poor little Kierra, my level one Mercenary. People limit is pretty flexible. I'm going to set it at five including Kierra and if any more ask I'll probably let them in anyway! So:

1. Space Flower - Kierra Kaeri
2. Agent R - Grace Fen-Rufierre
3. Sety of Silesia - Andrew Vastor
4. Emy - Venus Aureliana
5. Musketeer - Zanzib

Dumb Question: What should I do if someone joins with a character named Open Slot?
20 Jul 2010
(Kyaaaaa~ [obligatory self-deprecatory comment on short entry])

Name: Jenna Dorr

Age: 15 (I... I humbly request permission for my character to be below the recommended age... and yes, sir, I did get the memo!)

Creation Points: 15

Appearance: When one visualizes a teenage girl, not often does one picture a haggard, pitiful lass, with two sets of secondhand clothing to her name. A girl who looks nearly feral; her brown, sun-bleached hair is sheltered from comb and scissor alike, and her shorts are tattered remnants of old jeans. The sole contrast to her unkempt look is a set of radiant blue eyes. Her father's Native American heritage flows through Jenna's blood and manifests its presence through a brown skin tone, though not a full-blooded bronze. Her face is soft and rounded, a lucky trait considering how common malnutrition is to Jenna. Her body is more indicative of a weak diet. Her frame is irreparably frail, and her muscles aren't useful for much more than supporting her own weight. ([note on poorly written, unsatisfying appearance section])

Background: Life was given to Jenna on a silver, diamond-encrusted platter. From the beginning, her parents vowed to abandon their hedonistic lives and give their daughter everything. Their affection, their patience, and even their multimillion-dollar inheritance. Everything was set up for her, the little princess. An estate, servants, private schooling... It would all be for her.

The plans for Jenna's pampered life were supposed to continue even after her parents died within the crossfire of an Ethiopian conflict. It wasn't terribly hard for the orphan to adjust. After all, she was only six, and the truth was never revealed to her. The parents' will was extensive in its instructions to Jenna's godparent--her grandfather. Her inheritance had disappeared with them in war-torn lands, but they had trusted her grandpa to take care of her with the ample savings they had been giving to him. They never would have foreseen him piling up gambling depts and filing bankruptcy. And that's where they screwed up. Jenna had no other relatives, and her grandfather refused to leave her with an orphanage.

Instead, the girl lived in poverty with her grandpa, jumping from one apartment to another. Jenna took it well for a little girl whose life was consistently flipped topsy-turvy by school transfers and room evictions. Perhaps it was the stories her grandpapa told her about her parents and the grand fortune they possessed. She believed with all of her heart that her parents would come back for her one day and embrace her with their prosperity.

If that day was ever to come, her grandpa was too late to witness it. His mind began to regress, and before Jenna entered high school, he was deemed unable to support himself or his granddaughter. One was put into a nursing home and the other into a children's home. Life began on a silver platter, but in this current state, it festered and molded on the ground.

Jenna refused to put up with her circumstances. A normal girl may have seen through the lie by now, but this stubborn, rebellious girl clung to her imaginary parents--a last, desperate hope. She would give anything to find her mother and father. Determined, Jenna constantly ran away from her shelter. Most of the time she took refuge at a friend's house until she was found out by parents or ratted out. She had numerous problems with the law as well, and none of her options were working out. It seemed like rather than finding a way out of Bethany, Jenna was digging a hole into the town that she would never be able to escape if she continued living as she did.

She wanted a friend who was self-supporting, like... an adult! A kind person, but without any parents waiting like cats to pounce upon Jenna. She was in luck when she met a man named Paeter. After some trouble with demons, the two formed a small bond. (more stuff, then cue RPs! rawr!)

And she's totally cool with that tall, scary bouncer guy that stalks the streets. They're tight, man.

Statline: 0/3/2/3 Weak: Mystic

Weapon: Stuffed Rabbit

Active Skills:

Sexy Beam: Group (+3) Normal (+0) Almighty (+3)
It's powerful, but... is it sexy?
Chaos Impact: Single (+0) Normal (+0) Fire (+1) Mystic Combination (+1) Attack Weaken (+2) Pancakes (+0)
Would you like your enemies charcoaled?
Raiden Missile Single (+0) Normal (+0) Lightning (+1) Mystic Combination (+1) Defense Weaken (+2)
One-hit wonder.
Espoir: Single (+0) Short-ranged (-1) Normal (+0) Support (+0) Clear Mind (+1) Clear Body (+1)

Passive Skills: Mana Surge (+5), Electric Rise (+4), Anti Fire (+3), Anti Ice (+3)

Manifestation: Persona; Echo, the mountain nymph.

Macca: 1000

Garm - Tier 3
A dog whose howling shall herald Ragnarok.
1/0/0/1; Strong: Fire, Mystic; Weak: Ice, Wind
Slash; Agi; Dodge Fire, Counter
Racial: "Devil Speed" - Enchants the whole group to sprint at high speed for a brief moment.

Kikimora - Tier 2
A Russian house-sprite that helps out around the house.
0/1/0/1; Null: Mystic; Weak: Wind
Slash; Dia, Zan; Mana BonusKikimora - Tier 2
A Russian house-sprite that helps out around the house.
0/1/0/1; Null: Mystic; Weak: Wind
Slash; Dia, Zan; Mana Bonus
Racial: "Devotion" - Group Sniper Normal-Powered Support with Healing

[Insert spineless worries, request for forgiveness in the event that something has been done terribly, terribly wrong.]
17 Jan 2010
Name: Leah Kayser

Age: 18

Creation Points: 10

Appearance: Leah is a maturing woman with years of labor behind her--all of it mentally grueling, rather than the physical challenges her brother faced. Caring for many others has wisened her beyond the level of her peers, but her constant working has left her with a heightened appreciation for fun and excitement. But oh wait, this is no personality section.

My point is that Leah is by no means muscular, though she does have a degree of choral activity behind her which has... well, trained her lungs? Same with babysitting: one of the fundamental rules of not getting your dignity taken from you by a fifth-grader is to keep your voice louder than his. And so, you must realize that Leah has a rather maternal figure. Well, if you didn't, then you now know. Haha. Hahaha.

Leah has soft brown hair that curls out at the ends. It's soft and lustrous from compulsive brushing after every meal, and before and after bedtime. When Leah is healthy, her hair falls to about beltline; her hair tied up falls closer to her ribcage. She enjoys wearing her hair in twintails, but she wears it less lately; possibly as a side-effect of growing up.

Her eyes are like her brother's, sea-green with a dazed, otherworldly look. It's not that she always looks like that, but only when she is deep in thought; reading, teasing Little Bro, playing Fatal Frame (she is unflinching)...

Background: Leah Kayser is the older (by a large 17 minutes--her brother had complications) of two Italian twins with identical autosomes. (On a real-life note, I wonder if this will become possible with genetic engineering) They were born into a corporate dynasty... As servants.

Child labor laws prevent both paid labor and slave labor, but the family maid was a single mother named Danielle Kayser--she was simply paid more to have her two children do chores around the house. Leah Kayser showed an affinity for babysitting. She was sitting toddlers when she was 5, and watching partyfuls of adolescents when she was only 12 herself.

Like every child, their dreams for life were perched a little higher than menial labor. They sought to make it to an excellent college to boost them to riches, but in the end, it was just too hard to maintain themselves at the height of the class while they were oppressed by work. In the end, they graduated in the second quartile of their 250-student class. A handful of small scholarships were all that was awarded to them. But more importantly, their mother had always given them half of their share of the wages. Unfair to be sure, but years of evenings eaten up by household cleaning were not for naught.

Between the two of them was a full sum of 12,000 Euros that they had saved since they were 12 each. The funds were easily high enough to really start a new life. One such prospect, Bethany Community College, offered good job opportunities and low-cost student services, including housing and tuition fees, as well as a formidable gap between them and their old home. As collegiate freshmen with larger schedules and much more independence, the two twins planned to launch themselves from Bethany into even higher education.

Statline: 0/3/2/3; Weak:Lightning Weak:Ice

Weapon: A purple parasol. Unfortunately, there is no hidden blade. Strike

PSI Freeze α Single (+0) Short-ranged (-1) Conditional Power (+0) Ice (+1) Status Affliction:Freeze (+2)
Leah's bond with her brother surpasses any other... After all, they are twins. Their minds can sync and shit.
Their bond manifests itself in their power as well. In Leah's case, the power they manifest powers one of her skills--normally just the ability to freeze what she touches, when she holds her brother's hand, she is able to conjure blocks of ice and attempt to encase her opponent. This drastic change in effect is the result of years of love!

Panacea Mystic (+0) Clear Mind (+1) Clear Body (+1) Heal (+2)
Status effects begone! This skill comes with a money-back guarantee. However, any loss of limbs, sanity, or life, cannot be attributed to Leah. It's your own damn fault for being such a pussy.

Fight Like a Man! Attack Boost (+2)
Tommy~! Put a little muscle into your swing!

Tail Whip Slash (+1) Short-ranged (-1) Stamina Dependent (+0) Critical Seeker (+2)
In the world of the supernatural, Leah's hair serves as a health meter, as well as a viable weapon. Her hair retracts as she sustains damage. In critical situations, her hair recedes to about jaw-length, and her hair tie(s) actually fall off.
Note: Bangs not effected; minimum length is below ears.

Passive Skills
Mana Bonus (+2)
Mana Aid (+4)
Life Aid (+4)

Manifestation: Cell phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other Notes:
19 Jul 2009
Name: Kythe
Age: 1 year of life, but was morphed in the liking of a deceased 17-year-old.
Homecountry: Azgarth
Affinity: None, sir.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Weight: 119

Class: Brigand
Level: 3

Weapons: Steel axe, Pickaxe (Infused with soul-eating magic to sustain Kythe's need for quintessence.)
Weapon Levels: Axes {D 0/4}

Experiment File 03

Thus tonight, on the eve of the Bountiful Harvest, I write the Foreword to what promises to be an enriching foray into the science of Morphology. Progress until now has been cautious and steady, as we must fly under the radar of even the Council. We are persecuted de Facto, by a world which fears the unknown power of morphs. As a result of the power-mongering of ancient Morphomancers, we Scholars (who henceforth shall be dubbed Morphologists as a sign of our dedication to science rather than the dedication to oneself that our predecessors are so well-known for.) must prepare our subjects in discretion. May the Gods in their Almightiness grant us a day when our results will be complete and we may induct a conclusion to publish for all of Skylessia to see. I do admit that I desire a new Scribe (who is busy observing and learning from the Ritual at the moment) as his childishness does get on my nerves, but he will grow up eventually, so I shall endure it.
The ritual is ending, and midnight has passed. Farewell, readers.

Appearance: Our subject is a morph in the guise of a young woman. Her hair and eye colors have been switched, giving her golden hair (long hair, which is always braided) with dark, blank eyes. A smile has been practically carved into her face, as she never loses it. It's creepy, but I couldn't dare to tell her not to smile so much. It's too early for her to understand vague measurements...
Kythe stands short but stout with a well-exercised frame. Her muscles are strong and toned without much bulk, which may be unsuitable for the axes she uses to defend herself... No matter, she'll manage. Exertion means nothing to her.
The dress she left with is from the tribes in the woodlands up north. It is a one-piece; black with side-cuts to allow freedom of leg movement, and some designs which I assume are tribal-based.
She is a pretty young lass. One can only hope that the people she attracts are fine citizens with upbringings rich with positive experiences.
Ha. Empty wishing.

Smile for us, will you?
Kythe is absolutely obedient, as a newly-created morph. She follows our orders to the dot, without question. Because of this, she has worn on her face only a smile, and has shown no emotion whatsoever yet. As our entire experiment revolves around watching her learn from the world and grow accordingly, we hope that she is capable of mental adaption.

The outside world will be a challenge without our help. She is obedient to a fault. As such, she can and will be taken advantage of in various ways...
When we find her, the results of our experiment will be horrible tainted. This is without question. But she is still our responsibility. The duty of a scholar is neutral. We must record everything.
Omit nothing!

Excerpt from Month 2, Day 11
The sun's time in the sky shortens every day, which benefits our tasks at hand. Kythe has successfully integrated herself into society. We were frightened by her kidnapping by slave traders last month, as her death would be a very unamusing setback. However, when we sent her our messager and he relayed our regards to her, she understood and escaped from the clutches of the traders, killing all three in the process. Her smile must have fooled them into a state of unguarded foolery, and they paid with their lives. She still follows our orders unflinchingly, as is still expected. Maybe soon she shall gain a sense of individuality and grow curious about the world around her.
Apparently she will not take much action other than hunting to sustain herself like we had told her to. Since we had also told her to obey anyone's orders unless told otherwise by us, who knows what she experienced with the slave traders.

Excerpt from Month 5, Day 41
I, Michael Owensworth the Fourth, have failed. I attempted to tail Kythe when she was apprehended once again by men. They easily dispatched of me, and I had to flee with my life. Words cannot express my disappointment with myself. However, the others seemed to find suitable words for the occasion.

Month 6, Day 5
The bloody girl is out of our sight now. With any luck she can adapt to the world without our help, because it may take a long time to find her. An initial search of Azgarth failed. We may be out of luck.

Unfortunately I must suspend this journal, as I am tasked, as have been a few others, with looking for Kythe. We can only hope to wait in large cities for her arrival. I could log my efforts to locate her, but I cannot at the moment deem them necessary. Until then, I shall seek quarter in the capital of Alacia, where she may one day turn up.

...The masters are gone.
Kythe's first individual thought was short, and for weeks not other cognitive thought popped into her head, except to follow orders. They gave her a small pouch of golden chips whenever she finished a mark, but it never occurred to her what it was for.

It hurts.
Someone fought back. She was bleeding. Darkness came.

"Where am I?"
She woke up in the middle of an alleyway, and couldn't help but wonder where it was. She had memorized the layout of Skylessia and knew all of its countries, provinces, and cities. So she asked someone nearby. There was no inexperience in speech. All of her knowledge was retained from the past life her body had led. The memories were useless, but it was convenient that she did encounter any trouble with articulating a clear message.

She was in Marcellus, apparently. Unfortunately, she was never to know where her masters were. They would know where she was. She was also never to look for them.

She was free.

(Man this is still half-baked, but I want to hurry up and post it anyways, lol. Who cares. Already got levels from Kiara. POST POST CLICK CLICK YEAH YEAH YEAH)
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