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So I guess I'm just your average basement-dweller.

Please don't take me too seriously.
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arts n crafts, videya games, sleeping
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7 Feb 2010
I figured I'd post this here and make sure the feral wyvern premise is not horribly against the rules of Sky and what have you before I put a ton of effort into writing anything up.

Basically, at a tl;dr level, the situation would be this: There's a village where wyverns are bred for [INSERT ARMY HERE]'s aerial troops. Some of these wyverns have escaped and gone feral, and now pose a threat to the village's human and animal population. The village sends out a message to the nearest reasonably sized city to recruit mercenaries to track down and kill the wyverns.

More than likely it will be short and combat-oriented.

Let me know if you're interested so I can start working on some kind of introduction.


1. squeakadee
2. Blonde Panther
3. Hiphopapontamus
4. MAYBE The Artful Slug
5. Lazy Moon
6. VicemanB
7. Musketeer

I will fill in the character names later, I'm currently too tired and lazy to do it.
18 Dec 2009
My Internet access might be a little limited in the next week or so. I don't think it'll effect my participation in the RP forums too much, but just in case I want to let everyone know I didn't drop off the face of the earth.
16 Dec 2009
Name: Mary Asher
Age: 24
Homecountry: Born in Olivan, but regards Skyr as her homecountry.
Affinity: Thunder
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Build: Quite muscular.

Class: Brawler
Level: 5

Weapons: Iron Axe

Weapon Levels: Axe - D

Appearance: As she is usually clad in armor, Mary is usually mistaken for a man. The long, jagged scar running down her right side from hairline down into obscurity under her clothing does little to help this image, as does the fact that her nose is bent oddly due to being broken multiple times. Her eyes contrast each other bizarrely, as the left is of a bright green, and constantly searching and assessing, while the right is of a pale blue and stares into nothing, completely useless. Normally, Mary does little to hide her mismatched eyes, as she believes it does a great deal to toy with her enemies' minds. If she must be in the presence of the general public, she will grudgingly don an eyepatch. Her hair is a dark color that falls somewhere between black and blue, though thanks to her scar the hair in its area grows in bright white. She is missing a number of teeth, mostly on the right.

On an average day, Mary is clad in a battered and worn suit of heavy armor. Her personal hygiene is questionable at best, and at worst, she refuses to remove the armor, even when covered in filth and blood. When she is comfortable enough with her traveling companions to do so, she will remove her armor, revealing plain, dark colored clothing underneath. In cold weather, she wears a tattered brown cloak.

pictures, sprites, etc: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Personality: While Mary no longer has much reason to keep her gender a secret, she doesn't bother correcting people who assume she's a man based on appearance (obviously, her voice and name are a dead giveaway). A woman of strong opinions, Mary is often getting into scuffles with people. Mostly, it comes from insisting that anyone under the age of twenty or so is too young to be an accomplished fighter, though her general attitude that scholars, magic-wielders, and Pegasus Knights are all worthless has caused fistfights on a couple of occasions. When not shouting someone down over a trivial matter, Mary is generally laughing and joking. Having spent a great deal of time in the company of pirates and soldiers, she knows an impressive amount of dirty jokes, if one is the type to find such knowledge impressive. In battle, Mary is quite dangerous, as she considers herself nearly invincible, and will charge headlong into the fray with little thought.

Bio: Mary was born in Olivan, the first child of a couple who had wanted a son more than anything. When they finally had their son five years later, Mary was, for the most part, out of the picture. While her parents didn't purposefully neglect her, they played favorites horribly, and over the next nine years Mary's resentment toward them grew until she hardly saw them as kin. At fourteen, she had had enough, and ran away from home, never to return. Over the course of the next two years, she made her way to Marcellus, and, disguising herself as a boy, joined a ship's crew headed to Skyr.

Immediately, Mary felt like she'd found her home. She continued to pass herself off as male, and spent her days working in the shipyards and learning to fight from pirates. At age eighteen, she had saved up a small sum of money as well as become quite efficient with an axe. Having recently developed an interest in mercenary work, she took her savings, bought an old suit of armor, and joined up with a pirate crew heading out to raid some small coastal towns. As they were returning to Skyr, they were attacked by another pirate crew. It was during this fight that Mary took a blade to the face. While she was able to avoid life-threatening injury, the wound blinded her right eye, in addition to leaving a long, jagged scar from her forehead to her collarbone. Thankfully, her shipmates were able to fend off the attackers, and they returned to Skyr without other incident.

Not letting the mishap aboard the pirate ship dissuade her from becoming a full-fledged mercenary, Mary continued with her life as an axe-for-hire as soon as she had healed enough to do so. Over the next five years, she took various work in mainland Skylessia, though she did make the occasional trip to visit her "homeland" of Skyr.

Her current situation hasn't changed much since then. She is still doing mercenary work, and making a decent living doing so.

Additional Notes/Comments:

-Mary's eyes were heterochromatic before she received the injury that caused her scar, but the difference in color was not nearly as dramatic or noticeable.

-Mary cannot read. She is, however, surprisingly good with basic mental mathematics, due to a need to manage her funds as a mercenary.

-Despite being violent and abrasive toward people, Mary is surprisingly kind to animals. Dogs, horses, and wyverns are her favorites, and she finds it easy to make friends with local strays.
15 Dec 2009
The title here pretty much sums it up. If you will make me a mugshot of Russell, I'll do a drawing like this of your character in return.

I would prefer a GBA style sprite, kthx.

Let me know if you're interested. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/teehee.gif)

PS I will probably ask for another trade like this in the future because I'm hoping to get at least one more character in the rp.
10 Dec 2009
Name: Russell Varnes
Age: 19
Homecountry: Marcellus
Affinity: Wind
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Build: Tall and skinny.

Class: Shaman
Level: 5

Weapons: Flux

Weapon Levels: Dark - D

Appearance: If one were to guess Russell's class based solely on appearance, 'Thief' or 'Archer' would come to mind long before 'Shaman' would. He is a tall, lanky young man who wouldn't look out of place on one of the many merchant ships at the docks. In spite of any efforts he might make to look presentable, he has a look of perpetual scruffiness about him. His bright red hair hangs down to his mid-back, and is usually tied back in a ponytail and held in down by a bandanna. Even though he now spends most of his time outdoors, his skin remains relatively pale, and if one is close enough they can just make out traces of childhood freckles that have all but faded. His eyes are of a dark brown, and, in his own words, "hardly noteworthy."

Russell's clothing, for the most part, is simple and functional. He wears a thick leather vest over a plain white shirt as a bit of extra protection from fights and the elements, and his knee-high boots are worn from traveling. The burgundy sash around his waist doubles as a scarf in cold weather. The one thing that spoils his otherwise practical appearance is the assortment of rings, bangles, and bracelets that he wears over a pair of thick, elbow-length gloves. If questioned about this, he will claim that they are lucky or that they contain magical energy, which is doubtful, at best. In addition to the jewelry on his hands and wrists, each of Russell's ears is adorned with two small rings (he does not make excuses for these, as he's had them since he was young).

Some pictures and an attempt at a sprite. <:3: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Personality: The saying "First impressions are the most important," has no bearing on Russell. In fact, he is almost certain to give a bad impression upon first meeting someone, due to his tendency to nettle and tease others. While he doesn't mean anything by this, and sees it only as harmless fun, most people do not view it as such, and he has become a good runner due to the need to escape beatings. On the off chance that he manages not to offend someone straight away, they would find that he is a cheerful, talkative sort of person, though this can become a double-edged blade, as he speaks without thinking, and cannot for the life of him keep a secret. In battle, he is a coward, and would rather flee to fight another day than stand his ground and risk injury or death. While others may see this as shameful, he deems it "intelligent". Luckily, he has yet to find himself in any real danger.

Bio: Russell was born in Marcellus, the oldest of six children. He grew up helping his father run a small shop dealing in "magical artifacts". In reality, less than half of the objects that passed through their hands had any sort of mystical properties whatsoever. The ones that did were nearly always old spellbooks that had just enough pages torn out to render them useless. This didn't stop the Varnes from selling a fair amount of old trinkets to superstitious folk, however, and they made a decent living doing so. On the very rare occasion that something of real value did pass through their door, his father would carry it off to the back room in order to study it. While his father was very enthusiastic about learning the secrets of Elder Magic, he had very little natural ability with it. Russell, however, was a a bit more attuned to such things, and his father delighted in teaching him what he had been able learn from the old tomes.

This went on until Russell was fifteen, when his mother died soon after giving birth to his youngest sister. The rest of the family was left to pick up the pieces and carry on the best they could. Over time, they adapted, with Russell and the other older children taking over the work their mother used to do.

As he grew older, Russell became increasingly restless. He wanted to see the world, but at the same time he refused to shirk his responsibilities and family. It didn't take long for his father to catch on to his unspoken desire to travel, however, and when confronted, Russell admitted that yes, he longed to strike out on his own. Much to his surprise, rather than being upset with him, his father was proud, and even gave him the spellbook they used to study together as a parting gift. The next morning, the then eighteen-year-old Russell left home to seek his fortune.


It has been nearly a year now since Russell left home. He is searching for adventure, though so far he's had little luck finding it.

Additional Notes/Comments:
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