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To Reclaim the Past, Discussion + RP
post Oct 2 2013, 08:08 PM
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If I can't have all of you, then I want NOTHING
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Skylessia Characters


Noah Garod, on an aimless journey, decides to stop at the remains of his old village, to pay his respects. Little does he know, however, that it's become something of a refuge for raiders and other unsavory sorts. He has, however, heard of the unrest around the border and set out the call for those willing to accompany him to investigate.

...Yeeeaahhh. I kind of don't have much to say about this one, other than that since we're just starting out I figured a regular ol' "go to objective, fight angry outlaws" might do. Anyhow, small (4-5 people) beat-em-up rp in Plegia since there doesn't seem to be one of those yet.

Slot 1: Noah Garod, Me
Slot 2: Ariel, Blonde Panther
Slot 3: Emilia Grimaldi, Squishy
Slot 4: Emmy T. Slought. Maybe you could fill it?

Knight of G: Question: Ylisse or Plegia?

BP: Considering Noah is a Plegian character and travelling out of Plegia is hard, I'm gonna guess Plegian.
Could you use a Dark Mage/Dancer hybrid with enough energy for both of them?

UD: Yeah, Plegia. I'll try to make the little "Plegia" notice more...well... noticeable next time.
And yeah, a dark mage is always a good thing to have. Except when they're angry. oh god she's not angry right?

Squishy: As promised, Emilia is here to wreck everything and steal everything that isn't nailed down. (And violently destroy everything that is)

UD: Late, but added to the queue. Also, it's a bit short, but the thread is up.

[ v ]: Is that last spot still open for signing up?

UD: Sure thing. I don't think we're all done with the first round anyway.

[ v ]: I'll take the spot with my second then.

BP: Uhhhh.... Vice? You may want to finish your post there XD I would post, but I don't know if you had the final part of that sentence or another half a post in mind.

Vice: Must be too sleepy when I posted it... Fixed
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post Oct 3 2013, 10:15 AM
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If I can't have all of you, then I want NOTHING
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Skylessia Characters

UD #41: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Noah did not appreciate the vigor with which their enemies assaulted them. As the others came to Wolfe's aid, the two fighting bandits came closer, running into a house, though it seemed the one who had the misfortune of going berserk was running out of energy. Still... he did not intend to let anyone die here. "That's enough of that," he muttered angrily as the lone bandit he'd been left with kept trying to approach him. He clapped his hands together and as he pulled them apart electricity arced between his fingers. Ancient symbols floated before him, and as he took aim, a circle of runes encompassed his arm. "O roar of heaven, become my spear... Out of my way!"

He fired, and the lightning shot forth with far more force than he anticipated; the bandit he'd focused on was thrown to the ground on impact. Noah had not managed to take enough control of it; when it became this way it was rare for him to be able to branch off streams. However, that small victory was broken when the wall he'd erected abruptly fell to pieces. The door crashed open and revealed three rather angry looking goons. Not good. There were too many of them and not enough combat-worthy among the tactician's party. Ariel was fairly clearly drained from her last mighty cast, and Wolfe was still recuperating from his near-death experience. A straight-up fight was out of the question...

"In there!" he called, drawing his sword and pointing to another nearby dwelling. "We'll use the door as a bottleneck! Wolfe, grab Ariel! Emilia, help them out!" As he did so, he took a pouch out and threw it to them. "Vulneraries!" He turned to find the newcomers drawing closer. "I'll be right after you. Hurry!"

Among these three, he had little doubt that he was superior to any single one of them; the problem being that they were not alone, and he had just used a considerable amount of magic.

One of them noticed his hesitation and barked a laugh. "And just who do you think you are, boy?"

He gave an icy glare. "I am the last of this village. And you're not welcome here."

There was a moment of anger before the charge. Very well, then. No more words. Noah had to keep in mind that he wasn't fighting to win, here; he was fighting for time. As soon as the others were clear he'd just have to pull back...

One swung high; Noah ducked. Another approached from the side and he jumped back. The last went with an overhead swing which Noah managed to see coming and sidestep, so it caught his vest but left him with minimal injury. He was aware he was slowly being pushed back, though, trying to keep an eye on three distinct targets, and trying to ensure that they wouldn't simply pass him... One in particular looked hungry to get at more vulnerable targets, he thought, but he was cut off by a blade that he had to parry and back away from. This time, Noah cut a broad swath in response, which didn't connect but left a nice opening for an enemy sword... which he knew, saw coming and immediately placed his own blade where the incoming weapon headed, to the result of a loud clash. Maybe if he could keep creating intentional openings, and blocking them, he could keep them preoccupied long enough for the rest of the group to make it...

Enemies (close)
Level 3 Fighter: Inside the house, where his status is unknown. Berserk is starting to wear off.

Level 2 Myrmidon: Injured but not dead. Inside the house, attempting to escape.

Level 4 Mercenary: Circling Noah.

Level 6 Myrmidon: Just attacked Noah. Looking for an opening.

Level 5 Barbarian: Tricky, looking for a way to get past Noah and at the others.
Vice #42: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Really, when he didn't expect a help from anyone, it sure came a lot and it turned out he was still alive. The lancer looked at the dead swordsman who died easily by the hands of those girls, he felt ashamed for being even weaker than this dead man. Now he had to feel inferior talking with these life saviors.

If only I can use a bow... Wolfe cursed his fortune once again.

As there was no time to be disappointed, or even time to say 'thanks', the lancer caught the tossed bottle of medicine and drank it before pouring some onto his injured leg. He firmly stood up again, picking up his dropped weapon, and assisted the dancing mage as instructed. One thing he noted in mind was that the shorty, Noah, had a tendency to keep his nosing eyes on everyone, probably both friend and foe.

As he approached the house, Wolfe was surprised by an escaping bandit who jumped out from a window. Though his immediate reaction was jabbing the man to keep him off. It hit his shoulder, and effectively slowed him down. The lancer then jabbed again at the man's head, showing no mercy. "Sorry, but just exhausted my luck just while ago, it would be risk to keep you alive."

"Let's give him a hand." The ex-soldier pointed Ariel at Noah who was holding off several bandits by himself, and said. "No matter how much of a rule-breaker you guys are, this is still a difficult fight. I'll cover you."

Enemy (close)
Level 3 Fighter: Inside the house, where his status is unknown. Berserk is starting to wear off.

Level 4 Mercenary: Circling Noah.

Level 6 Myrmidon: Just attacked Noah. Looking for an opening.

Level 5 Barbarian: Tricky, looking for a way to get past Noah and at the others.
Squishy #43: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
"Alright, alright, hurry up!" Emilia did her best to herd the other two into the house, the sooner they were out of the fight, the better. The man Wolfe had stabbed landed on the ground with a loud thud. That was one enemy less to worry about. But that left the question as to where his companion had wandered off to...

They found the answer inside the house, hiding behind a stack of crates whimpering softly to himself. The berserker poison had worked off, and it had left the man exhausted. When he spotted them he rose, trying to aim his weapon at them, but he was shaking badly and barely had the power to raise his arm.

"Pitiful." Emilia said, kicking the man's weapon out of his hand. She grabbed his hands, wrestled them against the crates, took out her dagger once more and slammed it down through his hands, pinning the bandit to the crates. The dagger gave off its trademark flash of light upon impact, and the man cried out in pain and fear.

"I doubt he'll be of any trouble right now. Feel free to finish him. I'll go help Shorty there."

Emilia glanced over her shoulder at Noah. He had commanded them to run, but there was no way he'd be able to keep those bandits off their backs AND survive the fight. Not on his own, at least. She ran back outside with her remaining weapon, joining Noah.

"Need a little help?"

Enemies (close)
Level 3 Fighter: Pinned to the crates, too exhausted to prove much of a thread. You might want to knock him out.

Level 4 Mercenary: Circling Noah.

Level 6 Myrmidon: Just attacked Noah. Looking for an opening.

Level 5 Barbarian: Tricky, looking for a way to get past Noah and at the others.
BP #44: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
With Wolfe's support, Ariel managed to make her way into the house where they would apparently bottleneck the enemies. Once the lancer let go of her so he could take a literal stab at the bandit who ambushed them, she collapsed to her knees. Overdoing it with anima magic had never had these consequences, but the longer she stayed conscious, the more nauseous she became. Using her tome to tap herself on the forehead lightly, she shook her head and tried to get to her feet as Wolfe told her to give Noah a hand.

Key word being 'tried'. She failed miserably, succeeding only in wobbling for a few seconds before having to catch her fall again, and covered her mouth with one hand as she fought back the urge to vomit. Successfully doing so, she started rummaging through Noah's pouch of vulneraries, grabbing one and taking a swig from it. While it helped her head and stomach settle, her legs still felt weak and she could barely lift her tome, let alone cast from it.

"I'm sorry," she said to Wolfe, "I'm exhausted... I can't fight now."

Enemy List (close)
Level 4 Mercenary: Circling Noah.

Level 6 Myrmidon: Just attacked Noah. Looking for an opening.

Level 5 Barbarian: Tricky, looking for a way to get past Noah and at the others.
UD #45: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Noah's mouth twitched downwards very, very slightly at Emilia's presence, as though it were more of an intrusion than a reinforcement. Was it truly that difficult to stick to a plan?

"Why are you here?" he asked coldly, never once taking icy eyes off of the enemies before him. "You know this is their home territory; you shouldn't have left those two. They're injured."

"Rrgh, never mind," he growled as the impatient axe-wielder made a run for their allies beyond them. Noah sprung forward, his own weapon already swinging, and forcing the sprinter to stop. It failed to hit him, but it did halt his advance.

At any rate... if the others were truly insistent on fighting out here, he thought it best to switch to the offensive. He needed to end this quickly so they had time to recuperate and prepare for their ambush.

He rushed the one who'd attempted to pass them, feinting left to draw out a block... before ignoring him and assaulting one of the swordsmen. He was, however, fleet-footed enough to avoid a clean hit; where Noah aimed for the head to give him a concussion, he found only a good hit in the neck. It did manage to unbalance him, which the tactician did not put to waste; he lunged in for another attack as his enemy reeled, and this time hit with a dead-on thrust to the solar plexus, leaving him out of breath. Noah switched to the dagger and finished him with one final slice, leaving him exhausted and poisoned. He paid for this victory with a retaliatory slash from his companion sword-wielder, leaving a nasty gash in the upper arm.

With a slight grunt of pain, Noah winced and backed away, taking a cursory glance at the wound. It wasn't life-threatening, and thankfully his vambrace had protected the vicinity of his wrist, but it was still painful enough to prevent him from using it fully. Hopefully the others had used the opportunity he'd given them to take out the one he'd feinted.

Enemies (close)
Level 4 Mercenary: Just attacked Noah, ready to attack again.

Level 5 Barbarian: Faked out for a second, open for attack.
Vice #46: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
"That relieved me, actually." replied Wolfe as he pulled the girl's arm up, wrapping it over the back of his neck. "To think that I'll have a change to return you a favor, I'm still fortunate."

His single eye focused at the girl a bit, just to make certain she was still conscious, before he kept moving to the destined location. His leg was still bleeding a bit but it was healing up. With a normal pace, they were heading to Noah, as well as Emilia who were quick to aid the man.

The lancer said as he panted. "It's my turn to protect you, just stay still until you get better."

His sniper eye saw when the enemies ganged up against Noah, it also read further how the bandit swordsman was going to continue attacking. The man was about to turnaround with his sword, and was dashing forward. It was at that opening that Wolfe threw his spear with his armed hand. The thrown weapon hit the targeted bandit at his arm but didn't go deep enough to cripple it, though that much was required to get his attention.

The bandit swordsman turned to him and Ariel, who appeared defenseless among the rest of the party. Wolfe picked up a nearby sword of a dead bandit, and pointed that to the approaching enemy. The bandit pulled the spear out of his arm and winced a bit, but still looked angry.

"Oh-oh." Wolfe turned to Noah and Emilia, saying. ",would be nice to have one of you here."

For some reason, after that near death situation, he didn't fear of dying that much anymore.

enemy (close)

Level 4 Mercenary: Turned to Wolfe and Ariel instead, arm injured.

Level 5 Barbarian: Faked out for a second, open for attack.
Squishy #47: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
"Aww. I had expected you to be a little happier to see me." Emilia said with a pout, which quickly turned into a grin as she hacked at the bandit that attacked Noah, making him stumble backwards.

"The other one is... well let's say he's stuck. He won't bother us anymore."

Right as she was about to say something about the hit Noah had taken to his wrist, a lance flew past her ear, embedding itself in one of the bandits' arm. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to do much as he pulled it right out again and tossed it aside, before advancing on Wolfe and Ariel. Could no one here hold their own against some bandits?

Emilia let out a shout of frustration, making a lunging move at the bandit. As expected, he raised his weapon to block her, and she used the opportunity to dive through his legs, slash at his ankles and grab for the dropped lance.

"Keep your junk with you!" She shouted, as she tossed the lance back at the one-eyed man. Then she turned to the now limping bandit, a mocking smile on her face. Without so much as a word, she slit his throat and let him stumble into the dirt.

"Now, what to do with the last one?"

Enemies (close)

Level 5 Barbarian: Closing in for another attack.
BP #48: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
To Ariel's enormous relief, Wolfe didn't get mad at her for being unable to continue the fight. To her confusion, he seemed to be grateful that she couldn't cast a single spell anymore. Helping her up, he carried her to where Noah and Emilia were fighting. Ariel wanted to protest, to say that with him injured and her little more than a dead weight, they'd only risk getting killed, but she didn't have the strength to.

"This wouldn't have happened if I'd had my old spells," she muttered under her breath, regretting more than ever that she'd let the cook mess her up. She had tried many times to use her old fire spells, thunder spells, and wind spells, but never once had they responded to her. This was unusual, of course- Dark Mages were not locked out of the powers of nature. The cook could work Fire Magic- that was how he cooked.

She was rudely pulled from her pondering as Emilia threw Wolfe's lance back at them, with her customary complete lack of courtesy. Ariel frowned, but decided to chalk it up to the stress of the battle.
UD #49: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Noah grew more agitated by the minute. Of course. Of course Wolfe found it necessary to bring a wounded woman to the midst of the vicious melee. Of course he had to get in the frantic mix despite still being injured himself. No plan survives contact with the enemy, indeed.

He sheathed his sword and traded it in for his dagger. As he did so, he grumbled some unheard profanity to himself. The last bandit circled, but despite the bleeding, lagging arm, Noah's glare suppressed any urges he felt to attack. Any rational plan he had to deal with his foe was entirely lost in his frustration, yet he never looked so feral and ready to kill. The tactician stepped toward to meet his enemy, and so did the axe-wielder.

"Stupid..." he muttered aloud, twisting his body to avoid a heavy swing.

"Reckless..." he continued, moving forward, slicing upwards and leaving a long wound along the side of the bandit's neck.

"Fools!" He finished, stepping forward further to give a final slice along the back of the bandit and kicking him down. As his foe fell, Noah turned to his allies. He had attempted to hold it in, but he simply couldn't anymore, especially with the adrenaline running. The tirade was coming.

"Do your lives mean that little to you?! We didn't need to confront them out here! We could've slowed them down with those doors, minimized the risk! And you two," he went on, addressing Wolfe and Ariel, "Why did you even think of fighting in that state?! One of you can barely stand, and the other is still wounded! You could've been killed! Or knowing these scumbags, worse!"

He slowly stopped and growled something incomprehensible. There was no use in scolding them. He supposed that he'd have tried the same in their place. Instead he grabbed and dragged a still-living, concussed thug into the house with the first, who had been pinned down quite literally.

"All right. You two. You two are going to tell me what I want to know, or you're going to meet a fate too terrible for even Grima to speak of."

"And why-- why should we do that?" asked the dagger-held bandit in between gasps of pain.

Noah's hand sparked murderously. "Oh, I can make reasons. Start talking."

Despite the slurred speech of the concussed thug and the grunts of agony of the pinned one, he managed to extract some information out of them in this manner. There thankfully weren't many more of them, the remainder having left to investigate as predicted. After getting this intel, Noah proceeded to bind the former and bash the latter unconscious to keep them quiet. He then sighed, having burnt himself out from his earlier anger.

"All right. We'll fight from here. How is everyone feeling? Do we have any vulneraries left?" He pointed to his own injured arm. "I still need something to deal with this."
Vice #50: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
"I'd question you the same at first when you fired off your magic show, rookie." replied Wolfe, as he was not either happy about this whole situation. It supposed to be just a casual patrol at first, and he felt it was a bit off of how these bandits want them dead without nothing. Bandits were bandits, but there was always a way to negotiate, and that was too late now. "And remember, you're not my commander, don't think that we'll react to your great plan as if we're your pawns."

Actually, he somehow thought it might be better if he didn't meet these people. He might be well undetected alone in sand.

The spearman rested while the tactician interrogated the bandits, he searched the fallen bodies and got some medicines and antidotes, then just took just what he needed. He gave one to Ariel who appeared to need it most, then tossed one to Emilia even though he didn't think she need it, just to return a favor. "Already feel like I owe you a lot, thanks."

"So," He started talking to the dancer girl just to kill time and to forget the pain. "You mentioned about your old spells, what was that about?"

"Here." Wolfe said when Noah asked for vulneraries, as well as checking their condition, before handing over the bottle. He didn't say a word about his condition, as it already looked not so good. Even though it was healing up, he felt tired already. "What info did you get?"
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