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Baron Quickveil, Discussion in 'Profiles' started by Fcgfyv, Jul 1, 2013.
post Sep 30 2013, 04:10 PM
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QUOTE("Fcgfyv @ post: 15075, member: 460")
Date: June 13

Haha! I have finally found out enough about Baron that I think I could have a good chance of killing him! I couldn't take chances with the rumors of him attacking me. Through careful observation of him at his hangout spot and talking to people in the area, I have enough notes about him that I should plan for any attack he has on me. It wouldn't be a bad idea for me to put those notes down here...

Name: Baron Quickveil
Age: 21 22
Gender: Male
Nationality: Regna Ferox
Allegiance: Regna Ferox (presumably, he may be only allied to himself...)

Class: Assassin
Level: 10/4
Weapon Levels: Sword , medium/lightweight (C, 3/5), Bow (E, 3/5)
Weapons: Throwing Knife (piercing, rending), scimitar (iron, killer), and longbow (barbed). (watch out for those!)

Appearance: Baron stands at 6' 2", or something around that height. His long, pitch black hair is combed to the side of his face, completely covering his left eye. That just leaves his brown right eye visible, which is really creepy. His face always gives a look as if he's mad all of the time, and maybe he is, while also extremely serious. He wears a black shirt with a dark robe over it, but the bottom of the robe is torn to be shorter (maybe so the end wouldn't get in the way?). He has long black pants (how does he not get overheated with his clothes?!) with brown (not black!) boots, but look almost black as if they had been used a lot. I haven't seen it, but apparently when he hunts, he holds his throwing knife on his belt while his sword and bow are on his back (haven't seen his weapons, watch out!).

Personality: Not social, as he sits alone at his table in the tavern. He must be serious about his work, though, since he only eats at the tavern (no alcohol!) and almost never leaves to use the restroom. He never gets to know his clients, he just takes the work and gets right to the point. (It must be all about the money with him... If I had the money to, maybe I could hire him to not kill me!)

Backstory:(Before childhood is a little sketchy...) A fire at the dock burned down a small house, and killed his father and a mother when he was six years old. After that he lived on the streets (don't know what happened until he was 14; he probably survived by stealing from people or something...). When he was 14, he worked docking the ships (and as it goes with Port Ferox, he was trained to fight at land and sea; probably where his fighting skills came from). It must have been hard, since I heard that he did all of it with only rags as his clothes and no shoes on his feet. That must've been where he got his knife and scimitar...

At sixteen years old, he found out who caused the fire ten years before (don't know how he did, but people said that he saw it in a dream?). The day after he found out, he climbed to the second story of the man's house and snuck in through an open window (lock windows from now on!). He sliced open the man's throat, and made it back outside just as stealthily as he came in. No one noticed the guy had been gone for a week! After that, he must have begun his business (not the same as it is now). He would sit around outside of the inn and wait for his customers to come to him. It was almost all petty thefts and things like that, but he got money. When he was 19, his business took a turn. He got enough money to get his own bow, then began to sit around the tavern and do the same thing as before. Except almost all of his jobs were for killing people, obviously without getting caught. Seeing as how he kept his nose clean the rest of the time and no one tried to kill him (and lived to tell about it), the business was pretty underground and shady.

Notes: He has a room at the inn rented out so that as long as he pays enough gold each month, it's his room (must be pretty rich, but where would the cash be?). I should get out of the town, but no matter where I go he will find me. He's killed people who were hidden in East Ferox, Plegia, even Ylisse! There's honestly nowhere to go to esc

-Recovered from the body of Jaren Reifa, July 1
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