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6 Jun 2012
The sun was sinking from the sky across Aquelia as Bellemere waited impatiently in her chamber, her fingers drumming on the window sill. A grumpy, yet nervous sigh escaped her lips as she spied into the estate's vast gardens. She stared intently at the patio just below her window, until...

Her father, along with several armed guards dispersed themselves, patrolling the grounds. Bellemere stood, double-checking her pack was fastened securely to her back, her staves to her belt. One soldier in particular had her full attention as he ventured into the bushes.

At the first hint of blue smoke, Bellemere held her breath until there was a gathering. Through the open door she flew, sprinting down the corridor. As she approached the grand staircase, careful not to trip of the thick red carpet that lined the centre, she prayed to God that her sleep trap had bought her enough time. As she reached the estate's solid wooden doors, she tugged at the polished gold handle, revealing the approaching dusk to her. She could already hear the angry cries of her father, echoing about the drawing room as she raced down the steps towards the estate's gates.

With her long ponytail flapping behind her, Bellemere ran as fast as she could. Her name was wailed to the evening sky as she reached the gate, slipping through it without time to close it. The thundering of steel stomping against cobblestones kept her speed high as she tried to reach the town. Unfortunately, she wasn't an athlete. Bellemere was already clutching her chest by the time she reached the first street. The adrenaline still thumping through her veins, along with commanding shouts from behind her forced her onwards into the maze of Aquelia's streets.

Walking along the main street of Aquelia was Rayner, a sellsword. He was having a piece of bread he purchased from a local bakery, while it was still warm. Suddenly, he heard some kind of commotion but he couldn't figure out what it was yet, and not that he cared. However, when he took a turn, he almost bumped into someone. A woman, in fact, a somewhat familiar woman.

"Aren't you..." He said while the girl was catching up her breath. What's her name again?

"You!" She practically screamed. Not looking where she was going, she was frightened a guard had already managed to corner her. In a quieter voice, she told him;"Rayner... If you are approached by guards, you haven't seen me, alright?" She spoke seriously, swiftly leaving down the street, her ponytail briefly wrapping around Rayner's arm before it flew off behind the running Cleric.

Several moments later, the entourage of Guards emerged into the main street. Beginning to split up, two of them approached the sellsword.

"Have you seen a young noblewoman running around? Purple robes, long brown hair, very pretty- Ow!"

Returning the lance to his side after whacking his fellow guardsman over the head, the second guard scolded him; "We can't say that sort of thing, we're employed by her Pa, idiot." Straightening slightly, he continued. "Have you seen Bellemere Veliska, sir?"

So that's her name, right...

He shook his head to the guards and watched then as they went to search somewhere else as he finished the piece of bread. Once those men were out of sight, he followed the noblewoman until he found her, hiding.

"Oi," He gave out his voice, and said to her. "They seem to be your own guards than the military's, what did you do this time?"

Somehow, this could be a chance to make money.

Finding her concealed behind a misused stall in the corner of the street, Bellemere peered up at him, reluctant to reveal herself. This time? This time? She wasn't exactly a criminal. Sighing in between her gradually slowing breaths, she answered;

"They're my father's... I... I don't want to stay here any more. I think it is about time I witnessed what the rest of the world has to offer... But he was quite upset; he doesn't want me to leave. I don't think he would until I became married. Even then he wouldn't want me to leave Etruria; this is where the Veliskas have resided for centuries. So, I'm trying to escape, but I'm not sure I can outrun the guards..."

Bellemere's head lowered, her long ponytail falling across her front to rest against her chest. She closed her eyes briefly, wallowing in her misfortune. Would Rayner return her to her father, perhaps for a reward?

Right, so it was a little girl's run-away from her manse. He hoped she did not expect him to help her with that. He even doubted a noble like her will survive after a few miles after leaving this town.

"You should listen to him, the world is way more cruel than you think, and you alone won't be able to do anything with it." As much as he knew the lady was quite naive, he also knew that she had potential to become a good person in the future, even if she was an Etrurian. He thought her father already planned Bellemere her life and she would end up in a high position in noble society. She was not someone to travel around to a more dangerous place for silly reason. "You are lucky to survive at the time we met, but don't just assume it will be the same next time."

"I..." She didn't want to hear what Rayner was saying. She believed she could make a difference out there, like her mother had done here in Aquelia. She could help many more; she knew she could. "You lied to me." Bellemere said, standing. She knew she was only moments away from returning to her father, so she had to beat back her despair. "You said I was not as helpless as you thought after that battle. And I am not, I will prove it to. I shall prove you and my father wrong!" She shouted, soon picking herself up. Bellemere was tired of people telling her she was too incompetant, too weak. It was time she fought for what -she- wanted. Her breath more or less regained, Bellemere moved from behind the stall, preparing for the possibility to Rayner trying to stop her.


He sighed, and shrugged, and watched Bellemere who was about to walk away. He had said whatever he wanted to tell her, as an acquaintance. If she chose not to listen to it, it was not his responsibility when she got in trouble later on. In fact, he still doubted if she will make it out of this town by herself. Those guards would already close the gate, and her father might go as far as closing it until he found his daughter.

"Living a good life is to act on your emotions," The swordsman muttered as he saw her go, as Belle reminded him of what his master told him in the past. "Someone said this to me long time ago, and I think it's true somehow."

Bellemere glanced at Rayner only once more as she turned the corner at the end of the street. Somewhere, deep down, she wished he'd offered to help her. But, how was she going to get anywhere in life if she always needed help?

Flashes of street corners, shouts of varying closeness. Adrenaline, lots of adrenaline. Just when it felt as though her legs were going to give, Rayner's voice echoed in her head. This gave her the strength to push onwards, when in front of her stood the main gatehouse of Aquelia. The guards, unaware of the situation, merely stared at the exhausted Cleric as she stumbled through the gates, still unwilling to stop.

When at last she found some woodland, she collapsed against a tree. The sun was high above Aquelia's walls. Aquelia's walls! Bellemere Veliska had left Aquelia for the first time.
4 Jun 2012
Meyani loved the woods. The air was so fresh, the floor so soft beneath her bare feet. There were trees everywhere. Everywhere! The blonde-haired dancer found herself performing quick leaps as she weaved between the impressive towers of nature. Sunlight glimpsed the woodland floor through gaps in the abundance of leaves above her as she continued in her merriment. Overexcited, Meyani leaned against the nearest tree to catch her breath, feeling the sturdy bark pressing into her soft hands. It took her several moments to notice the out of place body sprawled in a small glade to her left. Surrounded by wild-flowers, the body was completely still.

Curiosity brought Meyani into the glade, where larger gaps in the trees allowed the space to be showered in afternoon sunlight.

"Hello...?" The dancer called, stepping closer. She glanced around her, but could not see any signs of attack. The girl, she identified, did not respond. Meyani took note of her light clothing and pinned back hair before the sight of red on her skin compelled a gasp from her throat. With a hand to her mouth, Meyani knelt beside the girl. Gently she placed her spare hand on the girl's chest. Nothing. Her eyes were closed.

"Can you hear me?" She asked quietly, leaning forwards. When still she didn't move, Meyani's steady fingers moved to her eyelids. When she didn't react, Meyani slowly slid them open.

"Uhh.... Nnnnnnnnnn!" Meyani whined, her hands now clasped to her own chest as she stared into the deceased girl's eyes. Panic rose within her. She could see it, still fresh. The horror, the despair, the pain... Tears started falling from Meyani's bright blue eyes.

"Hey!!" Came a loud yell from behind her. Meyani turned to see three guards, coated in iron armour and each with a steel-tipped lance. "What're you doing here?"

"She's... dead!" Meyani sniffled, her tears catching up in her voice. The guards rushed towards her, but she went back to staring at those terrifying eyes. "She's suffered! Caught in the tempest, flailed and tormented. She's unfinished!" Meyani cried as one of the guards helped her to her feet, ignoring her strange words.

"Guess we take 'em both back." The guard who did not have a live or a dead girl to tend to said, leading the way back to Estiglen. Meyani gradually calmed herself down with help from the guard's comforting hand on her shoulder, but she couldn't bring herself to look at the dead girl slung over the other guard's shoulders.

* * * * * *

"Found her." The guard announced woefully, placing the dead dancer's body on the ground in the town square. A crowd gathered, then moments later dispersed as Madame Rosetta approached, her arms folded while she did her best to hold back a potent mix of anger and sorrow. Meyani recieved a strange look from her, but was still too caught up in her own emotions to notice. The dancer stared absently at the girl's frightfully white skin. How did this happen? "Found this one too, dunno what she was doing out there." The Guard continued, patting Meyani gently on the shoulder before returning to his post.
3 Jun 2012
Near the center of Western Araducia, there sits a town by the name of Estiglen. Known for its quaintness; smothered by a sea of trees that stretches for miles on each side, the town is often a respite for travellers making their way through to The Wilds or the Eastern parts of Araducia. Connoisseurs of dancing also venture to the town, seeking to witness the aesthetic skill of the ladies at Madame Rosetta's Dance House. While the dancers do not lay claim to the bardic magic closely associated with this form of art, they are still a massive hit with the crowds they attract.

Being a fairly sheltered town, Estiglen is usually a place without trouble or danger. Most wild animals and stray demons are dealt with by the watchmen. When several of the watchmen disappeared without a trace, panic was quick to spread. When two of the men, slumped over a stranger's shoulder were dumped in the square, bite marks evident on their necks, the townsfolk were horrified. The strange man leapt from the ground to a rooftop, gaining the undivided attention of all present. Stating that he was here to stay, the Vampire made a demand. He wanted a dancer to be sent every evening, unaccompanied into the woods. If they could appease him with their dancing, he would leave the town unharmed.

Three days later, the dancers sent had all failed to return. Scouts located their bodies in the surrounding woodland with the same puncture wounds on their necks, their skin a deadly white, drained of all colour. Madame Rosetta refuses to send out any more of her girls, causing much fear and anger amongst the townsfolk. What can be done?

* * * * * * *

So, this will be a pretty standard Combat-based RP centered around the Vampire that's plaguing Estiglen. There'll be a fair bit of social to begin with until nightfall, when the action will begin to occur. I'm looking for around 2-3 characters, but I'm not really worried about level or class; anyone you want to bring into this is fine.

1. Meyani Abenaki- Level 5 Dancer
2. Alyson- Level 7 Lancer (Dark Wolf)
3. Symphony Duval- 20/1 Champion (Hystrix)
4. Rachna Vaishnavi- Level 6 Mage (Satori)
6 May 2012
Jenna couldn't help but think that Lady Akand chose her for most of the delivery errands. Gone were the days it seemed, where the Troubadour would be flying towards a battlefield or someone in need of rescuing. Of course, she was happy that she got to fly at all. Maybe her father had persuaded Akand to keep her away from most of the dangerous jobs that the troop were sent on. To begin with, Jenna was honoured that she was sent on these missions alone; that meant she was trusted. After the third, she got quite lonely.

For this errand, Jenna barely plucked up the courage to ask for company. Hannat, one of her fellow troop members had been assigned for the task, even though it just involved delivering a sack of seeds to a local farmer. Angelica could only keep her company to a certain extent.

"Thank ye dearie. Tell Akand I gives me greetings!"

Jenna smiled at the almost toothless farmer as he tipped his straw hat to her. This felt more like a favour than a mission.

"Well, that's it..." Jenna said, turning to Hannat while playing with one of her blonde pigtails. She felt guilty for dragging him all this way to merely watch. "Would you like to stop by Gatewell? It's not far from here." It was strange for her, but recently she'd been speaking more to the Seraph Knight. She wasn't usually fond of men, but Hannat just seemed... alright.
30 Mar 2012
200 years ago, Valhassa

The air was still. Behind the platoon of soldiers stood the remnants of a once peaceful village, the buildings beyond repair, all traces of life gone. The shuffling of individuals, their metal plates sliding against each other, was the only noise to accompany the deep breaths, and in some cases shivering that worked their way through the soldiers.

"Commander Hervik, the sun will set in two minutes." A recruit reported, his nerves evident. Raphael Hervik's gaze rested on the horizon, the orange glow of the sunset more ominous than it should have been.

"Draw your weapons." He barked, the hiss of his silver sword flying from its scabbard causing an echo through the stillness. Slower, less enthusiastic actions emerged from behind the commander as he hoisted his shield in front of him.

"Sir, I have a wife and children... We're not going to survive here, we all know that. Can't we just return to the capital?"

"If you admit your death, you have no chance, and neither do your families. We are the only force stopping these demons from storming our homes. This is our land, and we will defend it to our dying breaths." Commander Hervik roared, receiving an underwhelming response from his soldiers. This did not phase him.

From the shadowed forest that loomed before them, a low rumbling shook the earth. Gradually, as the edges of the sun descended below the horizon, shapes begin to form in the shadows. Without warning, decrepit bodies shot from the shelter of the trees, high pitch wails filling the air.

"Charge!" Hervik yelled. When nobody moved, he turned to see his soldiers frozen stiff. "Fine."

Raising his shield, the commander sprinted forwards alone, unwavering against the throngs that bounded towards them, eager to shower themselves in human blood. With a valiant cry, his gleaming shield bashed the first revenant aside, his sword swiftly cleaving a second as the enemy fell upon him. In moments he was surrounded, his platoon only able to see the flashes of his sword, accompanied by various parts of his foes scattering around the circle of demons. Dozens of revenants had fallen to his blade, hundreds of flesh rending claws held at bay by his shield as he fought on.


"Maybe... We can win!"

"To Commander Hervik!"

With a unified roar, the soldiers launched into a charge, their weapons brandished, seeking rotting flesh as soon as it was within reach. Hordes of the demons were slain as the battle raged long into the night, the moon bearing witness to the valour, inspired by Commander Hervik's unbreakable bravery, that saw the demise of the demon attack.

Although none survived, it was said Commander Hervik was found by a search party, kneeling amongst his fallen soldiers and the piles of slain demons as the morning sun encased him in a golden aura. With his silver sword in his grasp, buried in the ground through the corpse of a revenant, he smiled at his success, giving his last breath to give a wish of love to his family. He died, still clutching his sword and shield, forever the champion of the Night of Claws.

Present Day, Valhassa

"Carriage'll be back in two days to pick you up Miss Arabella." The driver said, bowing dutifully before clambering back onto his carriage. The brown haired noble shielded her eyes from the glaring sun as she observed their surroundings. The land surrounding the crossroads near the chapel was mainly farmland, spare for the long reaching forest that dominated the horizon beyond the site. The chapel itself, an old stone-carved building sporting a tiny graveyard, an old bell tower and a makeshift inn alongside it, was quite ordinary.

"Well, shall we begin right away?" Annette asked Ishal, her company from the Academy. Ishal had been assigned to her group recently for an intelligence mission, which had in fact turned out to be extremely dangerous. Ishal was not on the same level as Annette and her more well known classmates, but he had earned his place with his remarkable determination and guts. He was also a keen strategist, and Annette had enjoyed talking about their experiences during their journey to Valhassa.

Annette pulled a hand through her long hair, allowing it to fall against her lower back as she made her way to the chapel. She could now clearly see the source of all the commotion here, and as her and Ishal approached the large silver statue, she noted that there must have been around seventy people gathered around it. Some of them were pilgrims she noted, as they covered their bodies with long robes and their heads with turbans or shawls.

Annette was instantly glad she had been allowed to wear her informal attire, which was still what would be considered to pilgrims as lavish. Sporting the typical blue of the Arabella, her arms and a peek of her upper thighs enjoyed the cooling sensation of the gentle winds in the presence of the blazing sun.

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