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Sina Vince, Offensive Body Guard
post Jan 3 2009, 05:39 AM
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Character Information
Name: Sina Vince
Age: 24
Gender: Female

Sina has a lithe body, focused on agility and movement over anything else. Her complexion is neither pale nor tanned. Her hair is a deep brown which is mostly short, a few strands off to the sides of her head and a thing ponytail in the back that reaches towards her lower back. She has particularly bright blue eyes that seem sort of icy, but sort of watery.

She wears a blue vest over the torso with short sleeves, and a black silk undershirt that covers much the same as well as the entire length of her arms. This leaves her mid-drift exposed. Below that is a pair of blue shorts held on by a belt which also supports the scabbards for both of her gladius swords. She had black silk thigh-high stockings on the top (which ends at the mid-thigh) lie on each leg a small belt of throwing knives, three per leg. Finally there are some basic leather boots on the feet. Oh yes, she has a head band to keep hair out of her eyes and face of the same color as the vest and shorts.

Sina puts the Mission above all else, including her own preferences. However that only pertains to the ends. For the means, she'll go about it just about any way she wants, either going along with instructions or not. To put it in other words, she values the end result above the things done to get to it. Some classic morals are missing with her, such a the idea of proper ownership, (something she's come to hate, rather) as well as the act of killing.

Leadership is not necessarily one of her strengths. Sina is best when following the command of someone else. She takes orders to heart unless something gets in the way of those orders, at which point she discards them completely and improvises. If the end result is met successfully, the job was well done in her mind. When interacting with others she's just like any other normal person and discusses things that interest her with some enthusiasm, and cares not for topics she doesn't like. Her sometimes contested views on things can lead to arguments, which she doesn't handle that well and usually ends up leaving.

Aside from her views on killing and putting her job first, Sina's more the cynic than the optimist. She will often turn to drinking during bouts of depression.

She likes dogs, a lot.

Most of Sina's current situation could be attributed to her parents. They were a poor family in Thebes, living the low life. Her father a drunk and her mother a gambler, they never stood a chance of improving. She was amazed they even stayed together.

Between the poor lifestyle and the younger Sina took to thievery at a young age. She wasn't very good at first and caused further problems for the family, but after a while she was at least eating properly. Once old enough she got herself to quit that and took up an even riskier, but more rewarding career in mercenary work, further developing her skills as a pilferer of both possessions and life alike. That is until a debt she didn't even know existed came to bite her parents in the back.

Murion was the name. The last name of some sketchy family her parent's had taken a loan on to get by. They never paid it back, and they got killed for it. Sina herself was taken in a variable slave, forced into a position of servitude in the very house of those who killed her parents.

Then a grandson of the mafia leader freed her from one grueling fate to another, one she herself found more acceptable than that hated existence. She was to be his bodyguard, a shield of flesh and a servant to his life. At least she would get away from the place she never wanted to see again. At least she could see different things every day of her borrowed life.

At least.

Two years passed since she had left that place as Rikard Murion's shield, so far it hadn't been as bad as she thought. Yet, knowing the person she served, there was no doubt to her that things would only elevate.

Character Statistics

Level: 1
Set: Mercenary
Current Class: Mercenary
Weapon/Magic Proficiencies: Swords (E:0)

HP: 14
Strength: 7
Magic: 0
Skill: 7+2 (9)
Speed: 9
Luck: 6
Defense: 0
Resistance: 0


Short Sword (5 might, +0 accuracy, +0 critical, 0 range, 4 weight)

Battle Statistics

Attack Speed: 9 (12 With Dodge Active)
Base Attack Bonus: 9
Base Critical Bonus: 4
Base Power: 12
Base Avoidance Rate: 15
Base Critical Avoid Rate: 26

Growth Rates - FIXED RATE

HP: 96%
Strength: 54%
Magic: 0%
Skill: 54%
Speed: 54%
Luck: 62%
Defense: 0%
Resistance: 0%
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