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7 Nov 2013
Bye. Demote to normal member etc.
30 May 2012
Greetings wanderers, mercenaries, bounty hunters, travelers, soldiers, and everything in between! If you like sharp metal objects as much as I think you do, then my services are just what you're looking for! Armor? Shields? Martial weapons? All are serviceable and creatable. Tell me what you're looking for and, if you're lucky or have a little patience, I'll be sure to get it in your hands as soon as humanly possible. Fees are modest and maintenance is cheap, so why wait? Take a look.


Thread's just a fun way to perhaps get your PCs new weapons or fixes outside of happening strictly within threads. Any characters meeting Renee through this would be considered a canon event should they ever meet in an RP. For now her availability is restricted to inside the Lycian borders, but who knows, maybe later on that will expand along with her budding PC hacked business.

Currently craft capable weapons: Any Sword, Lance, or Axe E to D rank, and E rank arrow heads. Expect this to expand as the character advanced.
1 May 2012
I don't even know what I'm doing anymore, I just really feel like having some sort of crazy ass thread where a few badass as fuck PCs find themselves in the same situation and badass their way through it.

Obviously, only Manly Badasses need apply if they are interested, we can worry about sissy stuff like details later.


Clarice Callis - Foe
3 Apr 2012
Driving solo down the roads was boring enough, and now this wind was going to make it take even longer before the next stop. That jerk wind, making her park the whole shebang on the side of the road and put the stakes up. Poor Quinton wasn't going to get much help waiting it out either. There was only so much available canvas and it wasn't enough to fit a horse inside. Guess there wasn't anything to be done about that.

Still, sitting on the grass with the air howling about wasn't particularly exciting. Maybe she'd try to open up shop if she'd trust her goods to not get blown around. Heavier stuff would manage, maybe it was worth a shot. First, however, was a lunch break. Heaving a pack out of the cart, she opened it up for some ever delicious dried bread, cheese, and jerked meat, the traveler's staple meal.
3 Apr 2012
This is how the weapon system in general has been shaping up since Lysander started the thread regarding the weapon system here.

The following write up is what we're asking about; is the material written here something you feel is a good change to make in regards to how the weapon system is handled in Skylessia?

Proposed Weapon System

While we are still working out the updated proposal for the class system—with your feedback taken into account—the issue of the weapon system is tangentially related to that. And, because of that, we'd like to see where you stand on Lysander's proposed changes to the system before finishing up the proposal for the class system.

Reason for the Proposal: The current weapon system alongside its weapon suggestion system have lacked two things: quick response and, thus, immediate freedom. The suggestion thread itself is fairly slow both in review and in the reviewed weapons being added to the list. More telling is that most of the slowness on the mod side comes from them having to write up proper flavour for each approved weapon or from them having to go through a mass of suggestions that, in large part, just end up being re-flavours of weapons or spells already on the list. I believe that this issue can be eliminated with a new system, one that inherently provides more freedom without completely getting rid of limits. Since, at the moment, if you -really- want a new weapon or spell for a thread it'll likely be a month if not more before it is approved officially. That and, generally speaking, having a list of pre-flavoured weapons isn't so useful when a constant saying is 're-flavour it to your liking'.

Summary of the Proposal: Below you'll find what Lysander has worked out as a sort of 'condensed form' of the current weapon system which allows immediate functionality for what both the weapon system and the weapon suggestion system were while still enforcing some guidelines. In fact, the weapon system was formed based on a similar paradigm anyway and it is within that paradigm that weapons have -generally- been added, with exceptions here and there. Basically, he went through the current weapon list, looked at the different categories of weapon, such as <basic weapon>, <special effect>, <magical effect>, <low rank spell>, and noted at which rank they were most prevalent. So, the idea is that the weapon system loses nothing in terms of what is actually allowed at each weapon rank, but gains a bit in terms of 'you can add your own flavour', all without using something like the 'point' system for RL/RoE.

General Philosophy: Make sure all of the weapons/spells currently on the list can be done, but allow for more, snap judgement creations too, all in a condensed form. Rough, unpolished examples below.

Swords: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

As a character's rank in sword mastery increases, their skill with wielding bladed weapons increases, allowing a wider range of weapons to be wielded effectively. While nothing is ever there to completely stop a melee unit from picking up and using any old weapon, no matter the rank, the following exist as general guidelines for effective growth, with slight fluctuations possible depending on the character. That is, it should be noted that the magical blades are generally restricted to B-rank, as they were in the previous, explicit, long-list system, with some lesser magic allowed at C or even D rank. However, nothing is there to stop a character from having, say, some sort of 'wind sword' from E rank, but it wouldn't be shooting off full-power (full in terms of the power the weapon is inherently capable of reaching) wind spells or anything like that until the character approached B-rank. As well, magic weapons require energy from their wielders in order to activate the magic within, and inexperienced wielders are more likely to apply the energy wrong, apply too much or apply too little, with potential, negative consequences. (See the thread in the suggestion sub-forum to discuss this in more detail, as this topic is more about the proposal in general and less about its internal structuring down to the specifics.)


Bladed Weapons
Whether it is iron, steel, silver, light, heavy, one-handed, two-handed, slim or thick, single or double edged, your character can passably wield a simple bladed weapon at this point. Or, if the weapon is more than simple, they have only learned how to, thus far, use it as a simple bladed weapon. That is, at E-rank a sword user is already familiar with the fundamentals of swordplay, but has not yet progressed to a point where it is possible to operate well beyond them or with more advanced blades requiring a unique style or wider understanding to be used to their fullest. It should be noted that any sword under this category will be universally useful and, naturally, as your character's weapon mastery rank increases so will their ability to use even the weapon they had at E-rank.


Special Purpose Weaponry
By D-rank, a sword user has begun to master the fundamentals and can safely begin broadening his weaponry to include single-purpose or guided weapons, such as swords designed to take on cavalry or heavily armoured units, swords designed to break other swords or swords with complex guards, designed to catch attacks a certain way. That is, at D-rank a sword user has reached a point of knowledge where he can both augment and cast out a portion of the fundamentals he's learned thus far in order to suit each situation and the weapons he can adequately use reflect that. Perhaps they even contain some speck of magic or, at the very least, at this level a sword user could draw out a -very- small portion of a weapon's magic so long as it is used toward a specific purpose like piercing armour, parrying a blow, etc.


Minor Enchantments
Upon reaching C-rank, a sword user has developed both his fundamentals and a good measure of situational awareness, to the point where it becomes possible to adequately wield a somewhat more dangerous class of weaponry that requires another pool of knowledge to use effectively: enchanted weapons. While not yet weapons filled with what most would consider to be 'full' spells, they still contain a measure of magic for the wielder to use, given the proper energy is supplied and supplied in the proper way. At this level, a sword user can adequately use enchantments that can do things such as counteract the magic some classes of creatures use for flight, cleave through dragon-scale as easily as if it were no more than leather, apply magical poison, give its wielder a small measure of demonic strength that comes at a cost, etc. The general rule of thumb would be that if the enchantment's effect is niche (i.e. the effect only activates on things capable of magical flight) it is workable without a down side, whereas if it's more universal (i.e. constant boost to speed, strength, etc.) there must be some significant, and likely ever-present, downside to it. As well, it should be noted that the enchantments are activated via the wielder's energy, making potentially exhausting to use when used and not present at all when no energy is supplied.


Embedded Spells
Still going to weed through this and write something with more detail to it, but as of now just know that this will, as before, seek to describe what B-rank weapons tend to be, at least the ones that wouldn't already fall into earlier ranks in this system. Basically, the heavy magic stuff. Sword that shoots fireballs? Check. Ice sword? Yep. Wind blade? Goes here. That sort of thing. Check the thread in the suggestion forum for more info on how these might be altered, if you're interested.


keeping same, largely: set weapons that go above what should be up to the RPers to customize...either that or we keep a running list of what's allowed here. Don't know, largely concerned with E-B moreso than S and A, since most are not or won't be at S and A for a bit and those that are may be more opposed to my messing with the weapons overly much, though I do endeavor to keep most or all of the functionality currently afforded by the system for each rank.

Anima Magic: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
As a character's anima level increases, they become able to do more with their magic. While anima mages can attempt stuff that would normally require the next rank, it would be expected that their attempts would end in failure or something close to it, depending on how close they are to achieving the next rank of casting ability. As well, the power of spells, in general, increases as anima level increases. That is, a mage capable of B-rank anima magic will be capable of creating magical orbs that are, in fact, more powerful than even her flashier, longer range attacks simply because an orb is nothing more than basic, condensed magical energy. In general the rule is that the more extra 'things' a mage puts into a spell, the weaker it becomes—instead the spell gains extra utility that, if the mage knows what they're doing/actually has a reason for adding the extra 'things', will make up for the loss in power.


A single ball made of an element of the mage's choosing is conjured in the caster's hand, able to be freely thrown, crushed, exploded or handled however the mage chooses. When used by a mage with nothing more than E-rank control over anima magic, it loses some of its power over the distance it is thrown, making it most powerful at close range. The distance it can be thrown before losing all of its power as well as the amount of power contained within the orb increase as the mage's rank in anima magic increases. Beginning at D-rank, the orb can be formed with an initial velocity, allowing it to travel forward without a throwing motion.


Form Control
Through practice and a growing sense of familiarity, a D-rank anima mage is able to take the orb that it used at E-rank and manipulate its form into something different. Perhaps a protective wall or a whip, maybe a net or mini-tornado, but whatever the case, form manipulation is possible on some smaller scale.

Split Shot
A D-rank mage has also, in general, gained more control over the magical energy contained within the orb of E-rank, allowing them to split its power into smaller orbs, or fragmented portions of the energy contained within the orb, before sending them forward at their targets.


Area Control
Whereas before every spell centered around forming an orb of energy near the caster and then manipulating it, a C-rank mage is capable of forming their energy from afar and manipulating it from there. Pillars of fire, crushing torrents of water, bolts of lightning from the sky, all of those things are now possible, though with one caveat: it takes more time and more concentration, as well as more energy, to form magical energy at a distance removed from the self. Because of this, any attentive foe will know the spell is coming before it hits.

A C-rank mage has also gained the confidence to coat items in their magic without harming or otherwise destroying them. Weapons made to crackle with electrical energy, armour enchanted to freeze everything that touches its exterior, that sort of thing is now possible.


Long Range
With B-rank comes the ability to sustain a spell long enough for it to strike at the range of a longbow. Though, unlike a longbow, what is transferred over that range is not an arrow, but rather magical energy that can be manipulated in any other way the mage knows how. Perhaps it is merely a simple orb, set to implode upon reaching the designated area, or maybe it's a full-out column of magic made to flare up out of the ground or from the sky above, but in any case the range of any spell can effectively become that of a longbow with a few additional costs attached: the aim on the spell will be nowhere near as accurate as if it were an arrow fired from a longbow, no matter how practiced the mage, and it takes longer to cast, the process of casting generally giving off obvious signs.

Larger Area
What you'd expect, allows for larger area of effect.


Changes incoming, but probably keeping the spells currently there, just rewriting them a bit to reflect that they are essentially set spells that would likely be more powerful than what you'd get from combining spell manipulation capabilities to 'custom' make their duplicates at B rank or whichever.

The two examples above are just that: examples. So, the vote shouldn't be about their exact contents, as they aren't anything close to final anyway, but should instead be about the general idea of condensing the weapon system in such a way.

As for additional changes, rather than a weapon suggestion system, there would be a 'does this weapon or spell work for this rank' sort of thread that would be entirely optional in that the mods will see what you do with weapons in the thread gradings anyway; the 'Weapon Check' thread would be a place for you to quickly check feasibility or weapon flavour. All in all, it should be quicker than a profile grading in terms of how much mod time it would take up, both in reading and in response.

In any case, this is all still a work in progress obviously, but before it continues in any great depth and before we use it to inform the class system changes, we'd like to see where you, the members, stand on it. Tell us whether you like it or don't like it and why. If you don't like it, or even if you do, what could be better about it? What might it lose that we're not seeing? What could be added to make it better? Remember, the focus of the poll is the concept itself and less the contents of the examples, though feel free to comment on that in the thread in the suggestion sub-forum.
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