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4 Jun 2012
Somewhere around a remote area of Central Araducia, away from civilization and communities one would expect from the sector, a straying ragged wanderer was fighting her best to survive.

The said person was with a ragged mantle, robing over her right shoulder and arm, was restlessly panting as she walked out from a forest. The woman possessed a pale purplish loosen braid hair, while her body had stains of blood all over, that would be difficult to figure which was her own. After a few more stepped, she stopped to feel the surrounding and unsheathed her sword by her left hand. She spoke.

"Your blood smell is just too smelly to hide, you know?"

A shadow leaped out from the wood nearby, spinning over with some kind of katars in each hand, and struck at the ragged woman on the ground. She evaded a little to get away from the impact point. The wind blew up the mantle a little, revealing her crippled arm inside at a glimpse. The attack itself left a small wound at her upper weapon arm that damaged her ragged mantle a little more, with her blood bleeding out.

"You know you can't run forever, Kachua." The man chuckled before he licked his bladed knuckle, like a psycho assassin of sort. That was an action for a low rank one in Kachua's opinion. "Why don't you just die already?"

"I would bring a marvelous ending for myself, but not by the likes of you." She replied, and smirked back.

"Heh. I've been wanting to tear apart that bad mouth of yours, been waiting for this time." The man prepared to attack again. "Let's star--Huh..."

However, the katar master just found that one of his katar was not with him, along with his own arm that the weapon was attached to. He looked at the lady who pointed her sword at the ground, and at his ripped arm, which the lady had been hiding it from his eyesight. He didn't feel it at all that he had lost it until it was too late.

"I have this spell which can make your feel painless and almost immortal, isn't it great?"

The witch said as she cancelled the effect of Chronos' Patience, causing the man to sink and struggle until he died from that one bleeding. Kachua looked at him coldly before she turned around to resume her wandering, just to see that more assassin appeared before her, and the other one blocking in the way she came from. Unlike the dead man, she was not familiar with them. The one before her was wielding a nasty blade with fangs all around the edge, the other was sniping her with that arrow.

"Great," She smiled even though she knew this wouldn't end well for her life. "Let's start another bloody festa."

enemy: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Two wild assassins appeared!!
1 Swordmaster (Thunderblade)
1 Sniper (Echo Bow)
6 May 2012
It had been almost a month long that the rumor about disappearance of Wencia Gildenspear, Etrurian ambassador as well as Western Isle Council Member, spread about the isles. While some townspeople began to forget it, the military never stopped searching for her. Finally, they got a confirmed location where the lady was captured. As soon as the news reached his ear, the Lion General summoned his officers to the operation to plan out the rescue mission.

"To think that they've been hiding so close..."

One of the officers muttered as he looked at the X mark on the table map. It was at the tip of northern peninsular of the south island, Caledonia. It was as though the said peninsular pierces into the capital island Fibernia, being flanked by it from both sides.

"Well, it's true that none of us thinks they will use such vulnerable spot to hide." This time, it was a green curly haired lady who spoke, she wore the same uniform with others and her insignia presented that she was in higher rank than most officers in the room. She pointed at Fibernia's peninsulars, from left to right, as she explained. "We could flank them and it will be the end for them. The problem is that...they do have the VIP hostage, Etruria wouldn't sit still if they lose the Ambassador."

"You are right, Lieutenant General. The hostage's life will be our first priority here no matter how the majority of our citizen view her." said the person who stood at the head of the table, General Edger. He knew that Wencia was not the most popular among the islanders, not to mention that he knew that even someone in this operation room wanted her dead. "Here's the plan."

The General pointed at the the town symbol on left shore of Caledonia.

"This is the closest port town from the pirate stronghold, plus the pirate ships. One fleet will cut their escape route first by closing the port, and then strike their settlement from land." He then looked at the lady again, then another captain. "This will be your responsibility, Baldos, Octavia."

"Affirmative, General." said the female Lt General as she bowed at Edger, at the same time the other officer did. She foresaw that the townspeople weren't going to like the idea, but it was her responsibility. Since she was chosen to be in charge, she will do it.

"Good. Then, I shall have my fleet waiting for the signal behind the island here, we'll attack from sea as well." Edger pointed at the lone island located a little further from the peninsula tip. He then turned up his head and looked at his subordinates. "I give you three days for preparation."


On the same day, recruitment posters were posted in every tavern. It only said in there that the mission will be another wiping out pirates, with a little higher rate than usual. Nowhere in it stated about rescuing Wencia Gildenspear, in order to be subtle about it as the military knew pirates can be everywhere in this country.

Due to the lacking of officers, it had been a norm that the military in Western Isles always hired mercenaries to fill in. Many sellswords made a living in this town without taking other kind of job. Some of them eventually enlisted to become actual soldier, but many still wanted a life of freedom. This mission was no exception.

Three days later

Lt General Octavia was at the port barrack, were ships were waiting for their passengers, as she waited for her temporary crews to show up. Unlike other day in the operation room, the female officer garbed with her fighting suit and armor, not an official uniform. She had the list of her mercenaries who agreed to with her agent to show up today, and they needed to register at that registration table she was heading to.

"Peter, have you already got all of them? We'll leave in an hour." Tavia spoke with her soldier at the registration desk. She did not wait for the answer and looked at the registration form, just to see that quite many of them that did not show up yet. "Hmph, looks like we still have to wait a bit."

The Lt General looked at the sky and figured that it was a good day to sail, seeing a clear blue sky and seagulls. It shouldn't take them too long to reach the destination.
2 Apr 2012
- Disaster has struck elsewhere in the war effort for the Council and their Etrurian allies, however. As she attempted to meet the army on the other side of Caledonia from the capital, Etrurian ambassador and Western Isle Council Member Wencia Gildenspear and her entourage were set upon by pirate forces. Whether the ambassador is alive or dead are not certain, but there are rumours that she is being held in a pirate stronghold on the Northern tip of Caledonia. Few among the rebels or their sympathisers were saddened at the news.

It is confirmed that the councilwoman Wencia is locked up in the pirate stronghold. While most islanders do not care about the Etrurian Ambassador, the army cannot ignore this. They command Major General Octavia, my character, in order to rescue the VIP. As always, they're accepting help from mercenaries.

So, pretty much a straight forward RP, our characters will start on a battle ship, We may have a bit of ship battle but the main mission will be raiding the stronghold and rescuing Wencia. Your char can be either WI soldier or a mercenary.

I'm looking for three more people who can post once every 3 - 4 days, or a week which is the time I will move the simple plot along even without your post. Please sign up if you are interested. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/cat.gif)

1) Octavia (Me) Level 17 Fighter
2) Valsford Driedorpat (Aviv) Level 16 Partisan
3) Lakyn Cai (Dahmun) Level 10 Mercenary
4) --- Same as above ---
30 Mar 2012
Name: Octavia of Caledonia
Title: Lieutenant General
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Western Isles
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Western Isles

Class: Fighter
Level: 17
Weapon Levels: Axe B
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Steel Halberd: Steel + Spike + Crushing
A noble-decorated poleaxe with a spear head at the tip, it is capable of sending a crushing force to undo any kind of defense.

Height: 174 cm (5'9")
Build: Firm, Athletic

Octavia possessed a wide-shouldered and tall build with light tanned skin from her mother, then an honest orange hued eyes and dark greenish hair from her father. She sets her lengthy hair to the back, dropping to her waist level, and rolls at the end of each lock. She often applies some cosmetic to appear more formal, and no where near too much.

Being a melee fighter, she prefers clothing that is comfortable to move around. The first layer being her white long sleeve shirt and black shorts, a leather belt with silver buckle with an army emblem. The second topped those by a navy blue long coat, with some insignias equipped only for formal occasion. She tends to wear leather gloves and high boots. The last layer would be her light silvery armor, which the suit was quite unbalanced: there were a shoulder pad on left side, a full-arm vambrace over her left arm and a greave with cuisse over her right leg. A small chest plate, if she wears, would be worn under her long coat.

Character Sketch: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text


Octavia portrays herself as a strict leader to her army, especially when sellswords are included. She tries her best not to show any weakness. She does not hesitates to punish anyone when they break the law or going against her order. She is viewed by most as a cold heart commander, in contrast of General Edgar.

For companions who know her in person, they know that Octavia is more of a friendly and cheerful person, and she laughs or cries like other people. She cares for her companion as much as she cares about her family and will do everything to protect them. Her strong will to develop her homecountry is always reflected from her action.

Octavia is not someone to judge things with prejudice, as she always be neutral and tries to understand people, such as pirates or mercenaries or even Etrurians, in order to understand their thinking.


Octavia was born in 1021, in a merchant family, a few year before a dramatic adaptation crushed the Western Isles. She experienced the hardship, from the event in 1025-1027, since before she can remember. The capital Idina became a battlefield when the council drove the pirate back to their base at the southern edge of the island. She was raised up during the time the city was under reconstruction.

In the year that she turned nine (1030), the influence from foreign country, Etruria, began to change everything around the isles, Idina was no exception. Dissatisfaction spread about her neighborhood until it went to the whole island, and probably everywhere in the island country. Same to most children around her age, Octavia was taught by adults to despite Etruria. On the other hand, some boys in the area began to play pirate, as people started to set their hope in them.

Three years later, when Octavia traveled Fibernia with her father, the pirate attacked the cargo ship. While there was no bloodshed to wound anyone memory, Octavia was taken to the pirate ship along with the pilfered goods, for her hiding in a crate as told by her father. The girl was discovered when it was too late to return, and so the good pirates had no choice but to let her stay for the time being.

Octavia found that being on a pirate ship was rather enjoyable. It could be because these people were all good at heart, sometimes hidden inside their rudeness. It was a good experience in broadening her perspective. It was also the first time that people treated her adult, making her work on the ship in exchange of her meal. They taught her how to fight. Since most of them were good with axe, she got to learn axe mastery prior to other weapon.

She also learned that the pirates also wanted to make Western Isles a better place, but in their own way, not by an interference of Etruria. The girl wondered how this whole politics of Western Isles was going to work out. When she thought about what a person with high status like her can do for her country, she came up with a plan to join the army.

Four years later, it was another time the ship visited Idina and Octavia decided that it was the time for her to return to her parents. She bid farewell to the pirate and resumed her study. She also kept up her skill she learned from the pirates. In 1037, Octavia left to Fibernia and enlist to the marines, and it was not long before she made herself famed. She put in her effort and everything else climb up ranks, and recently worked under command of the Lion General Edgar.

- Octavia got to know Mitch, or the Black Sea Dragon, on the pirate ship. They also argued a lot but were once comrades after all.


Turning Over Uneven Rocks
17 Jan 2012
C support

The burning mansion was still in a vision of Derek's ship, which was distancing itself from the shore of falling Hazel, heading back to the place every survived assassin will get paid. Kachua was walking about the deck until she found her temporary teammate, Alexandra, and did not wait to call out while waving.

"Good to see you're still here, Alexie," said the assassin. "though I couldn't find the other guy yet."


For Alexandra's part, she was just beginning to accept the magnitude of what had just happened. The image of the city burning and knowledge that no survivors had been left within its walls would stay in her mind for some time, even as she tried to tell herself that it didn't matter. At least she would get paid soon, and then justify her refusal to care with the ability to survive out on her own for that much longer.

She almost didn't notice the assassin she had been teamed with calling out to her. "Oh. Hello," she said distractedly, then simply shrugged. "Haven't seen him." Not that it mattered much, as she'd had no plans to see anyone involved again once the job was over.

Violet's presence though, at least, was slightly more welcome than anyone else's would have been.


"Well, not like I care much." Kachua shrugged the same, she then looked around a little. She recalled there was a witch whom Alexandra knew back there when they broke into the mansion, that person would fit to be in the organization seeing how powerful she was. "I thought you are with your friend, isn't she with you?"


"Friend, hah," Alexandra said. "She just helped me out once and roped me into this job. I don't even actually know her all that well." Nor did she want to, for that matter, based on what she'd seen so far. But that wasn't something she was going to go saying carelessly when the 'friend' in question could overhear her simply by being in the same area of the ship.


"Still, because of her, I can leave you to finish some private stuff there." Kachua laughed a bit, just before she rested her arms on the fence. "Same goes for us, I guess. I doubt I'll be seeing you again after this, or worse, seeing you again as your enemy."


Alexandra didn't even want to know what sort of private business Violet would have in a place like that.

"I can't imagine what I'd get involved in to have assassins coming after me," she said in response to her other comment. "But then, I never think that far ahead. You're right, though. I don't exactly plan on seeing you again once we part. Or anyone else here, for that matter."


"As long as you stay in this bloody path, the more likely that we cross path again." Kachua chuckled after she replied. Actually, she saw it as a waste to part with a company like Alexandra, as she was somewhat certain they could have a good time together. She turned to the shaman and said. "If we're to meet again, if, I'd prefer it in a more favorable situation."

She winked.


"Ah..." Alexandra felt her face flush slightly at Violet's wink. "Yes, I suppose that would be...better." Where would they even meet in a more 'favorable' situation, anyway? Just run across each other again in a tavern somewhere? She figured that wouldn't be so bad. Better than being roped into another assignment like this one, at least.


Kachua's grin didn't fade from her face as she heard the reply. Although she did not think much ahead of how much she wanted to develop this relationship, it was not a bad feeling to have something to look forward to.

"Let's stay alive until we meet again then, Alexie."


"Yes, of course," Alexandra answered, nodding. She still had all of the same doubts, but it would be something to look forward to at least. Whatever came of it.
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