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15 Sep 2010
The annual Tournoi du Grand has opened in The Glorious Holy City of Chartreyne of The Glorious Valhassan State once more! Aristocracy and commoners alike from all known nations across the continent gather for this Glorious Event. The entire city is in a Carnival mood of celebration and games, where people of all races and backgrounds mingle freely!

The greatest attraction is the Tournament where the mightiest warriors compete with each other for the victor's laurel and the title of Grand Champion. There are no entry requirements; anyone may enter! Whether participating or spectating, the Tournoi du Grand has something for everyone!

Nobody would ever think of ruining such a happy time... right...?


Now recruiting!
17 Aug 2010
Malatia. Once the capital of Val Mae, now the provincial capital of Vrapi and a proud member of the Marcellian Empire. All is not well in the city though. The North District, a poor area of the city containing a fifth of the city's population, has been quarantined for several weeks ever since hordes of infectious undead began marauding the district in the night. The population has been kept alive by barrels of food and water tossed over the walls, but public order is rapidly deteriorating as the city guards trapped in the district are overwhelmed with distribution and preventing riots. Hope glimmers, though. Court mages have determined the location of the nexus of dark magic responsible and constructed a device to neutralize it, and the young Lord of Malatia, Sir Edward de Vrapi, himself has volunteered to take the cure to the requisite location and activate it. Accompanied by a select guard of the best of the city watch and mercenaries, it should be a simple stroll in the afternoon sun, a time when no undead have been sighted. What can go wrong?


Edward, Jouster | Lute
Abigail, Archer | Mars
Joachim, Brigand | Echelon
Margaret, Bard | Hystrix
Elizabeth, Wyvern Rider | VagueZ

OOC: Characters will either be accompanying Edward, or have been stuck in the district since the quarantine and join the party during the first event (where things go horribly wrong of course).
28 Jul 2010
Name: Cheryl Nob
Age: 19
Creation Points: 15

Appearance: Cheryl stands about five foot four, with a slim figure. She wears brown contacts and dyes her hair red, with a violet streak off to one side. Her usual outfit is a white or lightly coloured dress shirt and faded jeans.

Background: Cheryl Nob, BSc, ASA, was a gifted student who already has a bachelor's under her belt. She has received a job offer at a large insurance company, but because of some bungling (or politics, one can never tell) involving her future supervisor and the HR department, the opening for her position has been delayed for a few months. It was a somewhat sobering moment when she realized that she wasn't quite that good to warrant having everyone else bend over to make way for her entrance. In the meantime a professor acquaintance in Bethany has invited her to TA his classes until she can leave. On the trip to Bethany some unknown jerk stole her cellphone, but her new employer was kind enough to pull some strings and allow her to get a replacement at a significant discount. It came with a few interesting applications pre-installed...

Statline: 1/3/1/1

Weapon: Combat umbrella

  • Apply Deductible (Group Normal Dark (5))
    Screens out insignificant targets, allowing them to be ignored out of existence.
  • Pool Mortality (Single Normal Almighty Drain health (6))
    Treats the target as a mere statistic and applies the appropriate corrections to its remaining lifespan, gifting any benefits to the user.
  • Examination! (Single Normal Mystic Fear Confusion (4))
    Inflicts one of the dreaded actuarial examinations upon the target, which is struck by the sheer terror of the material and/or has no idea how to being tackling it.
  • Mana Aid (4)
  • Life Surge (5)
  • Anti Wind (3)
  • Anti Fire (3)

Manifestation: Phone

Macca: 250 (1000 start - 750 purchase)

  • Jack Frost - Tier 3 (Fairy, starting)
    Playful ice spirits, Jack Frosts look like small snowmen with blue hoods.
    1/2/1/0; Drain: Ice, Strong: Mystic, Weak: Fire
    Slash; Bufu, Ice Dance; Mana Bonus, Anti Mystic
  • Waira - Tier 2 (Wilder, purchased)
    A twisted demon that has only one fingernail in place of each hand.
    1/1/0/0; Null: Mystic; Weak: Fire
    Pierce; Zan; Hero Aid, Life Bonus
  • Sarasvati - Tier 3 (Megami, starting)
    A Hindu goddess of music and the arts.
    0/1/1/0; Null: Mystic; Strong: Wind; Weak: Fire
    Strike; Dia, wind Dance; Anti Wind
6 Dec 2009
Soft and warm...

It was a welcome change from hard and cold, the way Chrystalis had been used to waking up to until recently. The sheets under her back were delightfully soft, and Nihil's body lying on top of hers was wonderfully warm. She smiled to herself as she looked at his sleeping face, resisting the urge to squeal like a little girl at how cute he looked. After all, she had already fulfilled a week's quota of squealing-like-a-little-girl the previous evening.

Chrystalis gently rolled Nihil's slumbering figure off her own nude form and sat up in bed. It was nice to be able to afford a room and sleep in a proper bed instead of bivouacking out in the open wilderness. The movement of her body caused her chest and hips to tickle, as dried residue that had hardened overnight shifted and cracked. Perhaps it would have been better if she had cleaned herself off before sleeping, but both of them had tired one another out too much to do anything else before falling asleep last night.

She went to the window and opened the shutters wide, letting the rays of Val Mae's morning sun stream into the room. The inn they were staying in was located in a quiet border town, but already farmers were out in the fields, making use of every hour of daylight. Her stomach growled, demanding satisfaction of a different sort. That would be her next priority...

Turning away, she took a towel, soaked it in water from the bedside pitcher - somehow, it hadn't been knocked over in the throes of the excitement the night before - and wiped herself clean. There was no mirror to judge the state of her hair, but she found her brush and made do as well as she could. Then she set about the non-trivial task of locating her clothing and putting it on. Her binds and vest were quickly found, strewn unceremoniously in the middle of the floor, but her shorts and underwear were nowhere in sight, at least until she thought of looking under the bed. Now how had they gotten there? It would remain a mystery for all time, as she turned her thoughts elsewhere, to Nihil in fact, and shook his shoulder to wake him up.

"Wake up, cutie," she murmured into his ear. "Or else there won't be any breakfast left."
25 May 2009
"Umbrellas! Get your umbrellas cheap now! Before the rain starts! Umbrellas!" The peddler waddled down the street, a rack of umbrellas on his back, shouting and advertising his wares. The citizens of Val Mae's busiest port either already had umbrellas of their own, or rushed to make purchases.

"You should get one too, miss," the stall owner suggested.

Chrystalis ignored him, swallowing another mouthful of noodles. Her ship had put in at a neutral port for much-needed repair and refit, as well as long-awaited shore leave for her crew. As far as she could tell there was little difference in what they did; instead of fighting for grog and lasses now they were paying for cheap beer and whores. She herself resolved to use her own time more wisely. "A little water never killed anyone," she shrugged at last.

"What if it rained blood?" the stall owner smirked, partly the smile of one with superior knowledge, partly the smile of one with a few new coins in his hand.

"Blood? I've made it rain blood myself a few times, usually through judicious application of hammer to head," Chrystalis smirked right back.

"No," the stall owner shook his head. "I'm talking about rain, real rain from the clouds, as crimson as blood. Tomorrow it'll begin, sure as the sun will rise, to water the crops of the season. It may look like blood, but otherwise it tastes just like water. More like water dyed red, you may say, but still disturbing even for those who know what to expect. That's why everybody makes sure to have an umbrella, unless he wants a completely red wardrobe this year."

"Doesn't anyone do something about it, still?" Chrystalis asked, her curiosity piqued.

"As long as it's water and it feeds our crops, nobody minds the colour. It's only for the first few days before the water clears up again, anyways. A small price to pay in exchange for a guarantee of rain, in just the right amount at just the right time, a blessing bought from the goddess of rain."

"Goddess of rain? Give me a break," the pirate scoffed.

"You may laugh now, but only last year there was a terrible drought," the old man reminisced. "Our great leader made a large offering to the goddess of rain, and for a while she dwelt among us, calling back the clouds from where they had strayed over Devlan, returning the blessing of water to us its rightful owners."

"She lived here, you say. Where exactly?" Chrystalis pressed, calling his bluff.

"In this nation," the stall owner corrected himself. "Over at Castle Blesan, to the south, near the border. Nobody has wandered near it ever since the goddess completed her blessing and left."

"Why?" A laugh and toss of her head accompanied the word. "Don't tell me it's haunted?"

"Exactly," his voice lowered to a whisper. "As the goddess's blessing neared completion, soldiers from Devlan raided the castle in an attempt to stop it from completion. The angels who defended the goddess killed them all, of course. Perhaps they remained, or perhaps the dead soldiers were never put properly to rest, but no one who approached the ruins since then has returned to tell the tale."

"A fairy tale to scare peasants away," Chrystalis dismissed the warning. She set down her empty bowl and tossed an extra coin to the stall owner. "A tip for a tip," she told him.

She bought a nice violet umbrella to keep her dry for the journey up into the mountains where the ruins of Castle Blesan stood. "Now let's hope the place isn't already stripped clean by adventurers by the time I arrive..."


As earlier predicted, the day was filled with a soft rain, pleasantly warm and... red as blood. Chrystalis reached her hand beyond the shelter of her umbrella and collected a drop of the liquid. Despite its appearance, it felt and tasted exactly like water, but she was still careful not to get any of it on her clothing. She was not keen on having her clothes dyed crimson. The winding path up the mountain was muddy thanks to the rain, but at least the winds were calm. The skies were filled with a patchwork quilt of clouds, overcast in some places while clear in others, so that the sun's slanted rays shone on the earth even as rain fell upon it. The air was pleasantly moist to her lips, a good day all in all.

The sun was falling; it was dusk by the time she neared the highlands and saw the walls of the abandoned castle in the distance. The rain had stopped several hours ago and stars were beginning to be visible in the evening sky. The telltale glow and smoke plume of a campfire just outside the stone walls informed her that she would not be alone in the ruins. She sighed; so much for scary tales scaring adventurers away.

The closed and furled umbrella made for a passable walking stick as she approached the campsite.


OOC: Your characters would either start already at the fort, or going to it.
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