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26 Nov 2008
When you go and upload your own custom sprite on a character you've already uploaded a custom sprite with, the sprite doesn't change. It's easily corrected by selecting one of the given sprites, saving, and re-uploading. Though the portraits pose no problem, the fact that some classes don't have a given battle sprite makes it so you're unable to re-upload aforementioned custom sprites.

If it's not fixable, it's fine. I'll just wait until someone sprites a Death Knight. '>.>

*Edit* I take that back. It looks like it's fixed.
6 Nov 2008
Name: Kotaro X Rhynebar (Alias: Jasmine)
Age: 17
Homecountry: Yllspyre
Affinity: Thunder
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 103

Class: Thief
Level: 1

Weapons: Combat Dirk, Knife
Weapon Levels: Swords: E

Kotaro has an average physique for her age. Her body is slender and light. Her wardrobe consists of blacks outlined with lavender. The hat she wears is a keepsake of all the Kotaros, handed down from generation to generation. Her hair, much like her eyes, is scarlet. It's short in length, save her bangs, which reach down to her shoulders.

Deceitful by nature, Kotaro can easily put on a convincing façade, fooling even the detectives. Of course, as a thief, she's swift in calculating and quick on her feet. Persona-wise, Kotaro is outwardly flirty and aloof, and even uncooperative at times. Despite her devilish traits, she still retains noble qualities, such as loyalty and reliability.

Kotaro, the immortal thief. A thief who lived for nine generations, acting as a robin hood to the masses. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, the very essence of a villain fighting for justice. Unbeknownst to most, each thief of each generation was each a separate entity entirely, related only by blood. The name Kotaro was passed down through generations, from father to eldest son. The legend of Kotaro died at the 10th generation, as the 9th Kotaro died in the line of thievery duty. The last people to hold Rhynebar as a surname were the 8th Kotaro and the 9th's pregnant wife.

Unfortunately, the 9th's wife died during childbirth, leaving the 8th to take care of the child. She gave birth to a healthy young girl, but despite this, the 8th raised her to take on the title of the immortal thief, as Kotaro X.

Kotaro trained long and hard on the icecaps of Yllspyre in order to live up to the preceding nine Kotaros, but as a woman, of course could not inherit their straightforward fighting abilities. Instead, the 8th trained her to battle using her natural speed and intelligence instead of just raw power and instinct. She wanted the world to know that the name Kotaro wasn't dead, that the thief was still immortal. She set her sights on Devlin.

She disembarked from her sheltered home and her grandfather, the eighth, at age 16, but found herself gaining experience in the city of Erimate, barely starting her adventure one year later.

Additional Notes/Comments: Kotaro was raised with an unorthodox sword style. She relies more on her nimble body to put her in more favorable attacking situations. Her speed and dexterity compromise for the lack of power behind her blows.
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