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2 Dec 2008
Make the promotion bonuses table sort by the 1st tier class since that's what's doing the promoting and gaining the bonuses.

Or make the user be able to choose what to sort by.
Even better, make that apply to all charts (Or just the class stats chart. The others don't look like they would benefit as much).
It would make them much easier to read and let people who haven't memorized everything quickly find what they need.
28 Jul 2008
Horseslayers I can see, since the base stat disadvantage isn't as relevant as the move advantage after the low levels, but armorslayers and fimbulveter...no.

Armors get massive def in exchange for crappy speed and limited res, and higher base stats and another weapon in exchange for low move, but then there are armorslayers...

As for Fimbulveter, sure this lines up nicely with the other two specialty magics (I don't agree. Fimbulvetr > Shimmer > Poison), but that's only if you consider the mages' side of things. Looking at the other side, the other two tomes work on all classes, but the anima one works only on fliers. In other words, it disadvantages only fliers, creating an imbalance.

Also, make skl = 3 hit, if not more. As it is, it's clearly inferior to pow. 1 pow = 5 hit = 5 crit, according to your weapons. But skl = 2 hit and .5 crit? That makes skl... worth half as much as pow. lck is in the same boat, almost.

QUOTE(Reikken @ Jul 28 2008, 11:11 PM) *
the status tomes should have their hit/mt equalized. Here, hitting not only lets you do damage but also inflict a status effect, so higher mt is not enough to balance lower hit.

QUOTE(Reikken @ Jul 28 2008, 02:50 AM) *
bows in general > other weapon types. They get an advantage... at what cost? They're generally statistically the same as lances, but they get a powerful effect, while lances get nothing.
26 Jul 2008
Therefore, it should not use two weapon uses.

QUOTE(Reikken @ Jul 27 2008, 06:36 PM) *
My argument is not about wexp. Let's make that clear. I'm not saying anything about wexp needing to change.

This is about weapon uses. Only one should be used up whether you double or not.

One weapon use and one wexp no matter what. How effective your attack happens to be shouldn't matter. And even if you decide that it does, effectiveness is currently being penalized unevenly, so that's still unacceptable. Attacking someone's weakness of low spd deserves no more penalty than attacking someone's weakness of low def/res.
15 Jul 2008
I think my mage's name (^^;;;) screws up the battle logs:

top of my battle logs

bottom of my opponent's battle logs after finding and clicking a '#3' midway through that mess of stuff
11 May 2008
If multiple lords are allowed, then the game will be flooded by lords, and then lords will be in fact weaker, because the average unit will be more powerful.

First off, I don't understand--- actually, nevermind; I just figured out what you meant.
Well, the other thing I was going to say was that you could always just limit it to one lord per battle. There would be fewer lordless battles, but the vast majority of units in play would still be the normal ones.
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