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3 Oct 2007
I know we used to have a Wanted List and a Black List thanks to someone's contributions (I think it was Proto's; don't attack me if I'm wrong)

My first question is: where is it? Did it completely disappear? Is it hiding?

My second question is: Can we have it stickied or pinned near the top of the RP4F board? It seems like something that should be there; it would play a large role in some RPs. People could volunteer to put themselves on the board, or a Mod could put people on who wouldn't on their own.

27 Sep 2007
The RP is no longer accepting members, due to enough roles being filled and the current progression of the RP.

Any discussion, questions, etc. about the rp is to take place here.
25 Sep 2007
==Hot Blooded Days, Cold Blooded Nights==

Current Members:
Blood Red (Bandits)
1. Destin Tyre (Oni)
2. Rae Cadeyrn (Trance)
3. James Hawkins (Andy)

Diomedus (Townies)
1. Isaac Le Flis (Firstsilmaril)
2. Renatus Giedrius (LtmA) OPEN
3. Dermot Arbans (Gen. Tso's Grandpa)
4. Serph Athna (HiroAven)


Sweat dripped off of bare chests, off of corded arms and furled brows, off of men. The muddy ground, once billowing dust into the air with every footstep, now squelched beneath bare feet, boots, and sandals. It was hot in Alacia today.

A score of men trekked through the mountainous trail, smelling leaving a wake of footprints in the muck and the smell of sweat in the air. Each one carried an axe or sword at his belt, and each had a hand never too far away. Even the casual observer could tell that the troop was used to using their weapons.

A single man led the pack forward. Though neither the tallest nor the strongest, though he was not the most heavily decorated, though he wore no signifying markings, he was clearly the leader. He held himself to his full height despite the oppressive heat, and exuded an aura of brusque control. Fiery red hair was plastered to his face in the heat, but a white band of cloth about his forehead kept his eyes clear and open. A black overcoat was thrown over his shoulder, leaving his chest bare. Heavy wooden sandals sank into the mud, dirtying his feet but blending in with simple brown trousers. Despite his grungy and tousled appearance, he still harbored the respect of his followers - though, truth be told, most marauders cared little for the appearance of their leader.

The red-haired leader came to a halt, and the rest of the pack did the same. He stood on a sheer cliff, looking down on a fairly large town. It looked to be several square miles in size, with a wooden palisade encircling it. A large, packed dirt road cut through the town, making two "gates" - really just large wooden doors that would swing shut after sundown. Odds were, a small militia would patrol the inside of the gate at night, just to make sure miscreants weren't sneaking in.
The red headed youth laughed.

"Er... cap'n Destin?" spoke up one of the thicker, burlier warriors. Micah, Destin recalled. Not too bright. But loyal. That counted for more than being bright.
"Shou' we set up camp here?"
"Yes, go ahead," replied Destin. "Set up camp. But no fires and no fights. We don't want to catch anyone's attention until tonight." Hearty, guttural laughter rose at the last comment. "That means the last of our salted pork. Fan out to find water; with how hot it is, we'll need to get our fluids back up."
"And cap'n?" asked Micah again.
"When ar' we 'ttacking?"
Destin glanced up at the blazing sun, almost blinding himself. It was about three hours till sundown. "We'll attack... oh, let's say midnight. It's still a two hour hustle from here. So we'll leave in five hours. Everyone be here and rested at the time. We have a long night ahead of us. A fun night-" laughter "-but a long night."

Destin turned back to the town. Diomedus, they called it. It looked abandoned in the steamy heat. It would bustle with activity at sunset when the temperature was moderate, and slow to a halt in the cold of the night. They say the hotter the days, the colder the nights. Looking over his shoulder, Destin saw how parched his troop was. It's going to be a cold night tonight.
19 Sep 2007
Considering the rejoining of me and my good friend Firsty, I've decided to start up an RP. It's basically revolving around an encounter of Destin's small bandit gang. It'll essentially involve them attacking a town in a raid for supplies, bloodshed, and the various other fun things that are involved in pillaging.

There's a lot of opportunity for PvP, which I personally love. There's a great deal of potential abuse in that, but I trust everyone to be bigger than that.

Essentially, the bandit gang will start in the mountains nearby. People can find themselves congregating both in the inn of the town to defend it, or stumbling upon the bandits and casting their lots in with them. We'll pay people to help (in gold, loot, captives, etc.), and can always use a few good warriors. Socializing could ensue, but not excessive amounts, I hope.

The attack would then ensue. I have plans beyond that, but let's not spoil them.

I'm limiting the RP to eight people including me; up to four on either side. Additionally, there'll be NPCs on both sides (town guards and bandits), so don't worry if you find yourself all by your lonesome.

Bandit Gang (Blood Red)
1. Destin Tyre (Oni)

1. Isaac Le Flis I (Firstsilmaril)
2. Renatus Giedrius (LtmA)
3. Serph Athna (Aven)
4. Dermot Arbans (General Tso's Grandpa)

I'll accept people based on order of posting in this thread, not PMs.
Any suggestions, ideas, whatever, are welcome.

That said, begin!
17 Sep 2007
Name: Destin Tyre
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Affinity: Fire
Height: 5'8"
Weight: approx 145 lbs

Appearance: Destin has a boyish face to him. Fiery red hair falls about his face haphazardly, but he lacks facial hair or stubble. Brilliant green eyes peer out, glancing about rapidly to take in everything. Though his face is soft, the rest of his body is far from it. Wiry and muscular, he holds himself with a dominant, strong air, exuding power. He's fairly attractive by most standards, but not extraordinarily so, and would fiercely deny any compliments about his appearance.
Destin tends to wear his face as a mask. While he is extremely emotional, displaying it is a weakness. Glimmers of passion show through on occasion, but only in battle is the mask removed, displaying berserk abandon.
Destin tends to wear a pair of dark trousers and a large black leather overcoat that displays his corded and hairless chest. Normally he wears a pair of wooden sandals to protect his feet, but during battle he tosses off his coat and sandals for increased mobility, fighting in only his trousers.

History: Destin grew up in Yllspyre, though not in the capital Bjavarlyk. He grew up near the northern border in a barely habitable village, just south of the ice caves. There his father and extended family taught him their way of life - to sail, to fish, to hunt, and to survive.
He lived a fairly typical life until his ninth year; during a fishing expedition a monstrous blizzard struck. The fishing schooner was blasted south for four days by the hurricane force winds. Eventually, it beached itself on the shores of Sterngratz.

Nine year old Destin, his father, and two uncles trekked through the wasteland, surviving on their rotting catch and foraged plants until they were ambushed by a party of bandits. The adults were all slain, though young Destin was spared. In a peculiar act of kindness, the drunken bandits raised Destin like them, teaching him to fight - he eventually learned a combination of the abandon of the warriors combined with the basic lessons of balance and agility impressed upon him by his few years in Yllspyre.

The bandit gang wandered through countries, taking on new members as old ones left or perished. Destin has remained with them since, rising through the pecking order until he took on the role of captain. He remains with them now. The gang now goes by the name of "Blood Red," and survives primarily by raiding small towns and villages, stealing their stores of food and alcohol, and retreating to various mountain caves. Though Blood Red has wandered through several countries, even going as far north as Yllspyre, Destin has never visited his mother Helen - in fact, she has no idea he's even alive.

Personality: Overall, Destin is a very reserved person. He dislikes displaying his emotions to others, but he actually experiences emotions more passionately than most.
The last 13 years of his life have drastically sculpted him. The only emotion he displays freely is anger and the offshoots of it - rage, hatred, disgust, and the like. He cares little for how people see him, preferring to be feared and respected. Additionally, he has exceptionally poor social skills. Growing up among a gang of bandits has taught him to solve all problems through violence. As captain, this is particularly true. The only crime a member of Blood Red can commit is disobedience - an act punishable by death. Those counted by Destin as a friend are treated with intense loyalty.

Destin relies predominantly upon his instincts. Rather than thinking about how to solve a problem, he simply acts upon his impulses, which more than often proves effective. He's a hopeless romantic, a philosopher, a dreamer. Despite brutal and violent tendencies, he can be extremely tender when close to someone. Sadly for him, there are few people who find themselves attracted to him. He's incredibly unlucky when it comes to romance, despite his extreme loyalty and sweet actions. He wants nothing more than to get married to someone he loves, but has yet to find that woman.

Class: Brigand
Level: 8
Weapon: Iron Axe ((D.3/5)), Hunting Knife ((Not proficient))

- Destin has an extremely unstable personality. He's inclined to extremes in his thinking and emotional dysfunction - experiencing intensely strong emotions at the wrong time.
- When Destin becomes sad or upset, he takes on misogynistic tendencies. And, because of the above, this can happen at strange and unexpected times.
- Destin has little interest in wealth. He's more interested in personal fulfillment - enjoying his life; particularly fighting and finding a woman he loves. However, he has a thing for books and fine art.
- While Blood Red is not particularly powerful or renowned, Destin intends to turn it into a guerilla force. He has strange ideals about liberty, rights, and government.
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