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29 Dec 2009
Oh poo, I seem to have missed my 3-year anniversary.

I figured I'd just check in, say hi, whatever.

Senior year is pretty fun. Busy. Whenever I have spare time, I waste it on Dwarf Fortress.

I also got into Stanford, which is pretty exciting.

Probably won't be back very often.

I guess this is pretty boring compared to Foe's leaving topic, eh?
2 Sep 2008
Tell me why I'm in 5 AP classes?

See you when I have Winter Break. I'll be on periodically to post in my RPs. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/sad.gif)
23 Jul 2008
Lenolia Serimaea
Nation: N/A
Age: 372, appears 21
Race: White Dragon

Amongst the Dragons of Goldoa, Lenolia is far and away the most unique in appearance. In fact, judging solely from her human form, one could never guess that she was a dragon in the first place. It's not that it is uncommon for a dragon to bear green hair; after all, the proud Black Dragons bore what could only be described as jade-colored locks. Still, this particular color of green is a bit odd: very few people have ever seen such a bright, lime-colored green in their lives. Lenolia styles this oddly colored mop into a short, sleek 'do' that reaches to the bottom of her neck, parted just to her right atop her skull. Significant portions of these strands of hair fall over her ears, though they are predisposed to jutting out cutely with their sharp, pointed ends. The defined edges of her ears are only matched in acuteness by her distinct smile, the edges of which curl upwards towards her cute, rounded nose. Sitting at the bottom of her lower lip is a metallic stud, a piercing which she gave herself several decades ago. Above this, her hazel-colored eyes glint with subtle ferocity, instantly betraying the young dragon hiding within her. Surmounting her gleaming oculars are thin, dark-colored eyebrows that are almost constantly furrowed in a determined position. Such is Lenolia's confidence that her smile rarely fades, most often during a particularly harsh or disagreeable battle.

The dragon girl's human body is quite well built (if a bit small), something she's achieved through centuries of practice and experience. Weighing in at a mere 132 pounds and at a height of 5'3", this girl is a state farthest from intimidating at first sight. Though externally, it may appear otherwise, Lenolia is an insanely dextrous, agile individual. One might think that this would imply muscularity, but that's far from the case. Considering the bizarre circumstances surrounding her existence, it's not unreasonable to consider her hidden strength an expected occurrence. She's far from perfect, though- since she was old enough to know about such things, Lenolia has always wished she were at least a little bit bustier. Unfortunately for her, the amount of exercise she gets in human form prevents any such growth. Sometimes, she thinks the trade-off isn't quite worth it. Anyways, moving on: Lenolia practices regular depilation, or removal of body hair (get your mind out of the gutter, boys). Her reasons for this aren't really justified, though she claims her looks are justification enough. The amount of time she has to spend on that sort of task approaches, for lack of a better word, inordinate. Inversely, she doesn't seem to care much for the well being of her hands, though she doesn't let her nails grow too long before cutting them.

Lenolia's clothing choice is probably less simplistic than it should be, especially considering her line of work. It's not as if she's clothed beyond her means (far from it, in fact), but again, the maintenance required to make sure she doesn't look disgusting is probably a bit excessive. Her upper body clothing takes on three layers. The bottom-most article is a cream-colored tube top, which wraps around her chest snugly. Amusingly, although it's made specifically for girls Lenolia's size, the front is slightly loose, something that makes the girl feel really inadequate when she thinks about it for too long. This top is lined with crimson fabric, which blends well with the second article: a sleeveless, vermilion vest which flaps loosely over her torso. This particular piece is fairly nondescript, though the color is pretty vivid. On top is another sleeveless vest, lilac this time. The vest beneath pops out from under it, giving a layered feel that looks absolutely adorable (at least in Lenolia's opinion). This setup allows her to show off her toned midriff, one of the few things on her body that the dragon feels she can actually be proud of. On her lower body, she sports a pair of lavender knee-breeches, the bottoms of which sinch tightly to her leg just above the knee with a tanned leather cord. Instead of a belt, Lenolia's tied a bright amaranthine scarf through the loops at her hips and lets the excess flow off to her right side freely. This style leaves her shins just as bare as her midriff, enabling her to more easily kick the hell out of anything that gets in her way. On her small, light-stepping feet are hard-soled shoes made of cloth, built airily with comfort in mind. True, they're not very practical for rocky hikes, but Lenolia's alacrity helps her dodge around the sharper end of the rock spectrum.

Other than her lip-stud, Lenolia doesn't have much in terms of jewely. Her ankle's got a silvery bangle around it for ornamental purposes, but nothing else visible can be found on her person. Oh, and she's taken to wearing a heart-shaped garnet around her neck on a cloth string. At first glance, it appears to be attached to her red vest, but this isn't the case: she's simply got a long necklace. Scars, too, are mysteriously absent on the girl's body: again, this stems from the care and importance that Lenolia gives to her appearance and well-being.

Enough about her human form. Though she doesn't spend too much time in it, her draconic form is much more impressive to look at and experience first hand. As one might have guessed from her hair color, Lenolia is, indeed, a 'Green' dragon. The implications of this have always held serious consequences for the woman, but she doesn't seem to mind, so long as she avoids Goldoa as much as possible. From her human size, it's not surprising that her dragon form is also a bit small, though it's hard to classify anything that towers a couple stories above you as such. In direct light, Lenolia bathes her surroundings in a florid, verdant glow that can mesmerize the weak and feeble-minded. Still, one mustn't forget that she is a dragon, and one who bears particularly sharp claws and fangs. Her dragonbreath, also green in lieu of her 'modifications', is a compelling sight to see in any situation, regardless of whose side Lenolia fights for. One thing to note in particular about her dragon form is that she's really, really fast while using it. Without hesitation, she's capable of soaring forward and sundering any obstacles in her path with little difficulty.

Lenolia is always on the go. Wherever she is, whatever the situation, she always seems like she's in a hurry to be somewhere. Even when relaxing, her heart rate is going. In fact, she can hardly sit still without bouncing around crazily after a few minutes. Why, you ask? Could it be ADHD, or simply overt enthusiasm? In reality, the former would probably be more accurate, but it's best not to get into that just yet. Suffice it to say that Lenolia's hyper-like behavior is a predisposition that she can't help. Also, it's important that one remember this fact: Lenolia's super-speed-attitude is directly tied to her transformations. Anyways, on to actual behavior. While she's known to be rather bouncy and antsy, this is anything but a bad thing in combat. In fact, if she maintains her adrenaline like this through battle, it becomes decidedly difficult to face her in human form. Before you know it, she's running circles around her target, delivering surprisingly rough blows with her limbs and not missing a beat in between. Of course, she can't always be hyper: after relieving her adrenaline by transforming, Lenolia becomes calm and serene, making it almost impossible to perturb her while transformed (and for a day or so afterwards). This cuts down on the raw power behind her human-form attacks, but adds to her clarity of thought and generally makes her a more efficient combatant.

It's exceedingly difficult to get Lenolia into a sad, angry, or frustrated mood. She's not really bothered by petty insults or ad hominem attacks, though it's not as if she makes light of them, either. Since you can't really insult someone like her, the only real way to anger the dragon is to assault that which she holds dear, a broad yet exclusive categorization that follows a blatant pattern. Firstly, Lenolia always considers acquaintances as allies, even if their dealings were momentary and trifling at best. Most of her relationships, in fact, are about this involved: frivolity is an easy and accurate way to describe what her 'friendships' are like. It follows, then, that her default levels of trust are very high. Taking advantage of Lenolia would be easy if she weren't such a discerning person: dragons are able to sense the misgivings of those who they place trust in. So, in a way, the dragon girl's freedom of trust is a sort of defense mechanism against betrayal: if someone were to show any sign of misconduct, they would be revealed immediately within her mind. Such a boon is highly sought after by mercenary groups who have heard of Lenolia's exploits and abilities, though she prefers to work unchained by sworn alliances and contracts such as those. Her trust even transcends race, having spent time with all sorts in her work as a hand-for-hire. Though the concept of Branded is mysterious to her, she does not fault those who bear the name Parentless, just as she does not fault Beorc or Laguz for being born the way they are. As she's pretty different herself, it's easy to see where the dragon is coming from in this respect.

When Lenolia fights an enemy, her default levels of trust are mysteriously absent. She was raised to never accept as truth the words of those brandishing weapons against her. This is a philosophy she wholeheartedly embraces: the moment someone attacks her, any honor or respect they had garnered was out the window. Surely, she believes, enemies should not expect their opponent to have mercy or remorse when about to inflict a killing blow. In such a brutal world, those who betray the simplest of trusts deserve naught but what they bring upon themselves by picking a fight with a dragon. Of course, this world view would be utterly contradictory if she were to be an aggressor, which is one of the main reasons why Lenolia refrains from shifting into her draconic form. She realizes that this could lead to ferality, but others react to a dragon's transformation, at least in her experience, as if it were an outright declaration of war. Some people, she supposes, don't realize that the non-human form of a Laguz is just as natural to them as their human form. Were beorc to realize this, she feels that so many conflicts could be avoided and that the Goddess would be that much happier with the people of the world.

Speaking of the Goddess, Lenolia's position on the almighty is somewhat confused. As a Goldoan, she was raised to believe in the infallibility of the Goddess. Her king, Deghinsea, always spoke of the Goddess as if she were some beautiful, perfect being who could do absolutely no wrong and whose efforts were the deciding factor in the ancient wars that took place centuries ago. Naturally, her travels altered this view: Lenolia met people who refused to believe in the deity, feeling wronged by her judgments and their own unfortunate circumstances. Others were more devout than even the most pious dragons, especially in the Beorc kingdom of Begnion which, according to Goldoan lore, housed the ark in which Ashera would lead the chosen few to safety in times of great peril. As of this very moment, Lenolia knows not what her actual stance is. It's not a question of whether or not Holy Ashera exists, but a question of her nature. It's not a very important thing for the dragon girl, but constantly nags at the back of her mind during times of quiet and rest.

Though Lenolia enjoys battle, it would be a grave mistake to say she loves war. Born as a servant of Order, it's her sworn duty to remain neutral in the warring of the world. Fighting local bandits and thieves is no big transgression, but she would never commit herself to fighting in an all-out war under any circumstance. She knows that she could do much damage and take many lives, but that is the path to corruption and malice, as Ashera dictates. No, it isn't war that she loves, but the feeling of wind rushing past her body as she darts across the battlefield, delivering blows and bringing powerful enemies to their knees. The exhilaration of barely avoiding decapitation, only to defeat one's foe seconds later, is the ultimate thrill for a constant mover like Lenolia. This sort of ideal has led to certain position on enemies: in particular, she holds a certain disdain for bowmen, whose weapons strike Lachrymia as malicious and ignoble. Fighting from afar shows nothing if one is incapable of fighting earnestly, face to face. True, archers have their uses, but only in sacriligeous war and bloody, senseless conflicts.

Among Lenolia's negative virtues is her impatience. She's not a rude or brash person, per se, but she gets ahead of herself pretty easily in rough situations. Sometimes, this overrides her common sense, especially in the midst of a rough battle, enabling her to get carried away quickly. This is mostly due to her fast reactions and ever-moving nature. One mustn't assume, however, that Lenolia is impatient during social situations; quite the opposite, really. In fact, her only real social problem is how bouncy she gets, something that can easily and rapidly be corrected by transformation. So, in reality, her misgivings are few and far between.

Lenolia's history is one with many twists and turns. The story of this girl, born with verdant scales, requires us to delve back beyond her conception, to a story that developed almost four centuries ago.

Years ago, Lenolia's mother, a White Dragon named Salamine, left Goldoa on a trip to see the world. In those days, discrimination against Laguz was still a very real problem, even in Crimea. Thus, disguised as a Beorc traveller, she passed through Begnion and went north to see the snowy expanses of Daein. Little did she know, this excursion would be the final sight she would see. She was only six months pregnant with Lenolia when the cruel experimenters abducted her, spiriting her away to a dungeon where she spent several long weeks, waiting and hoping for rescue. In this underground facility, she could not transform, for fear of being crushed by the narrow halls and low ceilings.

As her baby neared full term, it also became her turn to be experimented on. With cruel, fell magic, the Daeinese criminals altered her baby, intending to warp it into a monstrosity from birth. Their spells dyed the baby's growing hair an unnatural lime green, lightened the color of her skin, and removed the mark which all Dragons are born with on their skin. On the day that they were to induce the child into the world, a rescue party discovered her location and promptly destroyed the laboratory, freeing the beleaguered woman and her unborn child.

They had scarcely reached Goldoa when the birth occurred naturally. Much to the shock and horror of all present at the birth, one of the few babies born was marred and tainted by the spells of the Beorc, turning her into an odd specimen of a Goldoan. Hesitantly, they searched for a brand on the baby's body, but to no result. Despairing, the infant Lenolia was brought to Deghinsea, who declared that the baby was healthy and, though disfigured by the spells put upon her in the womb, was still to be accepted into their society.

Thus, Lenolia was raised as any dragon would be. After her first several years, when she grew old enough to learn, her mother taught her the ways of Goldoa and the surrounding world. Like any other child, she was taught to be an intelligent and thoughtful dragon, to not take up arms against others unless absolutely necessary. The oath of loyalty and detachment signed, she was allowed to transform into her draconic form for the first time, surrounded by peers and family.

What would have been a happy occasion, however, was not meant to be. The parents, expecting to see a beautiful dragon with pure, opaline scales, were instead given an emerald dragon, whose hide glinted in the sun. At least she was healthy... but such a bizarre dragonform was completely unheard of in Goldoa. The oldest sages of their land had never laid eyes upon a green dragon; even Deghinsea, who had weathered all of modern history, had never seen such a thing. Regardless, through the spite of others, she was raised to be normal.

As she grew, Lenolia developed a number of oddities. First and foremost, it became apparent that unless she transformed regularly, she would become increasingly hyperactive, to an unknown and drastic extent. To prevent this, her parents forced her to transform every other day. Due to this, she developed extremely potent draconic abilities, as she had practice with them every other day for over a century.

Another quirk about Lenolia was the speed she was developing with her human form. Unlike many laguz, who let their human forms languish and relied solely on their transformed states for power, the girl seemed naturally inclined towards gymnastic feats and strength. As required by Goldoan law, she was forbidden from taking up the study of weapons, but this did not deter the dragon girl in the least. Instead of using metal weapons, she used her body, learning how to most efficiently deliver punches, kicks, and jabs by practicing on any foe she could get her hands on.

After her first century of life, Lenolia made to join the Goldoan border guard, seeing it as a great application of her martial skills. During her applications and tests, she found that, regardless of her speed, her technique was no match for the burlier, stronger men of the Guard. Realizing her comparative lack of ability, she quickly abandoned this idea of being a guardian, instead setting her sights on a new goal: being a free agent in the world.

This brand new horizon, Lenolia realized, would give her an everlasting source of excitement, enjoyment, and challenge. For another century, she trained herself, greatly augmenting both her draconic and human abilities. In this second part of her life, she spent weeks at a time practicing her combat. Her breath grew more powerful and defined, her claws and fangs grew sharper and heavier, and her body became more resilient.

At the dawn of her 250th year, Lenolia left Goldoa with the blessings and support of her parents. They warned their daughter to adhere strictly to the principles of Goldoan isolationism, to remember her learning about the world, and to not abuse her abilities as a dragon. Brushing off their concerns, she left to the east, passing through the mountains and into the forests of Begnion. Casually, she blended into the local town, disguising herself as a travelling warrior for hire. Work, she found, was easy to come by in a volatile world such as Tellius. Petty thieves and bandits could not stand up to her ferocious onslaughts under any circumstance, and the few that stood any chance against her were mercilessly defeated by her draconic might.

As of this moment, Lenolia is exploring in Crimea, as she has been for the past few years. Employment opportunities are plentiful and challenging work pours in at a steady rate. Encountering capable enemies is a rare, dangerous, and welcome thing for the oddly-colored Laguz, who is simply waiting for the moment when she meets her match.

White Dragon Level 12

Weapon Levels: Breath - C | Strike - D (Mod note: Feel free to switch them up if you'd rather have Strikes at C)

7 Jul 2008
Lachrymia Danae Maldonaire
Nation: N/A
Age: Chronologically 178 | Physically 19
Race: Branded (White Dragon)

Lachrymia's lineage has granted her a great many boons, though at a price not many would willingly pay. Among these gifts, the most apparent of them all, is her beauty. Cascading locks colored a brilliant teal fall from her head to her waist, waving gently like the edge of a flamberge blade. In her hair is a brilliant, shining headband made of some unknown metal. This does nothing to keep her bangs from her eyes, though she's styled her hair to avoid loss of sight. Her eyes are quite similar to her hair, colored a striking cerulean. This makes her pupils stand out, giving her a somewhat odd (but not necessarily bad) aura as she gazes upon others. Lachrymia's eyebrows and eyelashes are a darker color, perhaps turquoise. Her facial features are somewhat angular, though not blatantly so. If anything, they strike a balance between rounded and pointed, perfectly matching her thin figure. If one looks closely, it's possible to catch a glimpse of a sunburst pattern radiating from her left temple. Its twirling spirals cross the upper-left portion of her face, prominently marking her as one of the Branded.

Lachrymia's skin is remarkably pale, which is unusual when one considers the amount of time she spends in the sun. This is due to the draconic blood in her body, which has altered her skin to ward away the sun's tanning rays. She's rather average in stature, reaching only five and a half feet in height. Her shoulders, left bare by her garment, are the epitome of 'not broad'. Lachrymia's hips, too, are modestly proportioned, though her chest does not necessarily follow suit. Her thin wrists lead into small, long-fingered hands with brightly painted nails adorning the tips.

Despite her seemingly unmarred beauty, Lachrymia and her body are far from immaculate. She bears a large burn mark on her back, given to her in a ferocious battle with a duo of Red Dragons. It sprawls between her shoulder blades and the back of her neck, discoloring a good portion of her skin (a part that she never shows). On her wrist is a twisted, painful tattoo which was inscribed on her by a prison warden in Daein to mark her as one of the Branded. This, too, she covers up, not wanting any to know of her troubles at first glance.

Lachrymia's clothing is comprised of a few major parts, as well as a couple of minor accessories. Her primary article is a long, black, sleeveless garment that goes from her neck to her shins, remaining tight until the waist. There, it splits into three tails, which fan out to reveal the deep crimson cloth that lines the inside. The bottom fringe of this outfit is lined with a golden thread, slightly frayed from constant wear. Similar gold lining adorns the upper part of the outfit, specifically where two brass buttons hold it together. Her collar splits slightly at the base of the throat, ensuring that Lachrymia can breathe even in the most uncomfortable positions. Prominently displayed on her chest is an arcane symbol, emblazoned on the cloth in teal ink.

Under this entire article, she wears a white garment that goes from her waist to the mid-thigh, showing itself where the tails split from each other. Most of it, however, is obscured by three sanguine belts that wrap askew around her hips. On the lower side of the belts are three brass buckles, each of which has a latch allowing it to be attached to the others. Over her arms, Lachrymia wears tight, black sleeves (loosened at the elbows so she can cast with greater ease). Familiar vermilion belts hold them to her biceps, while the edges are lined with the same golden thread as the main piece of clothing. Her legs are covered in almost exactly the same manner, except for the fact that they terminate in black boots covering her feet rather than bare hands.

Recent Appearance
To be continued...

Lachrymia's personality can be summed up in a single word: 'disinterest'. She feels that she has seen all that the world has to offer, having been to the deepest dungeons and the highest peaks of the world. In her seventeen decades of life, she has fought and killed an uncountable number of foes, laguz and beorc alike. Lachrymia is not a merciful woman, nor one who subscribes to the ideals of honesty and honor. The few individuals who she ever held respect for have already passed away, and earning her respect now is akin to befriending a stone wall.

Even with decent company, she rarely cracks a smile, although this dark exterior can be broken with concerted effort. Despite what you might think, she's capable of smiling and laughter. However, she doesn't trust anyone enough to smile and laugh with them, for fear of being betrayed the next moment. She's experienced far too much of that sort of thing to let it happen to her again.

Combat brings out a different side of Lachrymia. She is not vicious, angry, or otherwise perturbed while casting spells against a foe; quite opposite in fact. She appears serene, poised, and even elegant as she conducts her spells, remaining entirely passive even if she receives a wound. She doesn't even speak during most fights, only offering words against truly worthy foes. All of this is part of her magical training, as it was given by her parents.

Though she recognizes the existence of a deity, Lachrymia is hardly a religious person. The extent of her faith is mere acceptance in the back of her mind. She's never repented or been inside a temple for a religious service, preferring to avoid overzealous religious types. It's not that she disrespects their devout lives, but that their anti-Branded beliefs put her life in constant danger.

Although not really discriminatory by the common definition, Lachrymia is not above using racist, sexist, or otherwise inflammatory remarks to suit her goals. Inversely, she is not blatantly in favor of freedom for Laguz slaves and Branded exiles, though these freedom fighters are the ones she most often finds herself fighting alongside. Truly, she is without a cause but her own. She only cooperates with others if it should benefit her personally, be it in the long-run or as a short-term victory. Lachrymia has been part of inquisitions and rebellions alike, having performed her duties for and against every imaginable side in these conflicts. It's a testament to her skills with survival and magic that she has survived to this age.

Lachrymia was born in a small, forested dukedom sandwiched between the Kingdom of Goldoa and the Miscere River. There, in the hills, the union of a female White Dragon and a male magician gave life to a young girl, a new member of the Branded race of Tellius. Were it not for the calm understanding of her parents, the girl's life surely would have ended in tragedy. The two knew precisely what they were doing, the hardships that their daughter would go through as she bore the Brand, and what would happen to the two of them as a result. Through the forbidden union of a laguz and a beorc, the mother lost her ability to transform. Still, she did not despair, raising her child as if they were no different from ordinary Beorc females. Her father continued his work as a magical researcher, supporting their small family with his income.

At a very young age, Lachyrmia began to exhibit the signs of inherent magical ability. She had no ability to control this gift, sporadically releasing blasts of fire and bolts of lightning for months until her father taught her how to suppress her magic. At the same time, her mother began instructing her in the ways of magical focus and control, teaching the girl numerous methods of conducting her energies in a defensive manner. Thus, starting at age 8, she studied purely defensive techniques for a decade, finally showing mastery at the end of that period.

This was also the age that her aging slowed to a snail's pace. Her mother was the first to notice it: through a natural sense of empathy and the flow of magical energies, she felt her daughter's aging rapidly decline over a few days. They concluded that it wouldn't be a problem for a few years, but when it became apparent that she was no longer aging, Lachrymia would be forced to flee.

The Branded woman's training abruptly shifted from defensive to offensive magic. Her father's assistance and instruction, coupled with her massive talents, gave her knowledge at unparalleled speed. Lachyrmia had fully mastered the basics of all of magic's elements by the time two years had passed, which was around the time that the locals started noticing her nonaging.

At first, their assaults were limited to verbal insults and harmful language. Then, it escalated, starting with people throwing stones (first at her, then through the windows of her home). The locals, completely encompassed in mindless rage and fear, continued to escalate their assaults until finally, the small family was forced to flee the city and move north towards Crimea.

Everywhere they went, their secret did not remain sacred for long. Inevitably, within a couple of years of their moving to a new city, the locals discovered Lachrymia and forced them out of the area, burning their new homes to the ground. A few times, they even took up arms against the beleagured family, but were easily repelled by the magical might of Lachrymia and her father.

Eventually, they moved far into the countryside of Crimea, where they resolved only to visit towns for necessary supplies. There, they should have been safe, but it seemed that the fates had a score to settle with Lachrymia. A few years after they moved into Crimea proper, Daein launched a massive invasion and toppled the monarchy, forcing droves of people to flee into the countryside. Looters and brigands sacked the rural areas even before Daein arrived, forcing the family south towards Gallia. They found themselves trapped between two equally unfavorable options: they could either flee south and be torn apart by Laguz (as they would easily sense the Brand on Lachrymia's temple), or they could remain in Crimea and be taken in by Daein's army and imprisoned. Despairing, they fled along the border, skirting the forests and narrowly escaping many enemies from both sides. Finally, as they attempted to cross the border into Begnion at Mugil, they were captured and sent to a prison by a Daein scout force.

Sadly, Lachrymia's mother did not last long in their small cell. She had been quite weakened by their long trek across the country and simply could not survive any longer. Broken and exhausted, she died in her sleep, much to Lachrymia's sorrow and rage. Meanwhile, her father was taken to the front lines of the war and forced to work for Daein as a battle mage, inevitably resulting in his death.

Alone in the world, Lachrymia spent the next several months in prison, silently contemplating her life and her magical training. Cursing her brand, she vowed to kill thirty men of Daein for each loved one she had lost. With each passing day, she meditated more and more intensely on her magical talents, devising and weaving the most powerful spells she could comprehend and control. When she was finally freed after the liberation of Crimea, she immediately procured empty spell-tomes and encoded her new techniques into them.

Lachrymia was a smart woman. Instead of blindly rushing into her revenge (and death), she waited, learning as much as she could about magic through self-study. Like her father before her, she delved deeply into the art of casting, using her expanded power as a Branded to form powerful, deadly spells to use against her enemies. Eventually, however, her thoughts turned from her revenge. As she grew more and more isolated, keeping away from society in general, Lachrymia forgot about her vows. Engrossed, she let this power consume her being, only to repel it and gain control back, then to let it eat away at her once more. This cycle, though destructive in nature, was perfectly suited for her goals.

After two decades, the Branded woman emerged from her solitude, a completely different person. Her fiery disposition and youthful spark were gone, replaced by an icy, untrusting, unforgiving exterior. To those Beorc whom she encountered, she seemed more like one of the fabled 'spirit charmers' rather than a half-human Branded. The ignorance of others gave Lachrymia free roam across Tellius, excluding the Laguz-inhabited portions to the west and south. In her long years of travel and wandering, very few were spent in Laguz territory, for obvious reasons.

Since almost eighty years ago, Lachrymia has embarked on a plethora of different adventures and explorations. Her travels have taken her across the continent multiple times; as such, there is little she has not experienced or seen. A vast majority of this history is anecdotal in nature; her life, since then, has been a vast series of loosely connected tales, each with its own cast of individuals, gripping plotline, and striking setting. In each, even as the main character of her own story, Lachrymia has been cast in a supporting role, never the star of a single tale.

~The Goldoan Border
One of her first experiences upon first setting out was the true strength of Goldoa's fierce border guardians. In truth, Lachrymia had simply lost her way in a snowy mountain pass and wandered into Goldoan territory. However, from the perspective of the two-strong dragon patrol, she was naught but an intruder - and a branded at that! Despite her efforts to avert conflict, the incantatrix quickly found herself pinned between two rather ferocious dragons, colored a brilliant vermillion. Even with her best defensive magic, she was unable to completely repel the devastating breath of the patrol. Not only that, but their sundering claws threatened to rip her into shreds if she dared to approach. How she managed to slay the first, not even she remembers, only that it came at a terrible personal price; a price still borne today on her back. While the second tended to his mortally injured ally, Lachrymia dashed as far as she could away from the border, throwing a cloak over herself to mask her identity as she fled. Since then, the Branded magician has never drawn within three miles of their borders. Though she's positive it's a psychological thing, she feels as if her burn is fresh whenever she draws too near.

~The Daeinese Prison
One of Lachrymia's more memorable moments was as a prisoner of Daein (the second time around). You see, in order to evade being sensed by Laguz, she hid herself in Daein, masquerading as a talented mage and disguising her appearances by cutting her hair. She even wore different clothes, though the woman refused to go so far as to pretend to be a peasant. This, in itself, would prove to be her undoing. What she hadn't foreseen was a mandatory call to duty for all magically-capable individuals in her region. One of the governors in the country was, apparently, heavily involved in magical research and needed more experimenters (and experimentees, for that matter). Naturally, Lachrymia ignored her summons, discarding it casually and carelessly (as she hadn't read the notice itself, she didn't know the consequences of disobeying). So, one week later, members of the governor's militia came and escorted Lachrymia to prison.

It was here that she recieved a different sort of brand: a two-digit numeral marking her as both a rebel and, much to Lachrymia's dismay, a Branded. Unsure on the current Daein policy towards her, well, sort, Lachrymia resolved to escape immediately after being taken prisoner. In a rather lucky twist of fate, she had been transferred to the governor's private prison instead of the primary facility, rendering her escape much more simple to execute. After a week, in the midst of the night, when not even the bugs were making noise, she blew a massive hole in the second-story wall of her cell and rocketed to safety using a self-devised fire spell as an improvisation. After this, she broke back into her small, locked up hut and gathered her supplies, making a mental note to never return to that particular area (at least for a couple decades) as she fled.

~The Gallian Reagent Run
According to popular rumors, the most potent of magical reagents only grow in the thick forests of the Gallian wilderness. Therein, hidden in the deepest caves and the most ancient trees, were said to be herbs and other ingredients thought to be extinct. Of course, the problem wasn't the reagents themselves, or even the geography itself... no, it was the location that scared away all of the would-be gatherers. The Beast Tribe was, after all, not well-known for their hospitality (nor their alchemy, for that matter). Of course, Lachrymia took it upon herself to venture into the deepest forest areas, skipping the well-known and well-guarded paths and traversing the mountains in order to avoid detection.

Though not terribly hardy or good at survival, she managed to survive by foraging for edible plants and sniping off wild animals with her spells. It took weeks to make her way into the heart of the Gallian wilderness, where every second her life was endangered by roving patrols of tigers and cats. Still, evading them was not overly difficult: their paths were predictable and well-travelled, making it easy to stay unseen by simply staying away from the beaten path. Eventually, she made it all the way to where the promised reagents should have been, only to find... olivi grass. Though hardly a rare plant, she did take the opportunity to gather a good portion (and flatten the rest with an earth spell in bitter revenge) before departing the way she came, another uneventful and gut-wrenching journey.

~The Crimean Alchemist's Guild
For a time, Lachrymia participated in a small organization of potion-makers based near the capital city of Crimea. Here, none could perceive her identity as a Branded sorceress, so she was able to remain for several years and rise to a prestigious position in the group. The premise was simple: the Guild was an elite group of potion-makers, united to share reagents, recipes, and other secrets of the trade. Though the creation of magical liquids wasn't really one of Lachrymia's birth talents, she was easily capable of it (having studied it among other subjects with her father). Of course, there were tons of people who were better than her at it, but she didn't mind inferiority in such a weak art.

Lachrymia probably would have stayed with the Guild for longer than she did if she hadn't been expelled in her ninth year. In a fugue of curiosity, she attempted to bind an exploding spell into liquid form to see if she could store its power for later use. In a slight miscalculation, the fragile glass container of the potion was unable to contain the amount of power she had put in and immediately began to crack. Acting fast, she through it out of her window, unfortunately causing it to land in the center of the reagent pasture. The rest is easy to imagine: charred reagents, ejected Lachrymia.

~The Bird Tribe Raids
While on an extended stay on the southern coast of Begnion, Lachrymia experienced first-hand the sheer terror of Laguz piracy. Hawks and Ravens from their respective isles came and pillaged the city, stealing goods and wounding villagers indiscriminately. It just so happened that Lachrymia was in the midst of doing a bit of thievery herself. The night before, she had stolen the keys to the storage cabin of a cargo ship, and had planned to steal all that she could carry in the morning and depart with her spoils. It wasn't that she wanted to steal, but it was a bit of a necessity (as she was running out of money to purchase food and was rarely in the mood to hunt anymore).

Thus, in an ironic twist of fate, she found herself a third party in the conflict, simultaneously fighting off Beorc guards and Laguz corsairs at random intervals. They say that the raids themselves are scary, but if you're being assaulted by both sides of the spectrum? That's real terror. At the end of the day, Lachrymia was sleeping miles away in a small shack, having escaped with a decent amount of gold (as well as a number of wounds, sword and beak alike).

~The Begnionese Emancipation Movement
Lachrymia's personal favorite was her involvement with the various Laguz liberation groups in Begnion. In what she felt was a stroke of genius, she believed that by freeing Laguz slaves, they would be forced to respect her (and all of her kind, if she had anything to say about it). This was also the first time she had seen so many Branded together at once; each seemed to have their own reason and method of fighting. Their group certainly was an interesting bunch, one that she always enjoyed spending time with. They were jolly natured at play and serious at work, something she truly appreciated in an ally.

They freed a massive number of slaves in their day, either through peaceful negotiation, violent combat, or stealthy escapes. And, as is the way with all things, the group slowly broke apart. Some died, some vanished, some were captured, some went over to the other side. Until the very end of their organization, Lachrymia fought to free Laguz slaves, not for some ideological or moral reason, but because she felt it would benefit herself in the long run by emancipating more slaves. Finally, when the last remnants of the movement broke apart through death and strife, she departed, taking with her a sense of great achievement and satisfaction with her work.

~The Hatarian Sanctuaries
Most recently, Lachrymia used her magical talents to conduct a foray into the desert, seeking the kingdom of Hatari by her own methods. Reaching it, like all other things in her prolonged life, was no easy or short task. Her endeavor took weeks, all of them spent conjuring water, food, and shelter at an almost endless pace to keep herself alive. By the time the Illusion Kingdom was in sight, she was thoroughly exhausted, feeling the weight of each leg drag and strain as she moved it forward across the sand. One night, too tired to throw up even the most basic of shelters, she collapsed in the sand, feebly throwing a blanket over herself to protect from the cold. When she awoke, Lachrymia found herself in a wide open room, bearing curtains rather than walls for privacy. Fountains and oases dotted the lush landscape, with the desert stretching ever west.

Here, she learned more of Hatari and Tellius overall. Through careful study, she learned the tongue of the ancients in a couple of years, enabling her to speak with locals of their society and enabling them to learn of hers. The relationship of the Branded with the Beorc and the Laguz was miraculous here: even in the Emancipation Movement, Lachrymia had always sensed an aura of discord between the races. Here, however, all lived in arcadian harmony. Surely, this society was perfect; from all appearances, it was a real utopia, a piece of heaven descended upon the world. Only recently did Lachrymia depart, feeling compelled to return to Tellius for some unknown reason. It felt as if her Brand was trying to send her somewhere... where that might be, she had no idea.

Recent History

The Maid of Whiterock
As she traveled west through Daein, Lachrymia passed through the town of Whiterock, home to a well-known abbey and orphanage. Word of an imminent attack by the country's secret police reached the ears of the Branded woman, who elected to stay for the night and observe the events as they unfolded.

The Many Talents of Tellius
Upon departing from Whiterock, Lachrymia's attention was drawn to rumors of a talent contest occurring in Crimea. With a significant monetary reward being offered to the victor, she naturally chose to attend. The trip there was relatively uneventful, but upon arriving, she found herself inundated in a whirlwind of Laguz and royalty of both races. Even more disturbing was the revelation that the host of the show, a man named Emmeth, was, in fact, a Black Dragon. A fight ensued over the proprietor of the mansion the show was to be hosted in, highlighted by the appearance of numerous feral Laguz. Lachrymia, however, was not a participant in the fight: Emmeth had secured her in his chambers. By the time she got out, the lord of the manor had escaped and his minions were put down.
[+3 Levels]

The Show Must Go On
After the showdown in the mansion's foyer, the guests slowly dispersed into their respective rooms and prepared themselves for a fine dinner. Hiding her Brand, Lachrymia descended in her ordinary clothing, quietly observing the banquet and offering a unique perspective on Daein's recent actions, having experienced them first-hand in Whiterock. A small altercation between two guests, followed by an impressive show of skill from another, were highlights of the evening.

The Backstreets of Begnion
Has not yet occurred.

Magus, Level 20/9
Weapon Levels: Anima - A

Weapons: An Exhaustive Summary: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Amida [PRF] - Epic Brave Lightning Spell
A fast, powerful spell visualized by numerous arcs of brilliant electricity shooting from behind Lachyrmia to strike her foe. Used properly, it can be absolutely deadly.

Majaegis [A] - Close Ranged Unstable Fully Powered Enhancing (Def, Res) Lightning Magic
This particular piece of magic wraps Lachrymia in a protective aura, lessening the severity of both physical and magical wounds.

Scathe [A] - Fully Powered Amalgamative (x2) Beastslaying Birdslaying Dragonslaying Wind, Fire, and Lightning Magic
A terrifying feat of magic that creates a deadly multi-elemental explosion. This spell is especially effective against Laguz; most weaker ones stand no chance of surviving a few castings.

Ultranova [A] - Fully Powered Area of Effect Impacting Fire Magic
By exciting magical particles in an area, Lachrymia can cause a massive explosion, capable of tearing apart stone walls and bodies alike. The magnitude of this explosion makes it quite difficult to stand afterwards.

Viole [A] - Short Ranged Conjuring Stoning Permanent Full Powered Earth Magic
Like the basilisk of legend, Lachrymia can use this technique to coat a target in a thin yet resilient layer of stone, rendering them a helpless statue. Her version is less deadly than that of the mythical beast, but it is still absolutely petrifying to the afflicted...

Armillary [A] - Fully Powered Area of Effect Artillery Lightning Magic
This bit of magic conjures a veritable meteor of cyclic lightning from nowhere to terrorize a group of faraway enemies or a building. It is sufficiently large to wipe out entire swaths of enemies in one casting, though stronger foes are proportionately more resistant to this usage.

Soothe [A] - Epic Powered Adaptation (Healing) Water Magic
By channeling a significant amount of magical energy through water, Lachrymia can easily heal most injuries. This can even be done from a range, provided the target is close enough to a viable water source. Of course, her healing powers are no match for a seasoned cleric, but it serves her purposes fine.

Cyclone [A] - High Powered Permanent Conjuring Area of Effect Wind Magic
Through significant expansion of her energies, Lachrymia can incite a localized wind storm that cuts mercilessly and relentlessly at all caught within (save herself and those she chooses to spare). After the initial casting, it is simple for her to maintain and hard for others to disperse.

Fulguras [A] - Fully Powered Conjuring Permanent Variable-Element Magic
This technique creates an entity known as a wisp. These semi-sentient constructs of magic act as an extension of Lachrymia's own power, allowing her to store energy in them and then recover to her full strength once more. This results in a significant net increase in her overall magical power. The wisps themselves are manifested as a hovering mote of some sort of pure energy, colored according to the element it is constructed out of. These wisps are capable of powerful bursts of pure elemental energy, as well as various manifestations of their particular element. In other words, she could create a Water Wisp to give her a source of water, or a Wind Wisp to give her a pleasant breeze.

Athame [D] - Keen Edged Mithril Dagger
A beautifully crafted knife forged of mithril and sharpened to an extreme extent. Though she doesn't generally use it for combat, its long, straight blade could easily be used to cut or stab an enemy.

Spells Exclusive to "The Many Talents of Tellius" and "The Show Must Go On"

Achenar [A] - Fully Powered Adaptation (Corrupting) Fire Spell
A simple yet devastating technique that strikes the foe with an incredibly hot jet of flame, colored a forbidding black. As the affected surface burns, it will change composition into a twisted, disgusting mass of black matter that spreads with the fire itself.

Sersache [A] - High Powered Burning Area of Effect Adaptation (Weakening) Water Spell
Evokes explosions of chemical ice around a foe, pelting them with a nigh-inescapable maelstrom of damaging shards. Within this area, the vapor of the sublimating ice, though invisible to the eye, rapidly drains the stamina of those who inhale it. Additionally, even if one survives the ice, they will suffer chemical burns wherever the spell's product impacts.

Veridis [A] - Fully Powered Area of Effect Adaptation (Pestilent) Wind Spell
Creates a storm of cloudy wind that bears a severely damaging virus with it. When this virus touches the skin of its victims, it immediately propagates and begins to kill cells at an alarming rate. This is in addition to the choking, foul wind that, if breathed, accelerates the destruction of the body. Though it doesn't do much cutting or slashing, the storm itself can buffet around enemies and inflict severe bruises on unprotected body areas.

Other Notes
- Lachrymia is somewhat proficient with the Ancient Language, being that she is both a caster and the daughter of someone who knew it fluently. She's able to write spells using it and can understand what she's being told, but speaking it is another matter entirely.
- As the daughter of a talented magical researcher, Lachrymia is naturally inclined to more abstract forms of magic. She's incredibly skilled with battle magic, naturally, but her esoterica is rivaled by few.

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