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What business have you filthy creatures here? You slaughter my brethren, and befoul their rest with the profanity of your continued existence... I am the dealer of destruction... I am the font from which fear springs... I am Harudoku... And your time is at its end.
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Reimu Hakurei
Hakurei Shrine's Miko
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Lazing around the shrine, solving problems with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.
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Reimu Hakurei


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17 Mar 2010
You did not make those. I made those. Those are NOT your sprites. At the very GODDAMN least, recolor them. Or better, find other sprites. Do NOT steal.

Oh, and if you want me to take it up with you in private, empty your message box.

And for reference: http://feto.feplanet.net/character/view/64

EDIT: I think her mugshot is stolen from ChinaFE, FE8's Will of Good and Evil hack. Celica, to be exact.

EDIT2: And if you REALLY want proof, that signature down there was made by Wymsy around that sprite... more than a goddamn year ago.
28 Nov 2009
The scouts had been following them for hours, hidden by the rocky crags. Few words were exchanged, but they both knew exactly what to do. These intruders weren't here for land, they were sure of that. They were searching for the captives that the same scouts had reported a few solar cycles prior...

They turned and ran off. The interlopers on their land noticed with a start, but at this point, it didn't matter. A mere few minutes until their demise, no matter how far they ran...


Meanwhile, at another camp with a much higher vantage, Haru was watching one of her clanmates grow steadily more and more uneasy. She was a bit uneasy, too. Perhaps this would be her first meeting with her native peoples in... how many years? It didn't matter at this point. She knew she'd be sent. Footsteps from behind...
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the players are completely seperate from this group


This all happened unknown to the "intruders", of course.
All they had to occupy themselves was yet another set of open cliffs. A few rocks for cover, but it didn't matter, as the only thing attacking them was the sun, and it was right above them, where the rocks couldn't protect them. Footing was a bit uneven. They'd been walking all day, on orders of the dispatch agent for the job at hand, instead of in carts or carriages. They were to find the missing party, if possible, and defeat anything that might've caused their disappearance. Of course, it probably wasn't hanging in anyone's mind that they'd have to defeat anything. In fact, all that these lands had invited was crushing loneliness, echoing silence, and an imposing sense of endless monotony...
...And then the monotony ended as at least 20 men on horses brandishing crude swords, bows, and spears rushed down the cliffs. They were clearly intent on killing.
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this is you
23 Nov 2009
Devlan's government recently sent a group of enterprising real-estate agents to Sterngratz to find territory to annex to support the burgeoning populace. Three months passed and there was no response from the party, and they're now looking for a group of mercenaries or warriors to go and find out what happened to them, and save them if possible. Rations will be supplied. Bring your own weapons. Anyone in the world applicable.

Looking for five or six people, and I won't be joining until later.

One of Nexus' characters is joining, I think. Otherwise, gogogo
3 Nov 2009
Name: Harudoku Sanada
Age: 42
Homecountry: Birth, Yllspyre; Now lives with a small group of nomads in Sterngratz
Affinity: Fire
Gender: Female
Height: 6'6"
Build: Heavily built, but not fat.

Class: Adept
Level: [5]

Weapons: Blaze, Fire, and an empty Firestorm as a remnant of a past long forgotten; and a trusty (also rusty) old bronze sword that has stood the test of time.
Weapon Levels: Anima [D 0/4]

Appearance: Tall and well-built, usually with heavy dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep. Hard, callous face. Hair about two and a half feet long and completely unkempt. Usually wears a worn old robe (dark red with gold trimmings) that seems as if it was very ornate in its prime... Which was long ago. Carries a small hide bag with a few books and minor possessions. Always barefoot, and unaffected by any terrain underfoot due to the thick callous. A few scars here and there, hard to notice under the deep tan. Has what looks like a Ruby-inset bracer on her left arm.

Personality: Not much to say here; one has to meet her to know what she's like. She's very intelligent and wise in her words, if a bit hardened on the response and lacking charisma due to a limited amount of interpersonal experience. She's not afraid to fight, and would stick up for justice, but would prefer to trade words over trading blows. On rare occasions, her temper flares up and she becomes very hard to communicate with, which she acknowledges as one of her greater flaws. If it matters, she's not straight (though she avoids the subject if it comes up, given the prejudice given her "type").

Bio: Born Madison Sanada in one of the main cities of Yllspyre, she was shown to have prodigious magical skills early in life and was well on her way to becoming one of the great sages of her time. However, sometime around age 16, she took a trip to Sterngratz to pursue a lead on the strongest Fire tome in existence and found herself quickly captured by nomads. She couldn't fight or do much of anything to get away, and may have been sold as a slave or worse were she not saved by the Gral Clan, another group of nomads. She never managed to find another way home, but never tried too hard; she quickly grew to enjoy the freedom of nomadic life much more than the hard, ordered life of her urban upbringing. However, five years after her integration, a great war started between two of the nomad clans. The Vala Clan was pushed out of their territory by an enterprising group of knights from Devlan and had to invade Gral's territory. This war lasted ten years and ended up in 90% of the population of both clans being destroyed. Eventually, they decided to coexist for the sake of their children. During the war, however, Haru had to help Gral in the fight, which is where she got most of her battle experience and skill. She's still rusty, given that she hasn't fought a major battle in over a decade, but she retains the knowledge, deep down...
As of now, she lives with the remainder of Gral's and Vala's members, constantly moving around the land of Sterngratz.

Additional Notes/Comments: She never found the ultimate Fire tome, but instead found that a dud was in its place (a Firestorm tome that she called "Meteor"). This helped Gral prevent its extinction in what was later known as the Hellstorm Incident and cemented her place as the Gral clan War Chief, a position she later handed down to someone else. She is currently the town Sage.

"Burn, burn!"

Comments: Good to see a mold-breaking character such as this, don't come across multiple elements shown here very often. d=w=
5 May 2009
You are a group of mercenaries, traveling and going about their daily lives...
You return to your base, your home, your collective life up until this point, when suddenly...
No way to escape, you try to fight them head-on... suddenly, there is a loud noise, a flash of light, and you find yourself on a remote island.


Several months later...

The natives have treated you well. You've long been living in the eastern keep of Talys isle, peacefully but for a few encounters. The king of the native people has treated you well. All is well.

But that's about to change...

Right, well, this is about all I have for now. I'll spice it up with some screenshots and such later. Now, I need to get going on the campaign, but to do so, I'm going to need some beta. I have some testers already, but I could use, say, two more. I don't care who you are. I need a wide variety of test subjects to see how you react. You have to be able to take some orders, at least, and not tell people what's going on.
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27 Apr 2011 - 23:05
Yeah, I mostly keep in touch with Ramsden on DeviantArt. You want I should pass him on a message or summat?
11 Sep 2010 - 22:48
kaishin no chikara
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wow you bitch
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I need a ton more loli pics.
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Hey, you. Didn't mean to ignore you today. Just been crazy busy, y'know?
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Vaya, me sorprende que sepas/seas español ._.
Bueno, dime como quieres ese combate. Mis 20/20 están ocupados ahora, tendría que ser mañana o pasado.
21 Apr 2009 - 8:28
I believe we've got off on the wrong foot. Touhou fans are a rarity. And nice meeting you Remilia!
12 Apr 2009 - 23:19

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