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Fire Emblem, obviously. I enjoy roleplaying in many different fandoms. I prefer to use OCs but do rp as actual characters as well. I enjoy writing fanfiction for Pokemon and Fire Emnlem primarily.

Video games in general could be considered an interest.

Writing and Rping are interests as well. I always enjoy a decent rp of many genres and fandoms, while I'm actually more picky with what I'll read and write about.
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5 Mar 2011
Yes. See, I would like someone to create a mugshot for my sole (currently) Radiance Lost Character, Jeanna Di'Voitre. A description of her is in her profile, but I'll be nice and just post one in a spoiler below:

Jeanna's Appearance: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Jeanna is not too tall, standing at only 5"7 in height. Jeanna's skin is lightly tanned, so while her skin color is white she is not fair skinned. Her black hair is a few inches past her neckline at the back in length, and her bangs are meant to brushed off to the side to frame her heart shaped face, but the often fall onto her face during combat or training. Her eyes are a deep hazel, but seem to brighten slightly when she smiles.Her lips are between skinny and full but maintain a semi-moist pink to them at all times, save traversing a desert. Her chin is round and not prominent. One her neck, she wears a wooden charm on a necklace.

Typical with most mages, Jeanna wears a somewhat heavy but not too long cloak that holds her Toxic Deluge tome. The purple cloak is made of a dense fabric, forcing her to put slightly more effort into running at full speed, but the cloak is hooded and protects her from rain, wind, heat and cold to extents. In length, the cloak falls between her hip and the back of her knees, and covers her armspan in length. Her arms are skinny, as she doesn't use them for much more than the average task. Jeanna wears a typical red short sleeved shirt and moderately priced cloth with a tight black undershirt, the latter of which invisible beneath the shirt save on her neck, which it covers in a similar fashion to a turtle neck.

Her hands are protected by two gloves that appear to match at a distance, but her left glove is leather and fingerless while her right glove is fingered, longer, and cloth. For legwear she has but an indigo miniskirt, revealing much of her long, sleek yet muscular legs. Footwear consists of her tight, nearly knee-high boots are made of thin but durable black leather. The boots are heeled slightly, but Jeanna is used to running and walking in them. Beneath her right boot, there is a cheap, silver painted anklet that is little more than a rip-off trinket.

She has a silver ring with a red pentagram design on her right ring finger that allows her to use a Fire spell, but the majority of her spells are used through chants, as her parents used their Anima and Dark Magic mostly through chants, as she doesn't like carrying heavy tomes. However, Jeanna has been looking into drawing magic from her own energy and from Tarot Cards, so she keeps a deck of cards in a brown leather fanny pack that is strapped to her waist. The pack contains a plain survival knife that has no combat use, the deck of cards she is working on, and usually supplies such as Vulneraries, food, and water.

All in all, Jeanna is considered pretty and fairly hot, but not a "bombshell" in terms of physical appearance.

I doubt ALL of that is useful for the mugshot...actually, I'm positive that all of that isn't useful, but I threw it in just in case. Simply reply here if you're willing to accept.

4 Mar 2011
Name: Elric "Ship's Bane" Aelfgar (Eh-ulf-Garr)
Nation: Crimea
Age: 19
Race: Beorc
Affinity: Thunder
Class and Level: Wyvern Knight Level 12
Weapon Levels: Axes C

Appearance: Elric is a tall man, standing at 6"1, with an all around muscular build, no one area standing out. His arms and legs are long due to his height, and his shoulders are broad. Elric's hair color is indigo in color, but short at the back. His bangs at the front are brushed to somewhat frame his face, but they fall just above his ears in length. Tiny locks of hair cover his forehead, and his eyebrows are closet to black. Elric's eyes are a vibrant gray, and his skin is white and fair. He is said to possess a youthful face that easily swells with pride., and his mouth is almost always curled in a smile or a smirk.

His standard wardrobe consists of a somewhat fancy dress shirt that is white in colour. He wears black pants to go with it, but the brown boots he wears with these somewhat take away from the classy apparel. There are gold cufflings on the cuffs of his shirt, and he tends to wear the collar of the shirt propped up.

All of the armor Elric wears is navy blue with gold trim. He wears all plate armor, consisting of a breastplate, pauldrons, gauntlets, cuisses (thigh armor), and greaves. The armor is durable but makes him a little bit heavy, though not nearly on the scale of an armored. The shirt that Elric wears beneath the armor is long-sleeved, though the sleeves are tucked into his gauntlets, and non-tucked into his pants as well. The color of the shirt is green aside from the white going vertically down the middle. The pants he wears are beige, and are tucked into his greaves.

Vulcan, Elric's Wyvern, is a Silver-backed Fisher/Garuda mix. His scales are very dark blue with a streak of silver from the back of his neck to the base of his tail. Vulcan is more muscular than most Fishers, though not as strong as the average Garuda, but is faster than the average Garuda. He has a wingspan of twenty-five feet, sharp claws, and sharper fangs. Vulcan's eyes are amber in color, he has a fairly long neck, and like all Fishers, his tail tip has a paddle shape to it that allows for powerful swimming. Vulcan is planned to have white armor with gold trim, but his only piece so far is a plate that protects his snout and forehead, leaving room enough to see.

Personality: Elric is proud and loyal to his country. He believes the king, Ahearn O'Connery, will be phenomenal as a leader and devotes his loyalty and faith to protecting him. Elric holds himself in high esteem, and his self-confidence is hard to shatter or break. He enjoys a decent drink every now and again, but it's a small habit that has yet to interfere with his work as a Crimean Royal Knight. His actions can be brash if he gets fired up, but for the most part he keeps a cool head, though others tend to see him as a hothead anyway. He is respectful those with authority over himself, and rarely questions any orders he is given, whether he agrees with them personally or not. Elric is faithful to the oaths he has sworn.

Elric is very patriotic, and loves everything about Crimea. He views Crimea as the best country to live and serve in all of Tellius, but he has a strong dislike for Daein, mainly for their ways opposite that of Crimea's. A known fact is that Elric can be easily enraged by insults towards Crimea. Laguz are considered regular people and citizens of Crimea by Elric, and he accepts them as allies and friends in Gallia. In fact, Elric is somewhat fascinated by the Laguz and their ways of life. He likes the country lifestyle over the hustle and bustle of Melior, but he loves Melior as well, for it's heritage and the people that live there. He loves the landscape of Crimea as well, the green fields and the sea to the northwest.

His relationship with Vulcan is a symbiotic one when it comes to their personalities. They feed off each other's energy to add to their own, leaving both rider and mount eager to work. Elric seems to understand Vulcan as if the Wyvern were a person, and according to him, Vulcan is snide and arrogant, yet fairly perfectly safe to approach so long as it is not heat season. Vulcan takes much pride in his work, much like Elric, and is fairly protective of his rider, knowing that they need each other in battle. The two have each other's full trust in and out of combat, and Elric considers Vulcan his best friend and favorite comrade. Whether Vulcan shares this line of thought is unknown, but very likely.

Biography: Elric Aelfgar was born to Kruschnik and Edna Aelfgar in early spring of 729, his mother dying after giving birth. Therefore, baby Elric spent his days under only the care of his father Kruschnik, who was once a Cossack for Begnion in his younger days. Edna had been a Bishop from the clergy assigned to aid the Begnion army if war were ever to come, and the two had met "off duty". They fell in love after months of spending time together, and were oficially married when both quit their careers to pursue more standard jobs in trade. The job had taken the couple to Crimea, which they decided to stay in after a year of traveling back and forth across the trade lines. After purchasing a house in Unna, a city in North Crimea, the two agreed to have children.

And here Kruschnik was, nine months later, raising baby Elric on his own in Unna. Kruschnik never let his wife's death get in the way of raising his son, however, and he did his best to be a good provider and father. He often had to hire nannies to watch young Elric, due to Kruschnik's hectic job as a merchant, but he spent much time with the baby. When Elric turned three is around the time he began to make friends, and Kruschnik often agreed to have Elric's friends over in his house whenever he wasn't working, wanting the boy to grow up to be social and friendly. The desired effect was achieved, and Elric is well known for his positive social status presently.

At age five, Kruschnik took Elric on a hike. The hike was a far one, since mountains were far from Unna, so they traveled from their home to the border of Eastern Crimea and Selior, Begnion. Elric was amazed and excited to see the mountain range and the wildlife away from his home, so Kruschnik decided they would camp at the foot of the mountains for several days. This plan was interuppted and their time was cut short, however, as a group of Daein mercenaries ruthlesly harassed Kruschnik. They told him that he was near their base of operations, and that his merchant caravan would give away the position of their enemies. Before Kruschnik could apologize, they threatened his and Elric's lives if they didn't leave immediately. Elric witnessed this with his own eyes, and as he and his father made the long journey back home, the memory slowly began to repress itself, allowing for a hatred of Daein to be born later on in Elric's life.

All was not lost, however. When stopping by the river outside of Dherbray, Elric heard a loud screech. A shadow was cast over the land, and as he looked up, he saw a large, winged beast flying above them. He was frightened at first, but Kruschnik reassured his son. He told him that it was a Raptor, a type of Wyvern that lived near mountains and probably had a nest back at Selior. Elric was fascinated with the creature, though it was so high up he only saw the outline and basic shape of the reptillian beast. Before he began to imagine what it looked like up close, the Raptor flew off, and was gone in a few mighty wingbeats. Two days after this experience, the Aelfgars were home in Unna.

Elric made even more friends by telling the stories of his hike and camping trip. He happened to hear some rather rude words be used to describe Daein by a few of his friends' parents, and as such, Elric figured that Daein was a bad place in general for everyone. Elric did in fact become even more grateful for being a Crimean citizen as a result, and was often fascinated and grateful whenever he saw Crimean soldiers patrolling Unna to make sure no bandits attacked the town.

Not too much of interest happened to Elric since those days, and his childhood was a happy, rural one. However, at the age of 9, he began to take interest in becoming a soldier at the age of 9. Kruschnik started telling Elric some, child appropriate, stories of being a mounted knight for Begnion. Elric wasn't all too fond of horses, but did find entertainment in his fathers stories and experiences. He though serving one's country would be glorious, and began having childish dreams of becoming a reknowned warrior throughout all of Tellius and it's history, like Ike or his father Gawain. Elric would have mock fights with his friends, picking up sticks and whacking each other with them. No skill was involved, and the children would always go home with small bruises and the ocassional welt. They would always take sides, and the standard plot of their games were that there were Mercenaries interfering with the Crimean Royal Knights' attempts to stop a Bandit attack on either Melior or Unna. They called their battle games "MCB" after the three sides the children would take.

Elric grew out of these play fighting games when he was 12, but that was only because he felt that actually becoming a soldier was the way to go. Steady pay cheque, so Elric didn't have to worry about a job, and he got do serve the country that had treated him and his father so well, even though Kruschnik was of Begnion origin, straight out of Sienne. Kruschnik humored his son and bought him a woodsman's axe. The axe was shaped properly, but was not very sharp and not too heavy, so it allowed Elric to practice axe work on his own and swiftly build upper body muscle. However, Elric didn't quite have the footwork for ground fighting, and Kruschnik knew it would take his son much time to learn it this late in life.

However, Kruschnik knew that Elric was, in fact, trained to ride a horse so he could travel with Kruschnik's caravan. Upon being asked if being a mounted knight would interest Elric, he shook his head. He was set on becoming a footsoldier, and while his axe work improved over the two years he trained with a bit of help from Kruschnik, his footwork did not improve too much. Kruschnik began to insist that Elric either focus on footwork or learn to be a mounted knight. It was then that Kruschnik brought up that Elric's mount could be a Pegasus or a Wyvern. After thinking it over, Elric decided that he would learn to ride the beast that captivated him 9 years prior to that very day.

So, at age 15, Elric left home to go and sign up for the Crimean army at the nearby St.Sana military base as a Wyvern Rider. Because of this, Elric was given an adolescent wyvern of Fisher/Garuda mix that Elric named Vulcan after a day with him in the military. Sure enough, Elric's axe work proved extremely effective due to his powerful style when he only had to focus on staying seated, so Elric's training focused on controlling Vulcan and building trust with his mount. Due to Elric's ferocious style, and Vulcan's speedy but bulky physique, Elric's primary duty was to be part of a long border patrol, mainly watching for pirates and seafaring bandits. The range that Elric patrolled was along the coast of northern Crimean, from Imodt to Poalle, half of the Teybin Channel. Ocassionally, Elric would be stationed at Ferire because he would go off duty after reaching Poalle.

It was only two weeks after he began these duties that the border patrol, consisting of Wyvern Riders and Pegasus Riders, found their first pirate ship. After watching for a bit, they realized that the ship had in fact been a ship that had been raiding fishing ships from Poalle and Unna. Enraged, Elric dived down on the ship before receiving any orders, landing Vulcan on top of one of the unsuspecting pirates. This startled the pirates, who were unprepared for an aerial barrage such as this, and Elric commanded Vulcan to grip the injured pirate they had landed on. When the rest of the patrol came down, the pirates were swiflty subdued, most of them killed. Dragging the pirate back to St.Sana, they interrogated her to see if there were any other pirate ships that were taking part of this raiding.

A report was delivered back to the patrol team that there was, in fact, a few ships that were raiding fishing ships in the Teybin Channel and Hinon Bay, though the former seemed to have more of them. Being one of the few wyvern riders that rode a Fisher, Elric is assigned to go out to the St.Sequit military base on Iduanne and assist their navy in hunting down these pirates. Elric would ride Vulcan as he swam through the water, since Vulcan blended in with the dark waters of the Teybin Channel. Soon, Elric caught word that a second Crimean wyvern rider was assigned to another naval ship, as the pirate ship raids had become unusually common and serious. Elric felt determined to stop the pirates and took the attacks personally, since his father is a travelling merchan albeit not at sea.

After a week of searching, the ship that Elric had been assigned to had found a suspicious ship docking at Aoredde. After inspecting the ship once's it's crew got out, they found large sums of money that appeared to be from various sources with no inventory. It was not a merchant of fishing ship, but a pirate ship. Elric stayed on a floating Vulcan at the same marina, and when five of the pirates returned, they were swiftly assaulted and defeated by Elric alone, as they were unable to avoid the swipes of Elric's axe and Vulcan's tail, claws and wings on their cramped ship. However, the remaining pirates were detained by the soldiers patrolling the town that they were stocking up in. One ship was down.

While Elric was forced the leave the ship he was paired up with as it continued to patrol the Teybin Channel eagerly, he was placed hastily with another, large ship, that was to search Hinon Bay for another ship. The merchants at Hinon Bay were fairly shifty, and this caused many false arrests that Elric thankfully did not harm any merchants or their crews when arriving at their ships. However, Elric and the navy crew he had been assigned to did find a pirate ship in the process of leaving after a successful raid. Frustrated that he had been too late, Elric and Vulcan rushed at the ship, and Vulcan bit out chunks of the ship's hull to force it to sink. Elric assisted by hacking at the hull with his axe, but he was fortunate enough to look up and see an enemy wyvern rider descending upon him. While Vulcan was able to back off quickly, the wyvern rider managed to slash Vulcan's side with his axe.

Elric began to do battle with the enemy rider, but they were at a stalemate. After a few mutual misses, Elric realized that the other Wyvern was a full Garuda and had some heavy armor on it. It's underbelly was unprotected, and it wouldn't make a good swimmer unlike Vulcan. So, Elric and Vulcan dove to the water, keeping low while the enemy hesitated to follow them to the water's surface. Eventually the enemy did though, and Elric hacked at the Garuda's chest while Vulcan slammed his tail into the side of the Garuda. These attacks stunned it, and Elric took the high ground, delivering a fatal strike to the rider while Vulcan bit deep into the Garuda's neck. After this, the enemy and his mount fell to the sea, dead and dying.

Both Elric and Vulcan were tired, but they still managed to assist in the detainment and defeat of the other pirates. Upon returning to his original base at St.Sana, the young rider and his mount were praised for their success, and the combat names "Sink Shiper" and "Pirate's Bane" were given to Vulcan and Elric. However, as Elric saw Vulcan as an extension of himself and vice versa, he named him and his mount "Ship's Bane", simply combining the two names. Upon returning to Unna for the first time, they were seen as local heroes, and Elric received praise for his success and scolding for his recklessness from his father.

As they continued to serve in the military for another two years, pirate attacks and sightings have noticeably halved if not more, and the two did well against land and mountain bandits. The two were definitely most famous among the navy and feared by seafaring criminals, and made the Fisher wyvern more popular among any wyvern riders who decided to join the Crimean navy. There were many missions that Elric and Vulcan were sent on in a short time, but they were never anything more than bandit attacks, pirates, or thieves. Elric and Vulcan were soon wanted all along the coast of Crimea, and they with the teams they put on rarely failed.

At age 17, Elric's skill was spotted by a recruiter for the Crimean Royal Knights. When approached by this recruited one night, Elric did have to think about the offer. The position he would start off at would be a Cadet, and Elric was given some time to make the decision. Becoming a Royal Knight meant moving closer to Melior and further from his home. The chance to serve and protect the king himself was an extraordinary one, but Elric liked protecting the average citizens that lived on the coast as well. Worried that pirates may return if he wasn't there as often, he spoke to his father about the decision. Kruschnik told Elric to go and pursue this career, for there was no greater honor than being asked to become a Crimean Royal Knight, especially at such a young age. The next day, Elric agreed to join the Knights, and was delighted to find that he would still be able to patrol the coasts so long as he was able to rush to Melior if and when needed, though not immediately.

For two years, Elric learned greater discipline so that he would be less likely to go off and do his own thing. He moved to Ridellia as it was any easy flight that city to the capital, and also a quick flight to St.Sequit and Fort Pinel. Elric spent much time travelling between these three areas, but he was content in that he was able to protect the Teybin Channel, the Capital, and the Centerland in his position. He managed to be promoted to the rank of Sergeant, and while his potential and skill could bring him higher, his overzealous attitude makes the higher ups a bit too nervous to give him more control than what he already has. Perhaps someday soo, now at age 19, Elric will realize that a calm mind can be just as deadly and useful in combat as a rash one.



Embolden-{C, 5}-Steel +1, Beard +1, Armorslayer +1, Echo +2, Mace

Elric's sole weapon at the time. Embolden is powerful and not too heavy at the same time, and it is very useful for shattering armor and shields. It's lightness has a slight enchantment that allows for a follow up attack after the first strike, though the second strike is weaker than the first.

-Elric has Falkyn's approval for his rank among the Crimean Royal Knights
-Vulcan is named after the Greek god of fire and volcanoes, the blacksmith god.
-Aelfgar means "Elf Spear"

Character Image Soundtrack

-Main Theme (Bleach OST 1-Blaze of the Soul Reaper)
-Crimean Royal Knights (Bleach OST 1-Destiny Awaits)
-Vulcan (Final Fantasy XIII OST-Eidolons)
-Ride On (Battle Theme 1) (Final Fantasy VIII-Don't Be Afraid Orchestrated)
-Never Drop Your Weapon (Boss Battle Theme 1) (Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core-The Summoned)

Approved by Solowing
1 Mar 2011
Well, not so much "edit", but is anyone allowed to make a page about their character or something like that on the wikia?
28 Feb 2011
OOC Synopsis: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
It was a standard tavern, one frequented by the young mage often enough. Not for the drinks of company, however. It held signs, ads, and papers, that was why. One day, Jeanna snatched an ad that had yet to be grabbed, a wanted poster. It was a band of but seven criminals. They stared off on their own, then joined up for strength in numbers, or so the ad said. Jeanna knew she needed the 20,000 gil they were offering, but could she handle such a group herself? With a bounty like that, it wouldn't be long at all before someone else decided to take their team and hunt for the killers themselves. So, the next day, Jeanna posted her own ad. She wanted at least four others to join her, and they would split the gold, 4,000 a piece.

It had been three days since she posted the ad. In detail, it said to meet outside of the same tavern on this date, even though it was unfortunately chilly. Thankfully for the skinny mage, Jeanna's cloak protected against the fall winds as she stood outside the tavern.

She kept silent as the customers waltzed in and out of the tavern, some sober, some drunk even before going in. Jeanna looked up at the sky with a short sigh. Despite the temperature, it was still a nice day....but she wouldn't stay here waiting for more than a few hours longer. She'd rather risk her life than let someone else claim the gold she believed she deserved.
27 Feb 2011
Synopsis: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
It was a standard tavern, one frequented by the young mage often enough. Not for the drinks of company, however. It held signs, ads, and papers, that was why. One day, Jeanna snatched an ad that had yet to be grabbed, a wanted poster. It was a band of but seven criminals. They stared off on their own, then joined up for strength in numbers, or so the ad said. Jeanna knew she needed the 20,000 gil they were offering, but could she handle such a group herself? With a bounty like that, it wouldn't be long at all before someone else decided to take their team and hunt for the killers themselves. So, the next day, Jeanna posted her own ad. She wanted at least four others to join her, and they would split the gold, 5,000 a piece.

The characters participating would be travelling through Gaddos (Begnion) together. They would fight a few NPCs along the way, but ultimately, they will find the criminals and kill them, after which they will be awarded 5,000 gold. It's a bit of a first come first serve sort of deal here, but certain circumstances may alter that if required.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Characters joined:
1. Jeanna Di'Voitre (Hero Reborn)
2. Zachary Yrahcaz (RandomWombat)
3. Gainer Seliora (Viceman B.)
4. Merrick Fay Lanfired (Shuuda)
5. Althea Myrei (.:Satori:.)

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