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My philosophy on life is: If you can do something, fucking do it!
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I'm not dead yet
27 years old
College Park, Maryland
Born June-26-1992
Mostly I like baseball and being with my friends. I also love music, especially playing the guitar. I go to class, I watch cartoons, I party, I chill. What more do you need?
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1 Oct 2013
No matter how many times I leave this damn place, I still wind up coming back every few years to lurk a bit. Guess it's just about that time again, because here I am. I left because this place started to fall apart, and every time I came back it never seemed to be getting any better. But if what Fala has been saying is true, then this place might finally be returning to it's former self, even if it's only a little at a time.

I'm not gonna ask my usual "what'd I miss?" because from the looks of it the answer is nothing (except a new Admin, hey sirocyl). So I'll just say hey everyone, long time no see. Guess I'll stick around and see if this place really does start heading uphill.
27 Jul 2011
Well, I kinda don't know how I wound up here, but I've been playing FE alot lately and I guess I wanted to drop by for a visit.

So, to any of the people I knew like 3 years ago (if you're still here) what's new? Anything good happen while I was gone?

Edit: Whoops, shows how long I've been gone, could someone move this to the Returning forum? O_o
11 Sep 2009
I started playing FETO way back when it was first created, and I had a brief stint as one of the highest ranked players (although because it was new, it wasn't that big of an accomplishment). Not too long after though, I got kinda bored with it and stopped. I decided to come back, only to realize that all the mechanics had changed.

Long story short, I had my account reset, and I'm looking for someone to battle with. I have a team of all level 1 units, and I'd appreciate playing another team of reasonable levels (around 1-3). Post here if interested, and I'll create the battle.
9 Sep 2009
Hey all. I've been pretty bored the past few days, and scrolling through my favorites I found FEP still in there. So I figured, what the hell, I'll drop by for a quick visit. I'll probably stop by the next few days, maybe I'll stay a little longer.

So anyway, what'd I miss? I've been gone for...who knows. A while.
17 Jun 2008
Eh, well I've kinda been lurking lately, I figured I might as well make it official. I still won't be very active, but I'll probably post once or twice a day or so.
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Ooh, ooh, lemme guess... ur mum?
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Crimea River
I was looking for a Batman symbol in the beginning of your name...didn't find it. D: TO WIKIPEDIA!
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The Blind Archer
lol, I sigged that one comment you made about me in RSS. :P
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Here's a COMMENT :O I'm still aliiiiive...
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