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Peder Andersson
33 years old
Born Aug-25-1986
Writing, music, fashion, video games and film.
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23 Aug 2009
Name: Shiian Kamen.
Nation: Begnion.
Age: 19.
Race: Beorc.

Short still slender with voluptuous waist and thighs but chest below average size and spry shoulders making her appear weak. Her face is a canvas of dark skin with complex features such as a high forehead, tall cheekbones and a narrow chin. Her eye deep blue as exotic sapphires and rough slim lips. Her jet blue hair is long enough to cover her ears and part of her neck but still to short to reach shoulders and back.

Her posture is sentinent and she always struggles to keep herself straight and proud but she has a tendency to fall into a slouch where she extrudes her head forward and the frame of her body grows more intimidating.

On the few occasions that she talks she often uses her right hand to do gestures while the left one remains firmly on one dagger. When talking to clients or other people she often keeps the canvas of her face clean of expressions but when she talks with her pet monkey Kie she has a tendency to push her lips up and crinkle her nose when describing something not to her liking.

Shiian wears several sets of independent black ribbons that completely obscures her body and flows around her when she runs or walk. Below this she wears a wide leather ribbon over her chest then a pair of thick leather leggings from her waist down to her knees and a slim belt where both of her daggers rests.

On her travels Shiian is a accompanied by her Gallian Scree monkey Kie who is about 6 inches high and has black fur, two oval amber eyes and a bushy tail. Each hand has three fingers and a opposing thumb while the two hind legs haw paws similar to those of a small cat. Gallian Scree monkeys are nocturnal creatures so during the day Kie hangs from the leather ribbon tied around Shiian's chest. Gallian Scree monkeys feed on large insects, maggots and worms and are very quiet creatures unless when they want to scare of larger predators away and they release a heart shaking screech.

Shiian is silent when among other people, talks only when spoken to and keeps conversation with all Beorc and Laguz to a minimum. The only one she frequently speaks to is her pet monkey Kie and she thinks of him as her only friend.

Shiian calls person/people she currently works for or with shadows while all mages are called spectres, all the other Beorc are called spirits and Laguz totems.

She refers to her past ills as something done by the great blue wizard and she is very afraid of water.

Shiian can not be considered mentally stable and she sometimes gets into tantrums that makes her dangerous to those around her and she is known to kill during these fits. While in a tantrum she talks about herself in third person and refers to herself as the phantom.

Portolue Bell was born in the Begnion northlands as the daughter of Eüdir and Clarissa Bell. At the age of five her father was arrested for thievery and Portolue lived with her mother a short while before she was sold to a Noble couple who themselves where incapable of bringing a child to the world. It was here she received her second name, Bell Floral. From the age of six Bell studied the art of writing, reading and some history. At the age of ten she moved south with her new parents to a seaside villa, there she continued her studies in the above fields as well as politics, geography and warfare. At the age of eleven her parents bought a second child, a baby boy whom they loved deeply and Shiian rapidly grew jealous and her false father began to beat her.

She confided her worries to her false mothers tutor Xharma Asnua who comforted her then proceeded to sexually abusing her rendering her unable to carry child.

Soon afterwards her little brother fell ill and passed away and her father blamed Bell for his death and assaulted her so badly she went into a coma and later that night he dumped her into the sea and told everyone that she had eloped with a boy from the nearby village.

Two days later the corpse of a girl was found by two Begnion fishermen, the body was greatly damaged with much trauma to the head and dehydrated but still alive so it was handed over to the village priest who did his best to mend her wounds and after a year Bell was released from her coma. She remembered nothing of her previous life and when the priest told her about the damage done to her uterus and head she broke down into tears and in a tantrum blames it all on the great blue wizard. The priest tries to calm her but was unable and for several days she remains aggressive and the priest keeps her a prisoner in his house. After she had calmed down again she began to call him spectre and referred to the other villagers as spirits

It was the priest who began to call her Shiian with the girl herself deciding on Kamen. The priest also notices that she was very afraid of water and how it was impossible to make her take a bath or even clean herself. Instead he began using oils to clean her and taught her how to harvest the required ingredients as well as many other herbs and roots.

It is the priest who gives her the Gallian Scree monkey to Shiian and she named it after the priest to Kie. She bonded to the monkey and had it with her all day and night and it followed her as she foraged for roots and herbs in the nearby forests

After Shiian had been in the village for three years the great blue wizard attacked again and the city was destroyed in vile storm and in the wake the priest died. Destroyed by sorrow Shiian went rampage and killed seven villagers before she was caught and sentenced to death by hanging.

When attempted to take Kie away from Shiian she wounded another three Begnion guards and they decided it was better that the monkey stayed with the girl. While awaiting her hanging Shiian plotted of ways to resurrect the grand spectre (referring to the priest Kie). Three days before her hanging Shiian was liberated by a youthful rouge named Clavan who took her to a bandit camp.

Shiian enjoys a brief romance with Clavan that lasted half a year and it was him who taught her the way of thievery. They parted ways near the border to Daein and Shiian continued to travel alone with Kie living of what she stole from peasants. A few months later she joined a gang of thieves and there began earning fame as a vicious killer, later same year she killed the leader of the gang in a fit of anger and it was after that incident she garbed herself in many flowing ribbons and became known as the Screeching Phantom within the group that bore whiteness to the slaying of the gang leader and that name slowly reached the gutter of Begnion society.

After that Shiian travelled doing some work here and there, mostly thievery but also some murders has been credited to the Screeching Phantom.


Class and Level Thief level 4

Weapon Levels: Sword: {E}

Iron Dagger.
Iron Dagger.

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28 Jan 2008
Name: Elia Chizu

Age: 27

Homecountry: Alacia

Affinity: Wind

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8,5

Weight: 139 lbs


Elia is a kind, spontaneous woman. Her liking to cold white whine and the company of men an ladies alike made her a god barmaid as well as the first lady of choice when her mercenary brothers went out to town. But as it is with ladies and wine she may, when the haze of alcohol has risen to her head, speak of things dear and near to her, both secrets of heart and war.
On the battlefield Elia is another kind of woman, when she fights her mind and body is fixed on victory and at times she inspires those around her, but mostly they think she's mad for the blood of her enemies. Which is part true; Elia believes one must kill when killing is needed, and walk the path of peace when such is needed. Elia also tried to raise the younger mercenaries, let them hear that walking the path of weapon and violence is not the only way to live.
But mostly she is quiet and calm with slow body motions and a face that does not reflect her mind and she mostly smiles. Some think of her as cold and cruel as she never seems to care much about others unknown to her, while she claims one can't feel for one unknown - and one saying otherwise speaks rubbish.
Elia also has her darker moments, at times when she longs back to her sister and fiancé she tends to close herself of to those around and becomes quite cranky and mean but tends to in days be back to her ordinary self - she acts similar during her period.
Elia has also a history of deceiving men for her own gain, her journeys gave birth to the need of such tricks and knowing the simplicity of the male mind, it's not a hard trick to pull of.

Elia is a woman with a pleasant face blessed with pale skin, gentle light green eyes and slender lips colored as the meat of a newly picked peach. She has a proud posture and has slender tall body but lacks some strength in the upper parts.
She wears a silver tiara and on her forehead it is shaped like a diamond decorated with three blue sapphires forming a triangle in the center of the diamond. Her long grey hair is arranged so that it in a tuft stands out from the back of her head, and the base of the tuft is wrapped with blue cloth to keep it steady.

Her upper body armor is built around a form-fitting bronze breastplate that covers her torso but leaves her belly unprotected but increases mobility of the upper body, the sleeves are extended from the breastplate by a soft blueish leather down to her elbows. Her shoulders are protected by a piece of bronze plating attached with one leather strap to the breastplate and another to the leather sleeves. On both hands she wears gloves made from soft leather, but the left one has a bear cub embroider on the palm.
Her lower body is protected by a azure battle dress where the front has ben cut open increase the space for her legs. The dress itself is made by dual layers of azure cotton cloth with a layer of steel plating between, this makes the dress stiff and stands out a few inches behind her so it does not tangle to her legs as she fights.
Underneath her battle dress she wears a pair of short light blue leather pants that fit tight to the top of her thighs. She wears a pair of leather boots with high shafts that reach up to her knees, with ornaments of a Wyverns on the sides.

Attached to her waist she has a small pouch containing gold, and a dark blue mantle she keeps rolled up for all those cold nights. As a custom she picked up as a mercenary she ties a light blue cloth to the tip of her lance so she knows which lance is hers. Elia also keeps a tiny sharp knife in her left sleeve that she uses to cut fruit and meat but also for sheaving and other hygiene uses.

Early Years
Elia lived with her parents and older sister Wania at the base of mount Njala near the Alacian forest of Enfir untill she was about five years old, around that time rumors of bandits had long buzzed in town an this day they came to her their house. Her father, Efreim Chinzu made a stand against the robbers while his family fled to find help. Later when the family returned together with Lord Hayze and a handful of his knights they found Efreim slained by the bandits. Both Elia and her older sister Wania saw their father being loaded unto a wagon and then their family accompany him to town while Lord Hayze and his knights began searching for the bandits.
Following morning the bandits had been captured and sentenced to death by decapitation and that night the townsfolks gathered to se the execution take place. The town square was lit with great bonfires and the faces of the bandits was pale as the moon as they waited to die. Both Elia and Wania cried as the axes separated their heads from the torsos while they were holding each others hands.

Now when their father was dead they could no longer afford to live near the forest of Enfir, Elias mother spoke to Lord Hayze and he promised her work in his mansion as a caretaker of his sick wife. The both young girl was to live with their mother and the other servants in the basement.
As Elia grew older she was, like her sister had been, forced into labour. At first she only helped her mother and Lord Hayze old mother sewing or helping old nanny Scuttlé in the kitchen but by age of ten she began working the fields with her older sister and some of the other farmhands. Among them was Alez, he was once a royal knight but was in the battle near Ytuzar´s peak wounded and was relieved from his service, after some years as a mercenary he ended up as a famhand at Lord Hayze estate.
Elia liked Alez and he was the one who taught her the art of fighting with lances, they used to spar behind the stables for many long nights. And when Wania found out she promised not to say anything to their mother. But in the end her mother found out about her training with Alez and it eas forced to an end. It was a jealous maiden whom had seen them and told Lord Hayze. Elia got a good scolding from her mother who threatened to send her away to a aunt but Wanias pleas managed to calm her mother and Elia got to stay at the mansion but only under heavy watch by nanny Scuttlé.

The following winter Lord Hayze wife died, it was not until spring that she was buried. That summer he remarried Elias mother, it was a grand celebration but neither Elia or Wania got to sit near their mother. Their mother moved up to the top floor of the mansion and öeft her daughters in the basement with the servants. Later that summer Elias mother gave birth to a baby boy as well as a marriage between her sister and nobleman Ziros oldest boy Haniq was planned.

After her sisters marrige Elia i secrecy said farewell, both cried while resting in each others gentle embraces. That night she slipped out into the darkness, ran to the hovel where the farmhands lived. She knocked on the door and Alez opened, they exchanged gazes, she blushed and he smiled. He wished her luck on her journey, and she promised to return and marry him. As a last farewell he carefully kissed her trembling lips.

Recent Years
After many years of traveling Elia finally settled down in the town of Zuchtar in Marcellus, where she worked as a bar maid at the bar Wyverns Whereabouts. Elia was liked for her good looks as well as her kindness, her boss, the retired warrior Bjormur does every night brag about how proud he is about Elia even though the many years she has worked there.
One day some bandits invaded the town and in a attempt to protect the bar Elia and Bjormur took to arms, once again Elia lifted a lance and so both awakening fond memories of her sister and Alez as well as bitter memories of her mother. No bandit left the Wyverns Whereabouts alive and the forces of the city pursued the invaders into the woods and killed every one of them.
Following morning a man named Cyriz asked her to join his crew of mercenaries, after many tears she left Wyverns Whereabouts and Bjormur behind and took to the roads together with Cyriz. Elia took part in the battle at Hjalm and Wyxer and gained some respect among the other members as well as Cyriz whom she had a short romance with. She parted ways with Cyriz and his crew after rumors about her mothers death; and so began the long journey home...

Class: Soldier
Level: 1
Weapons: Slim lance, Iron lance
Weapon Levels: E

Additional Notes/Comments:
Elia prefers chilled wine over ale.
Jinxed, stray arrows and blows aimed at other has a tendency to hit her.
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