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Noel Vermillion
28 years old
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Born Jan-2-1991
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Noel Vermillion


Current Mood: Ish currently hyper :3
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8 Apr 2013
Since last night I'm showing this error for random battles I can't access, includng the battles I created.
In short it shows HTTP error 500 (Internal Server Error)
14 Aug 2012
Welcome challengers to our unofficial teams tournament!

Battle Type:

-Normal (no special battle types)
-Lv **/20


Aless: 1/2/3
Nolie Wacamolee:1

Banned Weapons:

-Armorkillers (Weapons with "Effective vs armors" -effect)
-Killer weapons
-Brave weapons (Weapons with "Brave Weapon" -effect)
-Reaver weapons and tomes (Weapons with "Reaver" -effect)
-Status tomes and staffs
-Siege weapons (Ownagers and siege tomes)
-S-rank weapons (Toys 1-2 range physical weapons, Regular S ranks, Crit S rank tomes)
-S-rank staffs
-Horseslaying weapons (Halberd, longsword, horseslayer)
-Other staffs: Physic, Recover, Quicken and Haste
-Unbuyables are banned. yes Fred you can't use your lunar bow. However equipping pretty gems for show off is fine.
-Unbuyable Staves Allowed: Fortune, Regeneration
-Longbows and Arcs/Twins are allowed too.


-Elincia's Gambit
-Wasteland Skirmish
-The Night Shift
-Desert Oasis
-Emerald Hill Zone
-Kinship's Bond
-Sacred Stone
-Sands of Time
-The True Enemy
-The Bow of the Winds


-You have to pm me with a squad of 8 units, this will work as registering means YOU cannot change the squad as the tournament progresses.
-Registering period extension, for Falaflame,Meneil and Harbie. Registering period ends on August 16.
-Teams and brackets will be decided after every participant registers their squad.
-Each participant will battle using 6 units, meaning every team will have a total of 12 units on the field.
-Each battle will have a 16 hour turn limit, with a missed turn limit of 2.
-There will be time constraints in which you have to finish your bracket if it is not one team will get a free pass.
-Teams gotta win 2 out of 3 games, if a team wins the 2 games in a row they get the pass.
-First map is decided by RN, second map is decided by the team who lost the first game.
-You are free to stat change any unit you see fit before the tournament starts, once teams and matchups are decided you are unable to stat change, breaking this rule disqualifies you and your partner from the tournament.
-Tournament has officially started, you can't stat change or do training matches, your characters are logged, you had time to prepare.
-The match creator must tag the battle as "Unofficial Teams Tournament."


Team 1: Gears + Nolan
Team 2: Aless + Meneil
Team 3: TED + Fala
Team 4: Fredmir + SpeedO
Team 5: Kaishin + Jiggly
Team 6: S.O.R.A + Harbie

Tournament will start on Monday 20th.

Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Round 1:

Battle A: Sands of Time, Battle Starter/Color Choice Team 4

Battle B: Wasteland Skirmish, Battle Starter/Color Choice Team 3

21 Jul 2012
While war roars at our border, it's up to us to keep hope alive. Brave warriors enlisting into the army of our kingdom have to protect our land. Our enemies only have two choices: Retreat, Or be burnt in the fire of wrath. Join us, and help us make them make that choice.

1.What is Prominence?
Prominence is a new clan in FETO, created by the initiative of Shiori.

2. Who is this Shiori? Why should I follow HIM?
Well, for starters, Shiori is a girl, a veteran FETO player very active back in the day, and ready to take up action once more.

3. Purpose of Prominence.
We are a battle clan, so we are looking for organized battles, whether it's friendly battles between us or clashing swords with our opponents. Also, as a group, we help each other out, whether is to fix a unit or build a squad from scratch, advice on how to move in a match, or even long training battles (If both people agree... you don't HAVE to). Make friends and have fun, this is maybe the most important part. If you just play a game for the sake of playing it, it becomes a drag. But playing it with friends makes it that much better.

4. Requirements to join.
There are no specific requirements to join. You just have to be willing to. Everybody is welcome. There are ranks in our army but there's no test to be taken. We are equals on the battlefield, so show them your might.

5. So what are the ranks?
There is a total of 4 ranks.

Rising Phoenix: The clan leader rank. Rising from the ashes, she's come back to take over her land.
Fire Keepers: The closest protectors of the heart of flame; The rising phoenix's officers.
Guardians of the Flame: Brave knights fighting under the banner of our kingdom, protectors of all, and the flame itself.
Frozen Flames: Comrades who have gone missing in action or falling in battle. Their heart lies at rest, waiting for the moment to rise again.
Defectors: People who betrayed the covenant, left their rank, and abandoned their country. They shall be dealt with no mercy.

6. Rules
-Once you've joined, you're an exclusive member of our army.
-Must be active.
-Be respectful to both your fellow members and your enemies. Honor before all.
-No spamming this thread. Let's keep it clean.
-If you're gonna take a break, or gonna be absent, notify Shiori or one of our Fire Keepers. This way, we know you will be back some day. Else, you might be a defector


Rising Phoenix:
Minako Arisato/Shiori/Miranda Lawson

Fire Keepers:

Guardians of the Flame:

Note: Banners and siggys are incoming!
Note 2: Thanks for the spell checks (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/cat.gif)
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