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18 Sep 2008
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Name: Saile Zeraph
Age: 17
Homecountry: Birth country unknown, but was raised in Marcellus, and spent a good time of his life on journeys.
Affinity: Anima
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 136lbs

Personality: Saile is a young man with a mixed sense of morals. Since he spent his life going back and forth on long-distance journeys, he has seen his fair share of crimes, and other acts of spite. Witnessing all of this has desensitized him a little, but generally most of his morals have remained intact. He believes that while all people have the right to life, regardless of appearance or race, but those who he feels have wronged his friends or family he feels should be treated to what they did to him two fold. He is generally a fun loving person, but when he becomes serious his personality shifts completely. When he is in this "shift" he is calm and collected. He defends what he believes in adamantly, and will not falter when others try to force him to change his beliefs. He has an inferiority complex to those around him with perfect vision, due to his blindness in one eye.

Appearance: Dresses in a tanned leather hide jacket, A blue undershirt made of average cotton material, and long beige merchant slacks, with brown leather boots on. He has light, white-blue hair, brown eyes and fair skin. His haircut is sometimes unruly, but mostly clean cut because he likes to impress his clients. Those who know of him see kindness in his eyes while those who don't mistake him for a thug. His sword is visible on his waist, along with a knapsack on his back. His outfit does not match his personality, or occupation. He looks like a common thief and has been falsely imprisoned because of his appearance. His sword's sheath is a makeshift one he made himself, out of leather and twine. He also wears an eye-patch over his blinded eye.

Bio: While Saile's birthplace is unknown, what is known about his place of birth is that his parents were dressed in the garb of farmer's when they left him on the doorstep of an orphanage in a sack. Thinking it was filled with valuables, a myrmidon who had seen the sack before it was found on the steps had picked it up and took t home. The next morning he awoke. startled, at the sound of a babies cry. Thinking it was a sign from the gods, the myrmidon had decided to raise the young boy, in exchange for a reward. While the reward never surfaced, the myrmidon still raised and trained the boy in the way of the sword, until he became a journeymen myrmidon at age 14. While accompanying his foster-dad on a contract journey. he witnessed his foster-father die, in front of his eyes. In an act of rage he picked up his sword and charged at his father's killer. The man pitied Saile so much that all he did was blind him in his left eye, then left him there. Not knowing what to do Saile spent a year trying to return home. When he finally did return home, he had decided to continue his father's occupation of being the local sellsword. For two years, he worked as a myrmidon in his home town, cleaning up bandits, and stopping highwaymen, until he got s job from a man in the capital Marcellus, Eventually he found out that this offer was fake but after arriving there he decided to set up shop there. Now he works as a mercenary in the capital. He one day hopes to avenge his foster father, by hoping to one day meet his killer.

Class: Myrmidon
Level: 1

Weapons: Iron sword, Slim sword
Weapon Levels: Swords: E.

Additional Notes/Comments: Since he only has one good eye he lacks depth perception. He often misses by an inch or two, because of this but compensates with that for being a little faster than the others to ensure that he can get in more attacks to compensate for this.

Despises those who wish to use his services to directly harm innocents.

Does not mind if his actions cause the indirect suffering of others.
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