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I am the real Lord Jay Hector
28 years old
The land of bagged milk.
Born Jan-14-1992
Your mom. Seriously though, I'm not going to tell you! :P

IM me for more details. Shipping costs are not charged until after the information is relayed.
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Current Mood: Burning my Dread.

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28 Jun 2008
I'm leaving on monday to go to Niagara falls/Marineland in Ottawa.

Freedom from you guys, but the tradeoff being I have to spend 'quality time' with my parents and little sister.

Oh well, I'm gonna be able to fight a whale, it's all good.

I may not be on much today or tomorrow either, so if you need something, or have a pending request (I'M LOOKING AT YOU DARKSPAWN.) contact me ASAP. I'll be on AIM and MSN as much as I can before I leave. E-mails are preferred though, since I can check those on my phone.

Try not to commit too much injustice without me while I'm gone.

in b4 smartass comments/good riddance.

2 Apr 2008
Mmkay, so I guess I'm going to challenge both wymsy and tiltyu now. I'm opening up shop.

to see my works, (you should look at the recent stuff) go to my topic here.

I take just about any request, unless I
  • hate you (currently don't have anyone on this list, no, not even gyppy)
  • am not currently taking requests
  • you request something insane.
  • you're an asshole when you request it (do it bish, do it now, or any other parallel type sentence are frowned upon.)
  • you cannot provide decent description ("do what you think looks best" is acceptable)
  • you cannot provide a decent image (I don't mind searching for a render myself, but if you want a specific one, it better be damn good and decent res.)
  • your name is steve (lolwut?)

also, keep in mind I have school, homework, and am a teenager. I try to have somewhat of a social life, so please don't be impatient. that just makes me want to not do it.


I do not charge. I will however take tips. you do not have to leave a tip (in FEPoints) and I'm not corporate FEP, so I won't really care about money that much.

oh, and I am most proficient with:


I may also do wallpapers, but that requires a 500 FEPoint charge, since wallpapers are fucking hard and whatnot, etc etc....
also, if you want some kind of custom thing (like a sig like image with big dimensions like 500x500 or something) I can do those, and also won't charge, but I warn that I'm not experienced in those.
22 Feb 2008
hrmm... A pretty good CD, if you like the Trews or that style of music in general.
It sounds a lot more like Den of Thieves though, rather than House of Ill Fame.

in b4 stfu Canadian bands
19 Jan 2008
I really don't understand this anime. it is reeeeeaaaaaally confusing, and quite fucked up. people are dying, paradoxes are opening, and plot holes are dividing by zero.

does any kind soul wish to explain it, as well as kanon?
9 Nov 2007
You must make me a 150 x 200 avatar.

it must be pwnsome.

it must involve many manly colours

it must be awesome enough so that this doesn't look like a ripoff of SaS's topic.

somebody will teach me how to make a random code thingy, so I can use all entries.

I will give credit.

winnar gets respect.

Also, must say DeeEff or Deadman's Fate on it somewhere.

umm.... what else.... there's nothing specific I want on it, just make it look cool and not have any fag characters or such.
I want anime/ video game characters, so.... just go wild.

any questions? GOGOGO
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