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12 Dec 2007
Hullo. I was wondering if someone could help me. I really like to have a berserker recolored to the colors of the most amazing character in any game ever conceived, Bug. Unfortunately for me, my stupid brother killed all of my programs that let me do this myself. (The jerk...) Because of that, I can't do it myself, and I can't upload any pictures of him, so I'm reduced to giving the links to the spriter's resource info. It would also be appreciated if someone could make a third-tier sprite for him, and a new mug to go along with it. Thanks in advance!


2 Oct 2006
Name: Zack Leiden

Age: 19

Homecountry: Skarlandil

Affinity: Anima

Gender: Male

Height: 5"10

Weight: 135 lbs.

Personality: Zack is friendly, though he tends to be very quiet. At times, he can be extremely single-minded. He is hesitant to become close to anyone, out of fear that something will happen to them.

Appearance: Zack black hair and green eyes. He is almost always wearing a green jacket. Beneath that, he has light armor that is also colored green. Zack often wears an expressionless look on his face. He carries his sword at his hip at all times. He also has a small sack hanging over his shoulder, holding all of his supplies.

Bio: Zack was born in a small mountain village in Skarlandil. He lived a happy life with his family, until his 16th summer, when a large band of bandits came. At the time of the attack he had been visiting a neighboring town. When he returned to the village, it was in ruins. In what remained of his house, he found his father, clinging to life. With his dying breath, his father gave him a strange, translucent green stone and told him to protect it always. After burying the villagers, he swore revenge. Zack went back into his ruined house and found his father's old sword, then went to look for clues. The only clue about the identity of the monsters who did this was a piece of armor bearing the crest of a group of bandits, and the insignia of a high ranking member of the Church of St. Elamiz. He then set out to become a master with the blade and find the murderers.

About two years after the slaughter, he was working as a mercenary. One day he agreed to join a group on a job, and he met a girl who was about the same age as him. She was an odd one, cheerful, and always had a smile on her face. She had dazzling golden hair and sky-blue eyes. Zack had never met someone as carefree as her, and they became fast freinds. They traveled all over the continent together, doing jobs and increasing their skills. Then, after doing a job in Kirnoth, they heard of an oppertunity in Artonia. As they traveled, the girl decided to take a detour to visit her family in southern Artonia. Zack decided not to go with her and he continued on his way, promising to meet her in Nathar. He arrived there, but the girl never arrived. Finally, he heard news of a caravan that was traveling with a girl with golden hair. He just knew it was her, and he was relieved, until, that is, he heard the rest of the story. Apperently, the caravan had been ambushed by bandits, and there where no survivors. The person who told him this then described them. Zack turned pale when they were described. They were the same bandits that had raized his village. He vowed on that day that he would tirelessly hunt down and kill the monsters who had taken everything dear to him away.

Class: Myrmidon
Level: 1

Weapon: Iron Sword
Weapon Level: E

Additional Notes:

-Zack despises all religion, ever sence he found the crest of a holy-man in his ruined village. He grows cold and scornful at the mere mention of religion.

-After his friend's death, Zack adopted her ideals that no one should have the right to take another's life. While he believes this, he will kill to protect something or someone. The only people that he has no sympathy for are members of churches.

-Zack always carries his father's sword with him, but he has never drawn it. He leaves it undrawn in memory of it's previous owner.

-Zack also carries the green stone that his father gave him. It's use is a mystery to him, but it comforts him.

-Zack has an irrational fear of the undead. He was attacked by Skeletons shortly after he left his village, and the memory has haunted him ever sence. If he encounters any kind of living dead, he becomes paralyzed with fear. He will try to flee, but if he gets cornered, he attacks savagly, trying to escape.

-When he is alone, Zack sometimes seems to talk to himself. He is actually speaking to his friend, asking her for advice. He has accepted her death, but speaking to her like this seemes to comfort him and helps him make decisions.
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