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I am Heath.... Were you expecting anymore here?
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Above is true, Below is somewhat fact, Current is false
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I love Penguins... And Dragons... And FE.... And DDR.... Among other things.
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22 Jan 2012
It's been over 2 years since I have been on. Just saying might be back but who knows.
11 Nov 2008
Name: Jacob Panagues Tay
Age: 32
Home country: Olivan
Affinity: Fire
Gender: Male
Height: 5'12"
Weight: 190lbs
Class: Caviler
Level: 6 (previous profile link http://forums.feplanet.net/index.php?showtopic=2836" target="_blank"> http://forums.feplanet.net/index.php?showtopic=2836</a>)

Weapons: Iron Sword, Slim Lance, Tilting Lance, Vulneries: 3
Weapon Levels: Sword E, Lance E

Appearance: Jacob tries to be more on the inconspicuous side, but fails miserably. Normally he wears a long-sleeve torso, with some light under armor for protection. Sporting baggy pants (which is usually shunned), armored boots, and a cape, there is not much mistaking what he looks like. Though his cape is white, he likes to wear either blue or red attire because they are his favorite colors. His facial features are usually shaven (could grow more), smirk type look which makes him look kind of creepy. He sports a spiky blue due with blue eyes to complement.

Personality: A wanderer of no general direction. Mostly just lead by the wind of his brow, and carried by the might of his horse (cheesy, I know (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/wink.gif) }. His goal in life is not dying. Basically he is not a bad fellow, but he gets himself in sticky situations through clumsiness, carelessness, or just plain stupidity. Compassionate and kind normally, he is pretty passive and will try to avoid fighting unless needed (that is if his job is not to kill someone). Passionate in his beliefs, Jacob will not stop standing by his beliefs unless written in stone that he is wrong. He also has a habit of finishing any job to the best of his ability, even to extremes.
Bio: Jacob comes from a lower class family of 4. Since being the oldest, his role was acquiring more wealth through another job to help pay for their food. Mostly he would beg as young child, hoping some lord would drop some coins in a makeshift basket, but was almost always disappointed with the outcome of a small cities wealth passed on to him. Most didn't have enough to save themselves either, until the expansion that is.

For some oddball reason, people wanted to make this city bigger. This included more houses, more inns, and, of course, more jobs. This change also brought in lumberyards for the willing people to create the houses. This was a change long needed to this town of a few hundred. Jacob's role had changed. Age 14 at the time, the young man decided to try his hand at this thing. Though he was not doing the hard jobs, Mr. Tay still helped out by carrying lumber, or transferring tools to other employees. This interested him to help out even more when he got older. However... there was a problem. 2 years later, at 16, the expansion died off when people started to see how great Devlan was, and started to migrate there. This shattered the dreams of Jacob to become a world famous lumberjack (OOC: that wears suspenders and a bra, and wear high heels, and wants to be a girly =p Monty Python joke). He decided to do mercenary work, which was a huge success as it was easy money with some risk. One assignment changed that.

A worried lord- whose reputation followed him as evil- sends for a bodyguard to local inns and hotels. The reward was high, but the risk was even higher. This was a very risky bounty. Though concerned with his safety, money was needed more than ever, as his family were about to be removed from their house for multiple excuses of avoiding taxes. Unknowingly to him, this would prove to be a wise decision, though at the time he was uneasy. When the time came, Jacob put on his bearskin light armor and grabbed his sword and proceeded to his destination. 3 days on a road-path surrounded by trees, and minimal rest carried them forward. Before the sunrise of the 4th day occurred, a deathly silence was brought out, followed by a shrieking missile attack (long-range attack). Reacting quickly, our young teenager took down the lord to protect from the open target he had painted on himself. Grabbing his hand and rushing him through the forest, Jacob led them out of harms way and, by chance, to the destination which was nearby. This feat of saving his life gave him great honor to his family, and to him. They allowed him to attain a fine horse Liden (Lie-den), and gave him a knights' induction into their army. Through years of training, his skills rose above normal recruits and impressed many. But it was not right for him. His wish was not to stay in one place for too long, as it was just too repetitive for him. He left in a hurry of new things to come.

Additional Notes/Comments: -

Was formally in army (I'm not sure yet, but it might come back up)

"The luck of a coward is low, but the luck of a clumsy person is far greater than you can imagine." Random quote I made up.
7 Nov 2008
So all I need is approval of my character to be level 6... I will change where he is from later.

Profile link is Skylessia Char 1 (Links to old profile which has all my previous works in it.)
6 Nov 2008
HAI GUYS! ME LLAMO HEATH (My name is Heath). Wassup?

I'm not sure if I wanna come back or not, but I really do love roleplaying so that would be my reason.
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