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8 Jan 2010
Summer 747 Begnion

Gus stepped out of the tavern, in a beautiful mid afternoon in the port city of Demergom, Begnion. The summer sun pelted his weathered skin, he felt good breathing in fresh sea air. After all, it sure beat the bloodworks of the coliseum where he had been earlier this year. He turned and saw his first mate running towards him. It felt good to be captain.
"Cap'n! We ain't so lucky today, we can't find nobody who's wanna be on tha' sea wit' us. We be short a coupla' crew members!"
"Damn, Carlo, this ain't no time to be messin' wit meh! After all we's gottsta' be outta here soon, before them soldiers raid us. Ya' sure not even none o' you bird'sll' do it?" Gus replied to the first mate
"Nobody cap'n! We's gonna have tah be short some. Our air strikes just gotta be weaker. We's gotts no other choice!" Carlo replied
"I can't have dat' Carlo! You're great an' ereythin' but I ain't gonna have no weak force out on da' seas ya know? We's all beens out dere' yous know ya can't be a weaklin' out there. I'll find one, mahself. Ye make yerself useful and get Markis to work da' crews, ya know make sure The Rebel be spick, n' span when I come back ya here?!" Gus spat
"Yeah, gots it cap'n. Get right ons it." Marco said affimitavely
25 Dec 2009
Winter 747 Begnion

Gus has got to get out of town, and has managed to get his hands on a ship. This rp will have combat and take place at sea, social elements too, pirates and plunder fo shizzle, the ship is headed to Kilvas, so I hope someone wants to end up there. Crew needed so sign up below.

up to 7 spots available, wont start until up to 4

12 Dec 2009
Mercenaries wanted to catch and destroy this person who is murdering citizens
City Guard says murders are with axe
Gold and glory promised!


Ok, so this is going to be a small crp set in Begnion. It will have both social and action, so nobody worry. I have a plot thought out already, and your character can't be branded. (sorry, but Gus hates branded) bird laguz welcome. I might allow a fourth spot. maybe.
10 Dec 2009

Name: Gus Hemlock
Nation: Begnion
Age: 38
Affinity: Fire (July)
Race: Beorc
Nation: Begnion/Phoenicis/Kilvas
Class: Pirate (fighter) level 7
Weapon Levels: Axe: D

Appearance: Gus is a muscle man through and through. He has heaps of muscle on his arms, and all over his body. He is very hairy and has light green, hair that looks more blonde than green. He is missing his right eye, and has a small strangely kept beard. He wears a blue bandanna, and a red vest, loosely fit, and baggy black cargo pants. He smells of sea salt and fish most of the time, and his hair is slightly white from the salt (on the rare occasion he takes his bandanna off). He wears a spiked metal shoulder pad over his vest (and it is painted red too) and always carries his flagon wherever he goes. He is about 6'3 and 225 lbs.

Personality: Gus was raised as a pirate, and acts the part, but after being betrayed many times he has a cold attitude towards all beings not including bird laguz, "The only trustworthy race." Gus isn't the brightest guy, for obvious reasons, but he is a skillful warrior. Gus also, isn't too charismatic, he usually comes off frightening, or stupid. Gus prefers fighting over talking, and mead over ale. He has a strong love for women, and thinks they have a strong love for him (which usually is not the case) and will never ignore a pretty girl. He also considers a woman more of a prize or item than a living being. He is rowdy and likes to talk loudly when he does.

Biography: Gus was born in Demergo, Begnion on a blazing summer day, his mother a fine blonde haired lass, a prostitute by trade, his father a mossy green haired pirate. During his first five or so years of life, Gus lived with his mother, but was kept a secret whenever she brought a man to the house, for her image would be ruined, and she would be shamed. Due to this, Gus was often abused. Many nights he slept on the streets, making friends with the street kids, and committing petty crimes. On a chilly fall day, when Gus was six years of age, he was wandering the streets when a man grabbed him by his collar and took him to an alley way. Gus had no problem with this, he had been mugged before, and he had a few coins from his last purse cutting, and had learned that struggling was a bad idea. So he calmly waited to be mugged, barely breathing hard, his eyes closed. But the man did not strike him, nor roll or even make a move for his coins. Gus looked up and saw a green haired, muscled man smiling at him.
"Who're you?" Gus asked
"I'm yer' pap my boy!"
"My father is dead. Killed in a street fight!" Gus said
"Your'e mother is a lying prostitute, boy!"
"What?" Gus replied
"Yea' now come wit' me, ya won't regret it!"
"Sure, uh..."
"Pap? Got it."
Gus followed his father to the local pub, where his father ordered five meads. Four for him, one for Gus. Gus had consumed alcohol before, so it was no shock for him to drink alcohol at such a young age.
"Yer' a tough lad, drinkin' that without even makin' a face" a porky faced man said
"At's me son!" Gus' father replied
"Tha' one ya' wanna' bring with us?! Ha! E' wont last a day!"
This obviously irritated Gus' father stood up
"Ya' wanna' say that again, Jake?!"
"Relax Herman, yer' flippin' out!"
"Say it again though, and ya' won't be so lucky next time!" Gus's father said

So, Gus was taken on a pirate ship, at the young age of six, his heart filled with excitement and adventure. He sailed for many days, learning tips of battle and the axe from his father (Herman) the Captain Falian and the great pirate and axe warrior, Jake. Gus loved the life at sea. It was exciting and fresh, unlike living in the streets of Demergo. Then came the first battle. It was a foggy morning, in the late fall, when Gus felt a hand on his shoulder.
"Jake." Gus thought
"Jake shook him this time, and Gus muttered
"What are ya' doing Jake? Kinda early eh?"
"Gus, cmon'. We're about to raid a ship. We need yer' help!"
"I-I'm just a kid!" Gus said, startled
"Everyone's got to learn, right?" Jake said encouragingly
"Well yeah but..."
"Just c'mon, yer' job's easy!"
"O-ok then." Gus said, trembling now
"Just grab yer' axe kid, you'll be fine."
So Gus grabbed his axe, and headed up on deck, to see the crowd of pirates looking out into the horizon giggling. A trading ship. An easy target. Gus was nervous, he was just a kid after all! The ship approached and the butterflies in his stomach grew. Soon the boat was in striking distance, at least for the laguz of the crew. The birds took to the sky, swooping in on the trade ship, taking down as many men as possible.
"Gus, just guard the ship, if anyone comes on board who isn't in tha' crew, call for help, or take im' on yerself'!" Herman said in a hurry
"Uh, sure, pap."
So he watched his father and most of the crew swing to the other ship and attack the other men, he saw the blood, staining the waters, and the deck of the other ship. He saw the men in agony crying for mercy. He saw his father behead another man, who was throwing barrels overboard. He saw Jake, throw a throwing axe, splitting a man's skull blood pouring out as he tumbled overboard. But Gus stood where he was, watching the carnage that unfolded before his eyes.

Four years later, Gus heard talk of a mutiny against Captain Falian.
"I here one o' the branded!" one man said
"He is. I can sense it." said a raven
"Well I ain't havin' one o' them wannabes as my captain!" the first man said
"If I may interject?" said a hawk
"Yeah fancy lips, do what ya' please."
"I, and my fellow hawks do not endorse this mutiny that you are proposing."
"Fine then, we don't need ya stinkin' birds' help anyways!"
Gus was shocked to hear this news, he was fond of Captain Falian. He knew that the training he received was not enough to take on the powers of full grown men. So he stood, and watched as his father stood on deck with Jake, unaware that their Captain was about to be killed.

On that cold, early winter night, the rebels snuck into the captains quarters and tied him up, yelling taunts at him.
"So, I'm not good enough?" the Falian replied calmly
"That's right you filthy sub...uh...sub-human!" a sailor yelled
"What in Ashera's name is goin' on?!" Herman bust into the room axe raised, Jake followed soon after yelling
"Who's attackin' the Ca-" he was cut short, by seeing Gus in the room standing with the traitors.
"Who is going to replace me?" Falian said
"Shut it, geezer!" a sailor named Byron spat
"Who is it, you have deemed better than me?"
"I said shu-"
"Tell him. Now." Jake said
"We were thinkin' Herman."
"Wha-?!" Herman said
Herman knew he had no choice in the matter, for he was named Captain and there was no turning back. So the mutiny was carried out, Falian silently sinking to the bottom of the sea, his chest of (non-valuable) possessions tied to his leg.

Nearly a month later, Gus stood on the deck looking blankly out to sea on a very cold, foggy morning. They were heading for port in Kilvas, to spend a few weeks, when the winter was the coldest. He saw something move in the fog. He dismissed it and continued staring. Nothing. A minute later, Gus heard a noise. Then much noise. Then he saw a ship, only a few hundred yards away, coming straight at them, ramming speed. He looked to the sky and saw bird laguz flying towards them. Then a thick patch of fog hid his view of them. He called
"Attack! We're under attack!"
"Serious?" the first mate said, up in the crows nest
"No joke! Get ready, they're close!" Gus replied
So the deck went into a frantic clutter of men, and bird preparing themselves for battle. The thick patch dispersed. And there they were, the dark crowd of ravens, nearly at Herman's ship, the other ship still coming to ram, only a few hundred feet away now. Herman swerved port, as to turn around and avoid the ram, but this threw his crew off balance sending a two crew members to their icy death in the cold water and Gus, hanging by only his arms trying to avoid the same fate.
"Halp!" Gus yelled
"Fire!" he heard the captain of the other ship yell
Arrows poured from the sky towards the stern where Herman was, while the ravens swooped towards the bow of the ship trying to pick off crew members that were unprepared. Gus's arms were shaking, he was going to fall. He let go, falling three feet before a hawk of his own crew grabbed him by the arm was about to set him back on deck when several arrows struck the hawk, sending him tumbling down twenty feet, with Gus underneath. When Gus came to, he was under a dead hawk, in a pool of blood. He heard a horrifying crunch near the bow and wiggled his way out from under the hawk to see the other ship lodged into theirs, beorc pirates storming the ship. He ran below decks to get his axe (it was smaller, made for use for a small man. Or a buff child like Gus) he saw heard water pouring into the hold, one floor under him.
"Damn. Gotta get outta here." he muttered to himself
Up on deck he saw a major pirate battle raging, Jake and Herman leading it.
"Pap! We got major floodin' in tha' hold!" Gus screamed
"Fix it Gus! Leave the fight to us!" Herman replied
"I do-" Gus was interrupted when a man with a spear was dropped about three feet away from him
"Hey kiddie! Ya' wanna' play big boy? Well ya' better cuz' this is yer' gravesite, right here!" the pirate said
"No!" Gus said and readied his axe
"Hehehe..." the man chuckled

And so the duel began, between a child and a full grown man. Gus swung, and tripped on the slippery blood as the man's spear passed where his heart would have been. Gus rolled and ran up to the landing on the stern. The man followed and Gus charged, the man countered by swinging his spear at Gus's legs trying to trip him. But Gus had been taught well, he rolled between the man's legs and swung his axe into the man's side. The man let out a yelp and turned, kneeing Gus in the head and knocking him against the ship's rail. Gus ran towards him and was met with a spear to his eye. Gus staggered backwards, clutching his eye in pain.
"Ye' weren't bad for such a wee lad! But the fun be over boy. Yer' gonna die. Right here and nae'." the man said devilishly.

Gus was filled with rage and charged the man, dodged his spear thrust, and pried his axe out of the man's side. He dodged a couple more blows, and ran to the wheel and turned it sharply starboard, throwing the man off balance and into the sea. And the sea was not the place to be, now filled with sharks, who had sensed all the blood. By doing this however he dislodged the ship and threw the battle off balance. The other pirate captain retreated, knowing that their opponent's ship would sink anyways, the gashing hole he left would sink it. Herman ran to the wheel
"Gus! Steer tha' ship, me boy! Turn us as far starboard as ye' can! It'll stop most of tha' water."
"Got it pap!" Gus said proudly
He did just that, ignoring the huge throbbing sharp pain in his head where his eye once was. In a few hours Herman came above decks.
"We got it fixed up alright, but ye' ain't gonna like the casualty count." Herman said
"Huh?" Gus said confused
"Jake ain't here. Gone, prolly' eaten by sharks by now!" Herman said
"No! He...can't be dead! He was like me second pap!" Gus shouted in disbelief
"I'm sorry me boy..." Herman said

Herman and his crew stayed in Kilvas longer than they anticipated, for about eight years, not a couple months, like they had planned. Occasionally, Gus would fly on the backs of some laguz to visit Phoenicis, but for the most part, he remained in Kilvas, honing his axe skills, training with anyone who would. He put in an average of twelve hours per day of training in, hoping to become a powerful warrior some day. At age seventeen his father brought home a mistress, a beautiful raven woman. A year later, Gus found out he had a brother, with a branding of a crystal on his back. The mistress abandoned the child however, for he was a shame to her, but Herman took the kid in, even though Gus despised the tot. So they set sail, on a warm summers day, and sailed and plundered for ten years. His brother, Graham, was still a boy when Herman called the twenty-eight year old Gus up on deck, and pointed out a ship he wished to plunder.
"Are ye' kiddin' me pap?! That's a Bengion navy ship. Yer' off yer' rocker!" Gus told him
"I'm old, Gus. Fiddy-tree tah' be exact. I gotta' do somethin' worthy of glory!" Herman said with a mix of melancholy sadness and nostalgic pride
"Ah kay, pap, whatever ya' say!" Gus said wearily
So they attacked the navy ship, the boarding lead by Herman. On deck the pirates swarmed the Begnion soldiers, but the soldiers were better equipped and begun to take the upper hand. Gus had cut down a few soldiers when he watched his father lose his head to a Begnion sword knight. Gus assessed the situation and realized that it was hopeless. He was in command now, and decided to surrender. He was imprisoned and sentenced to death when on a cold night in his cell, a man dressed in Begnion armor unlocked the cage.
"My name is Gage. I'm here to get you out of here." the man said
"Why?" Gus said, astonished
"You are to be entertainment, and if you survive, you can go."

1000 battles. Ten years. Gus was amazed how long he had been a pit dog. He had finally won his freedom, by way of the axe. He was now 38 years old, and quite skillful with an axe. His "brother" had been taken into the Begnion army, they hadn't seen the little traitor's brand. And so Gus went, walking into the hot summer street, ready for new adventures.

I don't really care what level he is, so don't think I'm trying to godmod or nothin' like that

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Gus's father's axe. Steel Axe: Red, +4 power

4 Dec 2009
I've been on this site for like over a year and just now am getting into this rp stuff. so im a bit of a noob. but i wanna start an rp so im pretty flexible with story, i have some plans but i guess you should sign up. if u want. whatever.
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