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Sharon O'Rinn, Archer with A Horse
Heavy Rain
post Dec 23 2008, 02:57 PM
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Character Information

Name: Sharon O'Rinn Delphiki
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Appearance: Sharon is a tall young woman, standing just shy of six feet. Her tanned body has some muscles showing without being too large. In contrast to her darker skin tone is her platinum blonde hair. Most of the time it is kept tied up in a loose ponytail. Long bangs hang over her face, almost stopping her green eyes from seeing anything.

As for clothes, there is a red tunic protected by a light coat of armor. When in battle, she also wears two small gloves on her hands and an armguard to protect her right arm from the bows string. Her lower half only has a purple skirt and long red boots. Together, they almost manage to cover her legs completely.


Personality: Competitive, Blunt, and Violent: All words most people would use to describe Sharon. If you spend more time with her...you would still say the same thing. It takes more than a few hours or a day to get her to open up that much. She's spent to much time thinking that emotions are just a weakness that get in the way. But this blocking of feelings was always one of her weak points. After those first few days, Sharon starts caring about her allies more than she should. She would almost be willing to sacrifice herself for someone she knew for a month.

Biography: In the forest, to the east, lives the Delphiki clan. Their styles of fighting could usually be described as more 'barbaric' than most. No one really worries about being hurt as long as the enemy is killed.

It was in this township that Sharon was born. From a young age, she was trained in several weapons know to the village. Her favorite, by far, was archery. The longest time she went without seeing her bow was one week. At age 17, when she became a full-time bow user, she got her own horse. There weren't too many horses around, so they were mostly saved for archers and lancers. She named the black horse Arrow, and quickly bonded with her..

And for the longest time, living and fighting was all she needed. Until one day, the legendary bow from myths and tall tales was proven to actually exist. Something that strong would make the user almost invincible. Sharon knew that she had to be the one to own it. She would never win a battle again that person.

Character Statistics

Level: 1
Set: Mercenary
Current Class: Hunter
Weapon/Magic Proficiencies: Bows-E

HP: 16
Strength: 5 +2
Magic: 1
Skill: 5 -2
Speed: 6
Luck: 4
Defense: 4
Resistance: 2

Skills: Mobility

Bow: 5 might, -1 accuracy, +0 critical, 1 range, 4 weight
Vulnerary: restores 10 HP

Battle Statistics

Attack Speed: 6
max{0, speed - ((weapon weight - strength) if >0)}

Base Attack Bonus: 4-2=2
(weapon accuracy + skill)
Base Critical Bonus: 1
(weapon critical + skill/2 (round down)
Base Power: 10+2=12
(weapon might + (strength/magic)

Base Avoidance Rate: 10
( attack speed + luck (round down)
Base Critical Avoid Rate: 24
(20 + luck)

Growth Rates

HP: 60%
Strength: 50%
Magic: 10%
Skill: 45 %
Speed: 50%
Luck: 45%
Defense: 35 %
Resistance: 25%
Total: 320%
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