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2 Jan 2009
Yeah so tommorow, I'm going to be hospitalized for an indefinite amount of time and since last time this happened I was gone for four months I thought I should give you all a heads up. Bye for now I guess.
3 Oct 2008
I'd like a sig banner made of this pic of Meru from The Legend of Dragoon. Size wise I'd like it to be about the size of my current sigs, maybe a little bigger. I'd like it to have a icy, cool, feel, since she's the Blue Sea Dragoon and all, with frosty colours. I'll pay anyone who takes a crack at it, with a larger reward going to the one I like best.

20 Jul 2008
quick link to trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtsDZajERnc&NR=1

official website: http://watchmenmovie.warnerbros.com/

I hope I'm not the only person on this forum who's read Watchmen

So, I saw the trailer for the first time today and was blown away. I originally believed that a movie would never be able to capture the feel of the graphic novel and that any atempt to do so would result in an embarassing flop or a very mediocre film(like Leauge of Extrordinay Gentlemen or V for Vendetta), but the trailer has given me hope that perhaps this movie won't turn out terrible, and could enhance DC's presence in the Marvel dominated super hero film universe. I'm curious to know if anyone else shares my thoughts, disagrees with me, or whatever.
18 Feb 2008
So the new Knight Rider is out. What did you guys think?
9 Dec 2007
Challenge me. all my teams are level one so please don't sic some high level party on me. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/irritated.gif)
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RIP man, we'll miss you.
4 Jun 2009 - 22:06
Tsuki akari
Thanks for commenting on my artwork btw. Do you do any drawing yourself? I'd like to visit your gallery too, if you have one. ^^
25 Dec 2008 - 23:11
Kaede Nagase = Win
9 Dec 2008 - 3:21
D: I never got a notification for the 'happy birthday,' from almost a month ago. Thanks!
Sorry that was so late in coming. <.<;
3 Dec 2008 - 14:34
Atlas Grunted
Late by a day, but thank buddy ;_;
29 Nov 2008 - 11:56


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