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Ea Rosa Adeline
post Sep 12 2011, 08:37 PM
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Skylessia Characters

Name: Ea Rosa Adeline
Title: N/A
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Ilia
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Ilia, as a sellsword

Class: Partisan
Level: 6
Weapon Levels: Lance: E
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Boar Spear [E] - Treated Iron Lance
A spear weighted almost precisely to Ea's liking, just long enough to offer reach regardless of her size. It's sturdy enough to resist most blades, making it a good weapon on the terrible event she needs to fight close up.

Javelin [E] - Projectile Iron Lance
Throwing spears of standard make and varying quality, Ea keeps at least three of them with her at any time. She spends a lot of time training her throwing arm for these, as they're often heavier than they look.

Height: 157 cm / 5'2"
Build: Slender
Artwork: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Ea sports the soft shade of pink hair that her family is known for, partly in the style of small twintails on top with the rest going down to her waist in a loose braid. Her blue eyes provoke a curious, cautious tone, while her features remain soft and subdued to compliment them. She is quite pale as an Ilian should be, though to her disappointment, her figure isn't much to be proud of. The girl just finds herself too short, too plain and too frail, even for her young age. She tries to find ways for make up for all of those.

Since she doesn't fight as a pegasus knight, Ea can afford to wear more on herself for protection. She is fond of long-sleeved coats in scarlet dye, plain in design and with a solid black trim. This she wears over her white blouse and bow ribbon on her neck, along with a wooly scarf if the weather forces her to dress heavy. It follows down to her pair of heavy, dark colored slacks, wool leggings, and long boots to make it all look right.

Her size doesn't let her wear much for armor, so she makes do with a leather chestplate, a pair of heavy gauntlets and greaves, and light pauldrons. She has a harness around her waist, with a strap that carries a few of her weapons around in easy reach. Around the wrist of her throwing arm is a strap meant to support the weight of her spear, and apply more force to her throws.

There is little that Ea doesn't like, and those things tend to fall in the unpleasant side anyway. She's a rather sunny young girl, with a voice like sweet sugar and a smile quite infectious to see. Although she's fairly bright for her age, she's also rather unfocused and easily distracted when it comes to work. Her heart and her will is pretty strong though, and she's quite eager to impress and succeed, almost to a fault. Often it happens that she either overshoots her mark or misses it entirely, simply because she didn't pay enough attention to her situation.

Ea has a large range of interests, and she pursues them all with equal, unbridled enthusiasm. Some of them are easy to sort out, like her appetite for sweets, though some things, like her commitment to her family and her pride as an Ilian knight, isn't as simple to get to the root of unless one has enough patience for her. She's a decent soldier with about a few years worth of training in her, and little experience to show for it. There are no fancy tricks in her repertoire, just a set of a spear maneuvers and the boldness to pull them off to great effect.

Ea was born in a small, sleepy village, to a family that has served under the banner of Castle Raemy for as long as anyone cared to remember. As a matter of fact, her family's gone through a long, unbroken tradition of pegasus knights, with Ea's older sisters next in line for their generation. She therefore felt a lot less pressure on her as she grew up, and she even got spoiled a fair bit as the youngest girl. Not that she became exempt from knighthood, of course, so that remained in her mind for a long while.

She did a lot of housework after her mother, mostly with baking. Her childhood was less about drills and training manuals, and more about what to make to get her siblings distracted enough to stop bickering over dinner. And that sort of thing made her happy, really. Ea loved the stories of the pegasus knights, and became proud of what her family's done for years. Still, she didn't seem cut out for that sort of thing. She tried to bond with a pegasus when she was nine, after all. One near-death experience with a bucking winged horse simply turned her away from the whole idea.

But that changed when her sisters returned from their long tour in Etruria. Her second eldest faced the worst from Lord Helter's rebellion, and took a debilitating injury that forced her to ride back with the help of the eldest's steed. In fact, Castle Raemy experienced a lot of losses during that war, that they needed more knights to fill in their numbers. Ea didn't have a choice about it, and her parents couldn't protest. She wasn't about to be the one that broke tradition and all.

For the next years, Ea and many other raw recruits entered a period of basic training. Most of the youths were much like her, very young with little to no experience with arms, horseback or the life outside of Ilia. Still, the lot of them picked up on those qualities quite quickly. Ea knew how to bake, the spear drills somehow came easy for her, though for her life, she still didn't have much with either horses or pegasi. No shame in that, it seemed, though it probably made going around much harder than it should have.

She'd live with it. Even without a mount, Ea became a fairly competent skirmisher, and learned to take her practiced precision to throw spears mostly on the mark. After she succeeded her field exam in the shores of Castle Raemy, she finally became eligible to become a knight. And as all aspiring Ilian knights before her, she now needed to leave the country, and take service in a foreign mercenary band to fulfill what it meant to become a knight of Ilia.

Ea Rosa Adeline soon set off her village to accomplish just that, with a bright smile and the wishes of her family as she left. With the pride of her line behind her, she couldn't fail at the task. She really couldn't.

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