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Royce Evenstar
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post Nov 21 2007, 05:43 PM
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Skylessia Characters

Name: Royce Evenstar
Age: 17
Home Country: Val Mae
Affinity: Thunder
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 145 lbs

Personality: Royce has a wide variety of emotions that defer from the calm horseman type. It all depends on his mood. When he is awake, he is a very motivational person, but when he is tired, he is very dreary and apathetic. A person can tell when he is mad when he starts to point his sword at people. When he is happy, he becomes more amiable and gregarious. He is only sad when everyone else around him is sad. Ironically, he dislikes conflict, although he fights when his values are on the line. He also hates being left alone, and he loses morale when he is more isolated, although he can hold his own quite well.

Short note: He has developed a characteristic that allows him to be not only more chivalrous, but also more womanizing. Beware.

Appearance: Royce has passionate brown eyes and natural white hair the color of a polar iceberg. His hair is long enough to cover one eye in front and goes down to the middle of his neck in the back. With a first glance at his face, people would assume that he was 14 or 15 years of age instead of 17 years of age. He looks pensive yet aware, and always wears a half-smile to show that he knows what is going on around him. He wears light armor and its color matches his hair, with a blue coat underneath and blue pants suited for a horseman. His weapons are pretty obvious, but he is only on his horse in training and in combat, so strangers are likely to assume that he is an average foot soldier. He does not carry anything more, but he does wear a silver pendant.

Short note: Do not be surprised to see him walking around without armor.

Bio (History): Royce is the son of Rey Evenstar and Rachel Nara, who have treated him as an equal to his younger sister, Vivienne Evenstar. His father lost his life when Royce was 5 years old, so he was assumed to protect his mother and sister. He was to raise his sister as if he was her father and not her brother, although they still had a great sibling relationship. He had promised to his father that he would name his son Ray, not exactly the same as his father, but it is close. That was the turning point of his life, when he became responsible and devoted to a cause.

Royce had started riding horses since he was 6 years old, when he met Tempest, a white horse who he had found in the forest. They became fast friends, and Tempest made it easy on him to learn how to ride. However, he does not ride outside of combat and training, because he does not know how Tempest will react to civilian life.

Royce has only recently started to study the art of the sword and lance, but he is very intelligent and knows his way around a battlefield. He was a strategic genius, and had a rival in Ken "Satori" Juroshi, his best friend and neighbor. Ken is a much better fighter and has experience in many battles, but Royce has been more fortunate by inheriting natural talent from his father. Recently, Royce had been sent on a mission to gather intelligence throughout the continent. They continue to write informal letters to each other, and Vivienne has remained a major influence in his life. She had given him a silver pendant right before he left, as a symbol of luck and devotion.

First Amendment [From "The Seton's Hill Rebellion"]: Royce joined a motley group of fighters in a rebellion in Alacia. He found himself in many difficult situations, but found something greater than a battle. He found his fiancé, an Alacian named Faith Asuka, among a group of hired hands, sparing her initially because she was a lady. The rebellion concluded with the slaying of a terrible dragon, which Royce had little part in. He basically took out some of the third party, the bandits, including a group of monks, who were flustered when looking for the silver-haired cavalier. He claimed himself to be "Cyril Darkstar", an identity he is sure to assume later, in order to ambush the monks on their way back to the mountain. After getting some treatment and grabbing a few new items, Royce and Faith returned home to Val Mae, but not before Royce and Ziarre Drake, a mamkute girl from the group, conversed about his short-term future...

Second Amendment [From "Rest and Reminiscence"]: Royce met a blood-haired swordswoman named Aegina Chimamire at an inn in Marcellus. He decided that he would pay after the rain stopped, and that he and Aegina would stay in the same room together. Somewhere in the middle of an interesting conversation, the maids appear, young twin sisters named Melody and Harmony. Melody grows attached to Royce even though he is engaged already, while Aegina and Harmony were basically incompatible. As far as the story goes, Melody wandered off to get some cake for Royce, but is that really what ended it all?

Third Amendment [From "Dark Armies, Obscure Faces I"]: TBA

Fourth Amendment [From "Securing a Squad"]: TBA

Fifth Amendment [From "To Erimate"]: TBA

Class: Cavalier
Level: 13

Weapons: Steel Sword | Javelin | Iron Sword
Weapon Levels: Swords C +4/5 | Lances E

Additional Notes/Comments:
*He is a fast runner but he has poor endurance.
*He does not have a favorite food or drink.
*His weapon of choice is the sword, but he uses lances for an extended range, only when he has to.
Made by Lalivero.

RP Participation:
*The Seton's Hill Rebellion [RPFF] - Finished.
"Between the street skirmish, the assassination attempt, and the intense final clash, I found my fiancé, lost a few weapons, and gained a few new friends. My body was intact and my mind was settled."
Graded by VagueZ: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Royce- +4 levels, + 1 full sword level, no lance increase
You don't need to copy in another post just to show Royce's thoughts to individual lines. It's actually kind of distracting. A summarizing thought or using that if it's dramatically appropriate is fine, but otherwise please try to focus more on adding something new.

*Rest and Reminiscence [SRP] - Finished [well, kind of].
"Women with blood-red hair are pretty freaky. Also, if you ever meet twin maids, don't share them, especially with a girl. Too bad I couldn't finish my story..."
*Dark Armies, Obscure Faces Part I [RPFF] - Finished.
"Trouble with the evil organization Black Dawn, new companions, fatal wounds. Typical job from now on, I suppose. I wonder if I'll ever run into these people again."
Graded by VagueZ: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Royce: +3 levels, +1 full Sword level
I don't see Royce using his lances, so... there you go. Sword weapon levels. I liked how he was portrayed here, however, devoting himself to Mairenn's quest and then looking after her--is he crushing? You probably contributed the next most after IB to this RP.

*Securing a Squad [RPFF] - Finished.
"An aristocrat that stands for justice. A traitor among fellows. Eliminators eliminated. Boom."
Graded by Rock: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Sharo - Royce 2 levels 2/5 Sword

*To Erimate! [RPFF] - Finished.
"On a boat. More maids? Separated from the group."
Graded by Falkyn: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Royce Evenstar - +3 levels, +2/5 weapons levels, no lance levels

*Unrighteous Justice 4: Ancestry of Annihilation [RPFF] - In progress.

*Ziarre Drake - C
*Aegina Chimamire - C
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