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10 Jun 2011

That's right, we're back. One of FETO's first successful battle clans has returned! And this time, The Silver Knights are here to stay.

Here's some basic info about the clan:

1. What is this?
The Silver Knights is a FETO battle clan. Members join to have friendly battles, trade advice, and over all get to know the various people of FEPlanet

2. What does this clan exactly do?
As a clan, we battle other clans, members within our own clan, chat, offer advice, ask for help, sprite, etc. Within The Silver Knights battle clan, there are many things to do.

3. Alright then, how do I join?
People who'd like to enter will have to battle higher ranked members or myself to join.

4. Wait, ranked? What do you mean by that?
Like most clans, The Silver Knights will follow a ranking system. From great battlers, to the beginning ones. Unlike the old format, we will now use a ranking system consisting of five ranks:

Paladin (Rank 1)
General (Rank 2)
Knight (Rank 3)
Cavalier (Rank 4)
Infantry (Rank 5)

5. Wait, if I'm placed as an Infantry, the lowest rank, will I always be one?
Absolutely not! You may always attempt to promote to the next rank by battling someone from that rank. So if you're in the Infantry Rank, you may challenge someone from the Cavalier Rank. If you win against that player, you will be promoted to that rank, while the player you beat will still be apart of his or her original rank. No sense in demoting, as that would only cause competitiveness within the clan, when we should all be working together. You may only challenge someone to a promotion battle once per day, and you must be of that rank for at least a day before you can promote others.

6. So, I have to battle you to get in? What if you're not on?
Nonsense, I'm not the only one who can give out placement tests. Any member who's rank is Knight or higher can give out placement tests.

Placement Test:
Map: Final Destination/Cololoseum
Units: 6
Battle type #1: Level 20/Level **/20
Battle type #2: Practice
Battle type #3 (Optional): Two RNs

Analyze the battle, point out any notable points of the opponent, report the results to me, then recommend a rank for them.

7. Advisor? What's that?
The Advisor rank is a special rank that you cannot normally promote to. Only I (Geoffrey) can promote someone to this rank. In order to become an Advisor, you must be active within the clan, be able to analyze battles and characters well, and be a General or higher before I even consider promotion.

8. Any rules?
Of course.
QUOTE(The Silver Knights Rules)
1. If you're part of us, you can't be in any other battle clan.
2. Be respectful to your fellow members, rivals, or anyone else.
3. No spamming. Period. This applies to everyone viewing this topic, and it's a site rule.
4. Try not to stray off topic, or bring on stupid or insulting subjects.

With that note, I hope you enjoy The Silver Knights Battle Clan!


Leader of The Silver Knights

Advisors (Special Rank)
Rika Shiguma

Paladins (Rank 1)

Generals (Rank 2)

Knights (Rank 3)

Cavaliers (Rank 4)
T just T

Infantry (Rank 5)
Lord Wolfblade
mega overlord
Lord Torell
Yuki Artolia Artwaltz

Traitors Ex-Knights (Left our Brotherhood)

Member Count: 22

21 May 2011

Pretty self explanatory, I'd imagine. I'd greatly appreciate it if someone joined. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/happy.gif)
7 May 2011
Just like the topic title says. Looking for an opponent to help me train my 4th Squad of units, which range from Level 17 to Level 18, but feel free to bring lower/higher level units. I hope to get them to Level 20 with this battle.

The battle will end in a draw, unless you want to receive BEXP. If you want the BEXP, please say so in the battle chat. We can decide there who will take the loss.

*EDIT* Nevermind. Thank you, Fredmir.
15 Jul 2009
Yeah, so I haven't been here in a while, and these where two Lord Builds I had, and I'm sure they aren't good, or at least, could be better. So, yeah, here they are.

Mercenary -> Trueblade [Gladiator]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [0/%]: 46.00
POW [2/12.5%]: 28.00
SKL [1/20%]: 28.00
SPD [2/17.5%]: 30.00
DEF [2/%]: 20.00
RES [1/20%]: 20.00
LCK [0/0%]: 22.00

Comments: I have no idea what I was aiming for here. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/irritated.gif) I assume something with Pursuit.

Mercenary -> Hero [Brute]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/0%]: 50.00
POW [2/15%]: 30.00
SKL [1/12.5%]: 29.00
SPD [2/17.5%]: 29.00
DEF [0/7.5%]: 22.00
RES [1/17.5%]: 19.00
LCK [0/0%]: 17.00

Comments: This one I like better, although I could probably move a point or two from speed into Res.

So with that, go ahead and help out.
12 Nov 2008
Yeah, so I'm gonna take a stab at this. I can do FE6 - FE8 mug/battle sprite re-colors and some splicing. I can't (nor have a attempted) on customs, so don't ask.








Battle Sprites:





(IMG:http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn264/The_Black_Knight64/Finn-4.gif) (IMG:http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn264/The_Black_Knight64/Finnstaff.gif)


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Ah,it's really cool.
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yeah happy birthday
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