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I R SAS!!!!!

cr0n lolz hahahizzles
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61 years old
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Born Mar-24-1956
I like many things! :D
- The colour orange!
- Family Guy (Stewie in perticular. :P)
- Confusing people by speaking in other languages, namely German and French. :P
- Being a hippy liberal douche! XD
- Many other things, get to know me to find out. :P

NOTE: I don't go on MSN that much. XD I also never use Google Talk. I really only show it to take up space. >_>;
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29 Nov 2011
We're going to be migrating to a newer, more powerful server in a couple days, and although any downtime should be minimal, there may be some. We'll actually have just one server after the migration, as opposed to two, but with the different, and more powerful components, it'll actually be better than what we have now.

For the more technologically-minded of you the new server will have two Intel Xeon E5645 (6-core, 2.4 GHz), 24 GB DDR3 memory, and a 300 GB Intel 320-series SSD, in addition to a 1 TB HDD.

I don't know how long the migration will take, and once it's complete, there may be some intermittent (but short) outages over the following few days if I need to tweak any of the configuration at all, yup yup.
2 Apr 2011
Apparently there's going to be some emergency maintenance in data centre tonight, so you can expect approximately 15-20 minutes of downtime, I'm told.
2 Dec 2010
We'll be doing some maintenance on the server hardware to better utilize it, but this will result in some downtime... no ETA, but when it does happen, I don't think it should last *too* long.
21 Jun 2010
I've just purchased a second server to split the load. There will be some downtime while stuff is moved over and set up, more information to come as it is available.

For anyone interested, the new server will have two Intel Xeon E5520 @ 2.26 GHz (quad-core, eight threads), 16 GB memory, and a 300 GB 15k RPM SAS HDD.
25 May 2010

Console-maker Nintendo co., Ltd. has announced a new remake from developer Intelligent Systems' Fire Emblem series today for the Nintendo DS through their Fire Emblem World website. Unveiled through a short teaser video, Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo ~Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu~ (literally Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem ~Hero of Light and Shadow~) will be the latest installment in the strategy role-playing game series and the second remake for the Nintendo DS. The first Fire Emblem title saw a remake last year in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

Judging by its title, Shin Monshou no Nazo will be a remake of the series' first Super Famicom game, Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo. The game is split up into two parts: Books One and Two. Book One is a remake of Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi, the first game in the series which was already remade as Shadow Dragon. Book Two is a continuation of the story from Book One, again starring original protagonist and Super Smash Bros. combatant Marth.

Other than the video which can be seen at Nintendo's Fire Emblem portal Fire Emblem World, no other information is available. Release dates and whether or not both Books will remain intact in Shin Monshou no Nazo are still unknown.
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