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The Why's and How's of Arcade games
post Apr 23 2007, 06:09 PM
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Meh, just for pointless reasons, I'll be posting why and how arcade games work. Nothing else much. If you don't understand, just read the below.


-The Copter - Okay, programming here is simple. It's just on the side of the screen and doesn't move horizontally. Now, I'm not sure how much vertical speed increases or decreases, but when ou release the left mouse button, the rate of vertical speed decreases.

EX. You copter is heading up wards at a rate 10 pixels a second, you release the left mouse button and the copter speed decreases (9, 8, 7... -3, -4...), thus mimicing gravity.

When you press the left button, the speed increases, so just take the above example and reverse it. The tail smoke is just made every few seconds. When the copter crashes, all controls are deactivated and now makes 'crash smoke', more on that later.

-Blocks and Tail Smoke - Okay, blocks and smoke just move a horizontal direction to the left. They disappear when off the screen. They however stop as soon as the copter crashes, so that way you still don't look like you're moving onwards after crashing.

-Score, just simply increases the score by 1 every *insert certain number of milliseconds here*.

-Randomizing blocks- Okay, this is a bit more complicated. Okay, click on this link. Go to the juegos and play the much easier copter game. See the bar to the far right? The one moving up and down? That's how the random blocks are made. Every few milliseconds, it makes a block at its top and one at its bottom. Now, the random part is that every time it reaches the top of the screen or the bottom, it changes direction and goes at a random speed, thus making the game hilling or flat depending on luck. The middle block is made every few seconds and a totally random height. Not even the far block controls that.

-Crash smoke- Just smoke that head upwards and fades out when the copter crashes.

That everything for copter.

Nanaca Crash:

WARNING- BIG LIST OF THINGS AHEAD (Also incomplete information due to lack of ability to analyze certain things in the game).

Where to start?

-Intial Bike Crash and the guy getting hit- Okay, the meter, basically the power is how many pixels per whatever amount of milliseconds the guy goes, direction is the direction he goes (dur!). Now, when the girl hits him, a trigger goes off and the guy's image changes and volecity also changes. As a side note, the faster he goes, the faster his image rotates. His speed and direction changes depending on which and how the girls hit him.

Note: During all of the special animations of the girls and whatnot, the game pauses and has a sort of cutscene.

-Red Girl- She's simple, when you get hit by her, your speed increases, also, look at the guy's direction, draw a vertical line and mirror his direction line, that the direction she hits him. We'll refer to this as direction mirroring. To enable her bonus, you first get hit by her, then you're able to get a bonus from her. However, if another girl hits you, it's cancelled. When she goes samuri on you, it just simply boosts the speed she gives.

-Blue Girl- Same as red girl, except she mirrors direction and then lowers the angle a bit. Not sure how the bonus appears, perhaps it's just random? However, the chance for a special hit disappears when the girl goes off the screen.

-Yellow Girl- Same thing as blue girl, but raises angle a bit. Still don't know how the special comes in here, but like before, when she's off the screen, the chance for a special disappears.

-The Guys you kill when you hit them- They're basically like the girls, only they give a negative speed effect. Simple, no?

-Purple girl- When you hit her, she does nothing to your speed or direction, however, when you hit the next person, depending on their gender, she'll do one of two things:

1. If it's a girl, she keeps you from being hit by the girl, even if she's the green one. After that, her effect stops.
2. If it's a guy, she does nothing and her effect stops.

REMEMBER: YOU CAN CANCEL HER BY GETTING A SPECIAL HIT FROM A GIRL. However, you won't know when these come.

-Green Girl- Basically, if you don't get a special, the game end when you hit her. If you do get a special, she hits you with about twice the power the red girl special hit hits you with. Major ouch. Her special appears when you get hit by another girl, however the special disappears as soon as you hit the ground or a guy.

-Girl on a bicycle- Now, see the red and blue crosses at the top left? When you're vertical speed is negative and you left click, she mirrors you direction and increases your speed abit, however, you lose one of the red crosses, you can only do this three times. Now, when your vertical speed is positive, she mirrors you direction and increases your speed abit. This should be used for aim. Also, notice the 100% went to 0%? That'll go back up when your airborne and on screen. This can be used infinity amount of times as long as it's at a 100%.

-Combinations- Don't know much here, all I know is that you get one if you pull off a special hit and then get hit by another girl immediatly after. They increase your speed a whole lot.

-Scoring system- The farther you go, the more points you get. They increase faster if you go faster horizontally.

-Randomizing the people- This seems to be totally random, except only one of each appears on the screen at a time. So, you'll never see more than one of them at a time.

Nanaca Crash, still not quite complete.

Working on more games.
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post Apr 24 2007, 07:40 PM
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Skylessia Characters

Write one for Tower Defense 2k5. >:]
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post Apr 24 2007, 11:26 PM
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Beat it.
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Ok, Ramus, you have some flaws on Nanaca Crash. I'm an old Nanaca Crash pro, so I'll put in a few things.

Blue/Yellow Girl specials are active when one of them is after another, that's it.

If Yellow Girl is followed by blue girl, then Yellow Girl special will be active. Get it?

Also, yellow/blue girl specials are the only "combinations," (unless you count how green has all 4 hit him in an animation).

Also, the guys that you hit do two different things. The Orange Guy changes your angle. If your horizontal velocity is greater than your vertical velocity, then he will change your angle of flight upward 45 degrees (this really kills your momentum in the forward direction, but damn you go high). If you have greater vertical velocity, he'll change your angle 45 degrees down (if this ever happens, you will most likely be FLYING after you hit him).

Now, Blue Guy simply slows down your speed. He's much less complex.

The last part is about vs. CFF specials. In order to get a vs. CFF special, you must hit the purple "through and run" girl. While she is in effect, you may notice all specials are blocked out. However, sometimes "vs. CFF" will appear. If you hit a GIRL while that icon is on, click for a vs. CFF special. These always involve the girl on the bike, Nanaca, and are widely regarded as the best specials in the game. The type you get depends on the color of girl, hence 4 different specials.

I cannot remember which gives what, but I have experienced 3 myself. One is a "bound boost," where everytime you hit the ground, instead of slowing, you will boost. This lasts for a short while, and your character is green while activated.

Another one sends you flying over 100 girls, which adds some good distance, and then it boosts you off. Your character quite comically floats over them at high speed.

The last one I have experienced doubles the boosts you get from hitting girls.

That's all I can remember to correct you on/add right now. Enjoy.
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post Apr 26 2007, 07:00 PM
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I've done some myself. Red cff is the 100 go (called "parachute death sentence), and yellow is the bound-boost (any time you hit the ground, you boost)
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