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WOAH! Look at the size of that barrel!
28 years old
Ohio =/
Born May-28-1992
fire emblem, video games, sports, cooking, food
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14 Feb 2012
Name: Cain "Shadowalker" Styman
Age: 18
Homecountry: Valhassa
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Build: Athletic

Class: Mercenary.

Weapons: Iron blade
Weapon Levels: Swords-E

Summary: In a back alley, behind a tavern a man sits alone on a crate with his sword laying next to him. He won't acknowledge your presence until you throw him a small bag of gold pieces. Once he receives his down payment, he says, "Job?" Once you tell him the job, he will give another price based on what the job entails. There is no job he will turn down unless the payment is sufficient. He is skilled but once the gold starts to dry up, he will become less and less interested in completing the job. Once the payment is fully received, he is all yours, but do not expect him to create a lot of conversation. He is very reserved and will not let emotion override him. Some even wonder if he actually exists as a human or if he is just a spirit walking the earth, weaving in and out of the shadows.

Appearance: Cain wears a black cape with a buckle across the front and a hood in the back that he usually wears to cover his face. The cape covers a dull silver breastplate that, in turn, covers a black, tight-fitting tunic that is usually tucked into his off-white bottoms. The only thing in his outer appearance that makes him stand out is a blood orange colored shoulder guard that hangs over his bicep and comes to a sharp point.

He rarely takes his hood off, but on the few occasions he does, his most striking feature is his bright blue eyes. They stand out in complete contrast to his garb and his personality. His black hair is mostly short except the bangs hang down to the bottom of his forehead and are usually spiked out slightly. He is not very overtly muscular, but he is svelte and very toned.

Bio: When Cain was a young lad, he was very bright and chipper. He always helped his father with the work outside and his mother with the work inside. He learned swordplay from his father who used to be a local militiaman until he and his wife moved out into the more rural areas. When he was 12 though, a pack of bandits attacked the small village his family lived in and took both his parents with them. He never saw either of them again after that day, yet he likes to think that they are still out there somewhere.

Cain had no other choice to live but to move back into the major port and try and make a living on his own at his very young age. Unfortunately he could not find any work so he had to resort to begging. He scraped together every penny that he didn't spend on food for 6 years to keep himself alive and bought himself a old, beaten-up sword from a local armory. Through watching the inner workings of the city through the back allies of affluence, he has noticed that the best source of income is mercenary work. So he used his sword and allowed his work to spread as his reputation. He does not want people to understand how young and scared he actually is most of the time, so he acts reserved and hidden from emotion and uses the do-anything-for-money routine to act older than he really is in body and in heart. He hopes that there are some people out there that he can finally open up to and longs for the conversation he has had to hide away to create a reputation for himself. So he walks the shadows and takes any job that anybody could think of just to make his own little niche in the world.
8 Feb 2012
I'm back y'all. I just made a new Skylessia character, so that should keep me here for once instead of me leaving after a week again. Glad to be back and I hope some of you remember me. O_o
10 Apr 2010
I think this might be like the 5th return topic I've done lol. But this one is legit. I'm back I have time and the patience now especially since I gave up warcraft 3 and teh pr0nz
2 Jan 2009
Yep i'm moving to San Diego so I may be without teh webz for a while.
18 Dec 2008
This is about the fifth time I've said i'm gonna try and come back. So what the hell I'll give it another shot.

Ket and Sassypoo: I missed talking to you guys so much i'll get on AIM later.
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Because dragons shall someday rule the world...x3
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