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RPGs, RPs, Pokemon, Anime, Shunsui Kyouraku... The Roc's Nest, and the Aerie (FEP's affiliate.)

I am also a healthy human male, if you get my drift.
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2 Jul 2012
The sky was overcast when a large shadow blotted out what little sun there was. The people in the city below, except for a few who would look up at the sky and remark that an airship was flying a little too low for comfort, would discover that their end was nigh. Among the wagoners and horse-drawn carriages transporting food from one town to another, among the bakers busy baking and weaponsmiths busy smithing, and the peasant girls nonchalantly laughing as they did their daily rounds... none of them could have known that a mass of wood and steel would smash into the streets, crushing them before they could even scream.

It was just past morning, almost midday; Murati, in a district that had almost always known prosperity, wealth, and opportunity, a district people knew as the business center of that prefecture, would cease its normal operations to deal with the sudden disaster. But the airship crash would just be the beginning.

So come those men and women who should stand up to fight! Come together and defend so that whatever may strike your friends and family will cower in fear when you brandish your blade in spite of the overwhelming circumstances! Even if you are strangers, band together to become strong, for it's the only way to survive in times of great need! Or die trying!

The Airship That Crashed In the Middle Of Marcellus is a disaster RP in which a large airship brutally crashes in the middle of the city's major business center, causing much damage and death upon its landing. The incident is meant to bring strangers together, as disasters tend to do. That's just the background, however. The rest of the RP entails finding out from where the airship came, what caused the airship to crash, and then discovering the identity of the monster on board which, if not defeated decisively, will escape the airship wreckage and lay its eggs around the town, thereby introducing a dilemma like that which Marcellus has never seen.

There will also be some character development for my own character.

There will be four slots total, no more no less. Two of those slots are already occupied by me and Knight of G, respectively. The other two participants will be chosen not by who applies first, but by the personality and background of your personal character.

I expect this RP to reach the end. Please help it reach the end and you will feel accomplishment.

1. Red Antelope Wading the Sea ~ Lvl 14 (Sui-kun)
2. Link Callad Bolge Dekku ~ Lvl 5 (Knight of G)
3. Catrin ~ Lvl 1 (ColourMageKnight)
4. Rahal Penvurius ~ Lvl 9 (RodentsRKewl)
27 Jul 2011
I suggest the ability to cast staff spells (Heal, Recover, etc.) with a single staff.

It makes absolutely no sense for a staff user, in this day and age of Skylessia, to carry a different staff on his person for each staff-magic spell he owns. Excuse me for referencing other fantasy games and anime, but you never see characters with a separate staff for each spell. Rather, mages always cast their spells with a single staff.

It's much more efficient for traveler-type characters, and it eliminates the need to carry golf club bags. And dare I say it just looks cooler to cast all of your spells with a single staff? *grumble*

And you'd think Azgarth, after 200 years, would have at least made this possible, wouldn't you? :O
13 Feb 2011
The Introduction Post: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
"Airship travel in Alimond has been relatively safe in the past decade or so. Merchants and commoners alike have been flying all over the Eastern continent with less and less to worry about with each passing technological milestone. Trade has flourished. There is greater cooperation among countries. The continent is more connected than ever before. Sure, there is a demon attack every so often. But considering Alimond's increasingly potent air force, any demon should be afraid of us more than we should be afraid of it... is what I would like to say."

The Major took a sip of his tea, his bushy mustache quivering as he did so, and he placed the silver mug down quietly.

Captain Dominique De Lune Prigioniera, in full, shock-pink uniform, sat rigidly in front of his desk as she received a briefing more cryptic than usual. Between her lips was a smoking colpathi cigarette of the premium variety.

"The truth is," the Major continued. "We've come across an anomaly in the current status quo. I'm not going to announce this to the public, as I don't want to cause unnecessary panic, but we've been losing airships."

Dominique rose a brow, as if she was surprised (though in truth she was not). The destruction of airships was not foreign to her.

"We don't know why this is. But we want to know why. We want to know, so we can stop this. But the ships take to the air... and never return. Thus, we never know what happens to the crew or the passengers. We've assumed that they've all died... until now. Captain Prigioniera, it's time we get down to the bottom of the problem. Will you please follow me?"

At this point, Dominique and the Major (also the President of Alimond's Department of Airships (ADA)) rose from their chairs. The Major strolled down the hall with the Captain following dutifully behind. He opened the door to a certain inconspicuous room at the end of the hall.

Within that room were three people: two doctors and a heavily bandaged man lying in a bed. The patient was in terrible shape. He was missing an arm, a leg, and a chunk of his abdomen. And what few limbs he had left seemed to be crippled beyond repair. Dominique could see, even as the victim was covered from head to toe in white, that he was horribly disfigured and would probably not live to see another sunrise.

The patient was moaning, groaning, and even screaming sporadically, as if in constant pain. The young airship captain could not tell whether this was due to his injuries, or some kind of mental instability. Perhaps both.

"This is Mundus Hespaccini," the Major continued with genuine pity in his voice. "He was a handsome, big-strapping lad. Eager to make adventure. Eager to make money. He joined the crew of the airship Cloud Chameleon on a routine trip to central Araducia. The Cloud Chameleon never even reached Araducia's port. It and its crew remained elusive for some time... until Mundus's barely-living mangled body was found in the middle of the veld in The Wilds... alongside a wreckage of the Cloud Chameleon. He was evidently the only survivor."

"I see," was all Dominique could say as she held the cigarette between her middle and ring finger. It was fairly obvious to her that she was going to be tasked to find out what had happened, and stop whatever had caused it.

"I suppose I'm to investigate this with my crew and stop 'whatever it is'?" she asked unperturbed, her hands folded behind her back in a disciplined fashion. "I suppose Mundus will give me a head start in that area?"

Her accent was thick.

"No, unfortunately. I don't believe he will. As you can see, he is in no condition to give us information regarding what happened. He seems to be mentally unstable."

Indeed, it was true. Upon a closer look, Dominique was able to conclude that poor Mundus was certifiably insane, spouting phrases that made no sense.

"And, no," the Major continued. "You will not stop it. I want you to take the Redland Windstar to the air, and simply investigate. Do not engage. Do not attempt to put you or your crew in danger. Return immediately if you see something so that we may know what it is we're dealing with. I don't want to lose another ship without a trace."

"I understand, Major," Dominique nodded as she took another puff. "But you seem to be underestimating me. The Redland Windstar is an extremely capable ship. It can take whatever it is we're dealing with. It is designed to deal with problems. It's why I like it so much."

"I'm glad you have confidence, Dominique. But don't be foolhardy. This mission is just a scouting run. Return at the first sign of danger."

"You think it's a demon?" she suggested. "Demons are not uncommon in the skies around Erimate's borders, after all."

"No telling. But if it is--"

"--If it is, Major, I will use my own judgment. You know how much I loathe demon scum. You can see it on my face."

She pointed to her eye patch. The Major winced, all too aware of her deep-seated hatred.

"I, Dominique De Lune Prigioniera, am not like the other captains. If the problem is a demon, I will bring back its head on a silver platter, and mount it on my wall. Don't go telling me to turn my back on demon-kind when I can just as easily scrape them off my heel on a sidewalk."

A bead of sweat crawled down the Major's face.

"...for once, I hope that's the case."

Their business finished, the Major and the Captain proceeded to leave the room. As the domineering Captain Prigioniera threw her colpathi cigarette to the floor and ground it into the rug with the tip of her boot, her ears caught the last (and most comprehensible) words from the bed-ridden survivor Mundus: "A monster... a monster unlike any other! We cannot stop it! WE CANNOT STOP IT!!"

This will be an airship-themed roleplay taking place in the Alimond area. It will be mostly battle-oriented. However, we will head into some unexplored frontiers. And when I mean 'unexplored', I mean it. There will be some [very strange] demons, and a lot of danger. There will be at least two battles, and the RP can be expected to last at least 4 pages. It will begin not on the ground, but in the air.

Basic Synopsis: There is a mysterious monster threatening Alimond's air force. Captain Prigioniera, her crew, a set of hired swords (PCs), and her airship Redland Windstar have been tasked with eliminating investigating it. Things will not go according to plan.

The number of slots will be dependent on the number of people signing up, and I will be choosey. :3 Not first come first serve (though I doubt slots will fill up considering the number of new RPs we have).

1. Dominique De Lune Prigioniera (Sui-kun)
2. Elphisia Svanhildur (Viceman B.)
3. Lyra Tawny (Shuuda )
4. (Space Flower)
5. Emilia Fletcher (Bogart)
6. Nixent Phoian (Firehawk11)

I will not enforce posting habits. But please post when you can. And remember that it is more efficient to make several small posts rather than one large one.
12 Feb 2011
I'm going to begin an RP soon.

But before I do, I want to ask those experienced enough to answer: How do you run a successful roleplay? When I mean 'successful' I mean a roleplay that doesn't fizzle out within a page, a roleplay that is compelling, allows for a less-awkward transition between socialization and battle, and at the same time isn't of the cookie-cutter variety.

Does anyone want to share their wisdom with me?
21 Aug 2010
The timeline is gone.

I was searching all over for it when I finally used the search function and found that it had been removed.

Why was it removed? It's an important information piece, isn't it?
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