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17 May 2011
In Southern Araducia, there is a small bay with three villages nearby. Two of them are on the shores and survive through fishing; the third is up and into the mountains crouching on the only path through the mountains. Fishtown, Cogville, and Corinth, respectively, have always been very out-of-the-way and generally ignored by the successors squabbling over the Araducian crown.

However, not everyone has ignored this area--a clever and rather urbane pirate leader, the self-proclaimed Admiral Chelgar, has set his sites on the area, and sailed in with a force far stronger than the native defenders can muster. His goal with all of this is far from clear, especially for those few travelers who are currently visiting Fishtown....

So: it's an RP about pirates attacking these three towns. PCs of any class or level are fine by me. There will be some chance of PC failure here, as even if the PCs all live, Chelgar may achieve his goals--I'll be secretly tracking this and reacting to PC plans. Having a take-charge and clever sort of PC would be great. Also, if you join and then can't post at least once a week, I will make a series of unlikely threats at you.

Who's interested?
9 May 2011

Name: Eve Beauchamp
Age: 18
Homecountry: Marcellus
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Build: Quite nice to look at, but not athletic at all

Class: Curate
Level: 1

Weapons: Heal, Regen
Weapon Levels: Staff E 0/4

Summary: Eve is rather unassuming in her demeanor, and would be extremely forgettable were it not for her outfits, which are... well, rather risque, but that's what her contract says she's supposed to wear . She wears them with little self-consciousness, but otherwise she's generally shy and almost always very easy to convince of things. It's not that she's dumb, or slow-witted--she's just trusting and finds it easier to go along with the flow of things rather than try to press her own agenda. So far, this has stood her in good enough stead.

If forced into the spotlight or spoken to one-on-one, Eve is polite and good-natured, with no obvious hint of a dark side beneath it all. She's always lived her life up to now by following the path of least resistance, and, well, it's done okay for her.

Appearance: Eve is short, with proportions that generally at least merit a good, long second look, and to top it all off is almost always dressed in a maid's outfit, one that... well, isn't exactly designed for functionality, to put it mildly. She puts a fair amount of effort into keeping the look perfect, since that's been described as one of her duties. Her naturally purple eyes and pink hair don't do much to break the overall look of domestic femininity. On the rare occasions she's out of her work clothes, Eve dresses in much more modest long skirts and blouses. In both cases, she's got various useful items hidden, somehow, in pockets that aren't allowed to bulge or otherwise look like she's actually carrying anything.

Her body language is always restrained, and Eve is normally found beside and slightly behind whoever she's currently following. And she's generally following someone.

Bio: The Beauchamps had, in years previously, managed to work themselves up to just barely upper-class Marcellus standards. This was the environment that Eve was born into, as the second eldest and first daughter of the family: one where she wasn't quite gentry or nobility, but just about on the same social plane. She grew up going to most of the best schools, attending at least some of the more open social functions, and so on. What she was mainly taught, however, was how to be a lady. She never really picked up many marketable skills beyond that.

As she grew older, however, she was eventually forced to change. Her father lost a great deal of the family's accumulated wealth in a shipwreck that was not well enough insured. Things changed. No longer could her parents support all four of their children in the manner that they were accustomed to, as they tried to recoup their fortunes. Someone had to avoid draining their budget, and, preferably, bring in a little extra money. The problem was... none of them had any marketable skills, and it was certainly Not Done for them to sully themselves with menial labor. If that were to become known, it would destroy the family image and they'd never regain their hard-fought-for status.

So, essentially, their options were limited to marriage and polite work for other upper class families. Marriage didn't work out--Eve's older brother failed to find any suitable prospects, and Eve, at 16 then, was second oldest. By this standard, it was pretty obvious that none of the younger siblings were going to fare any better, so polite work it was. Cleaning, butlering, nannying... things like that. She spent a couple of years on minor jobs, none of which were long-term.

Thus it was that Eve, much to her mild confusion, eventually found herself contracted to the Fen-Rufierre family and told to find and support their daughter, Maiya.
18 Aug 2010
[Levels transferred from Eve Beauchamp, from the RP The Backlash of Love and Infatuation, and This contest as approved by Velyoukai.]

Name: Elizabeth Annette Cederbaum-Hayes
Age: 18
Homecountry: The Marcelli Empire
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Build: Lithe, with a surprising amount of power behind it.

Class: Wyvern Rider
Level: 4

Weapons: Javelin, Steel Ranseur, Steel Rhomphaia
Weapon Levels: Lance - D 0/4

The youngest of the family, Elizabeth is nowhere near as expansive a personality as her siblings. She keeps her feelings to herself and tends to wander around with a fairly blank look, although that's not always obvious. Her well-trained and practiced posture usually proclaims that she's interested in what you have to say, and she'll respond right, but it never seems to translate to her eyes. It's not that she's incurious or doesn't care about the world around her; she just keeps her own counsel.

Actually, she's always paying attention to the world around her and how it relates to her, her family, and her interests, but she's insular enough that she doesn't tend to share that. She's willing to open up, but somehow it's just... not yet happened.

Appearance: Elizabeth has always strongly resembled her older sister. About the same height (adjusted for age), same silvery hair color, same green eyes. That's about where the resemblances stop, though. Elizabeth keeps her hair trimmed functionally short, only long enough to hide some of her neck. She has a much more athletic build, courtesy of her acrobatic and weapons training. She doesn't need or wear glasses. She also, somehow, has kept a much paler skin tone than her sister.

Her usual outfits are black or gray riding outfits, suitable for her to work with her wyvern. She usually wears a brimmed hat to keep her eyes shaded, too, and if there's any likelihood of combat, she wears a chainmail shirt beneath her top. Any skirts or dresses she wears are strictly because she doesn't have a good excuse to wear what she sees as something more practical and comfortable, but she's not unfamiliar with them.

Bio: Elizabeth was born the youngest daughter of Ruthford Cederbaum-Hayes, the Trade Prince of Ocelli. She played the dutiful daughter growing up, working hard and succeeding in all of her lessons and generally being exactly the role she was called to be, learning much about trade, politics, etiquette, economics, and more. Thanks to this, she was asked what she wanted to have as a gift... and she said she wanted a wyvern.

So it was that young Elizabeth, the formerly proper and ideal daughter, got the most mild-tempered wyvern her family could find, which was quite laid back indeed. She didn't seem to care--and once she'd gotten this far, her interest in most ladylike things waned quickly. She just wanted to practice her more martial and acrobatic skills, or take her wyvern out for long flights. It didn't help matters that she named him Groinbiter, either. He was never known to be willing to bite anyone, anywhere, no matter the provocation, but, well, just a name, right?

So it was that over the last year or so Elizabeth has been noted, quietly, as being strange, which in no way helped bring her out of the shell she was developing. Still, she had always kept her duties at least technically fulfilled, which is why no one thought twice about when she volunteered to find her older sister Margaret after the mechanical-minded girl made her escape.

It seemed that Elizabeth had plans of her own, however, as she flew off on Groinbiter to search, and... simply didn't come back. Actually, she found her sister right off, since she had a good idea of where Margaret would head off to, and simply announced that she was coming, too. No reasons were given.


(Thanks, Vice!)
31 Jul 2010
I'll be back on Thursday, but until then, I'm out. If you need anything, speak to one of the other three mods; I've got too much stuff to let myself get distracted while I'm working on this.
21 Jul 2010
It was just another town, much like any other. Amaranth hadn't bothered to learn anything about it; it was just a place in Valhassa, and one town was usually very much like another. It was on the coast, and it had the usual Valhassan accompaniments of that: docks, ships at docks, warehouses, and a large spectrum of entertainment functions--from family-friendly to technically under-the-table, even for famously liberated Valhassa. Hm... well, where there were sailors anxious to work out their frustrations and relieve boredom, there would be plenty of things to keep Amaranth occupied, one way or another.

Truth be told, Amaranth was trying to better, to hold herself to a higher standard, and actually live up to her godly claim instead of just telling people that they simply didn't understand and had no basis to judge a divine being. But, well, hey, she was in Valhassa, right? And what was the fun in behaving all the time? Still, she at least grudgingly took a moment to adjust her mental thought: if she found a nice sailor, or sailors, she'd join them for an afternoon and evening of fun, wih no focus on anything else that might happen to come later, when everyone was drunk and thinking of going to bed.

For the moment, Amaranth was standing atop a cliffside, overlooking the effectively-nameless town below. It wasn't a very easy vantage point to reach. Honestly, Amaranth could never have climbed it; she simply didn't have the physicality to scale the sheer rock. Luckily, the shape-shifting Amaranth didn't need to climb, not when she could manifest wings on cue. That had been how she had gotten up here, and it was also how she would be getting down.

She took one last look at the harbor before she did, though. Hey, what was that new ship just starting to come around a spur of land and into view? Was it really flying a skull-and-crossbones flag on its mast? It looked it! Fancy that: these sort of properly brazen pirates were just unaccountably rare. Well, screw getting drunk and making eyes at some guy, then. This promised to be much more interesting! Well, once the pirates got a bit closer, at any rate...

Amaranth stepped off her rocky perch as if the air was just another step to take, and huge bat-wings caught her in a smooth glide down and down towards the town beneath. Demonic-looking Amaranth was going to play the part of the angels here!

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So, yeah, all UJ crew and anyone who gets permission from me, feel free to just pop in. For not, give your entrance; things will start happening about my next post or so.

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