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Connor Ferasaan
post May 21 2007, 03:03 PM
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Skylessia Characters


Name: Connor Ferasaan
Age: 19 at the time of Quelling an Uprising, currently 20
Home country: Olivan
Affinity: Wind
Gender: Male
Height: 5" 11'
Weight: 134 lbs

Personality: Connor has an optimism that his new path in life will serve him well. However, this is tempered with a tired and weary persona that is the result of years of work on the farms. He is hardworking, but can get irritable if pushed too far. He also feels homesick for the family and friends he left behind in his village. He dislikes the rich lords and barons, whom he considers to be lazy and arrogant, and he distrusts technology, for the reason that his community is facing extinction thanks to it.

He is patriotic to an extent, although he generally feels solidarity with any members of the underclasses. In particular, he has an affinity to workers of the land, and other travellers.

Connor has the knowledge of your standard peasant, but with the same natural intelligence held by those who work the land and know it like family. He has little skill in the sword, but trains every day to improve.

Appearance: Grubby peasant's clothing that hangs loose on his body; it has been handed down through his family and shows its age. It may have had a colour at some point in history, but it is now grey. Connor also wears a darker grey headscarf from his days as a farm boy. Since his aqcuisition of the Dreizehn, he has purchased a large green travelling coat, although he still wears his old clothes.

His body is tough and muscled from his work, but he is fairly skinny and slightly underweight thanks to a poor diet.

His eyes are brown and clear, and his hair is medium-length and blonde, mostly covered by the headscarf. He has an expression of grim determination, with a faint smile. His face is rough and dirty, worn down by the rain and snow of Olivan. He carries his most expensive possession, his sword, slung across his back. He also has what little money he saved up and travelling supplies in bags attached to his belt.

Family: Both of Connor's parents are still alive. He also has one elder sister, two younger sisters, a younger brother (Pavel) and an elder brother. Of his grandparents, only his mother's mother remains. He also has several aunts and uncles. His family are reputed to be one of the many descendants of the great Olivanese general Connor Langford, hero of the War of Olivanian Dissent. This claim is as of yet unproven.

Bio: Connor always had a certain wish for something better than the meagre peasant life that he was born into. His parents made him work on the farms alongside his siblings since he could first walk, and for the first years of his life, he knew no other way. However, when he turned 14, the merchants came to his home town of Gainsborough...

They were from one of the industrial cities further to the east, outside of Olivan's borders. They turned up on their horses and held a counsel with the village's ruler, Count Yeomont. The merchants brought with them a machine, pulled along by five ponies. It was a wondrous contraption that could do the work of a whole family for a fraction of the cost. Count Yeomont immediately bought the show model, and ordered the delivery of a further dozen of the machines.

When the Ferasaans and the other villagers heard the news, they resigned themselves to their fate. Stories had been flying round from the other provinces of exactly the same events, over and over again. The workers that had slaved on the fields for generations would be set free from their labour; in exchange, they would find hunger and unemployment.

On that day, Connor realised that his wish for a better life were ruined. His destiny was to live in poverty and try to scrape an existence among the slums of Ernach; either that, or leave Olivan and its bleak plains for the other nations.

For five years, he saved money here and there, finding what little coins he could get at, while his family worked in the Count's manor after having been fired from the farms. Finally, on the day of his nineteenth birthday, he collected together the few possessions he could carry, snuck into the blacksmith's shop and stole the newest sword straight off the anvil. He left his village behind in the dead of the night, heading into the unknown. Where he would go was uncertain, but he knew that anything had to be better than the life he had left behind... surely?


Quelling an Uprising

After his epiphany, Connor left Gainsborough for the plains of Olivan, seeking employment. He searched for a week, and found nothing. When he was finally giving up hope, he encountered the enigmatic Scarlet Rose and joined 'his' mercenary group that had been commissioned to guard the Alacian Royal Family. After a short ambush by rebel forces, the party disbanded, and Connor journeyed south.

Chute D'eau Noire

The farmboy's travels down the Alacian/Arad'unn border were long and uneventful, and he reached the port town of Merton-on-Sea. There, he heard tales of the great arenas on Valhassa, just across the ocean. He was enticed by these stories, and he booked passage aboard an old sea dog's vessel. When he reached the island, he found the port deserted - apart from a few renegades, and hordes of diseased gladiators. After fighting their way out of a stadium, the group was accosted by strange hooded figures. When day broke, the party broke up and Connor took the old captain's ship back to Merton-on-Sea.

Sun, Sand and Silver

Connor then took the coastal roads across Alacia and into Nagaräth, where he met the aged explorer Grenville and his local guide, Enkidu. He was hired, along with the young thief Lily Thompson and the swordsman Aether Zhendlor, whom he took an immediate liking to. After spending many days traversing the Nagaräthian sands, which involved a duel with Aether, a bandit attack and a meeting with the odd mamkute, Ester Humesson, they finally reached the tomb of Gilgamesh. Inside, Enkidu discovered a secret about his past, Aether found several books of high importance and Connor uncovered the obsidian-black, thirteen-notched Marshswain's Blade (a.k.a. Dreizehn). After the revelation that he is, in fact, a centuries-old ghost, Enkidu joins forces with the ghost of his former partner, Gilgamesh, and murders Grenville in a fit of rage. The remaining three adventurers flee the tomb with their treasures and part their ways.

After retrieving the Dreizehn from Gilgamesh's tomb, Connor then decided to pay a visit to his home country. To do this, he returned to the coast and took a boat across the Bay of Alacia, arriving at the southern end of the country. He then hitched lifts on wagons travelling up the Imperial Northeastern Highroad, up the spine of Alacia. The farmboy then walked the remaining distance across the marshland of Olivan; however, he found himself a little further from his destination than he'd hoped...

Homecoming Fanfare

After ending up in the northern town of Heinslow, Connor joined a group liberating the town from an invasion of bandits. He saw the lordlings Chester and Alclieu Rufierre reunited after a long separation, and obtained an Armorslayer in the ensuing rallying of the troops. Suddenly, Chester was kidnapped by one of the leaders of the bandits. The remaining group then fought their way through the town and into the forest, where they are split up and encounterd several powerful foes attempting to take control of Heinslow. Connor delivered the final blow to their ringleader, then they returned to the town to celebrate their victory.

Eventually, he made the final trek down to Gainsborough and met his family again.

Meetings, Mamkutes and Murderers

However, his reunion was cut short. Two figures from his past adventures appeared at his village: his old friend Aether, and the mamkute Ester. The two men had a short brawl over a misunderstanding, but swiftly ended their argument and acquainted themselves again. Ester also gave her greetings, and sent the two out to accompany her on an errand to find a person. The three found themselves in the town of Bayern, which had been sacked previously by a shadowy organisation searching for the same goal as theirs'. In the town, they encountered a mysterious sharpshooter and narrowly avoided death by his hands. Before he fell, he summoned his comrades. The two swordsmen fought a succession of riders and a wyvern knight before finally they found their target: a young, mute girl whom Aether christened Aer. Ester fooled the riders into capturing her in place of Aer, and as they rode away with her, Connor and Aether decided to split up and chase after them.

Class: Hero
Level: 20/1

Weapons: Dreizehn, Longsword, Iron Poleaxe, Vulneries
Weapon Levels: Swords - C 4/5, Axes - E 0/4


Aether Zhendlor - B Support

Additional Notes/Comments: His surname is pronounced "Feh-rass-arn".

He has a slight Irish accent.

He has no prior experience of armed combat, but he has great skill in hand-to-hand brawling from fighting with the other boys in his village.

He is good with animals, since his family had a dog and several cows on their farm. He's also good with children, since his family is rather large.

He is functionally illiterate, having no formal education. However, he is beginning to learn to read a few basic words on his travels.
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